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Dale: Hi
(Dale hugs Dale)
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changed username to Jeffrey
Jeffrey: Hi
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changed username to rich-c
Dale: Hi ya.
rich-c: you-all are on early
rich-c: have you bween revising teh site?
Dale: I've moved the site to a new host.
rich-c: sorry, been revising the
Dale: So everything is broken, and will have to be fixed,
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rich-c: ah, OK - is that why Frances can't get the Archive, then?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dale: That's why.
Dale: The archive is there, but the index is currently broken.
Daniel Bienvenu: Jeffrey?
rich-c: SALUT, dANIEL
Dale: My son is listening in sort of.
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Rich, Dale, Jeffrey
Dale: He's mostly playing the mspaint game though.
rich-c: this is not my greatest night for typing
Daniel Bienvenu: mspaint game?
Dale: So the site is all broken,
Daniel Bienvenu: which site?
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Dale: I spent all afternoon getting the spaniel chat server to work on at new host for
rich-c: I do hope chat will continue to run for the next couple of hours
changed username to Dr. D.
Dale: I'm not using a Virtual Private Server at, instead of the server in my house.
Dr. D.: hi all, I figured this one would be at coleco tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Dr.d
Dale: It should cost me about half as much per month.
Dr. D.: Too bad this isn't an audio chat, I am sitting here with my saxophone, practicing for Christmas bands :-)
rich-c: hi Rich, you going to end up as our host tonight?
Dr. D.: Well has been down for a few days. I checked out coleco today to make sure it was running okay for backup purposes.
Dale: Dr D, I just got the SpanielChat server working at 5pm today.
Dr. D.: I see. Does this mean coladam admin access is working again, too?
rich-c: so - you've moved from your home server to a commercial host, then?
Dale: I've been moving over since Sunday to hosting.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello jeffrey, did you paint a nice picture for the coleco adam ecard this year?
rich-c: I gather they have friendly prices and good reliability
Dale: coladam-admin is still on my todo list.
Dale: I have posts going into a mail account until I can get that part working.
Dr. D.: My spam rate went to zero during its outage...
Dr. D.: I get tons and tons of junk from being a moderator :-(
rich-c: what is the connection between being a moderator and being spammed?
Dale: Jeffrey and I wanted to do a egreeting, but I think I missed the deadline.
Dr. D.: the coladam-admin address is public, can be harvested from the webpage, and mail sent to it goes to my APKnet account.
rich-c: my recollection is that deadlines for such things tend to be fairly elastic
Dr. D.: So it gets maybe 100 spams a day when is up and runnin.
Dale: Well, Jillian also complains of a lack of spam, while I was transitioning.
Dr. D.: running.
Dr. D.: I am not complaining!
Dr. D.: Change the moderator E-mail address to something that a human can put together but which as-is is not a valid addres.
Dr. D.: address.
Dale: I could rename the admin, and keep it more secret, as long as you also promise to keep it secret.
Dr. D.: It is hard to type with the laptop on a chair.
Dr. D.: I haven't told's just that it's already publicly displayed on the webpage.
Dale: Dr D, you aren't supposed to sit on the desk, with your computer on the chair
Dale: it isn't ergonomic.
Dr. D.: I am in the greenhouse in the Penthouse of Millis on campus.
Dr. D.: Sitting on one chair with my laptop on another.
Dr. D.: This is a quiet place to play my horn that will not disturb anyone -- can't do that at home.
rich-c: what is the Penthouse of Millis for?
Dr. D.: The Penthouse is our nickname for the 5th floor.
Dr. D.: There is a greenhouse up here, a mechanical room, and 10 offices.
Dale: I could even switch to a phpBB type web based forum, but I kind of still like the mailing list.
Dr. D.: There is only one elevator of the 3 in the building that comes here.
rich-c: to be honest, rich, I'm not sure a forun would attract enough trade to justify its existance
Dale: Anyway, my old server is fine, I just got tired of the issues with DSL, so all of the content and applications can be moved over.
rich-c: issues with you DSL?
Dale: There's quite a few classic computer forums around. And some of them generate traffic okay.
Dale: When DSL works, it's great, but when it is interrupted, like it was on Friday it usually takes a week of finger pointing to resolve.
Dr. D.: My DSL goes down once per day, on a 25-hour cycle, I think just to keep people from putting servers on it (I don't). When it disconnects, I usually have to login to the DSL modem and manually ask it to restart, if I happen to be using the network at the time.
rich-c: other than Commodore, are they brand-specific?
Dale: There are commodore specific ones?
rich-c: odd - my DSL line does go down, but a modem reboot usually solves it
rich-c: yes, TPUG has a website
Dr. D.: It is Expedient (the ISP) being stupid.
Dale: Now I have a server with 100 megabit each way.
Dr. D.: I don't think an ADAM will saturate that, even via ADAMnet :-)
rich-c: oh, should I get a copy of bitTorrent?
Dale: It should be better than the old hosting which was 0.15 megabit outgoing.
Dale: Well, my DSL never goes down, except when there are issues upstream.
rich-c: yes, there are incidents of issues upstream as well, though I see reasonably few of them
Dr. D.: Like I said, I think it is a "planned" outage (brief, maybe a minute's duration) to keep people from camping continuously, the DSL terms of service do not include servers.
rich-c: or maybe I am just not critical
Dale: But now I'm on 1and1, and I have quite a few websites on 1and1 now. I think 12 in total now (7 are hosted on so they are moving this week)
Dale: brb, I have to read some stories to Jeffrey.
rich-c: what are your other websites, Dale? Anything interesting?
