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rüzgar atlı: mrh
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BobS: dr d up up and away??????????????????
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Dr. D.: Hi Bob, I am cooking supper, in and out.
BobS: cool how aew YO DOING??????
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changed username to rich-c
BobS: AND the bigger wuestion, whatcha making for supper??
rich-c: greetings to all
Dr. D.: making Ron Mitchell bacon
BobS: mornign Richard
Dr. D.: with eggs
Dr. D.: Hi Richard.
BobS: ah, the good stuff
rich-c: like, crispy?
Dr. D.: nice and crispy, as unavailable in Canada :-)
Dr. D.: yes
rich-c: oh, it's available, but you do have to specify
rich-c: the default is rather more limp
Dr. D.: so I will be in and out turning it
rich-c: I assume Rin is off to a major party?
Dr. D.: In any case, I am waiting to hear from RIn, to see if she will still have a job tomorrow
rich-c: I reeckon she will - the auguries suggest a Liberal landslide
rich-c: I bet John Tory gets beaten in his own riding
Dr. D.: if they win she has a job, if not she has 4 months of severance pay
Dr. D.: I have heard from her just once today, and it was no news really, just checking in
BobS: WELL, that woudl certainly suck would it not?
rich-c: depending on when her visa comes through, the severance pay might be a better deal ; - )
BobS: oh heck, the visa is an elusive thing yes?????
Dr. D.: her being employed is especially important now
Dr. D.: The Ombudsman for Citizenship and Immigration Services wrote a report to Congress in May 2007
rich-c: well, it certainly helps the budget - and unstated, I suspect Immigration likes it better, too
Dr. D.: the processing time at the center where our last paperwork was sent is 14 months.
Dr. D.: He is not happy, since the equivalent center in California does the same job with the same staff and caseload in 6 months.
Dr. D.: But them's our apples now
rich-c: wonder what it will change to on January 21, 2009?
rich-c: firsdt returns: liberals 13, Conservatives 13 elected and leading
Dr. D.: who knows
Dr. D.: how quickly will it all be counted, Richard?
BobS: no change whoever wins thenext election.......the main wheels of gov't NEVER change
rich-c: wouldn't be surprised if we've got a pretty thorough exstimate by 10 p.m.
rich-c: the polls closed at 9 but they count and phone the results in - there are only around 200 eleigible per poll
Dr. D.: the border guard at Ft. Erie, coming back Monday morning, as much as said that the climate was to drag out application processing, since immigration is a dirty word in DC
Dr. D.: he was comiserating a bit when I explained why I was in Canada etc.
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rich-1: this damn computer is haunted
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
rich-1: hi meeka, welcome aboard
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-1: just ceashed me out in the middle of typing
rich-1: also suddenly my printer wont work
BobS: oop;s
rich-1: L 22, PC 19, NDP 1
rich-1: as you can see we get the results in quickly - which riding is worrying Rin, if any?
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changed username to Judy
rich-1: ah, Judy joins the group - hello
Judy: Hello, Meeka, Dr D, and Rich
Meeka: hi
rich-1: so how are matters on the educational front?
rich-1: and meeka, how's your treatment coming?
Judy: not too bad, have to take an exam Monday, so have been sturding the past two weeks
BobS: stufying
BobS: studying
Judy: that is studing
rich-1: you're getting pretty close to teh end now though, aren't you, judy?
Dr. D.: back now, my bacon and eggs were up
BobS: ah supper...........................
rich-1: Rich, Lib current popular vote % is 43 - thayt is majority territory
Meeka: good. had a check-up with dr today
Judy: yes, turned in my paper work Monday and started to apply for jobs now
rich-1: and what did the dr have to say?
Meeka: says things llokin good
rich-1: that is so good to hear
Dr. D.: yay Meeka
Meeka: gotta go in for testing for carpal tunnel next week though
Dr. D.: <munching bacon here>
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: I will not stay too long.
rich-1: it's much easier to go in when you're progressing otherwise, though
BobS: hi Daniel
Dr. D.: hi Daniel
rich-1: salut, Daniel
BobS: we will let you stay as long as you want
rich-1: Daniel, do you or the others ever do any work in CP/M?
Daniel: I caught a cold and I was sleeping during the last 3 hours.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Dr. D.: Daniel is free of elections tonight, right?
rich-1: right, the election is Ontario only
Daniel: Elections?
Daniel: ah yes,
rich-1: tonight is Ontario election night
rich-1: Lib 40 PC 24 NDP 2 at the moment - looks like Rin keeps her job
Dr. D.: is tha % or # of ridings?
rich-1: that's number of ridings elected or leading - there are 103
Dr. D.: then majority is 57 or so
Daniel: I had to use back the mother board intergrated video card rather than the video card I'm using normally. The fan is making strange sounds.
rich-1: % is L42 C29 N20
Daniel: ...* was making loud sounds.
BobS: oh oh, fan noise, the first indication that the fan is going KAPUT!!!!!! or broken
rich-1: the Greens at 6% aren't taking as much as expected - they were polling 10%
Daniel: I did a kind of repair process with my older computer by using dw40 at the right place... but all these new video cards are too well made to access the fan.
rich-1: I expect results will be about as complete as anyone needs them by 10 p.m.
