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rich-c: hi rich, been missing you of late
Dr. D.: Hi Richard, it has been hard to get here of late.
rich-c: I know the feeling, but I've been lucky enough to manage
rich-c: how are things doing over in Cleveland?
Dr. D.: I was actually in Toronto Sunday, but had to leave Monday because I got sick and didn't want to get stuck in Canada where my health insurance doesn't work.
Dr. D.: Winter is here, cold and windy and some blowing snow.
rich-c: yes, we're actually seeing our first freezing temperatures now, if just barely
rich-c: how is Rin doing?
Dr. D.: Driving back was very hard, especially since it was pouring rain Monday night.
Dr. D.: She is trying to land a job after Steve didn't get put back into cabinet.
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Dr. D.: It seems to have hit her very hard.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: thetrip can get pretty rough in the rain and dark
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Dr. D.: Part of the reason I went to Toronto, I was just delayed by pre-existing commitments here that I couldn't leave.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr. D.: You are not late.
rich-c: non, tu es de bonne temps, je pense
Daniel Bienvenu: parfait
rich-c: officially it's 9 on the dot but we do not all always make it
Daniel Bienvenu: I prepare my stock to go to Arcadia (November 9-11).
rich-c: right, that's the big gaming meeting, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to program something, so I can chat a little bit
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, a mini E3 that is big for me.
rich-c: why, how big is a miniE3?
rich-c: does party central just assign Rin somewhere, or does someone have to ask for her?
Dr. D.: She has some advocates on both sides of the aisle, she just has to pick what she likes best.
Daniel Bienvenu: 75 000 squared feets
rich-c: that is the size of the meeting hall, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's the surface for the event. yes
rich-c: or rather, teh whole convention floor?
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: right - that's a pretty fair size, too
BobS: Hi all
rich-c: allo, Roberto - how are you this evening?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob
rich-c: cold day like this reckon you'll be a bit tired
Dr. D.: Hi Bob
Dr. D.: I am trying to get my shrinking American dollars to be fruitful and multiply :-S
BobS: doing good, and ya'll????
Daniel Bienvenu: I thin we had snow today, but it didn't stay. Probably have ice on the road tommorow
BobS: ya right, not happenin
BobS: YUCK ice
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Dr. D.: No more quips about "funny money" now, since it's ours that is the funny money
rich-c: yes, last thing you need driving around is a bit of verglas
rich-c: yeah, that Yankee peso is taking quite a beating, isn't it? ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: bank of canada have only one word to say to make canadian dollar again bellow the us dollar.
BobS: and that word would be what?
rich-c: true, Daniel, but they are unlikely to say it
changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Meeka
rich-c: two words really, Bob - "interest rate"
BobS: we have had ablast of cold artic air, and I hope that it leaves this weekend
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: that's 2 words,notone
Meeka: lol, lets try this agian
rich-c: hi Meeka, see you made it this time
Meeka: hello everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Meeka: ya, i hit the x instead of the minimize button
rich-c: that's always good for a laugh
rich-c: my specialty is hitting the Windows key
BobS: and you are REALLY good at it too !
Daniel Bienvenu: at arcadia, this year, they give us a "t-shirt" to wear, so I can't bring the wonderful colecovision t-shirt I got this year.
rich-c: anyway, we had very little moisture bit lots of cloud and strong cold wind today
BobS: we had that weather yesterday Richard
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BobS: cold blast is forcast to leave here aboutr Fri and warm up some
changed username to RonaldMcDonald
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron
RonaldMcDonald: Yo!
Meeka: hi ron
BobS: BUT now the blurb onthe tv says another blast is one the way
Dr. D.: You dyed your hair red?
BobS: Hi Ron
rich-c: wear their t-shirt UNDER the Adamcon one - Daniel - tell them it's cold in there! ;-)
RonaldMcDonald: (munching on a burger)
Meeka: is mom comming tonight dad?
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rich-c: the left copast has arrived early
Dr. D.: Rin says "ooh, that's not good", Ron.
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Ron : I finaly find it. I find the boardgame I invented based on the video game history, where you have to develop your company to make them.
RonaldMcDonald: I'm not really. Was gonna stop on the way home from Weight Watchers, but that seemed a little hypocritical
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Rich, Dr D, Ron and Meeka
Dr. D.: haha
RonaldMcDonald: So I've yet to have supper
Dr. D.: Hi Judy and Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy
rich-c: welcome, Judy
RonaldMcDonald: Hey Judy!
Meeka: hi mom
Meeka: hi dr d
Dr. D.: Well, he could have stopped at Burger King
Meeka: mom.....
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Ron : it's all in french, but maybe you can read it now.
Meeka: guess what kinda bird visited the yard today
RonaldMcDonald: nah..... If I'm gonna sin deeply it has to be Harvey's
RonaldMcDonald: and there ain't one in these parts
rich-c: rose-breasted grosbeak
BobS: BIG BIRD?????
Dr. D.: No BK on the island?