Dale: I'll tell you when I get back, if I can figure out that any are interesting.
rich-c: guess we have lost him for the moment
Dr. D.: I just wrote to RIn, seeing if I can coax her onto the chat.
Dr. D.: She has DSL and a laptop, so no technical excuse :-S
rich-c: yes, she's hardly shown at all last few weeks - though in justice there are reasons for that
Dr. D.: I will not be able to come visit again until after Christmas, just too much stuff with classes ending and the girls doing holiday stuff at church.
Dr. D.: I have had such long hours that I have just been coming home and crashing. Wednesday is never a good night during the school year.
rich-c: by the way, in terms of gossip - how long does a typocal laptop last before wanting uneconomic repair?
Dr. D.: Depends what HDs are pretty easy, screens are expensive.
rich-c: have a buddy just got told his extended warranty just paid for itself - his motherboard was toast
Dr. D.: 3 years of continual use seems to be one sort of lifetime.
rich-c: like, three years plugged in, or three as a server online 24./7 or such?
Dr. D.: I have lost 2 HDs in this Mac, and one bad connection at the hinge for the wireless (in the frame of the screen), but the hinge and 1 HD were under some warranty.
Dr. D.: For laptops, I mean everyday use, every day being lugged somewhere, carried, packed and unpacked.
rich-c: OK, I can see transport being hard on them, but three years seems an awfully short life
Dr. D.: Rin writes that she will see if she comes to the chat or not...she is working on cover letters for job applications.
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changed username to ginger
Dr. D.: Gently-used, hardly moved will likely last a long time.
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut 'rin!
rich-c: hello Rin - that was quick
Dr. D.: Hi Sweetie <kiss>
ginger: hi all
Dr. D.: Just said you weren't coming due to working on application letters.
ginger: hi Hubbys <kiss>
ginger: said I may or may not show up as I was looking for examples
ginger: I found some
rich-c: he's busy practising Adeste Fidelis on his sax ; - )
Dr. D.: To me that means not coming but glad you found some stuff you could use.
Dr. D.: I can play that one.
Dr. D.: I can play them all by ear, in most any key.
Dr. D.: It is just being out of practice, and getting my embouchre back.
ginger: how's it going My Love
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ginger: the practising that is
Dr. D.: venite adoramus, venite adoramus, venite adoramus dominu
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Going well, tonight much better than last night.
ginger: good to hear
ginger: hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Dr. D.: Another hour each night until rehearsal Saturday, I should be good.
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Pam!
Pamela: good evening!
ginger: so it is Saturday?
Dr. D.: Rehearsal, the event is after the service Sunday
ginger: ahh
Pamela: are you singing in the choir, Rich?
rich-c: oh Pam, I have this year's Star carol sheet, would you like it?
Pamela: sure Dad
Dr. D.: I am playing my sax in a Christmas band
Dr. D.: Gretchen and Diana are playing too, and Elanor is singing.
Pamela: how cool, Rich
rich-c: OK it is set aside for your next visit, I will not toss it out
Pamela: thanks Papa
Dr. D.: It's the annual church band, I skipped it last year due to visiting Rin, but I can't get there this year until after Christmas Day.
rich-c: which in fact isn't that far away, is it?
Pamela: that's from the latin "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", right?
Dr. D.: Yes
rich-c: yes, though he left off the terminal m
Pamela: actually your timing is good Dad, the carol sing is next weekend at Gordon and Joan's
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates
Pamela: I haven't heard many carols yet
ginger: hi Bobs
Dr. D.: Hi BobS
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Pamela: which is weird given that it's the first week in December
BobS: RIN, half the team
Pamela: Hi Bob
rich-c: allo Roberto!
BobS: you must listen to other stations Pam
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: The other half is here too Bob.
ginger: hi Judy
Judy: Hello, All
BobS: got one here who is ALL christmas songs
Dr. D.: I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Pamela: BTW, hello Dale, Daniel and Jeffrey
ginger: the better half is also here :-)
Pamela: I got hijacked : )
rich-c: welcome Judy, too
BobS: kinda radical, isnt tht?????
Dr. D.: Yeah Rin is tops, that's for sure
Pamela: will only a hippopotamus do?
Judy: what would you do with a hippo?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
Dr. D.: It is a great Christmas song from the 1950s, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Bob!
BobS: salut!
Dr. D.: no crocodiles, or rhinoceroses, I only like hippopotamuses, and hippopotamuses like me too!
Judy: never heard of it
rich-c: odd - I don't remember ever hearing that one
rich-c: I trust it died a quick and merciful death
ginger: it's catchy in that annoying sort of way
Dr. D.: It languished in obscurity until Dr. Demento dug it out, and now it is everywhere
Pamela: well you must have because I've heard it Dad
BobS: I remember hearing it, a kids song I believe
Dr. D.: No it really is a nice song, Richard, my kids love it.
rich-c: well, I only listen to the radio when I'm alone in the van, and then only classical
Daniel Bienvenu: never heard this christmas song. any sample?
rich-c: maybe a Google search would turn up a url
Dr. D.: Somewhere there is an MP3 out there.
