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Guy Foster: Greetings.
Dr. D. <marking>: Hi Guy. I am in my office tonight, have to mark 25 lab notebooks and project proposals by 11 AM tomorrow.
Dr. D. <marking>: So I will mostly be watching.
Dr. D. <marking>: Congrats again on the new one, the Facebook pix are cute.
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hi, Pop and Doc - named her yet, Guy?
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Thank you sir!!!
Guy Foster: Rich: Hi Rich, yes we named her... Talia.
Guy Foster: Talia Emma Foster
rich-c: that is an interesting name - how did you choose it?
Guy Foster: Wife chose it.
Dr. D. <marking>: Talia came to a bad end in _Babylon Five_
Guy Foster: Haha...
Dr. D. <marking>: Hi I said to Guy, I am in my office marking 25 lab notebooks and projects for an 11 AM deadline tomorrow.
rich-c: well, this Talia is a big girl, quite capable of looking after herself!
rich-c: it's a busy time of year, Rich
Dr. D. <marking>: The final lab practical and turnin was not over until 8 PM last night...and today I had to go to Erie and back to retrieve Christina from college.
Dr. D. <marking>: I also have some general ADAMite news...
rich-c: Pamela phoned to say she'll be on but she'll be very late - also deep in pre-Xmas struff
Dr. D. <marking>: I would mail it out to coladam, but I think the mailing list is dead.
rich-c: what happened? lost in translation to the new server?
Dr. D. <marking>: I am presuming coladam is dead because I cannot login to the administrator account, all the URLs are 404.
Dr. D. <marking>: Dale has not said it's dead, and I have not tried to send a test post to coladam...but that is how I interpret it.
rich-c: probably one of Dale's glitches - he runs into them every once in a while
Guy Foster: Hmm, we'll have to let Dale know about that, it's true that I haven't received anything via the mailing list in a long time.
rich-c: maybe he moved the chat first and is only moving the mailing list now
Dr. D. <marking>: I am not sorry the list is dead because I am getting zero spam to my APKnet address now...over 100 per day to coladam-admin, and I get them all because I was attached to that account.
rich-c: interesting - the rest of us did not seem to be affected by that problem
Dr. D. <marking>: Have you sent any mail to coladam, or received any?
rich-c: I get lots of spam, about 30 a day. but from other sources
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Dr. D. <marking>: I have not received any.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich-C, Guy F and Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: not so many people tonight
rich-c: perhaps not yet, it's still early
Dr. D. <marking>: I am marking papers at university tonight Daniel, exam was last night and marks are due at the registrar by 11 AM tomorrow.
rich-c: I mentioned earlier Pamela will be here but very late
Daniel Bienvenu: I watched the christmas'2007 dsk
Guy Foster: Bonsoir Daniel... I just let James know that the chat is on.
Dr. D. <marking>: Erin is Facebooking I think and I doubt she will be here, though I mentioned it.
rich-c: should pick up Guy's entry about Talia, then
Guy Foster: I didn't know other Adamcon users were on Facebook besides Dr. D and Pam.
rich-c: so if she guesses Guy might be on, will likely look in to chat
Guy Foster: Oh yeah, Jill and Dale, of course... as is Neil.
rich-c: well, if Rich is on it isn't surprising Erin is into it
Dr. D. <marking>: I gave in so I could see what Rin was going on about.
Guy Foster: Facebook is a lot of fun, but you have to watch out, lots of spam with all those applications.
Dr. D. <marking>: I am just a lurker there, did not create an account until last week.
Dr. D. <marking>: I have no applications selected currently :-)
Guy Foster: Dr. D: I have 3 or 4 applications, some people install like 100 applications on their facebook. Pure insanity!
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
rich-c: I have far too much to keep me occupied otherwise to get involved in stuff like Facebook
Guy Foster: Earlier on, I was trying to figure out if my daughters would be allowed to go to english school or not... I have a feeling that they might not be able to... forced to go to french school.
rich-c: yes, the language laws are really confusing, from what I gather
Guy Foster: Not confusing. STRICT.
