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Jean Stone: Am I too early?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Jean Stone: Do the others come late?
Daniel Bienvenu: it usually starts slowly
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changed username to Pamela
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: good evening everyone
BobS: hello ALL
Jean Stone: I am excited about the convention this loois as though my daughter will come with me.
BobS: and I mean YOU Ms Stone !
Pamela: special welcome, Jean
BobS: NOW just get Pam to tell you when and where
Jean Stone: Since when am I Ms Stone?
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Pamela: where, somewhere near Niagara Falls
BobS: WHAT????? Pamela and no father figure in sight??????
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: when, yet to be determined
BobS: here he is now
Pamela: now he's here. Hi Daddy
rich-c: oh, he's around, Bob
BobS: morning Richard
rich-c: good evening everyone, hi Jean!!!
Jean Stone: Please let me know asap as my daughter will have to make her plans
Pamela: I hope to have a date shortly after the new year, Jean
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Pamela: hopefully, with plenty of time for all to make their vacation plans
BobS: how are things going down in El Paso with you Jean? and the weather?
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
BobS: should be cooling down some by now
rich-c: latest talk is maybe June - that could make a stay in Niagara Falls itself thinkable
Judy: Hello, All!!!!
Jean Stone: I will make some things to be raffled as I used to do.
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changed username to Dale
Pamela: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: Hi Dale
rich-c: and Dale
Dale: How's it going?
rich-c: wow - the gang's all here tonight
Pamela: Jean, your items are the belle of the ball every year
Dale: Good to see you Jean?
Jean Stone: We have been 86 almost everyday BUT I think that is going to change
Dale: That's good to hear.
Judy: but you don't have to make things to come, we just need to see you
BobS: cahnge Up or DOWN?
BobS: change
rich-c: we actually have had our first frost now, but it was 59 today
Jean Stone: I'm sure it will get colder
Pamela: that would be quite a coup for me - I'll be able to say Jean Stone attended my convention!
BobS: we'uns are getting cold up here.........
Dale: warm times around here.
Judy: it has been up and down in temps here
rich-c: that's OK Dale, Bob is sending their stuff at us tomorrow
Judy: but tomorrow is going down
Dale: Well the frost killed my tomatoes around halloween.
Jean Stone: Our trees have not lost their leaves yet and my flowers are still blooming
Daniel Bienvenu: Can someone introduce me to Jean Stone? I'm pretty sure we didn't meet before.
Jean Stone: I am the oldest lady alive
BobS: you ahven't Daniel
rich-c: we have some bare trees and others still with some leaf left - depends on the species
Dale: Jean is most known when she doesn't attend AdamCon for her excellent afgans used as raffle prizes.
BobS: Jean Stone, meet Daniel Bienvenu...............Danile meet jean
rich-c: Jean and her husband attended Adamcons for many years till health problems made them back off
Jean Stone: thanks, I'll look you up when I am there
Judy: ours are the same here Richard some are bare but there are a lot of others that still have most of them
BobS: Jean is down in El Paso Texas, Daniel is in Quebec, Canada
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changed username to Harvie
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Hi Harvie!
Daniel Bienvenu: nice to meet you, Jean
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Judy: Hi, Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie, long time no see
Harvie: Howdy
Dale: A picture of jean from AC 16:
BobS: both ends of the continent you tow are........
Meeka: hello everyone :-)
Jean Stone: Nice to meet you,too
Judy: hi, Meeka
Dale: AdamCon 16 was held on her home turf.
rich-c: welcome in, Meeka - lots of Slopsemas tonight!
Dale: Hi ya Harvie.
Harvie: I'm only here till 9:30, wanted to say hello
Dale: Jean with Rich Drushel:
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to admit that I was confused first by seeing "Jean"... because it's for me the french word for "John".
Pamela: what happens at 9:30 Harvie?
Dale: Hard J for her.
Pamela: <boy, I can't type tonite>
Dale: jean (gean)
rich-c: quite, Daniel, though it isn't pronounced the same way
Harvie: My connection to Tamco usually only lasts 15 to 20 minutes
Jean Stone: My spanish name is Juana Piedra
Pamela: oh??
rich-c: fairly literal translation, I gather
BobS: (PRIVATE) DANIEL, go here aminute and you can see the Stones - both of them
Pamela: have you talked to John about this Harvie?
Judy: she speaks great Spanish, Daniel
Jean Stone: Ustests no hable espaņol?
Pamela: hablo un poco
Jean Stone: Good for you
Harvie: Yes I have Pam, he says the telco vault gets wet in this weather.
rich-c: Harvie, your connection to Tamco should be rock solid - mine has never been anything but dialup or DSL
Pamela: need to speak to the telco about that Harvie
BobS: so like.......after 15 minutes, your connection to Tamco drowns????????
BobS: bummer mon
Harvie: John says it's Bells fault and they will do nothing.
Pamela: I don't get much practice Jean
rich-c: I'd guess that his trouble is local to him in Brampton - we certainly do not see it here
Pamela: No one up here speaks Spanish!
Pamela: nor we here
Jean Stone: we have been using cable for so long I don't know your problems.
Pamela: does it affect your phone service?
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, my spannish is ... almost inexistent.
rich-c: that also means you can't switch, Harvie, because anyone else will have the same problem
BobS: you have cable, Jean? or telephone DSL service?