Pamela: I never have the radio on anymore except for the five minutes morning and evening when in the car
BobS: well at 10minutes a day, and no continuous christmas station, no WONDER you hav enot heard any
rich-c: we may even have a continuous Christmas station, Bob, just don't know which it might be
Pamela: Not to my knowledge : )
rich-c: would you want to know, anyway, Pam?
Pamela: I have my eye on an MP3 player with FM radio. If I get one, I'll be able to listen to radio to and from work on the GO train - that will help
Dr. D.: CXMS, AM 1690, North Pole
Pamela: I think I would Dad
Pamela: I love my christmas songs
Dr. D.: I should sing you the Chipmunk Song
Pamela: I'm the one walking around the department store singing along with the muzak
rich-c: well, let's say not all Christmas songs are equal
Dr. D.: Rin will attest that I can sing like Alvin very well
ginger: he does a very good job of it
Pamela: gonna hold you to that, Rich : )
Dr. D.: Gladly
Judy: I do believe that you can, Dr D
rich-c: maybe you should add in the hamsterdance melody too, on the sax
Dr. D.: That I confess I do not know, Richard.
Pamela: I'm gonna go put on my Amy Grant Christmas CD - brb
rich-c: I am given to undrstand that it is very catchy
Dr. D.: My girls probably know it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder who decided it was a good idea to want a hippopotamus for Christmas.
Dr. D.: Something very difficult for Father Christmas to bring, Daniel :-)
rich-c: you could ask, though you might regret it - I'm told it's an earworm par excellence
Daniel Bienvenu: why not an elephant?
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Dr. D.: Hippos are rarer I think
changed username to RonsUbuntu
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Ron!
Judy: hi, Ron
ginger: hi Ron
RonsUbuntu: alo!
RonsUbuntu: Everybody awake?
BobS: morning Ron !
Dr. D.: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
RonsUbuntu: aha!
rich-c: welcome aboard, Ron - on Linux tonight, are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: did you write your list to santa clauss?
RonsUbuntu: yeah.... had to update the thing so I thought I might as well use it
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D want a hippopotamus for Christmas. lol
Dr. D.: I doubt I have been good enough to get a Rin entrance visa in my stocking this year :-(
RonsUbuntu: All I want for Christmas is my two front..... hipppppppp
RonsUbuntu: hmm...doesn't fit
Dr. D.: You must be an alien if you have 2 front hips
rich-c: that's OK, we need her appointed to the Vanity Plate Review Committee
RonsUbuntu: Was out this afternoon in the stores trying to get my act together
RonsUbuntu: Humbug I say, HUMBUG!!!
Dr. D.: Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?
Judy: well then you better straighten up, Dr D so you can get your wish
Dr. D.: I am trying very hard :-(
RonsUbuntu: If they are going to die, they best do it and get rid of the surplus population!
Pamela: hmm, my CD is skipping
Dr. D.: Sounds like Stephen Harper's election platform to me, Ron.
rich-c: having a Dickens of a time tonight, Ron
RonsUbuntu: tee hee..... yes
rich-c: nice one, Rich
RonsUbuntu: Also had my annual medical this afternoon
Pamela: I think I need to clean either the CD or the player
RonsUbuntu: seem I will live another year
Pamela: btw Hi Ron
Dr. D.: That is good to hear
RonsUbuntu: Hi Pamela
Pamela: that's good news
RonsUbuntu: indeed
Dr. D.: That was the word for me as well a couple weeks ago.
RonsUbuntu: we had a little chat about weight
rich-c: well, it's not guaranteed, but at least it's a very good start
RonsUbuntu: which we always do
rich-c: I trust the chat was a little less unpleasant this time roud?
RonsUbuntu: good to hear Dr. D
Pamela: yes for you as well Rich
Dr. D.: I went at Rin's insistence.
Pamela: we plan to keep you all around for a long long time
RonsUbuntu: good for her
ginger: want to keep him healthy
Dr. D.: BP, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar all good.
rich-c: given your hours and diet, I'm not surprised she insisted
Jeffrey left chat session
RonsUbuntu: Actually I never got annual medicals until I split up with my ex
Judy: Hi, Dale
RonsUbuntu: don't know how that worked
Pamela: why not Ron?
Dale: back
RonsUbuntu: dunno
Dale: Hi Judy.
RonsUbuntu: hey Judy
RonsUbuntu: Dale my son..... re the SDK version of the emulator
RonsUbuntu: That file is source code...... I have to compile it
RonsUbuntu: you know how proficient I am at that
Dale: SDL\
Dale: But there is an exe hidden in there.
RonsUbuntu: consider myself duly corrected
Dale: And some support DLLs.
RonsUbuntu: oh is there? Must have missed it
RonsUbuntu: will have to go check
Dale: Check please.
RonsUbuntu: yessir
Dale: I think it'll work for you with AdamEmMam even.
Pamela: no tip?
RonsUbuntu: under Vista?
RonsUbuntu: BRB Dale's got me curious, and it's on the other computer
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Dr. D.: I think I am going to put my horn away for tonight.
Dr. D.: BRB
Dale: Under Vista, but the current version doesn't support double size or full screen.
changed username to FosterTheSnowGuy
Pamela: was he serenading you Rin?