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changed username to Pamela
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: hi
Daniel: hi pam
rich-1: hi daughter, looks like Rin gets to keep her job
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Judy: Hi, Pamela
Pamela: guess so
BobS: Daniel, I have some success with fans by pulling ujp the little sticky faceplate and putting a little vasoline (grease) under the sticker right onto the bearing
Pamela: sorry, bit distracted
Dr. D.: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Rich
Pamela: darn enter key
rich-1: are fans that get noisy really reliably repairable?
BobS: HIT it
BobS: not for eternity, but in the short term, sometimes
Judy: you really do need that key
Daniel: yes bob, it's what I did with my old computer. now, it's the new computer and the video card is more complexe than a fan. there are some plastics and metal in extra all over to seek the warm out.
Pamela: it's in the wrong place : (
Meeka: doug says that you can buy replacement fans :-)
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BobS: yes, can youy get the fan OFF Daniel
BobS: so you can replace it
rich-1: 59/23/12 - Rin keeps her job
BobS: COOL the bride is still employed
Daniel: there is one screw hidden behing a capacitor... plus 3 more screw. and there are two plastic ... things that old the whole thing togheter
BobS: and bringing in the big bucks
Pamela: I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear that
BobS: good lord, a virtual puzzle jujst to get the fan off
rich-1: the way this is shaping up, Rich had better be arranging a taxi now to take her hoem - there is going to be a CELEBRATION
Daniel: I can't access the hidden screw
Dr. D.: ha, she has the money, better be saving immigration fee structure as of 7/31/2007, it will cost $1010 for her to file for permanent residency status once she is finally granted a visa to come here...
Pamela: she'd better be taking a cab regardless
BobS: for crying out loud, is there no end???????????????????????
Dr. D.: I pre-celebrated by doing 13 loads of her wash on Saturday...and cooking a Thanksgiving turkey dinner for her...
rich-1: yes, as I say, they're going to be celebrating
Dr. D.: she was sick last week...
rich-1: right - I'd forgotten that - overwork, beyond a doubr
Dr. D.: ...I finally couldn't take it and went there to take care of her for a few days
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Judy: good for you dr d
Dr. D.: well she lost vision and sensation and motor control on her left side...after passing out in the subway Tuesday
changed username to Ron
rich-1: hello Ron
Ron: hello hello
Dr. D.: hi Ron
Pamela: I'm glad you came, Rich
Meeka: hi Ron
Ron: howz y'all
Judy: what was the matter with her?
Pamela: Hi Ron
Dr. D.: I just had some of your favourite food, Ron: crispy bacon
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron: <evil drool>
BobS: hello Ron
Ron: Hi Bob, Judy
Ron: Hi Pam
Dr. D.: doctors said it was a migraine, which she has never had before.
BobS: now, now, take it easy Ron
Dr. D.: The headache didn't start until 12 hours later.
rich-1: that sounds almost like a TIA, but she is far too young for that
Dr. D.: I was worried about detached retina, stroke, all that kind of stuff
Ron: and me just coming from a Weight Watchers meeting ....sheesh
Dr. D.: But exam ruled out all of those, she said.
Dr. D.: I have not had bacon for months
Dr. D.: nor eggs
Ron: well there ya go. You're entitled
Daniel: great I can see, under the metal part, a kind of squared white things that touch a chipset ... so even if I'm able to access the fan, I may risk to broke in parts the terma-thing, or the chipset itself if it's a glue.
Dr. D.: tonight I indulged, got 3 kg for $7.25 at the store yesterday, couldn't pass that up.
Ron: good deal!
Dr. D.: I have enough for weeks...probably will freeze the bulk of it
Ron: yup
rich-1: 3 kg of bacon for $7.25? That's a serious bargain!
Ron: now you said kg, Dr. D. Are you doing that for our benefit, or are you on kg's and related forms of measure?
rich-1: 61/24/17 now - landslide!
Ron: Oh yes... the Ont Vote! Had forgotten
Dr. D.: No I did it for your benefit.
Ron: ah ok... I thank you.
Dr. D.: It was a little over $1 per pound
rich-1: that's a bit over 6-1/2 lbs.
Ron: indeed
Dr. D.: round numbers, I would have to fetch the package out of the trash to give you the actual pounds.
Dr. D.: But it was a big slab of bacon and I wanted it
Ron: When it comes to kg's, all I can visualize is about 454 grams of ground round
rich-1: actually, Rich, we just do the mental conversion anyway
Ron: yeah
Pamela: yes those of us who were raised in Imperial
Dr. D.: Just trying to be nice
rich-1: we are only slightly less bloody-minded than the Brits about hanging on to our old measures
Ron: well hey..... and so it shall be appreciated
Dr. D.: Not sure I will ever grok Celsius, a hot day at 37 seems wrong
Ron: Ok so Rich, who is it .... Torries?
Ron: I haven't been watching
Pamela: Liberals
Ron: mmm
rich-1: Liberal landslide - Rin keeps her job
Daniel: I will quit now. thanks for your help, but it looks like I may have to change my video card or keep using the integrated one in the mother board since I need more.