Judy: a humming bird
RonaldMcDonald: oh yes, we have one of those..... but haven't been there in months
Meeka: tufted timouse and red-breasted nutchatches :)
RonaldMcDonald: in fact I haven't been to McDonalds in months
RonaldMcDonald: bad for what ails me
Dr. D.: Roc bird
rich-c: wow, that's seriously late, does not bode well for its survival
Judy: that is cool
Dr. D.: or dodo
Meeka: the book says they around here in winter time
BobS: cool
Meeka: ya, i got some great pic's of them too
BobS: good will have to seethem
Judy: good for you
rich-c: I can't see ahummingbird surviving your winter
Judy: I was putting my houses up, what a job
BobS: no, they sometimes stay late, but leave for the south
Meeka: they already up if ya wanna dad
BobS: ok
Judy: we saw one last Nov at Bob's parents apartment
RonaldMcDonald: So........ official announcement follows re the annual ADAM Community Xmas card
RonaldMcDonald: need your input any time
Dr. D.: Official announcement of what?
RonaldMcDonald: sometime between now and Nov 25
RonaldMcDonald: The Annual ANN XMAS carderoo
Dr. D.: Nevermind I understand now
Dr. D.: I missed the Re:
rich-c: I will tell Frances now that she has Logo going on the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: ho yes, I have a picture I didn't send last year for the christmas card.... Where it is... arg, I can't remember...
rich-c: though I am not sure how she would transmit it
Judy: great pictures, Meeka
Dr. D.: It just has to be a PowerPaint screen right?
Meeka: ty
RonaldMcDonald: yes, that's it
RonaldMcDonald: a Powerpaint screen in whatever Powerpaint format
rich-c: or Logo, that's OK too, isn't it?
RonaldMcDonald: yep, LOGO's good
Dr. D.: I think I can manage that still.
Judy: will have to get the seed out, have been neglecting them lately
RonaldMcDonald: seed?
Meeka: ya, i had been too
rich-c: birds - put it out, they come (do they ever)
Meeka: I just filled them the begining of the week
RonaldMcDonald: ah...
RonaldMcDonald: My intent is to purchase a feeder. Don't currently have one
rich-c: our feeders can take filling every day
Judy: the sparrows were taking over and was getting sick of feeding them
RonaldMcDonald: around here, it's crows, Stellar Jays and sparrows
RonaldMcDonald: and some demented robins who forget to go south
Dr. D.: Rin just phoned, so I think I am going to logout.
rich-c: we looked at our sparrows and a lot of them are not the English "sparrows"
Dr. D.: She says hi.
RonaldMcDonald: right Dr. D... say hi to Rin
RonaldMcDonald: on my behalf
Judy: say hi back
Dr. D.: Just did, she says hi back
Dr. D.: And to you too Judy
rich-c: OK Rich, say hi back, and take care
Dr. D.: And Uncle Richard
Dr. D.: nite all
Dr. D. left chat session
RonaldMcDonald: niters sir
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nit Dr.D ... too late
RonaldMcDonald: Hows Doug doing Meeka?
rich-c: anyway Ron, we have a feeder that isn't squirrel proof but is highly squirrel resistant
Meeka: good
Meeka: messing around with new servers for work that he got off of e-bay
RonaldMcDonald: squirrels..... yes, they can be a problem
RonaldMcDonald: Good to hear Meeka
Meeka: ya, they nasty buggers
RonaldMcDonald: we don't have 'em around hee, but we do have chipmunks
RonaldMcDonald: and coons
Meeka: we gots them too
rich-c: we have our feeder hanging from one of those "shepherds crook" devices - but the little tree rats can climb it
RonaldMcDonald: yup, they're really quite ingenious from what I've heard
rich-c: however, a good squirt from the garden hose om the "jet" setting discourages them mightily
RonaldMcDonald: yup
RonaldMcDonald: I've taken a garden hose to quarreling cats
rich-c: yes, it does tend to change their main interest to a hasty exit
RonaldMcDonald: indeed
rich-c: our feeder is a collapsible cage with brass top and bottom plates and fine mesh screen
RonaldMcDonald: sounds like it ought to be secure
rich-c: the chickadees and sparrows can get seed out easily - also the nuthatch, cardinals, bluejays and woodpeckers
BobS: BUT,most any little critter has a uncanny way of figuring out a way to thwart the best of seeders
BobS: feeders
rich-c: the squirrel climbs on it and spills a certain amount out, then tries to know through it
RonaldMcDonald: creative
rich-c: sorry, gnaw
Meeka: ours just eat plastic :-P
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rich-c: well, steel mesh resists them somewhat better
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Meeka: hello Pam
rich-c: hi daughter, made it home OK I see
Judy: Hi, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: before I forgot. I talked with Neil about the extra money. It's ok.
Pamela: hi there
RonaldMcDonald: Pamela!
BobS: hiya Pam
Judy: that is good, Daniel
Pamela: I did make it home, in very good time. It was 8:59 when I got out of the car. Pretty good!
Pamela: 17 minutes door to door
rich-c: yes, it was past 8.40 when you left - you must have hit the lights just right
Daniel Bienvenu: having back some money will certainly help, because the holidays.
rich-c: did you use 401 or Lawrence?
BobS: went across backyards directly tohome Richard.......................