Dale: Uh oh. I scared them all away.
ginger: hi Guy
rich-c: up to your armpits, are you, Guy?
FosterTheSnowGuy: Hello all!
Judy: Hi, Guy
Dale: He was practicing in a greenhouse!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Guy
FosterTheSnowGuy: Salut Dan.
Judy: do you have a lot of snow, Guy?
BobS: hi guy
Dale: Hi Guy.
Pamela: Guy, still no baby?
FosterTheSnowGuy: Well, we got a real nice snowfall on Monday... a good 35-40 cm, kept me busy shovelling.
FosterTheSnowGuy: Pam: Nope, still nothing, but the due date is approaching FAST.
Pamela: woohoo!
rich-c: yeah, a foot and a helf of the white stuff can do that
Judy: I was out shovelling today, and it is all ice under the snow
FosterTheSnowGuy: Yep, that's why on the first day of the snowfall, I shoveled for a whole hour, wanted to make sure the snow on my car wouldn't turn into ice and then make it impossible to remove. I learned my lesson once during the ice storm.
rich-c: our garener does our shovelling, and he was here very early yesterday morning
Judy: that is great, Guy that the baby is taking its sweet time in coming
Dale: We shoveled on the weekend, then there was 3 hours of freezing rain, which was then covered in snow.
FosterTheSnowGuy: Judy: Her doctor thinks it will happen this week, she is 3.5 CM dilated already.
Dale: It is hiding, but still slippery.
Pamela: it's times like this when I'm glad I park underground
FosterTheSnowGuy: Been parking indoors for ages, it's my first winter parking outside actually, and it's worth every penny to park indoors. :)
rich-c: yes, some days driveway parking really sucks
FosterTheSnowGuy: Rich: You don't have a snowblower for your driveway?
Pamela: and that we didn't have to go anywhere on Sunday
rich-c: Guy, old guys with trick hearts and hips and backs don't shovel
Dr. D.: meesa back
FosterTheSnowGuy: Well, they have those snowblowers you can sit on, it's just like driving!!!
Pamela: Don't give him any ideas, Guy
rich-c: we gave away our snowblower - couldn't even lift it out of the basement
Dale: So I'll work more on the mailing list and try to get it working on the new server by the weekend.
Dr. D.: Richard ought not be outside shovelling or blowing or maybe even riding in the winter, IMHO...
RonsUbuntu: ok
FosterTheSnowGuy: I think I saw Tim The Toolman Taylor hotrod one of his snowblowers and have some sort of competition... or was it a lawnmower.
Pamela: I don't want him out in that stuff
rich-c: we do have a power shovel but we have to consider the slipping hazard
Dr. D.: maybe there is a neighbor kid who would like some $$$ to do it for you?
RonsUbuntu: @Dale.... seems I am missing something called SDL.dll
Dale: And I'll try to fix the archive index tomorrow,
Dale: It was in the zip when I looked earlier.
RonsUbuntu: be right back
Dale: Which zip is it again?
Dale: Maybe I can test it here.
rich-c: oh, as I say our gardener does it, no problem
rich-c: he needs to turn a buck between now and May, and lawn cutting is not a way to prosperity this month
Pamela: it's common for gardeners to take on snow removal in the winter
Pamela: seems to me that Chris used to do that
FosterTheSnowGuy: They could got on unemployment and claim it on the seasonal nature of their job.
rich-c: I'm told it does beat six months of starvation
rich-c: these guys are self-employed business owners
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Dr. D.: I am going to pack it in for tonight...shutting down and going home.
Pamela: Oh duh, I'm so out of it
changed username to RonseMac
Dr. D.: Rin, give me 30 minutes and you can call if you want.
Pamela: Gnite Rich
RonseMac: better to be in the same room
Pamela: Drive safely
ginger: alrighty My safe
RonseMac: Nite Dr. D be well
Dr. D.: I am going to leave the computer here, just be bringing it right back.
Dale: The new chat sever seems to work okay. It is compiled java this week
rich-c: OK Rich, glad you came by - take care and success with the pergormance
Dr. D.: It is a bit slick tonight.
Dale: I tried every other way I could think of to run it, but none of them worked on the new server.
Dr. D.: Thanks, it should be fun, I am feeling more confident and less fearful of being embarrassing.
Dale: Compiled it seems to work smoothly.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
RonseMac: Dale the file I opened was
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit drd.... too late...
Dale: Checking on my side too then Ron...
Daniel Bienvenu: got the same file "" here
rich-c: I have the latest Java and no problems getting on, Dale
Pamela: Rin I keep thinking of stuff I want to tell you, then forgetting!
Pamela: this is driving me nuts
Pamela: I know there's something I should be telling you
RonseMac: It gets worse Pamela
ginger: it's okay I'm sure you'll remember :-)
Pamela: thanks, Ron for those reassuring words : )
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Dale: right you are! not there.
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Dale: Let me see if the other one has what you need...
Pamela: Hi Guy
ginger: hi Guy
RonseMac: thand u sir
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut GuyB
rich-c: hello Other Guy - how are things in the Windy City?
Guy B.: Ok, in addition to me. Who else got snow?