Jean Stone: I"ll bring you a dictionary if you want one
Pamela: actually I have one around here somewhere
Judy: you could come here, there were a lot of job adds this week needing to be bi-lungual
Harvie: It is not my line that is faulty, John acknowledges the problem is at his building
BobS: my spanish...........McDonalds for lunch......Dos Numero Uno !!!!!
BobS: don't worry, be happy
Jean Stone: No, we have had cable from the get go..I even got it for my school for free
rich-c: actually, Daniel, Spanish should be easier for you than English, more cognates and derivatives
Pamela: I found
Pamela: Spanish much easier to learn because I had the grounding in French
BobS: you know spanish also then Pam?
Pamela: biggest problem for me was switching from one to the other - the classes followed one another on my timetable
BobS: you are on sweet girl
Harvie: "Dos cevezas Por Favor"
rich-c: that's weird, Harvie, because our lines go through there too and we see no problems
Jean Stone: you left out an r
Pamela: 4 anos, Bob
Pamela: en la escuela
Harvie: So I did
Jean Stone: do you kno whow to do the accents?
rich-c: yes, deux bieres is understood in every language ; - )
BobS: nope
Jean Stone: I'll bring some copies just in case you need them
Pamela: I've lost vocab and grammar through lack of practice
Pamela: I used to be able to conjugate anything thru the pluperfect
Pamela: that's long gone
rich-c: Pam: for your gossip at work - Speedy filed for bankruptcy protection today
Jean Stone: I'm glad that I got to speak to you all but my beauty sleep is coming on. since iget up at 4:30 to teach my water aerobics
Pamela: I know
Pamela: there;s a 4:30 am?
Jean Stone: and then I go to work at the school
Judy: why so early, Jean?
rich-c: sheesh! that's just after I go to bed
BobS: but as always Jean, It is a PLEASURE to see you again
BobS: you WILL keep coming, yes???????
Pamela: I'm glad you popped in Jean
rich-c: anyway great to have you with us, Jean
BobS: mark it onyour calender for Wednesdays
Pamela: and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person
Jean Stone: love to all...I'll do my best to remember next week
Meeka: night Jean
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Pamela: please do - good night1
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Pamela: Re Speedy, it's really sad to see. The company has been in business for 41 years.
Pamela: and it's Canadian.
BobS: one remarkable lady kids
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight jean
Daniel Bienvenu: too late...
BobS: did you not just leave Speedy?????
Judy: she sure got off fast
Pamela: March of 2004, Bob
rich-c: I get the feeling that they could never find a management that cared enough to give the company the attention it deserved
BobS: and see what happened????? they could not get along without ya
Pamela: they got in over their heads and got too ambitious
Pamela: they should never have gone public
rich-c: good idea, good product, bad management is my assessment
Pamela: they expanded way too fast and too far
rich-c: yes, they were paying 19.5% interest on their borrowings
rich-c: how do you run a company and do that?
Pamela: the stock never again hit the same value after the IPO
BobS: good lord, that would put them into bankruptcy for sure
Pamela: they got way overextended
rich-c: it's why a lot of companies are going down the tubes now, Bob, on both sides of the border
rich-c: guess what the subprime lenders are paying for the money they loan out
BobS: and they are falling by the wayside, at least stateside here
Pamela: it's sad to see. The last round of layoffs came at the beginning of September, and I think there are only six people left in the office now. I don't know what they'll do.
Pamela: Nevertheless, I'm proud to have been a part of it.
BobS: the housing market, financially and physically is WAY ndown
rich-c: I wonder if there will be a core to salvage
Pamela: the co. that bought them out will franchise the rest of the remaining stores and hopefully at least the brand will remain.
rich-c: we don't have any subprimes here and our housing market it strong - overheated in places
Pamela: Like Toronto. : )
rich-c: they are talking of selling some remaining company stores to Meinike
Pamela: doesn't surprise me. They sold some 20 odd stores to Active Green and Ross not too long.
Pamela: ago.
rich-c: wonder what their franchise holders will do?
Pamela: Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a direct line to what's happening in the form of Bev. She's still in touch with a number of people, including the former CFO.
rich-c: Daniel, saw your posting on the mailing list today
Pamela: that I don't know - yet.
rich-c: yes, Pam, that does help keep you au fait
rich-c: or perhaps au courant
rich-c: if you went to Reading how would you get there?
Pamela: Reading PA?
rich-c: yes, did you see his message?
Pamela: yes but I didn't go to the link
Pamela: Dale, you're awfully quiet
rich-c: anyway it's a show May 4th in Reading
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, Rich... so what do you think about this gaming event that offer a space to expose-sell homebrew games?
Judy: so is Meeka
Meeka: lol :-P
BobS: think it is a great idea, as long as you can trust the promoters to not be 'stealing' your game idea
Pamela: yes
Meeka: I really good at watchin
BobS: ahos
BobS: shso
BobS: ahso
rich-c: I know nothing about such things, Daniel, though years ago I used to represent MTAG at computer fairs
BobS: got it right that time mate
Judy: tonight I ripped apart my mink coat,Meek
Judy: mEEKAQ
Meeka: aghhh
Meeka: for why?
BobS: tis dinger night on the puter
Meeka: it fit me just fine lol
Pamela: not literally I hope Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: well, that's why I still thinking of it... I can't go there but maybe someone we know can be there.