Ron: That's good for Rin
Dr. D.: hope you can get at the screw somehow, Daniel
Daniel: my eyes hurts because of the screen light so. colour me gone.
Dr. D.: yeah, since immigration is still 14 months away, say the processing time reports for the last docs we submitted
rich-1: OK Daniel, take care - a la prochaine!
Ron: no hurting eyes Daniel.
Daniel: ;-) talk to you next week.
Ron: Be well
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Pamela: night Daniel
Dr. D.: I just wrote to Rin, maybe I can get something out of her
Ron: they're saying that the Lib's popular vote is down, but they're still the first party in 70 years to have back to back majorities
rich-1: if you make contact, send our congratulations too - I am very well pleased with this result
Pamela: if she hasn't seen it, Steve is reelected
Judy: did they decide what was wrong with her, Dr D?
Dr. D.: I didn't think you were an Uncle Dalty fan, Richard. I find him to be un-leadershipful myself...
Dr. D.: Judy, they said she had an "optical migraine".
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Roberto requested to ban BobS
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Dr. D.: Take lots of ibuprofen, avoid lights, lower stress...
Roberto: am I herenow?
Ron confirmed ban
Pamela: is that a word???
Ron: yes, you are here and it is now
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Dr. D.: Ought to be, the guy is like a librarian, no fire
Dr. D.: I keep telling Rin that her boss, Steve Peters, is what a leader should be
Judy: oh, never heard of that
Dr. D.: When I told my chairman, explaining my sudden departure, he confessed that he has been subject to them for the last few years, too.
Judy: does she have a lot of migraines?
rich-1: I am not an admirer of McGuinty - but he does not generate the utter disrespect of Hampton or the loathing in Tory
Ron: what is the difference between an optical migrane, and the other migrane?
Dr. D.: She never had a single one Judy
Dr. D.: "Optical" just means that the symptoms are vision disturbance, not so much the headache
rich-1: he is simply a wimp, not too bright and rather cowardly politically
Ron: ok
Dr. D.: All the migraines seem to be circulation disturbances, somehow reduced blood flow
Pamela: at this point
Pamela: Tory may not get elected
Judy: that is strange
Dr. D.: But Rin also went numb on the left side and lost strength and coordination.
Ron: to be avoided whatever the type
Dr. D.: Yeah and scary, Judy, I thought she could have a detached retina or a strokee
Dr. D.: stroke
rich-1: why, is he actually giving Wynee a fight?
Dr. D.: and she didn't go to doctor until next day
Pamela: not at this point
Ron: Gent who used to work for me in Ottawa used to get 'em. I could tell (usually) that something was amiss
Ron: The non-Directional-Partisans are not doing well
Dr. D.: She said there was some "aura", whatever that means (guess you have to have one to know one)
Dr. D.: I found an online election updater!
Dr. D.: Looks like the LIB is narrowly leading the NDP incumbent in Rin's home riding
Ron: yep... that's what my guy used to talk about
rich-1: go to - it's right there as the page opens
Ron: seems like when you get that, you need to go home, and be quiet
Dr. D.: We saw him (the NDP guy) walking the streets knocking on doors on Sunday sign at all of the LIB
Dr. D.: Rin said she is courting all the Italians and ignoring all the other immigrants
Ron: Italians are cool
Ron: I'm related by marriage to one
Dr. D.: Albania vs. Ferrari, all Italian to me :-S
Pamela: we haven't seen a single hint of any Liberal candidate around here - no knock on doors, no literature, no calls
BobS: you're prejudiced
Pamela: as far as I could tell, there was no Liberal candidate here
Ron: she likes cameras so she can't be all bad
Dr. D.: I guess she was some TV anchorperson once upon a time
Dr. D.: Her sign photo looks like she is modelling a sweater in a mail-order catalogue
Ron: tee-hee
Dr. D.: He incumbent opponent looks like an honest shoe salesman with a bad combover
Dr. D.: Her
Ron: interesting visual Dr.D.
Dr. D.: hehe
rich-1: yes, we never saw anything from our Liberal candidate either
Dr. D.: it's the bacon working on my brain
Ron: <grin>
Pamela: I don't vote for people who don't make an effort to get my vote
Ron: CBC Projects majority Liberal gov't....(well duh!!)
rich-1: of course we are in a group of polls where they were all voting Conservative because they wre promised money for the Jewish schools
Dr. D.: Well Rin gets the vote in my riding
Ron: me neither.
Ron: gee Dr. D. Imagine that!
Dr. D.: she didn't even promise bacon :-)
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rich-1: there's a limit to the number of doors one can knock on in 30 days
Pamela: you might be a tad prejudiced : )
Dr. D.: Maybe she will run for school board or city council someday after she gets here
changed username to Guy B.
rich-1: good evening Guy
Pamela: give me a break Dad, we didn't see anything from her in the by-election in the spring, either
Dr. D.: Prejudice in the name of Rin is no vice :-)
Guy B.: Greetings from LaGrange Park I'm at Jeanene's apt updating her PC.