Guy Foster: I might be able to send them to English school under the fact that their grandfather who grew up in Ontario did all his schooling in English... But how do you prove that?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure you can be a good english teacher for you kids, Guy.
rich-c: well, that too, but like all laws written tosatisfy political goals, they have their tricky parts
Guy Foster: No, for my children I want to teach them French at home as confusing as it might sound and English/French in school...
rich-c: you did your schooling in French, Guy?
Guy Foster: Yes, I did my schooling in French.
rich-c: that's amazing, you are so fluently bilingual I was astonished when I found out French was your first language
Guy Foster: I studied french in school but always spoke english everywhere else.
Guy Foster: French is necessary, but English is an absolute must!
rich-c: I guess that must be the answer, then - but if it worked for you, perhaps it might also for Talia?
Guy Foster: I went to private french school, we can't afford that for our daughters... public french schools leave a lot to be desired I was told in the montreal region.
rich-c: even for an Anglpophone not resident in Quebec, some knowledge of French can be highly useful
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changed username to Judy
Guy Foster: Hiya Judy.
rich-c: hi Judy, where's the old man?
Judy: Hello, everyone
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Judy: sitting right here, checking into things for going to Mississippi
changed username to Dr. D. <marking>
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Dr. D. <marking>: sorry folks, closed the wrong window
rich-c: oops, looks like you knocked off Dr. D. ;-)
changed username to GuyXP
Judy: Habitat is going down there in Feb
Dr. D. <marking>: hard to chat and mark at the same time :-S
GuyXP: Greetings!!!
Guy Foster: GuyXP? What happened to GuyVista?
rich-c: you finally smartened up, Guy?
GuyXP: No Vista, my PC's do not meet the minimum requirements
rich-c: count your blessings
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changed username to BobS
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changed username to Ronald
BobS: si senor
GuyXP: I'm on the Compaq. Athlon will be ready for the upgrade sometime later this week. Finally on vacation till I return on the 2nd of Janaury
rich-c: sorry about the shouting
Judy: yes it is
Guy Foster: Want a real speed demon? Install Win 3.11 on your PC!!!
GuyXP: HI Ron and Daniel
Ronald: hey all!
BobS: hi ron
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: hey, hello Ron! when did you come in?
rich-c: also hello Bob, if I missed first time round
Guy Foster: Oh Bob is here!! Hi Bob, didn't see you...
BobS: I am in stealth mode
BobS: HA
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Guy Foster: Hiding from someone? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: back
Ronald: about 3 minutes ago.... then got interrupted by some idiot wanting to sell me telephone service
Ronald: told him where he could go
rich-c: why bother installing Vista, Guy? you don't need any of the features, do you?
Judy: did you tell him you already have a phone
BobS: yup, Judy
Ronald: What's need got to do with it?
BobS: tell the guy you are in the 23rd century and use a ray phone!!!!!!!!
BobS: got any deals?????
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not hiding from someone. I'M eating ramens
Guy Foster: I am thinking of changing my telephone service to IP telephony, not sure which provider to go with and/or technology to use.
Ronald: I like that Bob, can I use it next time I get one of those?
rich-c: Bob, these telephone spammers are working from Pakistan and don't speak English
BobS: sure.......the idea? or the phone???
Ronald: they certainly don't
Guy Foster: Dan: No, that comment was meant for BobS who said was in 'Stealth' mode.... sorry for the confusion.
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Ronald: I've turned my TV set into a fireplace that plays Christmas music
Judy: until you really see him, there is no stealth mode here
changed username to Busy Pamela
Ronald: best TV I've watched all month
rich-c: hi daughter, see you made it early
Ronald: Hey Pamela!
Guy Foster: Actually, these Pakistanese people take classes in English and can actually imitate a local dialect of English. I hear they are quite good at it. Our 411 services are connected to Pakistan and the people sound just like local native Quebecers. I dunno how they do it.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam! Busy? really?