BobS: yup literally
Judy: yes, went to see what it would cost to have it remade, they quoted me 750
Pamela: I assume that's took it apart, not ripped
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Judy: yes, but it seems like ripping it
Daniel Bienvenu: And if you want to wake up Dale, just talk about a wellknow vampire.
rich-c: you would know the Canadian Coleco group, Daniel, so might guess who would be interested in going
changed username to wet coast
Meeka: lol
Pamela: so, what are you going to do with the pieces, Judy?
wet coast: yo!
Pamela: Hi Ron
Judy: is mostly all sown by hand
wet coast: anybody got a towel?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron, long time no see. ;-)
Meeka: hi ron
Pamela: <tosses towel at Ron>
rich-c: depends on how commercial your activities are - need a lot of sales to cover the expense of the trip
wet coast: yeah, I missed last wek didn't I
wet coast: thanks Pamela
Judy: try to remake it to fit me
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: can you machine sew it?
Meeka: but if you remake it then it wont fit when i inhearet it
rich-c: hello Ron
wet coast: Hi Judy
wet coast: Rich
Judy: sorry about that, Meeka
Meeka: be better by hand
Meeka: would prob get caught in the machine
Pamela: I just wondered if it was possible
Judy: so that will be our project on Thanksgiving
Meeka: lol, np, i just givin you greaf
rich-c: been biking in the rain, Ron?
wet coast: No, that was yesterday and it was sunny.
BobS: how's my weather coming Ron???????
wet coast: Had a community net Board meeting, then had to stop and get groceries (excuses excuses)
Pamela: ya, ya
wet coast: have moisture to send east
wet coast: lots of moisture
Pamela: as long as it's not frozen, please
rich-c: that's ok, it was our shopping day too
wet coast: it won't be when it leaves here
rich-c: and there was a substitute nurse who hadnt been told I needed for her to come in the morning
Pamela: you STILL have a nurse coming??
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Dale should make a big release during a gaming event like this one. He did so many games for the colecovision and many are great. What about Warm Fuzzy (with the rabbits) and the new one about a vampire?
rich-c: yes, although the leison is down now to about 1/2 x 1 cm, from 4 x 6
Pamela: well that's good news
Pamela: I didn't realize you still had a nurse coming in. What else don't I know?
rich-c: latyely it has been shrinking quite noticable
BobS: can't you just keep it the wet variety Ron
rich-c: I think you're pretty current, Pam
BobS: I don't like the sound of the white variety
wet coast: There's more than enough to go around Bob
Pamela: I'm with you Bob
rich-c: no, the white stuff does not win any popularity contests here
Pamela: I'm gonna have to learn to drive in snow all over again.
wet coast: Was without power all day Monday
rich-c: thugh if you want to ship it 50 miles north to the ski country, they'll take al you can give as soon as you can get it here
wet coast: computer withdrawl
Pamela: what, no UPS, Ron?
wet coast: had a real windstorm Sun Night/Mon Morning
Pamela: generator?
Pamela: car battery?
wet coast: No, I don't have a UPS - if this keeps up I'll have to get one. More on the way tonight.
wet coast: expecting hydro outages
BobS: Whistler needs it, for practise hills, NOT US
wet coast: Our own Mt Washington had 2 feet at the end of October. Went away, now it's back again
rich-c: right - we walk around with it up to our armpits, and the ski resorts are complaining they didnt get enough
BobS: 2 FEET
wet coast: yep
Pamela: well, I'm not sure walk is the right term : )
wet coast: it was way early for them
Meeka: ok kiddies, i gots a bad headache tonight so I am gonna go
wet coast: camera club went up there for a shoot, and I had totally the wrong footwear on
Meeka: tty next week
Pamela: night Meeka
rich-c: I think our locals generally get to open just before Christmas
Pamela: feel better
wet coast: drink hot rums Meeka
BobS: nite Meeka
wet coast: niters
rich-c: night Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Judy: hope you feel better soon, Meeka, and good night talk to you soon
Pamela: btw Dad, please tell Mom that Russell's birthday card arrived yesterday
Pamela: and he says, thank you very much
rich-c: will do
BobS: how is Frances feeling Richard????????
rich-c: oh, she's on the laptopo when not leaning over my shoulder
Daniel Bienvenu: shit... I forgot to send you the christmas powerpaint picture... it still time for it?
wet coast: Hi Frances
BobS: no wnow Daniel
BobS: I have to do one.............
rich-c: but she is having a hard time with her back, and has sleep problems
wet coast: yes Daniel there is... I haven't really started working yet..... must get with it
BobS: this weekend.........
wet coast: that'll do just fine
rich-c: Pam, we have put your old chair out for disposal - couldn't give it away
BobS: been so busy here also, and tomorrow night and Fri night is not good..............\
Pamela: good, thank you
BobS: THREW out Pama's FAVORITE chair???????
wet coast: I hear ya Bob. got the same thing goin' here
Pamela: shoulda put a price on it
rich-c: they tossed one last week next door and we think it got recycled
Pamela: that would have had someone "stealing" it
rich-c: yes, that's what we encourage - get it reused however you can
Pamela: nothing wrong with them that a little carpentry won't fix
Pamela: however you have to have the time and the place to fix them
wet coast: carpentry=damaged thumbs
wet coast: and swearing
rich-c: and to be blunt about it, a prettier replacement comes seriously cheap
Pamela: actually that's one of the few times when I don't trash my hands
Pamela: they are very comfy, I must say
wet coast: well hey..... ya got me beat
Pamela: very '80s
Pamela: but comfy
wet coast: Was looking at office chairs in Staples the other day
Pamela: ouch
wet coast: didn't buy, but might
rich-c: if only some matching units had survived... ; - )
Pamela: I have the other busted chair here
Pamela: Barbara took the other two
Pamela: so I may yet end up fixing the fourth one
Pamela: when it finally cracks
wet coast: be right back - Aspartame level needs improvement
rich-c: we have two office chairs for Staples, one for each computer
Pamela: oddly enough, we got ours from Sears
rich-c: yeah, Dale, when are you going to replace the Diet Coke optiom in the actions?