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Guy
Ron: Still say, Thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
Pamela: darn there's that enter key again
Dr. D.: The PC are getting updated in Ontario :-)
rich-1: same point applies, daughter - upalatable but a physical truth
Guy B.: Her PC is on dial-up.
Dr. D.: (that was an election joke Guy, the Progressive Conservatives = PC are losing an election today)
Ron: hey Guy!
Pamela: so where has she been for the last six months???
Ron: dial-up ---what's that?
Dr. D.: Modelling for the sweater catalogue
Guy B.: Har!
Dr. D.: Ferreira is ahead by 22 votes
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: the candidate that Erin has been working with in Beaches-East York has been out in the community, knocking on doors and making himself highly visible for the last five months
rich-1: that York South - Weston, Rich?
Guy B.: Anyway, she's at her mom's in Tenessee with her girlfriend. So, I installed her CD Writer and did some work on her computer.
Pamela: yes
Dr. D.: Yes Richard
Dr. D.: and her guy is losing 60-32
Dr. D.: that is votes not percents
Ron: speaking of elections.....who won last night's Newfie tilt?
Dr. D.: only 4 of 238 polls reporting
Pamela: the conservatives
Ron: ah
Pamela: with 43 of 48 seats
rich-1: the incumbent, by a landslide
Ron: Harper will not be happy about that
rich-1: he's a Progressive Conservative, meaning no use for Harper
Dr. D.: Now Teahen is losing 195-97
Dr. D.: Is not Harper also a Conservative?
Dr. D.: Or is it some schismatic branch?
Ron: More Reformer than Conservative
rich-1: there is a difference between a Conservative and Progressive Conservative
Ron: Although there is not supposed to be any difference
rich-1: like say between Bush and Ron Paul as Republicans
Dr. D.: Ooh, Martin Luther to someone's Aquinas :-)
Pamela: federal vs. provincial parties
rich-1: no, very fundamental philosophical differences
Ron: Suspect you have a better understanding of Canadian politics that most south of the border Dr. D.
Pamela: did you hear back from Erin, Rich?
Dr. D.: nope
rich-1: Ontario's best premiers have all been Progressive Conservatives
Dr. D.: not a red-headed peep
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: What is your riding, Richard?
Ron: Not that I would want to put down anyone south of the border for not understanding Canadian politics...... I don't really understand it myself
rich-1: on the other hand the federal Conservatives have got progressively worse
rich-1: Eglinton - Lawrence, rich - east side of York South - Weston
Ron: Still miffs me that a Federal Progressive Conservative can become a Liberal Provincial Premier
Dr. D.: I don't understand why 67/106 is displayed as "41%"'s 63% by my calculator.
rich-1: sitting member Mike Colle, was minister of sports or something for a while
Ron: or a former NDP Premier can become a federal Liberal cabinet minister
rich-1: popular vote vs % of seats resulting
Dr. D.: Ah, so the 41% is the popular vote
rich-1: just took him a while to smarten up and listen to his big brother, Ron
Ron: believe so
Meeka confirmed ban
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Ron: hah!
Dr. D.: Rin's candidate has been officially declared defeated
Dr. D.: 2677 to 1661
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changed username to GuyMapleLaff
Pamela: hi Guy
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
GuyMapleLaff: Hey all!
Dr. D.: Hi Mr. Leaf
Ron: Poor Judy and Bob..... we've kinda narrowed the subject
Ron: Hello MapleLaff
Dr. D.: I just want to see my Rin have a job :-(
rich-1: allo Guy - can I go get my bottle of Fin du Monde now?
Ron: of course Dr. D
Pamela: Cynthia will be pleased - Bruce is leading with a huge majority
GuyMapleLaff: Rich: You sure can! Enjoy another for me.
Judy: Hi, Guy F
GuyMapleLaff: Bonsoir Judy! ;)
BobS: thought rin's candidate was ahead!!!!!!!!
rich-1: tried some La Maudite with Russell when he and Pam wre here Sunday
Ron: yeah... me too
Dr. D.: Cynthia won't be pleased until her guy is leader of the federal LIB party.
Dr. D.: No, he was behind Bob.
BobS: so what gives??????/
GuyMapleLaff: Yes, La Maudite.. Is that the one with a sort of viking vessel on it? Or is that Fin du Monde?
BobS: I'm lost
Dr. D.: Her boss is ahead, I think, have to remember what his riding is.
Pamela: Steve? He's been re-elected
Judy: what is his riding?
Pamela: Elgin-Middlesex-something
rich-1: both have variants of the voyageur canoe - La Maudite is warm colours, Fin du Monde has cool
Ron: So Rin is one of those who serve at the "Pleasure of Her Majesty"??
Ron: long as her boss gets elected?
Dr. D.: he is reelected, 2833 to 1560
rich-1: LaMaudite is an amber/ dark beer, Fin du Monde is blonde
Dr. D.: of course, who knows if he will be kept as a cabinet minister...