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: (hands go up in Toronto)
Judy: we did
FosterTheSnowGuy: Hey Guy, yep, we got a crapload of snow here in Montreal, thus my name.
rich-c: well, we got a fair bit in Toronto, still here, and GuyF is up to his armpits
Guy B.: Got 6 inches here
RonseMac: foot of snow here on Saturday night. Didn't go away till Monday..
Pamela: I like the play on words, by the way, Mr. Foster
RonseMac: that's not supposed to happen here
FosterTheSnowGuy: Pamela: I was inspired by my surroundings!
RonseMac: Bob you there my son?
Pamela: I can imagine!
BobS: yes sir
rich-c: yeah, 40 cm. makes 6 inches look pretty chintzy, doesn't it?
BobS: her der sure
FosterTheSnowGuy: 6 inches? Bleah, a little bit of powder....
RonseMac: ok, the card is just about done. Should be on your machine when you wake up in the morning
Judy: we will settle with less, Rich
BobS: cool ron
rich-c: any idea what we got, Pam?
RonseMac: Got all the files on one disk, (160k) now have to add Basic and make sure the derned thing works
ginger: well folks I think I'm going to call it a night
Pamela: I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get out my winter coat
RonseMac: are you sure it's a knight ginger?
FosterTheSnowGuy: G'night...
RonseMac: is he in shining armour?
rich-c: OK Rin, take care and see3 you soon
Pamela: Rin, I'll call tomorrow, okay?
ginger: ha ha
RonseMac: :)
RonseMac: of course he is
Judy: we had rain, snow, sleet and hail, so the accumulation wasn''t large
ginger: alrighty Pam
Guy B.: Bye Rin
RonseMac: night Rin
ginger: nite all
BobS: nite rin, wait the for the doctor to call, take 3 aspirins and go to bed.......
RonseMac: ha ha ha
Dale: Well, the SDL.dll that you need is in
ginger left chat session
RonseMac: Thanks Dale, I'll go get it
Dale: But the adamem.exe in that version has display issues.
Dale: The SDL.dll from it will do what you need though.
RonseMac: will give it a shot
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: If I get ambitious I'll make a clean distro of adamemsdl with what you need, and all of the source in a quiet corner, so that it can think about what it's done.
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut James!
Pamela: JAMES!
Guy B.: HI James
james: hello
FosterTheSnowGuy: Hi James, any snow in Japan?
Dale: Hi James.
rich-c: good morning, james - it's been a while
Judy: hi, James
Dale: It's been a while I think.
Pamela: hello, stranger
RonseMac: Right Dale..... got the file now, so I'll play with it later
BobS: hiya James
RonseMac: Hey James!
james: how has everyone been?
RonseMac: Gonna shut this one down and go back to Ubuntu
Pamela: icky - some sicky breathed on me
RonseMac left chat session
rich-c: hanging in there - how about you and the family?
Pamela: but other than that, great
james: yuck
RonsUbuntu: right.... back in the piano room
james: doing alright
Pamela: oh, piano - that reminds me
RonsUbuntu: yes?
Pamela: Dad, do you have Grammy's piano book of Christmas carols?
rich-c: I'll ask your mother while I go get my beer
Pamela: ok thanks
RonsUbuntu: In Heaven, there is no beer. That's why we drink it here.
Pamela: rent it you mean?
RonsUbuntu: true
Pamela: true of any alcohol, actually
Pamela: darn CD!
Pamela: I need to get it out and check it for scratches
james: so i hear you guys are getting snow. how is it in toronto?
Pamela: actually I suspect its the player
rich-c: we got our share, james
Pamela: Not too bad for snow but very cold, so everything is frozen and slippery
Pamela: they're saying that Canada will see the coldest snowiest winter we've had for some time
rich-c: Pam, the book is your mothers (actually from my family, but that isn't the issue) and yes it is still here
RonsUbuntu: we we're off to a good start
RonsUbuntu: but I swear I've never seen so much snow disappear so fast
RonsUbuntu: we're back to green again
Pamela: the hardcover gilt-edged one??
rich-c: well, our forecast depends on which service you look at - Environment Canada, Weather Channel, or NOAA
Judy: I wish we could say the same, but it is not going away and we are supposed to get more tomorrow
rich-c: yes, that's the one, Pam - and I double-checked for the Star insert, it's there too
james: yeah i've heard about it being the worst winter in quite some time
james: it's sunny and about 10 here
Pamela: I'm sure that's Grammy Edna's - it was on the piano at Burncrest
rich-c: we are apparently right under the storm track and no one can predict which side of it we
rich-c: will be on any given day
rich-c: no, it was in our piano bench till we sold the piano
Judy: that is what we always hear, the lake effects the patterns here
Judy: so they have a very hard time telling what will happen
Judy: at least that is the story
Pamela: anyway, I'd like to borrow that too if I might - I've had the keyboard out and been practicing and I'd like to try my hand at playing some of the carols
RonsUbuntu: Somebody identifying as "Michigan" just phoned to offer me an all expenses paid trip to Florida
rich-c: with us it's wind - northwest is cold but relatively dry, southeast is less cold but brak out the shovels early and loing
RonsUbuntu: didn't pick up
Judy: we haven't called, but is sure sounds like a good place to go, Ron
RonsUbuntu: Well yeah, except this isn't the first time
RonsUbuntu: I tell you, when I get to St Peter's gate, he's going to ask me why I didn't collect all the prizes I've won
rich-c: yeah, they don't tell you they're calling from a secret boiler room in the State Pen
FosterTheSnowGuy: dit dah dah dit dit dit
RonsUbuntu: exactly Mr. Foster
FosterTheSnowGuy: Only 2 letters I know... learning Morse Code, it's harder than it seems.