Pamela: neither,
Pamela: Wilson
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Ron : Can you take an URL note somewhere? I find back the web page I did in the past to let everybody download the boardgame I invented... the boardgame I'm talking about video games and stuff.
Pamela: hit most of the lights
rich-c: right, I'd forgotten that out of rush hour that route can have advantages
Pamela: yes at night it's much better
rich-c: what's that street you take under the 401?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, this is the link. Have fun to try reading the instructions and stuff.
Pamela: Wendell
Pamela: on this end, you mean, I assume
rich-c: right - I keep thinking Welland but that's over in our neighbourhood
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go back programming, Arcadia festival is soon.
RonaldMcDonald: Got it Daniel
rich-c: right, Daniel, and it is good for us when you show well
RonaldMcDonald: will go check it out
rich-c: it's good, Daniel, when you mention your websites in the chat, because then anyone interested can go look them up in the chat logs later
rich-c: wonder where GuyF is tonight? Maybe Sandra decided to go into labour?
BobS: ah ha.........a thought indeed
Pamela: I don't think she would have any choice in the matter!
rich-c: yes, he is usually on by this time, even if he can't stay long
rich-c: but the our other Guy isn't here either
Pamela: I think that Guy F went back to work this week - he may not be home yet
Pamela: and as for Mr. Bona, I suspect he'll get here in the next 15 minutes
rich-c: yes, he did say he'd be going back, but unless he has overtime he usually makes it in fairly soon
RonaldMcDonald: pre-cognition Pamela?
Pamela: nah, just experience
RonaldMcDonald: oh
Pamela: I think Guy forgets that it's 9:00 eastern, not central : )
rich-c: there are days when one might almost think so
RonaldMcDonald: 10:30 in Newfoundland
Pamela: 6;00 pacific
RonaldMcDonald: yes -
RonaldMcDonald: so now that we have it all straight
rich-c: one thing Canada is not short of os time zones
RonaldMcDonald: true
Pamela: I must say it's a good thing its a late start for me
Pamela: I don't get home from work till 6:15
RonaldMcDonald: So Bob, are you keeping your head above water?
RonaldMcDonald: work wise I mean
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Daniel Bienvenu: yes, Guy F is back to work
BobS: yes, tiring BUT financially rewarding
changed username to UbuntuG
RonaldMcDonald: oh yes..... something about that paycheque
Pamela: that's good Bob
BobS: Got some good news onthe Habitat job, it seems secure as of now
rich-c: looks like he might be here now
Meeka: thats good to hear
Pamela: I'd hate to think you were working for free
RonaldMcDonald: good stuff!
UbuntuG: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: Meeka, where did you come from???
BobS: 1 of the other supervisors was let go last week, so I am in the # 2 spot [or three]
Daniel Bienvenu: Est-ce que c'est le loup?
RonaldMcDonald: we were just talking about you Guy
rich-c: glad to hear that - not that winter construction is any treat
Meeka: been here forever :-P
Pamela: were you on when I got here???
Meeka: where you been Pam
Meeka: lol
Pamela: OMG, I am blind
Meeka: ya
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: <sorry>
UbuntuG: It's Guy B
Meeka: np
UbuntuG: I'm on Ubuntu
RonaldMcDonald: with Ubuntu
Judy: Hi Guy
RonaldMcDonald: 7.10 ??
UbuntuG: 7.004
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy.
UbuntuG: 7.04
BobS: so tomorrow I tellthe rest home that I am leavingt, cut back on hours until they hire someone new to replace me
RonaldMcDonald: just as good
UbuntuG: I had to get the Java plugin
rich-c: Guy B? that's unusual - you on the ^.x version or the new 7.02?
BobS: and hipe and keep fingers crfossed that the Habitat thing does work well for a few years
Pamela: fingers toes and eyeballs, Bob
RonaldMcDonald: be sure you're on the right side of the bridge before you burn it Bob
RonaldMcDonald: just a little philosophy there
Pamela: and Judy what's the word on your job search?
Pamela: is that the voice of experience, Ron?
RonaldMcDonald: ah ha
UbuntuG: I had a problem with the Athlon's hard drive. Win98 said it had some bad sectors. Ran Western Digital's utilities and did a full hard drive scan. Said it found no errors
rich-c: but you've been carrying a double load long enough you're overdue to put it down
Judy: not a thing here, have been sending out resumes but have Wed Nov 07 21:54:50 GMT-05:00 2007: BobS : BobS: for sure Ron, am going to exit slowly and with the offer to help out if they need help at any time. that way maybe I can keep the rest home onthe hook for awhile
RonaldMcDonald: right on Rich
RonaldMcDonald: that's the way to do it
Pamela: it may take a few weeks, Judy
Pamela: everyone I've talked to recently says 6-8 weeks before you start seeing results
Pamela: Guy, I meant to ask you - how did you end up working for Rotary?
rich-c: yes, but Judy is in a shortage field where there's high demand
RonaldMcDonald: Lord grant her patience, and she wants it now
Judy: that would be good, around here it is 8-10 months maybe longer
Pamela: amen
UbuntuG: I found an opening in a college newspaper at the time.
rich-c: that's ordinary jobs, Judy - your qualifications are now somewhat special
Pamela: were you still in college??