Dr. D.: ...or if so, if he will stay at Labour
Ron: yes.... could be a shift
rich-1: brb
GuyMapleLaff: There's another one along the same lines... It's called "Eau Benite". Last year, I remember a huge add campaign they had in the metros for a Quebec beer called "Maudit Cochon"
Dr. D.: Yes Rin has a patronage job
Dr. D.: If her party loses, her minister no longer has a ministry, and out she goes
Ron: Bob..... asked my local techie junkie reseller if he could find me a 525 MEG hard drive. He said, "a what?"
Ron: and laughed
Dr. D.: Of course, if they win, he could also not end up with another ministry, and then again she loses her job
Dr. D.: I want a 20 MB MFM drive!!! ST225
Pamela: she'll have a job regardless - the buureaucrats want her
GuyMapleLaff: Actually, it's called "Gros Cochon". I remember when hard drivers were 5 megs.
Ron: yes.... that's called "At the pleasure of Her Majesty" (aka political appointment)
GuyMapleLaff: I used to drool over my friend's 10 meg hard drive, woah, the crazy amount of storage!!!
Ron: could use one of those too Dr. D
Ron: but I'll start by trying to revive my Micro Innovations HD first
Dr. D.: My MiniWini is noisy after all these years.
Ron: Good to have my ADAM set up again
BobS: my miniwini is not working either, needs a good bump onthe head I think
BobS: the IDE version 'can' use upto a 1.6 gig drive before the drive is faster tahn the ADAM
Dr. D.: I have 1 spare ST225 MFM drive, but it is DOS 3.3 formatted and has some data on it.
Ron: Need to talk to Herman about an interface for my 386, (out the side door of the ADAM). Used to have one, but can't find it
Ron: Then I can get your Adamserve running again
Dr. D.: I have not heard from Herman or George for ages...dunno if they have totally given up or what
Ron: will try an e-mail.
rich-1: GuyF, this also has the clove flavour, like LaMaudite - light and dark beers, same taste - unusual
Pamela: Herman posted something after the death earlier in the year
Dr. D.: If your ADAM tastes like that, Richard, it needs a bath :-)
Ron: yep....
GuyMapleLaff: Rich: Would you believe me if I told you that last beer I had was with you? Haha, it's been a while!
Dr. D.: I must have missed that Pam
Ron: some candidate quoting Yogi Berra. "It ain't over until it's over"
Pamela: he sent a message to the coladam list
rich-1: oh, I always have my one a week, while I'm on chat, but rarely ever else
Pamela: except when Russell gives you an excuse
rich-1: that's the rarely, Pam
Ron: right
GuyMapleLaff: Lovely, another high school shooting I see unfolded today...
Dr. D.: sigh yes here at home
GuyMapleLaff: Sad... we're still recovering from the Dawson shooting from last year.
BobS: oh crap, where??????
Dr. D.: it's all on CNN ets
Dr. D.: etc
GuyMapleLaff: Yeah, just went online to CNN and saw it as the headline.
Ron: heard that this morning.
Dr. D.: 14 year old who had been thrown out of school for fighting, came back with firearms and shot the place up
rich-1: yes, it's on all the local websites, too - I picked it up this afternoon
Dr. D.: He is the only one dead though
Pamela: Russell mentioned it as soon as I got home
Pamela: scary stuff
Judy: unbelievable, what is the world coming to?
rich-1: they call 'em copycat crimes - one does it, several more do too
GuyMapleLaff: Dunno, why does it ALWAYS happen in schools though? High Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc...
Pamela: concentrated population, Guy
rich-1: I have my own theories but they are very politically incorrect, so I won't advance them
Dr. D.: it will happen anywhere people get disgruntled and save face violently
Pamela: lots of people in a very small area
Judy: because there are so many nuts in the world
GuyMapleLaff: We had 3 shootings in Montreal, the Dawson shooting, the Concordia shooting where a faculty member shot other faculty members, and the worse of them all, the polytechnic shootign where 11 women I believe were killed.
BobS: sad, sad, sad
Dr. D.: this school, though, was a small specialty one, application-only, you had to want to go there.
Ron: brb there's a can of Diet Coke in the fridge calling my name
GuyMapleLaff: Any shootings in Toronto schools?
Dr. D.: a tech-oriented school, not a ghetto
Dr. D.: no, only in backyards lately
rich-1: oh yes. earlier this year, had a kid shot in school
GuyMapleLaff: OK, you see, it's happening all over.
GuyMapleLaff: I'm not sending my school to school if all of these shootings continue.
GuyMapleLaff: my daughter I mean... :)
rich-1: yes, we had anothr shot down on the steps of the church while attending the funeral of a buddy who'd been shot
Dr. D.: Rin's candidate is only down 1500 votes, he did a respectable job
GuyMapleLaff: Rich: Yes, that one I think I remember, it was gang related I think.
rich-1: yes, almost all are ghetto crimes, gang and/or drug related
Judy: she does need an education though
GuyMapleLaff: Judy: I was just kidding, and I'd end up in jail for not sending my daughter to school most likely.
Pamela: there's always homeschooling
GuyMapleLaff: Actually, nobody in Canada ever goes to jail, it's a fictitious place to scare honest people into staying honest. The criminals know that jails do not exist.
rich-1: that is for cranks, Pam, not real world people
Judy: they only way around it is home school, but I am not in favor of them, think that kids need to be around other kids
Ron: Only trouble is, the "give and take" between kids is getting rougher and rougher
Judy: our grandkids all go to great schools
rich-1: well, judy, the kids need to be taught what they need to know, not necessarily what their parents want them to "know"
Dr. D.: Home schooling seems easier to do badly than public schooling...