rich-c: we find the higher seating position can be more comfortable given our bad backs
rich-c: sort of like the seating in the van compared with a car
Pamela: remarked to Erin the other day that Lindsay's car seems really low now
Judy: brb have to make Bob a lunch for tomorrow
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Pamela: I must admit I like being up higher
changed username to GuyXP
GuyXP: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: hi Guy!
wet coast: what's he gettin? What's for lunch?
rich-c: looks like Montreal has just checked in
Pamela: Pork tenderloin, carrots and potatoes for us tomorrow
wet coast: Hey Guy
Pamela: nope, that's Chicago
GuyXP: Yep and it's getting cold here
Pamela: M. Foster has a Mac, remember?
rich-c: oh right, GuyF wouldn't be caught dead using XP
Pamela: Boy this is funny
GuyXP: I'm getting the last computer ready for XP
rich-c: anyway, Guy, as long as it is not Vista
Pamela: I have the TV on mute on CP 24 and the weather guy is on
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Foster? really?
Pamela: his name is Chris Potter, and he's tall, thin, dark haired and wearing Harry Potter glasses
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: nope, Daniel, Guy Bona at the moment
Daniel Bienvenu: that explain
Pamela: how cold Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Bona, ubuntu xp... next time beos?
Daniel Bienvenu: os/2 warp?
Judy: that would be hard for Bob to fix while working
Pamela: TG for microwaves at work
wet coast: never tried BEOS
Judy: not while building a house
rich-c: likely didn't miss much, either
Pamela: details : )
Judy: no microwaves there
GuyXP: In the 40's
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried BeOS, well they did some "new versions" after BeOS 5 that are "unofficial" and later some groups still working on BeOS clones.
GuyXP: Going to drop down close to freezing and 40's for the high the next few days.
rich-c: we darn near hit 60 briefly today - don't ask about the probs for tomorrow
Pamela: yes our high for Friday is supposed to be 3 C
GuyXP: You're going to get that cold blast Rich
Pamela: I can cope with the cold, it's the snow I don't want
rich-c: yep, I think the whole Great Lakes gang is going to get it, and our Quebecers too
Pamela: or freezing rain
wet coast: shut down the 49th parallel. No air moves north or south
rich-c: I find coping easy - I just stay home
Judy: I don
BobS: lgood plan Richard
Judy: t think we are supposed to get that
Judy: that is don't
Pamela: we've had some pretty cold mornings recently
BobS: you can have it, because we don't want it............
BobS: as the song goes
Pamela: 'twas -3 when I got up one day last week
Daniel Bienvenu: Haiku OS operating system in progress, to be almost compatible with BeOS but for today computers...
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: haven't seen that low, but I get up a little later, too ; - )
Pamela: just a tad : )
Daniel Bienvenu: There is also ReactOS... a Windows NT clone project, started as an educational project.
Pamela: and at 6:00 am it's DARK! icky
rich-c: my gut feeling is that the alternative future lies with the various distributions of Linux
rich-c: most of the time, at 9 AM our porch light is still on (it's on a photocell)
rich-c: time for my beer - off to La fin du monde
Pamela: wow, they've already drawn the 6/49 numbers. Thought that didn't happen till 11:00 pm or so
wet coast: and did you win?
Pamela: no ticket this week
wet coast: me neither
Pamela: we've bought every week for the last six and not so much as a free ticket
BobS: see?????? lotteries are awaste of cash
Pamela: I tell you, if you want to win, let Russell and I pick our numbers then work around them
BobS: told you taht before
Daniel Bienvenu: I win a freee ticket
wet coast: true
GuyXP: I was reading about the ReactOS at their website
Pamela: I look on it as a $3 contribution to charity
wet coast: What is ReactOS??
Pamela: the OLG does good things with the $
Daniel Bienvenu: ReactOS still in too early stage to be used on a real computer. the development of this OS can be done by using vmware.
BobS: is it deductable??????
rich-c: my understanding is that it's a tax on idiots
BobS: if NOT, it is not a charitable contribution
wet coast: I want one of my computers to give me the winning numbers, then I will buy a ticket
rich-c: you're not suggesting that the Ontario government would be scamming us, surely, Robert?
wet coast: so the computer must move forward in time about 2 days and then come back
Judy: I don't think that will work, Ron
wet coast: Dale, write that up will you
rich-c: sorry, the quantum models aren't out at retail yet
wet coast: awww
Pamela: how can you tell?