RonsUbuntu: dit dit dit dah dit dah
Judy: there is a catch, you just don't know what it is, no one gives you nothing for nothing
RonsUbuntu: which of course is why I don't respond
Pamela: how about: . . . - - - . . .
RonsUbuntu: But I am going to win $500,000. from Reader's Digest
rich-c: well, we have just proven I've lost all memory of it - except e,i,s,h,t,m,o
RonsUbuntu: they tell me so several times a week
FosterTheSnowGuy: Pam: SOS?
Pamela: yup
RonsUbuntu: dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit
Pamela: they have finally stopped telling me, Ron
rich-c: yes, that's the code that rdplaced CQD
RonsUbuntu: ah I miss the old bug
RonsUbuntu: still listen to shortwaves now and then. The hams are still into it
rich-c: then there's Herr Beethoven's symphonic message . . . -
RonsUbuntu: the letter V
rich-c: annoyed the krauts no end in 1941
RonsUbuntu: Only heard a Morse SOS once in my career
RonsUbuntu: 3am on the west coast of the Island, and it was from a ship about 1200 miles west of us
FosterTheSnowGuy: Hams still use it, as well as stations to identify themselves.
rich-c: and your job description included listening for it, didn't it?
RonsUbuntu: had suffered a cargo shift. We got 10 minutes worth of transmission and then nothing
RonsUbuntu: yes
rich-c: that's so reassuring
Pamela: did you ever find out what happened?
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember an easter egg... I played Commodore64 game and during the game music there was morse letters of the staff who develop the game.
RonsUbuntu: She went under in about 10 minutes. That's what a cargo shift will do to you
Pamela: wow
RonsUbuntu: The aircraft next morning found life jackets and debris but nothing else
FosterTheSnowGuy: Did you guys ever see the Jay Leno competion of 2 guys sending morse versus 2 guys sending a text msg using a cell phone?
RonsUbuntu: 490 foot vessel - the Donna Anita
rich-c: I'm half surprised they even had time to get a signal off
RonsUbuntu: yes Rich, sometimes you don't get 10 minutes
rich-c: what was the weather? cargo shift implies nasty
RonsUbuntu: yep. nasty
Pamela: and top heavy
Pamela: who won, Guy?
rich-c: no, Ron's time would have been before the container ships with high deck cargoes, I think
RonsUbuntu: I was adequate in terms of speed, but nothing more
RonsUbuntu: yes Rich. We had some real old rust buckets out there
RonsUbuntu: owners would let them sink before they'd upgrade to satellite radio
rich-c: the name has a Spanish ring to it, and they are not noted as luxury mariners
RonsUbuntu: most of 'em were flags of convenience
rich-c: yes, likely registered in Monrovia
RonsUbuntu: yep
RonsUbuntu: anyway.... it was an interesting career and I still miss the key
rich-c: gradually they are getting regulated off the seas, but the process is slow
FosterTheSnowGuy: Ron: I'm surprised you don't jump onto Ham Radio!!!
RonsUbuntu: Canadian Coast Station decommissioned all Morse transmissions about 1989/90
RonsUbuntu: oddly enough Guy, I never did. Think they've all but removed the Morse requirements from the Ham licence
RonsUbuntu: At the time I was working, it seemed like a bit of a busman's holiday
rich-c: so I have heard, but it's like Adam - there are hobbyists who still use it
FosterTheSnowGuy: Ron: Morse is not a requirement anymore... to get more info on ham in Canada. It's a small test and that's all there is to it, I know you'd have a blast!
RonsUbuntu: must go and check that out
rich-c: what about the tech end, Guy? That still around?
RonsUbuntu: I'd be a VE7... out here
RonsUbuntu: VE7RHM
RonsUbuntu: they used to insist on some pretty stringent radio theory knowledge, and of course international radio regs
rich-c: I got to talk a few times with VE3AQQ, and often with VE3BIF - does that date me?
RonsUbuntu: would sure seem to
rich-c: I think Ontario is onto a whole new series of letters now, isn't it?
RonsUbuntu: that's like my AC087 account on the National Capital Freenet
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RonsUbuntu: don't know Rich, but it wouldn't surprise me
changed username to BrianW
Guy B.: Hi Brian
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not familiar with morse code... but I saw a similar video but it was between two kind of machine for text messenging. one with voice recognition.
rich-c: hello. Brian - we're trading lies about snow
Pamela: Hi Brian
Dale: my most frequent access is from VE3CNE
RonsUbuntu: hey Brian, howz Ottawa?
rich-c: Daniel is carefully not saying anything - but I bet he has more than all of us combined
Dale: but I didn't see them at the CNE the last two years.
FosterTheSnowGuy: Rich: The technical aspect is really not that hard, mainly a bit of electricity theory, antenna theory and how the atmosphere works to bounce signals, etc... (different layers)
BrianW: no lies. its 2' deep and here to stay for awhile
FosterTheSnowGuy: There's a really nice amateur radio store in Whitby, Ontario...
rich-c: yes, and Envirojnment Canada says you're due for a winter full of it
RonsUbuntu: Our weathership out at 50N 145W (until they shut her down) had an onboard Ham station for the guys VE0MZ
RonsUbuntu: everybody wanted a QSL from that one
FosterTheSnowGuy: VE0 is for people not on land....