BobS: and THAT would make education cheaper and more efficient Ricfhard
Judy: Ryan goes to a charter, we are really impressed with it and Josh and Michael go to a private christian school
BobS: back to the basics would go a long ways inthat respect
GuyMapleLaff: Yes, back to basics... no cell phones for 10 yrs old kids kind of thing.
rich-1: considering teh cost of supervision, and maintainig a structured plan, that's open to question, Bob
Pamela: that's a can of worms, Guy
GuyMapleLaff: Pam: It is Pam, I know.
GuyMapleLaff: I've had the discussion with my wife.
Pamela: and I with Russell
rich-1: Pam, did you get my email forwrds yesterday?
Ron: you could rage on with that debate
Judy: a 10 year old doesn't need a cell phone that is for sure
Dr. D.: Something I don't understand, election-wise here:
Ron: Yes true
Judy: and they need to be watched on the internet
BobS: a cell phone is a tool, NOT a pacifier or babysitter
Dr. D.: News says John Tory (the PC leader) is getting defeated...yet he vows to stay on as party leader.
Ron: but they've all got 'em
Dr. D.: How can he do that, he won't have a seat in the legislature?
Pamela: that's one of those "don't get me started" things, Judy
Ron: he sits in the gallery Dr. D, and he waits for the first byelection
rich-1: doesn't need a seat to be party leader, that's a separate office - though there is pressure to have a seat
Ron: it's been known to happen
Pamela: if he gets his ass kicked really badly, there will probably be a call for a leadership review
Dr. D.: But you have to live where you are elected to serve...not sure what waiting for a by-election would do.
Judy: what is the temperture by you, has turned cold here, two days ago the air conditioner was on tonight the heat is on, go figure
Dr. D.: We are low 50s here I think Judy.
rich-1: in fact it happens frequently, though there's some speculation that being beaten Tory will resign
Ron: he moves (gets parachuted in)
Dr. D.: It was cold and rainy on the way home this evening (8:30 PMish)
rich-1: it's suspected he doesn't have the patient to be Opposition Leader for four more years
Judy: it was raining here also
Dr. D.: No minimum residency requirements then?
Pamela: it's about 11 degrees C, or +- 52 F and raining here Judy
Ron: well, with all the shunting around that goes on, I don't think so..... but I wouldn't swear to that
Ron: Rich would probably know
rich-1: no, he can run in any riding in the province that will nominate him
Ron: right
Dr. D.: Not very helpful for the locals though, to nominate someone who isn't part of their community.
rich-1: no, in fact he lives in the riding where he just got beaten, but his opponent doesn't
Dr. D.: That is weird to you have to at least pretend to live where you are running for.
Ron: And...... the party leader signs the nomination papers, and leaders have been known not to approve of a local nomination, preferring instead to parachute in a party favourite
rich-1: some are very flattered if the riding association parachutes in someone who will be leader if he wins
Dr. D.: hehe welcome to my scab MPP :-)
Ron: <grin>
Dr. D.: I think I will run for Philosopher-King of the GTA...who will nominate me? I will run a front-porch campaign.
Dr. D.: From scenic Cleveland Heights OH
rich-1: many candidates are outside draftees trying to win party props by sacrificing themselves in unwinnable ridings no local would attempt
Judy: well, good luck, Dr D
Ron: <Member for Wetcoast West> Ah... Mr. speaker, I hereby nominate Dr. Richard Drushel for whatever he ruddy well wants to run for
Dr. D.: A Rin for every Rich, and a Timbit in every lunchbox.
rich-1: you do have to be an Ontario residnt, Rich
Dr. D.: I have spent about 20% of the year in Ontario :-)
Ron: that'll do
Dr. D.: though more of it on the QEW than in Yord-South Weston.
Dr. D.: York
Dr. D.: Well, I won't start posing for my statue, too many pigeons would poop on it anyhow.
Ron: Think we need Bob and Judy to come up here, kick butt, and straighten things hout
Ron: out
BobS: right
Dr. D.: works for me, I say get your passports in order
Ron: there he is..... Dalton Baby!
Ron: oh indeed!
Dr. D.: on TV I presume, Ron
Ron: yes
Ron: Now approacheth the podium
Ron: working the room.... pressing the flesh
Guy B.: Well folks, Annie and I will be heading back home shortly. Will see you all next week.
Dr. D.: "I'd like to thank my opponents for being doofuses and making this campaign easy on me and Terri"
Ron: right!
Ron: If that's Terri, she's a looker
Ron: wow!
rich-1: goodnight Guy, catch you next week
Pamela: now Ron, she's married
Dr. D.: "I'd like to give my colleague John Tory a set of gift vouchers for Catholic daycare for his grandchildren, if he ever gets any"
Ron: oh (darn!)