Busy Pamela: Hi guys - I'm here sorta
Busy Pamela: gotta go rescue my chicken, be right back
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy Foster: Hello, my name is Amrat Tremblay, how can I help you?
rich-c: well, the one Bell uses to harass us sure don't
Judy: by the way did you want to see pictures of the trees?
Ronald: well sure Judy
rich-c: I just keep insisting that they talk to me in English and when they don't, I hang up
Judy: if you do I need your email to send them to you
Dr. D. <marking>: I am gonna have to go let me tell you folks:
Guy Foster: Guy: Get rid of the "P" and join the dark side... Become GuyX, as in Mac OS X.
Dr. D. <marking>: The backup chat server, coleco, is no longer available.
Dr. D. <marking>: I had to take it off-line, it is too much of a security hazard running ancient WinNT 4.0.
Ronald: understood Dr. D
Dr. D. <marking>: I have no other Windows machines to run the server I the machine is gone.
Ronald: ya hafta do what ya hafta do
Dr. D. <marking>: Unfortunately that means that all the LEGO lab archival video that was hosted there is currently off-line, too.
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: any hope of any restoration in the immediate future?
Dr. D. <marking>: I haven't figured out how to put it back up, but it is a far-down priority for right now.
GuyXP: Hi Pam
Scott: Hello all
Ronald: Hi Scott
GuyXP: Hi Scott
Dr. D. <marking>: Not immediately, Richard, I don't think.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi scott
rich-c: hello Scott
Dr. D. <marking>: So anyways, I have to get back to marking/grading these lab notebooks...I will be up most of the night as it is.
Dr. D. <marking>: But I wanted to stop by and say hi...
Guy Foster: Hey Scott! (Guy mumbles quietly to himself... "Who's Scott?")
Ronald: work.....what a bummer
Busy Pamela: okay short respite while I catch my breath
Dr. D. <marking>: Actually, are we going to have a chat next Wednesday, it being Christmas and all?
Busy Pamela: it's boxing day
Dr. D. <marking>: That's right it is.
BobS: boxing day will be over by cvhat time
Ronald: I'm not likely to be available, no connection at my ex's place
Busy Pamela: btw hi rich
rich-c: and Americans don't know about Boxing Day
Dr. D. <marking>: Well, Cynthia has wireless so I could be on from Windsor.
Scott: Yes, who is Scott...
BobS: not even the phone and dialup ????????????????????????
Dr. D. <marking>: Well, I do due to all the Canadians I know.
Guy Foster: Boxing Day! No American equivalent?
Judy: we have a party for Ryan that night, going to Chucky Cheeze
Daniel Bienvenu: We know many guys named scott... so, it's confusing
rich-c: no, just like we have no Presidents Day
Daniel Bienvenu: almost like guy and guy
Ronald: well yes I do have that, we'll have to see if I can get it, but it's not likely. Will probably be doing "family " stuff in any case
Busy Pamela: Guy, what's the baby's name?
Dr. D. <marking>: Well, if we are back home from Erin's brother's for dinner by then, or if they have a way to get my laptop on, I will login.
Scott: There can be only one... one to rule them all...
Ronald: not that you guys aren't family you understand
Guy Foster: The only Scott I know is Scott Adams, the author of all those text adventure games in the early 80s.
BobS: Scott Gordon
Guy Foster: Pam: Hi Pam! Her name is Talia.
Busy Pamela: oh, that's pretty : )
Guy Foster: Pam: Talia Emma Foster
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott Huggins, another coleco programmer.
Scott: Yes, I'm sure you've heard of Scott Gordon...
Busy Pamela: I love it : )
BobS: COOL, baby for Christmas
Dr. D. <marking>: Okay folks, bye and Merry Christmas and hope to be able to stop by next Wednesday.
Busy Pamela: gnite Rich, safe drive to windsor
Ronald: Yes Dr. D. and a Merry Christmas to you
Scott: There's four Scotts where I work
Dr. D. <marking>: Thanks Pam
Judy: night Dr D
Guy Foster: Yes, our daughter was born close to 7 days ago, on December 13, 2007 - 12:26 AM.