BobS: THAT I am Pam
Pamela: they could be co-existing in time and space and you might not know it
wet coast: ah yes, the theory of the parallel universe
Daniel Bienvenu: There is also the OS named Menuet... written all in assembler.
wet coast: The OS of today has to be capable of so much more
wet coast: not enough any more just to control the hardware
rich-c: well, is capable, but has to be? I'd be happier with less capability and matching less inclination to crash
wet coast: agreed Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: If ReactOS ends to be compatible NT, it will be an alternative of useing PC software without paying for NT liscence.
rich-c: what Windows needs to make is Windows basic - supports the hardware and that's that
Daniel Bienvenu: of course, it will be used for school, by recycling our future old computers.
rich-c: anything else comes in add-on utility packages, buy what you need
wet coast: Hell, schools don't want old computers any more
Pamela: brb
wet coast: ya can't give 'em away
Daniel Bienvenu: it depends which school.
rich-c: I can tell you that there is always a group of people on Freecycle looking for old computers
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a video on googletech about "beautiful code" and they talked only about quicksort.
wet coast: true. We have that here too
Dale: Time travel OS?
rich-c: you may even have a freecycle group on the Island, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale!
wet coast: thank you Dale.... is it out yet?
Dale: Sounds good. But you need at least 300 terrabytes of disk space to install.
wet coast: is that all?
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: smatass
Dale: And 8192 petabytes to run the installer. But you can just borrow that from a friend.
Pamela: better be a darn good friend
Dale: It actually runs in 1 megabyte, since it can always swap into the future memory, when you aren't using it.
wet coast: ok, now you've left my universe. What's a petabyte?
Daniel Bienvenu: who is again the software designer of this Time Travel OS ?
rich-c: subscribe to gmail - you can park pretty well all the data you want there
wet coast: I can only count as high as a trillion
Dale: 1024 terrabytes = 1 petabyte.
wet coast: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: it still a small amount of bytes
Daniel Bienvenu: it's probably the "lite" version.
Dale: I hear they'll rewrite the installer later. :-)
Pamela: and remember, you can always thank the friend with a small gift from your lottery winnings : )
rich-c: next beyond a terabyte (though you'd never ask)
Pamela: just how many zeros is that???
Dale: 1 000 000 000 000
wet coast: If I add all my external USB drives together, I might have 3/4 of a terrabyte
Pamela: oh
Dale: not that many.
wet coast: 10^8 >>
Pamela: hardly any at all
wet coast: no, 10^9
Dale: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: there is a terabyte drive out now, I believe, but it's a little pricey
Dale: 10^12.
wet coast: ok
wet coast: its been a while
Pamela: what, a terabuck?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was very happy to see you again in person saturday, Dale.
Dale: Right, Rich. So just put 300 of those in a big USB raid cage, and you're all set.
wet coast: a cool trillion
Dale: Daniel, it was fun to see you.
wet coast: did you guys get together?
Dale: I got the cartridge home, but my computer is at work at the moment, so I need to take it there.
rich-c: you only have one computer?
Dale: We usually play video games at lunch time, so maybe I'll get them to try Jeepers Creepers tomorrow.
BobS: poor guy
Dale: I only have one Adam monitor.
Pamela: are you working Dale?
rich-c: I thought you'd have more than Ron
Dale: I started a robotics company last summer.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you will explain they can use both fire buttons.
wet coast: If that monitor is the one I think it is Dale, it's not even one ADAM monitor - I'd say 75%
Pamela: I meant outside your co.
Dale: We're still doing research, but in about 2 years we'll have our first product.
Pamela: does it do dishes?
wet coast: you got a robot that can say "megageek" Dale? or Technodork?
Dale: Well, my spare Adam monitor is actually a TV, and it is in our family room, far from the computer room.
rich-c: where did you find backers with that much patience?
Dale: It will Pam.
Pamela: I'm in
Dale: We are inching our way to that goal.
wet coast: Ram Lover!
Dale: So far we've been funded out of pocket.
wet coast: I love that commercial
rich-c: most seem to want their investment back in the first 90 days
Dale: My robot doesn't talk at the moment, but I'm adding a speaker to the next prototype.
Pamela: me too Ron
wet coast: now there - a Time travelling robot
wet coast: it can go get the winning numbers
Daniel Bienvenu: before I forgot, did you try the minigames, it's time to vote for them...
rich-c: oh, are you two talking about that Future Shop commercial? I always watch commercials with the sound off
Dale: A time travelling robot? Well, I have a good design for a do-it-yourself one, but it can only go back in time 5 minutes.
Dale: Just enough time to find your keys.
Pamela: So Dale, your assignment, should you choose to accept it . . . : )
Dale: Daniel, when is the voting due?
wet coast: Damn! I know I'd forgotten something
Dale: We are looking for angel investors, who would sell the product through their existing sales channels. They can be more patient since
Dale: their internal product development cycle is probably closer to 2 or 3 years.
rich-c: so Ron, who are you picking for the Grey Cup?
Daniel Bienvenu: end vote time is november 30th
Pamela: geez Dad we gotta get thru the semi finals first
Dale: Did I ever post my minigame to the coladam mailing list?
wet coast: well..... let me say this about that. I was there when BC beat Sask last year. I think this year's Sask is going to beat BC, and it will be the Argo's and Sask in the Grey Cup.
rich-c: I don't recall seeing one from you, Dale, but I could be wrong
Dale: I need to test more of them. I'll try to find some time tomorrow to do a few more.
wet coast: 34-12 for Sas
wet coast: sask
wet coast: that's my story and I'm sticking to it
Pamela: we'll see how accurate you were in a couple of weeks, Ron
wet coast: indeed
rich-c: I think Saskatchewan can take BC but it will be a squeaker, same for Argos over Winnipeg
Daniel Bienvenu: And if you want to play Vic-20 minigames with VICE, set first the memory to "unexpended" before trying to load the games.