Pamela: Goodnight Guy
Ron: Night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr. D.: "And a year's supply of Grecian Formula for my pal Howard Hampton, who is getting kinda stale with that tattle-tale grey"
rich-1: the interesting part is that Tory ran a textbook American campaign - all negativity and attack ads
Pamela: <Russell> "I'd like to thank John Tory for imploding"
Ron: he said, "We're going to be here for four more years if you don't let me speak".
Ron: nice way to start an acceptance speech
Dr. D.: Reminds me of some washroom graffiti observed in my youth at CWRU: "The world blows, but Case sucks enough to equalize the pressure".
Ron: Ha Ha
Pamela: LOL
BobS: roight matey
Ron: Dalton is from Ottawa South
Ron: well well
Ron: vast expanse of suburbia with a bus system all their own
Dr. D.: ehh, I don't think Auntie Dalty is much of a looker :-S (looking at photo on Toronto Star website)
Ron: assume I'm looking at the same blonde
Dr. D.: And Rin's/Pam's riding is still up for grabs
Ron: but then I'm 63..... anybody is a looker
Pamela: yes there's quite a fight going on here right now
rich-1: Dalton, truth to tell, isn't much of anything - except a winner over losers
Ron: think that pretty well sums it up Rich
Dr. D.: King of the Dunghill is still a King :-)
Ron: His French isn't bad
rich-1: or, in the country of the blind...
Ron: Ah.... Terri "the love of my life"
Ron: (sigh!)
Pamela: . . . the one eyed man is king
Ron: down Ronald
rich-1: Dalton represents a triumph of deep mediocrity over gross incompetence
Ron: I love it! Good one Rich
Dr. D.: If you run, Richard, I will vote for you :-)
Dr. D.: "I can't say enough good things about the candidates"
Pamela: don't even suggest it Rich
rich-1: 'fraid I'm getting on a little in years to try that, Rich
Ron: former President of MTAG
Ron: what more could one vote for
rich-1: in fact, I'm suspicious of anyone over 60 who wants to run for anything
Dr. D.: "An ADAM in every office, a ColecoVision in every rec room!"
Ron: yay!!!!
Pamela: woohoo! oh wait, where would I put it???
rich-1: must admit it's a catchy promise - and I could supply 'em, too! ; - )
Ron: you most certainly could
Pamela: Mom would be thrilled - an empty basement
rich-1: anyway, Pam - did you get my email forwards yesterday?
Ron: Ask not what you can do for your province........
Ron: or was it the other way around?
Pamela: got the one about coldwater creek - was there another?
Ron: Ask what your province can do for you
Dr. D.: No more need of fireworks on national holidays -- just have everyone put the SmartWriter in self-test mode, and enjoy all the rat-tat-tat
Pamela: LOL, Rich
Ron: YES!!!
rich-1: yes, but I forget what it was!
Dr. D.: Albanese over Ferreira 4546-4309 now
Ron: Dalton's going Rah Rah!!
Dr. D.: up and down
rich-1: oh, it was a Puzz-3D offer, that's right
Ron: party time in the HQ....Dalton's finished
Dr. D.: break out the John Tory pinata
Ron: three sons and a daughter
Ron: Think the daughter got all the looks
Judy: it is that time again so night all
rich-1: btw I also sent Kimberly a url for some very different pictures of China
Dr. D.: why waste it on the boys?
Ron: suppose
Dr. D.: still no word from Rin
Ron: Judy..... g'nite.... be well
rich-1: surprised Ron isn't seeing her in the crowd
Dr. D.: nite Judy
Ron: :)
Judy left chat session
BobS: yup time for me to go also kids
rich-1: nite Judy
Pamela: Night, Judy
BobS: we WILL see ya next week
Pamela: nite Bob
Ron: Night Mr. S. Go straight home now
BobS: be good and have fun all
Dr. D.: bye BobS
BobS: OK Ron !!!!! ;-)
rich-1: nite Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela: we didn't get the second one Dad
Ron: Guy, did you guys just have a provincial election?
rich-1: OK I'll try to resend it - I think it's on the gmail site
Pamela: and FYI, that discout card for Coldwater Creek is legit - one comes in one of magazines every month so they're not hard to come by
Ron: Seems to me Jean Charest got his knuckles rapped
rich-1: also some disappointing results in some byelections
Pamela: here comes Tory
Ron: no but peviously
Dr. D.: "Peace with honor"
Ron: Isn't the loser supposed to concede defeat before the winner speaks?
Dr. D.: "I am not a crook"
Ron: thought John Tory was a backroom boy for the feds
rich-1: anyway an interesting beer, Guy, have to try it again - fortunately I got a six pack
Dr. D.: What I can
Dr. D.: can't find any more is Hires root beer!
Pamela: our riding is still too close to call
rich-1: not officially Ron - he's just an ex-cable guy
Dr. D.: The Superstores were carrying it this summer, but no more!
Dr. D.: I had not had it for about 10 years before favorite root beer.
Ron: must be thinking of something else
Pamela: next time it's on sale at the Superstore we'll get you some more Rich
Dr. D.: Anyone know where it went?
Ron: or somebody else
Dr. D.: Have not seen it there since July Pam.