Dr. D. <marking>: Bye
Dr. D. <marking>: <poof>
Dr. D. <marking> left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D. merry christmas to you
rich-c: night Rich, catch you next round
Scott: Scott Gordon, Scott Herbert, Scott Marshall, Scott MacPherson...
Daniel Bienvenu: ... too late
BobS: be careful Dr D
Guy Foster: Scott Huggins? Is that him online? Scotty?
Judy: Congradulations, Guy
Scott: Yes, I know al about it...
Ronald: Good to hear Guy. Congratulations!
Scott: I interviewed today at Denver Open Media
Busy Pamela: I couldn't believe how big she was! Obviously things went well.
Guy Foster: Thanks guys... I'm happy the ordeal is over. It was very painful in every sense of the word, especially with the snowstorm... It was hell driving my newborn back home.
Scott: Pretty interesting place. They have an internship to learn Drupal (PHP)
rich-c: I can bet - you really got socked too, didn't you?
Scott: I'm going to take it if I'm offered the job
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Scott Huggins didn't participate yet to this chat.
Guy Foster: I think Scott came on once before, but he has a short attention span so he'd be gone in like 5 minutes or so.
Guy Foster: Pam: 8 pounds 6 ounces, a bit smaller than Tamara.
Busy Pamela: ya gotta be able to multitask here : )
rich-c: oh, Scott in Denver does talk a fgair bit the few times he comes on
Busy Pamela: speaking of which, I'm gonna go get my dinner - back shortly
Guy Foster: Beam me up!!! Oh sorry, wrong Scott. :)
Scott: Me? Talk to much???
Ronald: I'll be back in a min....... hunger calls
Guy Foster: Ron: A hungry man is an angry man, you better go eat!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the coleco adam disk : christmas 2007 edition. I saw my special christmas picture at the end; looks pretty cool finaly.
Scott: Apparently there's a shortage of Drupal programmers around the world
rich-c: didn't say that, Scott, just that you don't give up in the first five minutes - thre's a difference
Guy Foster: Isn't Drupal a system like phpBB?
Scott: Someone can make a lot of money if they know a little Drupal
Guy Foster: Or is it some sort of portal?
Scott: Drupal is a CMS for PHP, i.e. a Content Management System
Guy Foster: Yes, I remember evaluating it a few years ago...
Scott: And object oriented CMS that facilitates the creation of dynamic websites
Daniel Bienvenu: I programmed a little bit of php in the past.
rich-c: what is Drupal? an OS version of Linux, or a programming language?
BobS: SO, Daniel, what you think of Ron's effort with the Christmas disk ??????????????
Scott: Apparently it's really caught on recently
Scott: That and Joomla.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't feel confortable mixing html and script.
Scott: Gotta love these names
Guy Foster: Yes, Drupal is in PHP, so don't you just need to learn PHP and get confortable with the different classes of Drupal?
Scott: Yes
Scott: Drupal is written in PHP
Daniel Bienvenu: many pictures. some are certainly made directly in powerpaint. I like the music selection.
Scott: By the way, I wrote an program in PHP that displays PowerPAINT files
Scott: I haven't put it up on my website yet, but it does work
Scott: Can't remember but I seem to remember that it has a problem reading the other cells in a 40K file
Scott: Does fine with the 10K files
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a viewer-editor in VisualBASIC 6, and I planned (but abadonned) to make a version in Java.
Ronald: hungry, angry, lonely, tired
Scott: Mine will display it either as a GIF or PNG
Guy Foster: Ron: Oh boy... at least you're not snowy, like we are in the east.
rich-c: why, you been shovelling snow again, Ron?
Scott: Ron -- not a good combination
Ronald: no.... although we had a little of that
Ronald: quite enough thankyou
Scott: Of course, who is Ron?
Scott: Meet so many these days...
Ronald: Ron the Who
Ronald: from Whoville
rich-c: don't get uyppity, young man
Scott: Or Ron the What
Ronald: Could be
Ronald: When you get to Ron the Why, I want an answer
Daniel Bienvenu: tonight, the fun is "quiz time"
Scott: Too late to straighten me out
rich-c: Guy, how is your weatehr in Chicago? how did the storm treat you?