Dale: I will.
wet coast: I think this weekend, BC is going to come up with one of those patented games where they can do nothing right. None of their QB's will be effective
Judy: well, all, I am taking my cough and going to bed, soo night all until next week
wet coast: Not that I want that to happen mind
wet coast: but I think it will
Pamela: gnite Judy
rich-c: and I'll risk Argos 24 - 21 on a last-minute field goal unless Prefontaine bangs his head again
Pamela: let us know how the coat reconstruction goes
wet coast: Nite well
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Judy, take care and see you next week
wet coast: Can't see Sask being completely embarrassed the way they were last year
Pamela: Dale, are you familiar with the program "History Bites"?
rich-c: I think we were lucky to get Winnipeg - they seem easier to predict and plan against
Dale: I've watched it lots.
wet coast: right
Pamela: do you have any idea if it's available on DVD?
rich-c: what sort of program is that, Pam?
Pamela: TV progam, Dad
rich-c: well yeah, I figured that, just wondered what it was about
Dale: I haven't seen it
Dale: but the best place to check might be or
Pamela: sorry was getting there. It's a humourous take on what might have happened if TV had been around for some of history's pivotal moments
Dale: It was made for the History Channel, but I think it is only seen in Canada.
Pamela: Ok, I'll look there. Thanks.
rich-c: oh, ok. there has been a rather amusing joke going arund the internet on that
Pamela: It was still in production as of last summer
Pamela: by the way, you had me rolling with the words list Dad
BobS: time to go to bed kids......
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: will see you next week, yes??????
rich-c: glad you enjoyed it - I have another to go out in a few days
Pamela: yes
rich-c: we'll be here to join you, Bob
Dale: Seeing Barbra Walter's type interview of Attila the Hun was halarious.
BobS: cool nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: snuggle up!
Pamela: yes, Janet Van de Graff does an excellent Barbara Walters
Pamela: I've only seen a few of them but Russell is a big fan
rich-c: well, I've canned our satellite service for the next three months - figure why pay for it if I won't be turning it on?
wet coast: Obviously I must check this out
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Is there still time to send you christmas PowerPaint files?
Pamela: History Channel, at noonish, Ron
wet coast: ah
Pamela: on Saturdays, I think
rich-c: I'll try to send you a funny, Ron, derived from the same idea
rich-c: stills of "How Fox News would have covered...." but just stills
wet coast: (PRIVATE) Yes Daniel, no problem
Pamela: My favourite from that list Dad is "lymph"
rich-c: don't have it onscreen at the moment, Pam
Pamela: "to walk with a lisp"
rich-c: OK - it's on my jump drive which is on the other computer - Barry posted another one today - hilarious
GuyXP: Well folks, going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
Dale: See you then, Guy.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
wet coast: G'nite Guy. See ya next week
GuyXP: (PRIVATE) Me too
rich-c: OK Guy, give Aniie her bone and take care - till next week
GuyXP: Poof
GuyXP left chat session
Dale: I have a build of my Dracula game that I was working on last week.
rich-c: Dale, is that event in Reading within your scope?
Pamela: have you perfected the Maid of the Mist game Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: too late again...
rich-c: yep, gotta be quicker, Daniel ; - )
wet coast: yeah, it's comin onto 11
Pamela: I notice we don't have Guy Foster tonite - wonder what that means?
wet coast: in your neck of the world
wet coast: that he's not here
Dale: I have released the Maid of the Mist game:
Pamela: to quote Dad - "smartass"
wet coast: tee hee
Pamela: Just wondering if that means Sandra might be in labour
wet coast: oh yes, good point
Pamela: he's usually pretty good about showing up for at least a short time
rich-c: well, sooner or later she will be and this is a high probability time
wet coast: right
Pamela: her due date is the beginning of December I think
Pamela: so any time now
wet coast: indeed
rich-c: and we're getting closer and closer to that
rich-c: by the way, anyone looked at computer prices lately?
Dale: Have they been going down, like you'd hope?
rich-c: well, MDG were offering a laptop with Vista for $400 in the Star today
rich-c: mind you, it only has a 14.1" screen
Dale: Pam, it is easy, but not too easy.
Pamela: you'll have to give me the link again after I get DSL, Dale
rich-c: I can download it for you, Pam - though it's only 4K so even on dialup it should only take seconds
Pamela: if worse comes to worst I'll try it at the convention but I don't think it will come to that
Dale: It is only 40k Pam. You should be able to download it in under 1 minute.
Pamela: hmm
rich-c: in fact since you have the emulator and don't have a disc drive, direct download should be your answer
Pamela: alright, I'll try it and see
Pamela: I don't have the emulator, Dad
rich-c: 40K? for a Colecovision game? man, that's Sup[ergame territory!
rich-c: OK, remind me and I'll download or copy that for you, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: heh heh.... you forgot to convert into US K... it's only 4K. lol
Pamela: do I need that to play the game?
Dale: The game is 4k, but there are instructions, a screenshot and a tar ball of the source code included.