Judy: I am working tomorrow at church to learn the phone system
Judy: should be good knowledge for me
RonaldMcDonald: experiences like that are valuable Judy
rich-c: yes, they are pretty standardised now, but can still be tricky
RonaldMcDonald: do human beings actually answer the phone anywhere these days?
Pamela: a little reception / switchboard experience never hurt anyone
Meeka: yup, we do it at work all the time
Judy: we are watching Ryan this week-end, so that will keep me busy
RonaldMcDonald: fer sure eh
UbuntuG: No, I already graduated back in 1978. I had my first computer job back in 1979, but it didn't quite work out. So I left in 1980 and then I found an opening at Rotary.
rich-c: only at the good companies, Ron, and they are getting rarer by the day
RonaldMcDonald: yeah, thas what I thot
RonaldMcDonald: How old is Ryan now?
Pamela: so you've been there for 27 years?
Meeka: almost 7
Judy: 6 will be 7 the 10th of Jan
UbuntuG: I sat in Annie's training class last night and she did very well with Jeanene
RonaldMcDonald: geez! time flies!
UbuntuG: Yep
Pamela: holy cow
Meeka: 7th of jan Mom
Pamela: that's unusual in this day and age
Meeka: your anniversary is the 10th
UbuntuG: Probably a chatterbox at that age.
RonaldMcDonald: details details, eh Judy?
Judy: yah, you are right, the 10th is our anniversary
RonaldMcDonald: these things get kinda clouded after a while
Pamela: I've been through 7 jobs since high school
RonaldMcDonald: it's Aspartame time
RonaldMcDonald: brb
UbuntuG: I had one part-time job in my senior year of high school and through college. Rotary is my second full-time job
rich-c: the sweetener in Diet Coke is aspartame?
Pamela: that's an unusual date Judy
UbuntuG: There is Diet Coke with Splenda now. The label has a yellow band
RonaldMcDonald: in the States yes, Guy. Can't get it here yet
rich-c: it makes a difference?
Pamela: that's just the full time jobs, Guy
RonaldMcDonald: The still want to kill off us Canucks as quickly as possible
Judy: Bob had time off of school, so we could get married without him missing any classes
Meeka: it does taste diff
UbuntuG: Hmmm, not in Canada yet?
Pamela: doesn't include the part time ones I've done
UbuntuG: Wow
RonaldMcDonald: we are 10 years behind
UbuntuG: Pam, you like your new job now?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to not forget the picture for the adamcon xmas card.
Pamela: I do
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later.
UbuntuG: That what matters
Pamela: when I'm not trying to quit, that is
Meeka: loll
RonaldMcDonald: if you can do something Daniel I'd sure appreciate it
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to quit now. I need to concentrate more on my project.
Pamela: since my boss refuses to allow me to quit . . . : )
UbuntuG: Bye Daniel
Pamela: night Daniel
RonaldMcDonald: right Daniel..... be well monsieur
rich-c: goodnight then, Daniel - a la prochaine
Judy: bye Daniel
Meeka: nigth daniel
Pamela: it's usually right before a big renewal
Daniel Bienvenu: and Ron, if you have questions about my boardgame, the link gives you only the short version. there is a long version with more cards and stuff.
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
RonaldMcDonald: ok sir. Will note that
Daniel Bienvenu: should be fun to make in a video game... oh well... goodnight!
Judy: it may be hard to get a job in the medical field because they all want a year or two of experience
rich-c: so Guy, is this your first time around with Ubuntu?
Pamela: around the 25th of October, right before the biggest renewal of the year, I turned to my boss and said "by the way, did I mention that I quit?"
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: she said, not until after the first
Meeka: lol
Judy: how do you get experience if no one will hire you?
Pamela: and I said - but by then I'll have changed my mind.
Pamela: She said "exactly".
rich-c: find an office that needs a second worker
RonaldMcDonald: the usual vicious circle
RonaldMcDonald: no experience, no job... how to you get experienc?
UbuntuG: Yes with the chat tonight. I've been configuring this on the Dell for the past couple of weeks
Pamela: not so dumb, my boss
rich-c: well Judy, you have lots of otehr experience, if I recall
Judy: that is what they tell me but so far the employer aren't seeing it that way
rich-c: Guy, the computer paper here says the new Ubuntu can be run from a USB flash drive
Judy: and the one place that seems to be hiring has me locked out of the web-site, can only apply so many times
rich-c: give teh shortae in your area I'm surprised the employers can afford to be picky
RonaldMcDonald: I don't know about a flash drive Rich, but I can boot it from a USB external
RonaldMcDonald: which is how a flash drive would show up really
Judy: there are a lot of people to choose from with the amount of unemployment here
rich-c: I'd love to install it on my external USB hard disc and run it from there - have a nice empty bootable partition too
RonaldMcDonald: Michigan still having problems?
Judy: more and more
Meeka: yup
rich-c: brb - I'm thirsty too ; - )
RonaldMcDonald: all tied to the auto industry
UbuntuG: I've been reading that on the forums and I thought about that for my notebook computer without messing up WinXP
Judy: and any other manufacturer that can do it cheeper in any other place
RonaldMcDonald: exactly
RonaldMcDonald: Guy, you have to be careful with that..... when the Ubuntu installer sets up GRUB, it'll do it on the Master Boot Record unless you specify otherwise.