Scott: The wife is watching Ghost Hunters
Scott: I don't know, but it seems a little bogus to me
Scott: She can't stop watching it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I spin the wheel of fortune.... is there a M?
Ronald: What, is that other dimension here again?
Ronald: no M..... lose 200 pst
Busy Pamela: back
Ronald: pts
Ronald: howz the chicken Pam?
Busy Pamela: there are at least three, ron
Judy: how about you, Rich, how much snow did you get?
Busy Pamela: good
BobS: yes, we got 7 inches, and the weather said Toronto got buried
rich-c: we got off easy, only about a foot or so - city got it cleared off fairly efficiently
Ronald: ah, show me a good chicken, and I'll show you a fried chicken
Ronald: well Bless the City
rich-c: actually, depending on where you measured, Toronto got 18 to 36cm apparently
Busy Pamela: i will take you up on that some day ron
Daniel Bienvenu: since I lose 200pts, I roll the dices, got a double, I play again. ;-)
Ronald: ok
rich-c: in any case, the Great Blizzard of '44 is was not
Busy Pamela: was enough
Daniel Bienvenu: spinning the wheel.... is there a T?
Ronald: So I take it that in Toronto, the snow lays round about, deep and crisp and even
Guy Foster: Well, weather like this has never been seen in Montreal in the past 40 yrs or so...
Scott: The snow in Denver is bad enough for me. I've heard Toronto gets a lot more...
rich-c: oh yes, we can get around on the streets, but the snowbanks really narrow the side streets
Scott: Also, apparently Vancouver island doesn't get any?
Scott: Hard to believe...
Busy Pamela: thats weird scott
Ronald: Scott, I will send you a picture
Ronald: no snow on Vancouver Island..... not quite
Scott: Send to
Busy Pamela: i would think denver would grt more
Scott: Amazing.
Busy Pamela: sorry, get
rich-c: yes, I've seen the Broncos playing in some very convincing blizzards
Ronald: go to
Scott: So far this winter it's been mild. Last year we got killed.
Busy Pamela: judy re your question earlier, send them to pevpersonal at
Ronald: sorry that's
Scott: Gorgeous. I will have to move to Vancouver
Scott: Good thing it's cheap in Canada.
Scott: Wait. Canadian Dollar > American Dollar
rich-c: beats commuting on I-70 in January, that's for sure
Scott: !
rich-c: well, it depends on which day you're looking, Scott
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Busy Pamela: actually at the moment the dollars are about par
rich-c: our government doesn't want our dollar to get too high
Scott: Really? Why's that?
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, it's : 1.00 CAD = 0.998150 USD
Guy Foster: Very close, but the CDN dollar is a bit less than the US dollar right now.
Daniel Bienvenu: so, it's almost equal!
It's the 3rd album in, top row..... and you have to browse thru the pictures, but it's there
rich-c: same reason as your government wants to push down the greenback
Guy Foster: The interest rates have been lowerd by a 1/4 point a few weeks ago because of the dollar being too strong...
rich-c: cheap dollars help sell stuff in the export markets
Scott: Sure.
Guy Foster: High dollar is good for importers though.
left chat session
rich-c: and Canada lives by exports - its the foundation of our economy
Scott: Ah, yes.
Busy Pamela: sorry about the bad typing and grammar, I was typing with one finger
Busy Pamela: dinner went poof
Scott: Busy Pamela = Busy because only one finger
Busy Pamela: in half an hour I'm going to wonder why I have indigestion
Guy Foster: Although the interest rate went down, the mortage rates went up in Quebec, I find that odd.
Scott: No more exports for you
rich-c: yes, a high dollar buys more in imported goods
Guy Foster: A high dollar is a good time for companies to buy their machinery and tools they need.
Scott: That's OK, we'll all be speaking Chinese in 50 years.