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure how to calculate that amount of snow. it's not equal everywhere I look. Between 40cm and 1 meter.
RonsUbuntu: and that's exactly where she was not
RonsUbuntu: 700 miles out in the Pacific on station
BrianW: is it snow on the ground or snow on the screen your talking
rich-c: I though VE0 was for Newfoundland?
Judy: going to call it a night, so good night everyone, until next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy
FosterTheSnowGuy: Hmmm, doubt that VE0 is for Newfounland.
RonsUbuntu: G'nite Judy
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night, Judy, take care, don't overexert yourself shovelling
Pamela: goodnight Judy
rich-c: well the call signs were set up before Newfoundland was a part of Canada, so an accomodation had to be made
RonsUbuntu: The program I am watching contains coarse language and is not suitable for viewing by small children
Pamela: Dad, didn't you need a ham radio licence for the CB?
RonsUbuntu: not for CB Pam
Pamela: are you hosting small children Ron?
Dale: Not for CB. That's why there was that crase for a while.
RonsUbuntu: no, but some nights I AM small children
rich-c: no, CBs required a different licence - suitable for klutzes who couldn't do the ham requirement
FosterTheSnowGuy: Yes, for CB, in the 70s there were licenses issues by Industry Canada, Pam is right. :)
RonsUbuntu: but then with CB, you're not supposed to exceed the distance covered by your ground wave.
RonsUbuntu: Those who use CB to work the world aren't operating legally
rich-c: yes, I met one of those guys in BC - he went up to a local mountaintop and could get Germany on three watts
RonsUbuntu: yep
rich-c: swore up and down he didn't have a booster, considered that cheating
FosterTheSnowGuy: Ron: CB is limited to 5 watts I think... with really good atmospheric conditions, one can work the world with 5 watts believe it or not.
RonsUbuntu: I don't know, maybe the regs have changed
RonsUbuntu: Oh yes, I can believe that Guy.
FosterTheSnowGuy: It all depends on the sunspot cycle that we are in...
rich-c: 3 watta I think Guy, though I could be wrong. Still have my set but it's in the basement so too far to go look right now
RonsUbuntu: Radio Signals are funny things
FosterTheSnowGuy: We are currently at a minimum, so worldwide communication with CB is impossible nowadays, in a few years, it'll become good again.
BobS: well gang, think I will follow my beloved and totter on towards the flat resting place
FosterTheSnowGuy: I listen to a Shortwave Radio show called: "DXers Unlimited" hosted by Arnie Corro. He is based in Cuba and talks a lot about sunspots, etc... very interesting man. I actually went to visit him at his house in Cuba when I was there last year.
rich-c: used to be a jerk down in Texas with a kicker - you could hear the slob at least from Toronto to Vancouver all across the Trans-Canada
RonsUbuntu: be horizontal Bob. G'nite sir
Pamela: gnite Bob
BrianW left chat session
RonsUbuntu: Will be in touch in the am
BobS: great Ron, and to all a good night
BobS left chat session
rich-c: night Bob, till next week
james: i'm afraid despite the brevity of my appearance that i also need to go
RonsUbuntu: Yeah Rich, and if you get to filing an infraction against a bozo like that, it usually gets hung up in the bureaucracy somewhere
Pamela: well it's nice to see you anyway James
Dale: James, come back again.
RonsUbuntu: Especially if it has to go trans border
rich-c: you will be missed, james - make it soon next time, eh?
james: i'll do my best
FosterTheSnowGuy: They sometimes catch people... especially if it interferes with business or public services.
james: have a good week everyone
Pamela: you too
RonsUbuntu: Our Coast Guard Station at Tofino used to get infracted by DOC at Wetaskawin Alta for being 2hz off calling channel
james left chat session
RonsUbuntu: if we were supposed to be using 2182 Khz, then that's what it had to be. Some nights our transmitter had other ideas
FosterTheSnowGuy: Yeah, back then drifting was an issue.
RonsUbuntu: Night James
FosterTheSnowGuy: fequency drifts.
RonsUbuntu: we were getting out PA Final tubes from Russia
RonsUbuntu: nobody else had 'em
rich-c: oh, this cretin was there for years, but the FCC couldn't care less - though I've heard a lot of truckers tried to track him down and "reason" with him
FosterTheSnowGuy: Havana Cuba uses 50-60 yrs old radio equipment, and still works up to now.
FosterTheSnowGuy: Equipment from Russia as well.
RonsUbuntu: Well I tell ya, tuning that beast was dead easy. You just cranked away on the front knobs until you got the meter reading right. Then she was ok for months at a time
FosterTheSnowGuy: CB was annoying, I did it in the 80s/90s, but it was full of losers and idiots who had nothing better to do than clutter the airwaves.
RonsUbuntu: now the VHF gear, talk about tempramental
RonsUbuntu: one wrong move at any stage, and you had to go back to the beginning and start again
FosterTheSnowGuy: Yes, now we have it easy, we dial in the frequency on a screen, and it's dead on, all the time.
rich-c: I used the CB for communting to work, and it was priceless
RonsUbuntu: yes, the only digital gear we had at the time was an HP frequency counter
FosterTheSnowGuy: CB was great for that indeed, we'd have a traffic show every morning and would find out road conditions on the spot.