RonaldMcDonald: Your Win XP will still boot, but what that means is if you install Ubuntu on an external drive, you always have to have that drive present
RonaldMcDonald: otherwise neither XP nor Ubuntu will boot
rich-c: that is a most significant warning, Ron - glad you mentioned that
RonaldMcDonald: I've had no luck whatever in telling Ubuntu to put GRUB on a boot block on the external drive. That setting used to be there, but it's not now so far as I can see
Pamela: how's your typing Judy?
Pamela: WPM I mean
Judy: not bad they say, about 45 words a minute
Judy: 35 wpm is what they say they want
Pamela: is that all?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DougS
rich-c: Ron, if you can get HUB: The Computer Paper out your way, they have q story coming about putting Ubuntu on a flash dri e and booting from there
BobS: need practise to get better Pam
Judy: I have been working on it again, but the program that works the best isn't that good
Pamela: everyone I've seen says at least 50 and preferably 60
UbuntuG: That I read. But, I'm not going to try that right now. At the moment, the Athlon I'm getting ready to install a BIOS upgrade before I install the Trios hard drive selector and WinXP on a seperate HD, much like I did with the Compaq
Pamela: it's easy to practice
Pamela: Hi Doug
UbuntuG: HI Doug
DougS: hi all
Judy: Hi, Doug
RonaldMcDonald: right Guy
RonaldMcDonald: Hey Doug!
BobS: hi son
rich-c: hello Doug!
Pamela: Judy, btw where did you get your copy of MS Office?
BobS: secret
Judy: was on my computer when we bought it
RonaldMcDonald: she could tell you, but then she'd have to shoot you
Pamela: ah. Trying to find a copy for my aunt.
BobS: we only bought the computer becasue it had WinXP, Ms Office and other stuff
Pamela: She lost hers in a recent crash
Judy: try ebay
Pamela: and I don't know where hers originally came from
rich-c: so give her Open Office, Pam - it will do the job
BobS: si
rich-c: I can burn her a copy
RonaldMcDonald: Open office - yes, it works fine, and the price is right
rich-c: now, if you download the latest Java RTE update, they throw in Open Office free
Pamela: does it work exactly the same way as MS Office?
RonaldMcDonald: No, Pam and that's usually the rub
rich-c: pretty much, I gather, and the files are interchangable
RonaldMcDonald: It's so very close now, but there are some differences in layout
Pamela: she needs to get more familiar with the real thing
rich-c: as close as they can without violating copyrights, I'd reckon
RonaldMcDonald: files are interchangeable yes, but it's the look and feel that *might* turn one off
rich-c: if one just needs to learn how such things works, I reckon it would give a base for an easy, intuitive transition
RonaldMcDonald: yup fer sure
Judy: Meeka, what are you and Doug doing Monday night?
rich-c: and the one I have is from Sun (of course) so is likely the latest and greatest
Meeka: nothing that I can think of right now
Judy: do you want to go to dinner with G&G K?
rich-c: Doug, you might know - does XP tamper with BIOS settings during installationA?
Meeka: ya, that sounds like fun.
RonaldMcDonald: dinner is always fun
DougS: As far as i have noticed so far up to XP, no ms operating systems actually adjust the BIOS of the computer
DougS: er thru xp
Meeka: yup, the no cooking is a bonus too :-P
RonaldMcDonald: ya got that right kid
Judy: ok, will check with G & G, I am going there to help with their houses again Monday
rich-c: that's what AI thought but I wanted a more expert opinion - thanks, Doug
RonaldMcDonald: Had 13 Mac users here last night for the monthly meeting
RonaldMcDonald: We're all Leopard-ized
Pamela: I am discovering the joys of playing music on the computer while chatting
Pamela: I love a computer that can multitask
rich-c: so how do you like the latest version of the OS?
RonaldMcDonald: Solid
RonaldMcDonald: most everyone has had similar experience - and at $70 less than Vista, it's great value
rich-c: don't you end up paying a lot of money for OS upgrades when you own a Mac?
RonaldMcDonald: Have only tried out 4 of the 300 "improvements", so I have 296 to go
RonaldMcDonald: given past experience with various OS, I'll never get there
rich-c: what is Vista selling for in your neck of the woords?