Busy Pamela: busy Pamela because tonite I had to do laundry, make dinner, prepare the fruit dip and cut up the fruit for our pot luck lunch tomorrow, wrap the secret santa gift, wash an entire kitchen's worth of dishes and put the ornaments on the tree
Judy: they are on the way, Pam
Scott: Such a slacker...
Busy Pamela: thanks Judy
rich-c: not necessarily - you might find Hindi or Urdu equally useful
Busy Pamela: I can open them at work where I have hi-speed and save them to my thumb drive, then bring them home and save them here
Guy Foster: Chinese? Nah, they'll be speaking English, they still need us to buy their crap.
Scott: Ha!
Busy Pamela: oh wait, I have to get my Christmas cards out too
Busy Pamela: by the way Dad, tell Mom our Christmas card arrived
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rich-c: interestingly enough, it seems China teaches English practically all the way up from kindergarten
changed username to Ronald
Busy Pamela: there you are Ron
Ronald: seems I have lost me
GuyXP: Got bumped, Ron?
Scott: Denver Open Media was real interesting. Apparently it's a local TV station
Ronald: but there I am..... nah...... farned dingers
Guy Foster: I'd rather speak Japanese if I had a choice of Asian languages.
Busy Pamela: this is what I get for procrastinating last night
Scott: Got a tour of the studios today. Nice large green screen, plenty of toys...
Scott: Lots of geeks...
Scott: Myself included...
Ronald: s'ok... we will all be one shortly........ one continent, one union....51 states
Busy Pamela: e-geeks, the good kind : )
Ronald: 52 if you count Mexico
rich-c: no, Mexico has more states than that, Ron
Scott: Nah, we're going to nuke Mexico
Ronald: oh
Ronald: but we only get one
Ronald: I keep hearing about the Amero
Busy Pamela: brb
Ronald: as a currency
rich-c: actually, Mexico has now infiltrated so effectively that it will decide the next election
Ronald: indeed
Guy Foster: Mexican Americans?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all... I really have to leave now. is there a special chat session saturday night or it goes to the next wednesday, the day after christmas?
Scott: Actually I'm doing web development for a Mexican family that runs a local restaurant, El Jimador
rich-c: oh, that's what the Amero is - I heard the term today and had no clue
Ronald: guess there will be a few here next Wed Daniel
Judy: night and Merry Christmas, DAniel
Ronald: I'm not sure about me
BobS: nite Danioel
BobS: Daniel
Guy Foster: I'll be on chat.
Scott: We joke around that the Mexicans are going to reclaim Texas and California
Guy Foster: Bye Daniel.
Ronald: nite Daniel..... Joyeux Noel
Scott: By
Scott: e
Daniel Bienvenu: oh well, in that case... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
rich-c: next wednesday, Daniel - joyeux noel, et a la prochaine
Scott: Merry Christmas
Scott: Well I gotta go too.
Scott: See ya!
Scott left chat session
BobS: merry xmas Scott
Ronald: Nite Scott. Be well, and best wishes for the season
rich-c: oh, merry xmas, Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, joyeux Nol et bonne anne!
Guy Foster: Reminds me of the movie Canadian Bacon.
Judy: night Scott, Merry Christmas
Daniel Bienvenu: this chat session don't take accents. oh well.
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Guy Foster: paf
Daniel Bienvenu: (hehe)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy Foster: Bleah, have to go back to work tomorrow. Wish I was retired.
Ronald: Judy, Bob, as I came in tonight you guys were talking about the trip south.... is that still on?
rich-c: Ron, if you want a website that will really get to you, try
Ronald: ok....sounds interesting
Guy Foster: rich: on the same note...
Judy: yes, we think so, Bob is checking into places to stay and a car to rent
Ronald: I like
rich-c: haven't seen that one, Guy - have to take a peek
Guy Foster: Yes, coast to coast AM is awesome, I used to listen to it when I used to work teh night shift.
Ronald: I just signed up for the podcasts
Guy Foster: I stopped listening at around the time ART BELL's wife died.
Ronald: interesting stuff.....
Guy Foster: How much are the podcasts?