Pamela: LOL Daniel
rich-c: I doubt Pam needs the source code, Sale
Dale: Well, I don't give out the instructions without the source code.
rich-c: Pam, next time you're by, bring that CD I made for you and I'll add the emulator and anything else you want
Pamela: just put in on my thumb drive, Dad
rich-c: oh, I'm not questioning your policy, Dale, just her need
wet coast: I
Dale: If she doesn't want the instructions then get can grab just the rom:
wet coast: Im falling asleep
wet coast: need to extracate myself from this chair
Pamela: Ron, it's 8:00 pm you can't be falling asleep
wet coast: I know
rich-c: why are you falling asleep? Young guy like you, and only 8 PM?
Pamela: I on the other hand have good reason to be dozing
wet coast: this is the chair from Hell
rich-c: so go see Staples and get a decent one - they are surel;y cheap enough
Pamela: too comfy for your own good?
wet coast: yeah, I'm in the recliner
wet coast: so it's my own fault
rich-c: then why not turn on the heating pad and really cork off?
Pamela: I'm tucked into a corner of the couch so I know what you mean. I keep losing vertical hold.
wet coast: then I'll be wide awake at 2am
Pamela: I suppose I should be heading for bed. 6:15 comes earlier and earlier
wet coast: oh yeah, you're a working stiff
wet coast: bummer
rich-c: yes, especially with the time change ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: c'est lā? ... bonne nuit, Pam.
Pamela: oui. Bonne nuit, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I got one in time!
rich-c: so daughter, do you have any weekend plans? anything to pick up here?
Pamela: dinner with Barbara and Lindsay, other than that no plans. I may be by, I'll check in with you soon.
rich-c: OK, think about software you may need downloaded or copied, and we'll lay something on
Pamela: thanks Dad.
wet coast: so it is written, so let it be done
Pamela: Alright gentlemen, I'm for bed. Until next week.
rich-c: still have last week's Champ Car race to watch but other than that, no obligations
wet coast: Niters Pamela be well
Pamela: nite Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Did you take the zip file from the link I gave here for the printable game I did based on video games history?
Pamela: Nite, Dale. thanks for the tip
rich-c: goodnight daughter - keep us posted
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Pamela: will do
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Dale: night pam
Dale: missed.
Daniel Bienvenu: hmmm... who will be next to leave?
wet coast: (PRIVATE) Sorry Daniel. I recall getting the e-mail, but I'm absolutely terrible at opening things up. I get so much e-mail. Will have a look for that tonight
Dale: So Ron, are you going to try my mist maid game?
rich-c: anyway Ron I will try and find those pseudo-history clips and pass them on to you
Dale: Maid of the Mist.
Dale: Pilot a boat to Niagra Falls.
wet coast: I'm not really a gamer Dale, but yes I'll go have a look
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) It wasn't by email. I give the link here in one of the adamcon chat session...
rich-c: I actually gave it a very brief shot at one point but had a problem with fire buttons or something
rich-c: mind you, I tend not to read directions excessively thoroughly
rich-c: anyway, Dale, I gather REading is not your sort of thing?
wet coast: (PRIVATE) Yeah, I think I took note of the link, but then it fell by the wayside. Have it on the other machine I think
Dale: Well, there is always the you tube video. The sensation of playing Mist Maid, without playing:
rich-c: I think Porter hope to have srvice to Philadelphia by May
Dale: Richard, reading?
wet coast: I guess I need to update myself. Was talking earlier with my Board about Facebook and youtube. I have never been on either one
Dale: I read to my son for up to an hour every night.
wet coast: Makes me feel very old indeed
rich-c: Didn't you see Daniel's post about the show?
wet coast: no
Dale: Reading PA you mean?
Dale: Well, I'm thinking of going.
rich-c: Reading is around an hour more or less west from Philadelphia
wet coast: Problem is that each day I get more e-mail than I'm willing to read
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rich-c: hello Brian - are you the one who posted Thursday?
BrianW moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: Brian....?
rich-c: you have to have read the log last week, Daniel
Dale: Hi Brian.
rich-c: he wants to give away some Adam stuff to someone around Ottawa, iirc
wet coast: Hi Brian, I'm Ron and I'm on the wet coast
rich-c: I gather, ron, that more of those anecdotes aren't really welcome, then?
BrianW: Hello to all. I was looking for someone who might be interested in a few pieces of adam equipment.
Dale: Have you been in contact with Neil, in Ottawa?
BrianW: Is that Ron Mitchel
Dale: It is for sure.
rich-c: and Ron. do you still have useful contacts in Ottawa for such things?
wet coast: well Rich, it's not that they're not welcome, but I tend to give them lower priority - and it depends on how much time I have when i open the email box
Dale: You are talking to the Mighty Mitchell.
Dale: Did you know him from the Adam User Friendly Group?
wet coast: Brian, were you a member of AUFG when I was there?
wet coast: circa 1994?
rich-c: OK - it's just that we have a new guy on carnuts with one of those wicked Jewish senses of humour
rich-c: I have another, I'll hold it for a couple of days, heading will be "affairs"
wet coast: re contacts in Ottawa, no not really. I know a couple, but neither is active ADAM any more
BrianW: Yes. Its Brian Wooster. I ended up with a majority of the clubs equipment and manuals.
wet coast: well I'll be go ta hell
rich-c: so Brian is stuck with Neil or nothing, from the sound
wet coast: yeah, so far as I know Rich
BrianW: Plus I've been given so much since then i am running out of space around the house.
rich-c: wonder if this could be worht a followup for Daniel in cooperation with Fred and GuyF?
wet coast: the fellow who passed away a little while ago (Doug Paterson) --- his wife phoned me to see if there was any one who wanted Doug's adam stuff
wet coast: I put her onto Neil
Dale: GuyF is interested in an Adam I think anyway.
wet coast: sounds familiar Brian. You remember my apartment in ottawa?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have too many Adam parts and pieces... I have tons of Coleco Adam "motherboards" and stuff like that.
rich-c: I think Daniel and Fred lack sufficient Adam equipment to support their game building
wet coast: What have you got Brian?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my diskdrive still dead, and with my new PC I can't use anymore 5"1/4 floppies to hope using it properly.