RonsUbuntu: which usually always agreed with the monitoring station
rich-c: I drove on the busiest (16-lane) section of 401 each way each day
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night, See you all next week
FosterTheSnowGuy: I can't wait to finally have my house so I could put up some antennas and work the world...
RonsUbuntu: yeah Guy, you need a proper place
RonsUbuntu: We've got a few around here. I know some of them
rich-c: see you Guy
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit guy
RonsUbuntu: At one point the local club wanted me to administer the morse code training, but at the time I was too busy to even join the club
rich-c: guessed it from the discussion but didn't know you wre into ham radio, Guy
RonsUbuntu: niters Guy
RonsUbuntu: and of course, now they don't need that any more
FosterTheSnowGuy: Rich: Yes, been doing ham radio for 3 yrs now... my call is VE2HVZ
rich-c: well, I suspect they'll find that "real men use code"...
Daniel Bienvenu: and to answer a previous question, it's snow outside ... by looking at the window.
Guy B.: Poof
FosterTheSnowGuy: I D/Led a great CD to learn code, put it on my MP3 player, but it's not as easy as I thought... especially when the code starts getting faster, oh boy.
rich-c: getting all set up for Canival already, Daniel?
RonsUbuntu: Oh I dunno..... there was a time when I'd take a good Morse fist over a think heavy Greek accent any night.... but now they don't even talk to the Coast stations unless they're in trouble
Guy B. left chat session
RonsUbuntu: Usually they work their agent directly by satellite for any business traffic
FosterTheSnowGuy: Yes, Morse code is dead except in the ham world..
FosterTheSnowGuy: It's a great way to communicate, it can reach places that voice cannot.
RonsUbuntu: after a while, you develop an ear for far away signals and it doesn't matter what else is on frequency, you can pick out the one you want
rich-c: asctually, I believe there was a program for teh Adam to learn code - I may even have it
Pamela: it wouldn't surprise me Dad : )
RonsUbuntu: yea there is Rich. I think I have it too, and it seems it was pretty reasonable as I remember
FosterTheSnowGuy: best way to learn is by ear....
FosterTheSnowGuy: people learn the code visually, but apparently it hinders.
rich-c: it is a CP/M program, isn't it, Ron?
RonsUbuntu: At the end of my time on circuit, we actually had punched tape devices to send such things as a weather forecast. And they preferred us to use them rather than send by hand
Dale: I'm beat.
RonsUbuntu: I'm not sure Rich, but it might have been
Dale: I guess I'd better head to bed.
RonsUbuntu: get some sleep Dale
Pamela: sounds like a wise idea Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Dale, GuyF, Pam, Ron, and Rich-C... talk to you next week. I'm actually burning data on dvd-r and then I will go sleep. bye!
RonsUbuntu: I'm about to start on a Law and Order rerun
rich-c: sounds like an eminently sensible suggestion, Dale
Pamela: take care and say Hi to Jillian for us
RonsUbuntu: Coarse language, not for small children
Dale: I will.
Pamela: gnite Daniel
RonsUbuntu: nite dale, I'll try the .dll
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
Dale: The new server seems to work smoothly with my new compiled Java client.
rich-c: yep, so you can consider your rst well earned
Dale: Now I just have to set it to update the logs, and autorestart if it fails.
RonsUbuntu: well we'll see. Dale. Nothing works smoothly on the Vista box, so I'd be surprised, but I'll give it a try
Pamela: we'll keep fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed Dale
rich-c: Vista - that's that new virus from Microsoft?
RonsUbuntu: yes....
Dale: poof
RonsUbuntu: None of my usual gang of online columnists and guru's have anything good to say about it
rich-c: I wonder if I'll live long enough to get XP to work properly
Dale left chat session
RonsUbuntu: But I persist
RonsUbuntu: I don't know Rich, you're sure had your round of battles
RonsUbuntu: still ongoing I gather
rich-c: my gang of gurus would say you're wasting your time, Ron
RonsUbuntu: probably
RonsUbuntu: Have been tempted to re-install XP
rich-c: still ongoing - Microsoft just declared my Update battles "systemic" and my complaint "unresolved"
Pamela: I'm starting to drift here guys, time I went to bed
RonsUbuntu: drifting ok Ok Pam
Pamela: Dad will call in the next couple of days
RonsUbuntu: the hour of the night and all
rich-c: I recommend you reinstall 98SE - with Ubuntu as your backup
RonsUbuntu: I could do that. Still have it
rich-c: OK Pam, have the book and paper for you
RonsUbuntu: Well folks. Better go and adamize the Christmas card
Pamela: I gotta get organized and get over there. I'll keep you posted.
Daniel Bienvenu: C'est un P avec un O, c'est un O avec un F! Rassemblez toutes ces lettres vous découvrirai POOF! P-O-O-F!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Pamela: Gnite Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: Gnite to all
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
RonsUbuntu: I go.. G'nite all
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
RonsUbuntu: (de-materialize)
RonsUbuntu left chat session
FosterTheSnowGuy: gnight all, I'm off to sleep as wel, ll
rich-c: and I reckon it's my time to bail too, so niters Gjy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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