Judy: that was quite a picture of the snow, Ron
Ronald: if a third of what they're talking about is true, we're all in trouble
rich-c: thought you were planning to take the motorhome down, Bob?
Guy Foster: Ron: I know, haha, some awesomes guests!
Ronald: ya like that eh Judy?
BobS: yup
Ronald: yes, heard about that Guy
Judy: you can have it, we had enough already
BobS: drive down and stay for a couple weeks
Busy Pamela: well that's dinner in the can
Ronald: Of course out here, the snow has the consistency of wet cement
Busy Pamela: this time around ours was light and fluffy
Busy Pamela: but not always
Judy: we are supposed to have rain again this week-end and turn back to snow
Ronald: GuyF, I don't know how George Noury can listen to some of the callers and keep a straight face
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Busy Pamela: someone said it was supposed to be 8C this weekend!
changed username to meeka
Busy Pamela: that's too warm for december
rich-c: yes, it looks like Toronto is 50/50 for a green Christmas depending on how much rain falls and when
Busy Pamela: Hi Meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
GuyXP: Hi Meeka. How are you?
meeka: hello
Ronald: Hey Meeka!
Judy: hi, Meeka
meeka: doin ok
BobS: gonna have a white xmas here they say.........
GuyXP: Where's Doug?
Guy Foster: Ron: Yes, George Noury is pretty good at giving the crackpots some airtime. They would have been flushed minutes earlier on with Art.... Is the yearly prediction show happening soon on Coast To Coast?
rich-c: hi meeka
BobS: got some on the ground now and more come
Judy: Turn on channel 17 and you may see dad, Meeka
BobS: Sat
meeka: on the floor dinking around with gutted out laptops
Ronald: yes, I hear it's New Year's Eve....not sure
BobS: in conjunction witht he GREEN house that Habitat built
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GuyXP: How many?
changed username to slow<undefined>
Guy Foster: They usually have people calling in and predicting things for next year, it's really interesting and funny.
slow<undefined>: hi
meeka: lets see.......
Busy Pamela: greetings
slow<undefined> left chat session
Ronald: ya.... I've heard about that one. I get the podcast the day after it airs, so I'll probably have that one
meeka: there is the two "for parts only" that he just got off of e-bay
GuyXP: We got 5 inches of snow from that last storm and one dog decided she wanted to romp in it.
BobS: got to get a better name than slow!!!
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meeka: the two he has fixed with those parts
Guy Foster: Ron: Does it cost $$$ to get the podcasts?
Busy Pamela: gee Guy, I can't imagine why : )
changed username to old computer
Ronald: $6.95 a month.... or 26.something for 6 months
Busy Pamela: was she soaked?
Ronald: I got a month to see how much I'd actually listen to it
GuyXP: She saw it from the balcony door and she wanted to go out there
Guy Foster: Ron: Yeah, that's why I haven't listened to them in a while, $7 a month is not a lot, but still, it's one more bill I don't need.
GuyXP: Right on my birthday too
old computer: can anyone still use the adam modem anymore??
Busy Pamela: so you got wet too : )
Guy Foster: you could use the adam modem by gluing a big magnet to it and putting it on the fridge.
Ronald: Guy... I was in the habit of recording them from online anyway. Don't yet know whether 7 bucks is worth losing the commercials for. We'll se
Ronald: see
Guy Foster: One of their CLASSIC shows is the one with the farmer who shot a family of bigfoots.... if you have a chance, download it.
Judy: they just missed him he was to the right of the last lady standing there
old computer left chat session
Guy Foster: Ron: Or the kid who stole transformers from the electrical company and built a time machine, haha.
Judy: so he didn't get his 1 minute of fame today
rich-c: nope, there isn't an ISP around that will accept bandwidth that low
meeka: lol, figures :P
Ronald: heard that one a little while ago. It was actually before I started taping them. But they do repeat them every so often
Guy Foster: Ron: Yes, the bigfoot one appears quite often... it's one of their classics.
Ronald: right
Guy Foster: Ron: Well, if you ever hear any shows worth listening to, let me know! I don't have time to listen to all of their stuff, but sometimes, you get some real good shows.