RonaldMcDonald: yes.... aye, there's the rub
RonaldMcDonald: The only way to get a new version without buying a new machine is to pay for it
RonaldMcDonald: $179 for Home Premium
rich-c: I am unhappy spending vast fortunes on Windows upgrades, but Macs appear worse from the outside
RonaldMcDonald: Leopard is $129. So I guess my math is a bit out
RonaldMcDonald: I swore last time I wouldn't buy the next iteration unless I was also buying a new Mac.... but, you know me
Pamela: ah, what's $20 here or there
rich-c: I think Home Basic is around $120 here
RonaldMcDonald: home basic isn't even a contender IMHO
rich-c: seems though if you buy Home Premium you can also get a free disc to revert you to XP
RonaldMcDonald: anyway, having observed/played with 4/300th of the upgrade, I am satisfied
RonaldMcDonald: there is some useful stuff
rich-c: I guess I don't ask m8ch of my operating systems - I'd likely still be happy with CP/m
BobS: but the most inportant thing for your operating system is; it needs to WORK
RonaldMcDonald: there's some truth in that Rich. It used to be that an operating system was there between the hardware and the software
RonaldMcDonald: Now the operating system is the software
BobS: true
rich-c: I don't play games, I don't hardly edit graphics, just do the internet, record keeping and small stuff
RonaldMcDonald: Oh hey, speaking of games, one of our Valleylinks youngsters showed off his latest acquisiting a few days ago
rich-c: it's nice that Windows plays movies and some day I may watch one
RonaldMcDonald: Dual core 2.4 Gig overclocked to 3.47 Gig.... double graphics cards each with their own processor and 370 Gig of RAM
RonaldMcDonald: liquid cooled
RonaldMcDonald: rubber hoses all over the place
RonaldMcDonald: Looked like a serious piece of work
Pamela: it comes with it's own refrigeration system??
Pamela: cool
Pamela: <I know, groan>
RonaldMcDonald: yeah...... 8 parts water to 1 part anti-freeze
RonaldMcDonald: PAMELA!!!
rich-c: me, I'd likely be happier with a "$100 laptop" with hand crank for power and Ubuntu to run it
Pamela: <sorry>
RonaldMcDonald: <evil grin>
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: I've got one for you all
rich-c: yes, what a pity we can't plant emoticons in this chat program
RonaldMcDonald: go
Pamela: was doing work at home
Pamela: working on a list of states
Pamela: had to replace the two digit state abbreviation with the full state name
rich-c: bet the Ms threw you
Pamela: so I got as far as New York by copying and pasting
Pamela: then thought this is dumb, why do I not just find and replace??
Pamela: so I did, starting with Oregon
Pamela: that is, find OR and replace it with OREGON
UbuntuG: Installing some new software for Ubuntu
Pamela: what I forgot is, other state names have OR in them
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Meeka: lmao
Pamela: one of the things I got as a result was New Yoregonk
rich-c: didn't your download include the whole software supplement, Guy?
changed username to SleepingInMtl
Pamela: that's what I did Meeka, for about five minutes
RonaldMcDonald: New what?
Pamela: I was hysterical
Meeka: i bet
rich-c: looks like we have two Guys on hand now
SleepingInMtl: Yep...
rich-c: welcome, M. Foster
Pamela: Hi Guy F
Pamela: any news???
SleepingInMtl: Greetings all...
RonaldMcDonald: Mr F. Howthehellareya
Pamela: learned my lesson, let me tell you
UbuntuG: Hi Guy F
Pamela: I was laughing so hard I was crying
SleepingInMtl: Good, if not somewhat cold, snow is expected for tonight, at least some flurries.
UbuntuG: Downloading Adobe Reader and FLash Player
RonaldMcDonald: that time of year. Ground can turn white at any time
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RonaldMcDonald: Guy, have you tried Automatix?
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changed username to Guy B
changed username to JudyS
Pamela: it has a habit of doing that I've noticed, Guy
RonaldMcDonald: Guy B I mean
Pamela: I finally got to look at your Halloween pics last Thursday
Guy B requested to ban UbuntuG
rich-c confirmed ban
SleepingInMtl confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
RonaldMcDonald confirmed ban
rich-c: Adobe REader gives me a pain - I like Foxit reader far better - more flexible
Pamela: very cute, and holy cow is Sandra pregnant!
SleepingInMtl: Pamela: Haha, yeah, it's hard to move around!!!
Pamela: did Tamara understand what was happening?
DougS left chat session
Pamela: it was good to see Sandra on her feet
rich-c: and they try and dump that Abobe Photo Album on you - what a piece of obtrusive crap that it
SleepingInMtl: Pamela: I don't think so... but at least she didn't get scared, a few smart adults tried to scare her and she didn't cry or anything. I thought she would.
Pamela: good for her!
Pamela: Me, I jump out of my skin
RonaldMcDonald: had only 35 here. Various goblins and ghosties
RonaldMcDonald: was forced to consume 1/3 of the treats myself
RonaldMcDonald: devil made me do it
Pamela: we went for a walk to see the decorations. Gone for an hour and a half, and we only scratched the surface.
SleepingInMtl: Yeah, all the candies "Tamara" got for us is long gone... :)
rich-c: we had maybe one visitor - we were not answering the door
Pamela: Poor Ronald. (Send chocolate!)
RonaldMcDonald: tee hee
SleepingInMtl: Next year we plan on answering doors and giving candies... first time celebrating halloween on the other side of the fence. Answering instead of banging on doors.
rich-c: so little trade it isn't worth the effort in our neighbourhood
RonaldMcDonald: there were a couple of really small ghosties, who had no idea what was going on I think
Pamela: we saw at least on adult out with an empty glass : )
RonaldMcDonald: and as usual, more parents than kids
JudyS: we had very few trick or treating here but it was raining so couldn't blame them for not being out there
RonaldMcDonald: yeah that'll kill it Judy
Pamela: what surprised me was how many of the adults had costumes, either full or partial
JudyS: so had two bags of candy left over
Pamela: they were only accompanying
SleepingInMtl: Weather was fantastic for trick or treating this year here in Montreal.