Pamela: it's been on sale at least a couple of times since then
rich-1: likely got bought up by a conglomerate and booted to make way for a house brand
Dr. D.: Cadbury-Schweppes own it
Pamela: there you go - his first grandchild is due in the next three weeks
rich-1: well, Cadbury-Schweppes beverages are not doing well and are up for sale
Dr. D.: sigh
Ron: there will be no proportional representation in Ontario
rich-1: no, the referendum proposition went down in flames with a thundering crash
Ron: Now I see another picture of Terri. Dr. D is right
Ron: too many teeth
Dr. D.: A horse is a horse, of course, of course...
Ron: to think, we voted 56% in favour. But it needed 60%
Ron: :)
rich-1: well, you wre offered a different deal, Ron
Dr. D.: They are calling the referendum dead?
rich-1: here among other things they asked the wrong question
Pamela: as a doornail
Ron: yes, I don't suppose it was the same proposal at all. Forgot what we even called it
Dr. D.: MMP
Dr. D.: Mixed Member Proportional I think
Ron: ah yes
Ron: it was mixed member as I recall
Ron: but we had a name for it
rich-1: if they'd asked for a more general approval of a scheme to be spelled out later it would have carried
Dr. D.: but that would be voting for a big unknown, not sure that would be smart
rich-1: there is a genera aproval of proportional representation - but it has to be done better than that
Dr. D.: nobody will implement my proposal
Pamela: and that is?
Ron: ??
Dr. D.: random lottery to fill all positions
rich-1: oh, I don't know - just takes folks time to get their heads around it
Dr. D.: 1 term per person per lifetime, you get one shot
Dr. D.: No escape, you must serve
rich-1: in fact someone in the Star was advocating a lottery a few days bakc
Dr. D.: It's your one chance to make a difference, do your best
Dr. D.: Could not be worse than what we have now.
Dr. D.: Would mean that everyone would need to be educated, who knows when your turn might come up?
rich-1: go to the letters archive for the Star for this week, same thing is offered there
Dr. D.: Some would be excellent, most would be good, a few would be bad.
Dr. D.: But in any case, no insiders, no lifetime jobs, no status quo.
rich-1: but I'd favour selling lottery tickets, so those chosen would have indicated some interest at least in serving
Pamela: of course it would mean Erin would be unemployed : )
Pamela: <Russell> Welcome to medieval Venice
Dr. D.: I'd rather the inefficiency of turnover than the fossilization of career politicos.
rich-1: yeah - well, you can't win 'em all
Dr. D.: Our River is dirt cheap!
Ron: I'm in favour of anarchy
Ron: or is that what we now have?
Dr. D.: Vote for "BOB"
Dr. D.: "You'd pay to know what you really think!"
Dr. D.: "Too much is always better than not enough!"
Dr. D.: "---- 'em if they can't take a joke!"
Ron: I must listen to everything that advertisers tell me, for they are the law!
Ron: An ADAM in every home
Dr. D.: "Two legs good, four legs bad, is that not the Law? Are we not Men?" -- The Island of Doctor Moreau
Ron: hear hear!!
Dr. D.: arf arf
Dr. D.: sigh I don't think Rin is going to write
rich-1: no, that last quote was from Animal Farm
Dr. D.: I told her not to do anything stupid
Dr. D.: Yes, you're right, Richard.
rich-1: I am sure she wont - but let her relax, it's been a huge strain
Ron: word today that the gummint is going to decrease the amount by which they will decrease my pension
Ron: when I turn 65
Pamela: she'll be fine - exhausted, but fine
Ron: understood little of the letter I got
Dr. D.: So less is more?
Ron: that's what they were trying to tell me
Ron: like I'm supposed to feel elated
rich-1: you have a stacked pension then, Ron?
Ron: has to do with the relationship between the Canada Pension Plan and the Public Service Pension Plan
Ron: when a public servant reaches the age of 65 (should he/she live that long)
Ron: the assumption is he/she will qualify for CPP
Ron: the Public Pension is therefore decreased accordingly
Dr. D.: The decrement of the decrease results in a net increase from your decreased amount.
Ron: because...... payments into both plans were "coordinated"
Pamela: jeez, we only have 138 of 248 polls returned so far
rich-1: yes, till you're 65 the PSPP carries your benefits, then CPP is tacked on top
Ron: that's it Dr. D. Very perceptive
Ron: You're not supposed to get any less than what you were getting...... but.... in some cases there are horror stories about the way it's calculated
rich-1: yes, you two have it right - and stacked pensions are a good thing
Dr. D.: I moonlight writing obfuscating form letters.
Pamela: obviously you're very good at it : )
Ron: you could work for our feds Dr. D
Ron: but now you see, I've been getting CPP since age 62
Dr. D.: Self-actualizing the downsizing of official infotainment.
Ron: so that will no doubt result in less being significantly less
Ron: Oh well, somebody in their infinite wisdom will figure it out, and I'll scream, shout and jump up and down
Dr. D.: Perhaps they will argue that, since your exercise regimen, there is less of you than before, and hence your new self is entitled to less.
Ron: ummmm.... well possibly..... > chat > Wed 2007-10-10
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