BrianW: Yes Ron. The apartment was the clubs headquarters.
wet coast: yep
rich-c: Daniel, if your new PC is a desktop, it may well support a 5-1/4" floppy disc drive, and they are easy to come by
wet coast: You want another disk drive Daniel?
rich-c: I have never seen an external 5-1/4" floppy, though
BrianW: After you moved west a few of us continued to meet for awhile. Then the childs came along a time was hard to find.
wet coast: My son has two of mine over at his place that were supposed to be picked up by a guy over there. He never turned up
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I want another one since I can't use my PC to dump my game projects on floppies to try them by using the disk drive and maybe work on bigger games specially for adam.
wet coast: Right Brian. Think I heard about that. Louis Fauteux kept in touch for a while
wet coast: Right Daniel. I have an old 386 here that I do that with, but I don't use it very often
rich-c: not sure what you're saying, Daniel, but first - is your PC a desktop or laptop?
BrianW: Would it be ok to leave you my email address. Just in case you think of anyone that might be interested in some supplies.
wet coast: sure thing Brian
wet coast: Send me a list of what you've got
wet coast: I'm <>
BrianW: Thanks Email
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I never had a laptop with a 5"1/4 floppy drive
wet coast: Got it Brian
rich-c: no, but if you have a desktop you can install a 5-1/4 floppy
wet coast: having a 3-1/2 inch drive for the ADAM sure helps
wet coast: I thank David Cobley for that
rich-c: I am looking at new computers and apparently even the newest desktops will support the 5-1/4" floppy
wet coast: Brian, Louis passed away did he not?
rich-c: well of course external USB 3.5" floppies are easy to come by and cheap
Dale: My Pentium 4 had support for a 5 1/4" drive.
BrianW: Is there anyone in this room from the Ottawa area?
Dale: My brother Neil is there, but he only comes to the chats occasionall.
Dale: occasionally.
wet coast: not directly Brian. But Dale's brother Neil is over in Gatineau
rich-c: nope - my wife used to live there, but that was decades ago
Dale: He hosted the last AdamCon, which was held in Hull this past summer.
Dale: You can email him at:
wet coast: there's also John Krzyzanowski still in Ottawa, but I don't think he's into ADAM any more.
Dale: We're getting to be a rare breed I think.
wet coast: I'd offer to take some of the stuff, but I've already got 5 Adams, and related stuff, and no place to keep any more
BrianW: Yes the AdamCon. Is was being held at the time i went in for my back operation. I'd intended to visit but that along with other plans hasn't happened.
Dale: Maybe some of that hardware could find it's way to Guy Foster in Montreal.
wet coast: there's a thought
Dale: He's at least interested.
wet coast: I would sure hate to see it fall by the wayside
rich-c: pity he isn't on tonight - maybe Brian could contact him directly
rich-c: with due regard for the fact that he has other things on his mind right now (expecting any day, Brian)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, last time I tried, if I pluged my 5"1/4 floppy drive on my PC, the 3"1/2 floppy drive wasn't detected by the bios or windows for unknow reason
wet coast: sounds like a jumper issue Daniel
Dale: Who wants a 3 1/2" floppy?
Dale: I use 5 1/4" on my machines, if any.
wet coast: the old 5-1/4 inch drives, there were jumpers inside that had to be set so that it identified itself as drive B
rich-c: I have one, thanks
BrianW: There is no concern of the gear going to the wayside. I will make room until i find someone who curious or in need of spare parts.
rich-c: and Frances has enough for her Amigas, too
wet coast: that would sure improve Daniel's life Dale
Dale: I use USB keys for things that I used to use floppies for.
wet coast: brb.... my Mac wants to be plugged in
rich-c: yes, but if you're in possession of historic stuff on floppies, you have to transfer it first
Daniel Bienvenu: My 3"1/2 floppy drive have multiple utilities. First the 3"1/2 floppies that I will use certainly to boot spinrite, and it's a memory card reader.
wet coast: oh yea.... forgot about that
BrianW: Doreen tells me its time for bed. I will keep in touch. Goodnight.
wet coast: Nite Brian.... I'll e-mail you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Brain!
rich-c: night Brian - thanks for coming by
wet coast: you got a USB flash for your Adam Dale?
rich-c: time for me to pack it in too
rich-c: Daniel, a la prochaine; Ron and Dale, see you next week
wet coast: see you next week Rich - although I'll have to drop in early and leave early - Heart and Stroke meeting at 7pm
rich-c: OK - colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
wet coast: just been listening to Leo Laporte on podcast....apparently there's an SD card that will allow any digital cam to do Wifi
wet coast: that would be neat
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich... too late again
wet coast: well people, I think I shall be away
wet coast: see you all next week
wet coast: poooffff
wet coast left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit, Ron... too late again.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know... I will leave now so I will not be late again.
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Dale: goodnight,.
Dale left chat session
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