BobS: and YOU needed it
Pamela: Katherine told me tonite that between them, her two were out for two hours and collected enough loot to fill a regular sized recycling box!
RonaldMcDonald: we had a good night for it too. Sorta felt like it was going to rain, but never did
JudyS: was cold, windy and raining
Pamela: it was lovely here - 16 with a bit of a breeze
RonaldMcDonald: The extra hour of daylight kinda threw things off
Guy B: Well folks, as soon as Adobe Reader is installed. I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
RonaldMcDonald: Usually it's pitch black dark around 5pm, but not this year
JudyS: has been bad here ever since and they are talking of snow tomorrow
SleepingInMtl: We adjusted our clocks only a few days ago, AFTER halloween.
Pamela: people were sitting on their front porches rather than waiting inside
rich-c: OK Guy, we'll look forward to hearing your Ubuntu adventures
JudyS: night Guy
RonaldMcDonald: yeah
Pamela: night Guy
Meeka: night
Guy B: Next week, back to Windows
RonaldMcDonald: night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B: (PRIVATE) Me too
Meeka: I am outta here too
Guy B: Poof
RonaldMcDonald: Good to see you here Meeka
RonaldMcDonald: be well
Guy B left chat session
BobS: nite tose of you who are leaving
Meeka: u2
Pamela: ok Meeka, goodnight
JudyS: night Meeka, will talk to you later about Monday
Meeka: k :)
Pamela: will be more observant next week : )
Meeka: lol, sure ya will
rich-c: yes, they changed the Daylight turnaround time, by about a month in the spring and a week in the fall
Pamela: in theory, anyway : )
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: night, Meeka
RonaldMcDonald: wonder if the move actually saved any energy costs
SleepingInMtl: used to be last sunday of october, wasn't it? now it's last sunday of october + 1 week
RonaldMcDonald: yes
JudyS: they say no around here
RonaldMcDonald: all my computing devices were thoroughly confused
RonaldMcDonald: didn't download the patch
SleepingInMtl: Mac OS X did the switch perfectly.
rich-c: no, DST was never driven by conservation considerations, anyway
RonaldMcDonald: oh?
RonaldMcDonald: didn't notice that here, maybe it did happen
RonaldMcDonald: was concerned more about the win boxes
RonaldMcDonald: you got Leopard Guy?
SleepingInMtl: winboxes have been having problems since last year when the different dates in DST were introduced, if y ou didn't have the patch, you were out of luck.
RonaldMcDonald: right
SleepingInMtl: Ron: No, not yet... did you get it?
BobS: just turn OFF the daylight savings time box in windows and no problems, juty remember to change it yourself WHEN you notive the time is wrong
RonaldMcDonald: yes, the day it came out. Local Mac Dealer had an "event"
RonaldMcDonald: Was saying earlier here that I've tried 4/300ths of the improvements
RonaldMcDonald: so far, I'm satisfied
SleepingInMtl: Yes, we had an event too. I should get a copy, but with that and my .Mac subscription needing to be renewed, I'd have to spend close to $300 just in software and membership fees.
rich-c: my XP won't download updates, so I didn't get the patch
RonaldMcDonald: mine comes up in Feb
RonaldMcDonald: don't know whether I'll renew or not. I don't really use it. Pay for it, but then it just sits there
rich-c: Mac wants to sell you subscriptions, too?
RonaldMcDonald: it's an online account Rich. I have 30 gig of storage and some website /email tools somewhere in Cupertino
SleepingInMtl: Rich: Yes, it's called .Mac, very good service... incorporates a lot of features, e-mail, web hosting, picture galleries, idisk (ftp space), etc... works seamslessly with the Mac OS X different software packags.
RonaldMcDonald: usually use it for showing the family movies I've taken
rich-c: great - I have so much free on;line storage on gmail that the number is incomprehensible
RonaldMcDonald: yeah, my iDisk shows up as just another storage medium on my Mac
SleepingInMtl: Yep, same here Ron, use it for the gallery features that come with iPhoto (2007)
RonaldMcDonald: I really need to make more use of it. Quite like the service, but it's not much good unless I do something with it
SleepingInMtl: Exactly, I use it at 20% of it's capacity, could do more with it too.
rich-c: far as I can see, the same thing can be had free from Google
SleepingInMtl: Rich: Also, I have a really cool "" e-mail address.
RonaldMcDonald: and they just increased the storage quota significantly
RonaldMcDonald: pretty much Rich.
SleepingInMtl: Yes Rich, all of these things can be had for free from tons of otehr places, but, it's not integrated into the eoperating system, and that, is priceless to me at least.
BobS: time to go to bed now, so ta ta till next week!!!!!
SleepingInMtl: good night Bob!
BobS: willkeep you ALL in my thoughts
Pamela: night Bob
rich-c: night Bob, catch you next week
JudyS: it is that time again folks, so night and see you next week
BobS: NITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: nite Judy
rich-c: night to you too, Judy
BobS left chat session
RonaldMcDonald: It's one of these "sleeper" things. Every now and then, I find the account quite indispensable
JudyS left chat session
RonaldMcDonald: then it sits there waiting for the next such occasion
RonaldMcDonald: nite Robert. Be well
RonaldMcDonald: see ya next week Judy
SleepingInMtl: I use it for storing pics of Tamara, that is my biggest use, I could probably have them hosted on a picture server for free, but... .Mac galleries is just so cool.
rich-c: my main concern at the moment is - still - getting XP to work
RonaldMcDonald: sounds like a priority Rich
Pamela: did you get your e-mail back, Dad?
SleepingInMtl: Rich: I decided a long time ago that Win XP was in fact a virus and not an operating system.
rich-c: no, although that is a fault of Mozilla, not XP (for a change)
rich-c: I am rapidly coming around to your point of view, Guy
Pamela: you all may convert him yet
RonaldMcDonald: One thing I've found Guy, with dot-mac is that it's really easy to put up a website for some temporary purpose.... ie my son's wedding or something where
RonaldMcDonald: you want to show off some pics for just a little while
rich-c: I am annoyed right now though because Firefox just announced oit had download the latest update and would install it next time I reboot.
RonaldMcDonald: Can put that sort of thing up quite easily
Pamela: Guy I meant to ask you, are you on Facebook?
SleepingInMtl: Ron: I use the "new" gallery feature in iPhoto for that. I used to set up websites just for that, but with the new gallery feature, no need anymore. I select the pictures I want, press gallery, and tada, a new picture/video gallery.
SleepingInMtl: Pam: Yeah, for sure!
RonaldMcDonald: is that part of iLife 08?
SleepingInMtl: Ron: iLife 07 I think.
Pamela: when I looked, you didn't have a pic up so I couldn't tell if it was you
RonaldMcDonald: have 08, so it's probably still there.... haven't played much with it
RonaldMcDonald: will have to check that out
SleepingInMtl: Pam: Yep, keep it private... but, it's me. I'm also on Dale, Neils and Jills facebook account list of of friends.
RonaldMcDonald: guess I should be doing
RonaldMcDonald: facebook
RonaldMcDonald: never went near the plac
RonaldMcDonald: e
SleepingInMtl: Ron:
Pamela: just be careful Ron, it can be addictive
RonaldMcDonald: oh
SleepingInMtl: Ron: Here's a gallery example to give you an idea. Very powerful and fast to setup.
rich-c: from what I hear, it's de rigeur - if you're a teenager
RonaldMcDonald: so I understand
SleepingInMtl: Facebook is nice, but with all those stupid apps floating around, getting on my nerves these days.
Pamela: I just reject those I don't want
Pamela: I'm pretty picky
Pamela: besides, if I don't keep it relatively clean, it takes forever to load on dialup
SleepingInMtl: Pam: Same here, but seems all I get are requests for stupid facebook apps to be installed all day long.
Pamela: there are some people's pages I can't load from home because they take forever
Pamela: just make it clear to your friends that you don't want every app that comes along
SleepingInMtl: Pam: Yes, some friends have like 50 apps installed, takes years to load.
SleepingInMtl: Pamela: Not easy when you have like close to 100 friends. :)
RonaldMcDonald: Ok I'm there.......
RonaldMcDonald: ham radio
SleepingInMtl: ham radio? where?
RonaldMcDonald: Did I get the wrong place? Don't see you anywhere
SleepingInMtl: oops Ron, gave you the wrong link, hahaha...
RonaldMcDonald: wondered
SleepingInMtl: there you go, the .Mac gallery. eHam was something I was doing a few days ago, surprised it kept it in memory.
rich-c: looks like you two are hard at it - time for me to take off
rich-c: see you-all next week
SleepingInMtl: Gives you an idea of what the gallery feature is... accessible for now only in iPhoto. Not in software like apperture.
Pamela: and I
Pamela: night Daddy
SleepingInMtl: and I soon as well. :)
rich-c: night Pamela
RonaldMcDonald: Nite Rich
SleepingInMtl: night all! add me to your facebook pam!
rich-c: niters Ron and Guy
Pamela: Guy, say hi to Sandra
SleepingInMtl: I will, thanks!
Pamela: I'm going to
rich-c: colour me gone
SleepingInMtl: colored you gone!
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: gnite guys, I'm outta here
RonaldMcDonald: loading site
SleepingInMtl: bye Pam...
RonaldMcDonald: Aha!
RonaldMcDonald: Cool
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
RonaldMcDonald: there's all the good folk
RonaldMcDonald: Anyway Guy, I'll have to check that out. Half this stuff becomes available, and I miss it
SleepingInMtl: Yes, they keep on adding to .Mac... last year .Mac wasn't that attractive, but it sure has changed since last year with all the new features.
RonaldMcDonald: well I think they had to do something to keep up
SleepingInMtl: Exactly, had it not been for all those added features, doubt I'd renew this year... good thing they did! ;)
RonaldMcDonald: exactly
SleepingInMtl: Anyways, off to sleep, have to wake up at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning!
RonaldMcDonald: yep, be well sir G'nite
SleepingInMtl: You too fellow Mac brother... :)
RonaldMcDonald: :)
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