Ronald: Guy.... I've always been more of a radio listener than a tv watcher anyway.... and for me, this form of talk radio is pure entertainment
Ronald: Guy, will do. I've got an ever increasing collection
Guy Foster: Ron: Same here, I love listening to radio... grew up on radio. At home we had a black and white TV with no reception and no cable, so the radio was the best form of entertainment for me.
Guy Foster: Ron: Made CDs, burn them and give me one at each Adamcon, of course, I'll be 1 year behind, but... who cares! :)
Ronald: anyway, so much for the 35th century and the 19th dimension
Guy Foster: *make
Ronald: yup, I can do that Guy
BobS: yup....WHAT????
Guy Foster: I'd love to get the show where Art Bell talks about his wife's death... very dramatic show.
Ronald: they're out there Bob. They are watching us with grave concern
Ronald: if you believe what you hear on the radio
Guy Foster: BobS: Tune in to Coast to Coast AM with George Noury to find out the fate of our world... in any case, the world will end at 2012, so... we don't have much time.
Busy Pamela: brb, gonna go have a close encounter with some apples
Ronald: yes, Guy, a friend of mine told me about that one. Apparently it was a real tear jerker
BobS: ya right
Guy Foster: The Illuminatis, false prophets, freemasons, 2012.... recurring topics.
Ronald: that's right Bob.
Ronald: NOT
Ronald: bilderbergers
Guy Foster: bilderbergs... sounds familiar! what is that?
Ronald: they usually control who becomes President of the United States
Ronald: and how the world economy functions
Guy Foster: I thought it was the freemason society.
Ronald: a group of internationally powerful businessmen/women politicians, and informed thinkers
Guy Foster: every president in history of the US was a freemason.
rich-c: no, it's a moe motley and variegated group than that
Ronald: believe you're right Rich
Ronald: but they have been known to kill off thousands at a time
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Ronald: It was Ron Collins who first told me about them
Guy Foster: Danger Will Robinson, we have an intruder!
Ronald: remember Ron Collins?
rich-c: examine some day the role of the PNAC in the Bush election and policy sometime
<undefined> left chat session
Ronald: the PNAC?
Ronald: Bob and Judy must wonder what the hell we're talking about
Ronald: So do I
rich-c: program for a new American Century - Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, Dick Cheyney, other members
Judy: yes, don't have a clue
Ronald: New World Order
BobS: like the old one was bad.........or good
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: don't worry about it Judy. It's all either completely true in which case we're all doomed..... or.... it's a pile of crap
changed username to Eric in alabama
BobS: i vote for the crap one
GuyXP: Hi Eric
BobS: hi Eric
meeka: hello
Judy: more likely a pile of crap
Ronald: suspect you're right
Judy: hi, Eric
Eric in alabama: hello all
rich-c: no, the PNAC was and is a very well known and poweful action group that essentially governs the policies of the Bush administration
Ronald: but it makes interesting radio listening for someone who is hungry, lonely, angry and tired
BobS: ya right
rich-c: hello Eric
Ronald: Hi Eric
BobS: and the pope ran Kennedy, and Nancy ran Reagan
Judy: are you hungry, lonely , angry and tired?
BobS: and i run NOTHIN
Ronald: some nights. Comes from living by yourself. (whine)
meeka: yes you do dad
meeka: you run in circles chasing your tail
Ronald: Bob, you run more than you think my man
rich-c: former no, latter to some extent, Bob, but neither was an organized program
BobS: that's the one
Ronald: ROTFL meeka
Judy: lately that is very true
BobS: I drive Judy NUTS
Ronald: awww.. was that nice!
Judy: but this week has been a little easier, getting a little time off
Ronald: good.... yu've earned it
Judy: no, he does not drive me nuts
Ronald: you sure!
Judy: just partly
Ronald: Bob has the money and thus controls the ADAM world. Money=Control
meeka: he kids drive her the rest of the way there :-P
Ronald: He also has the reigns of ANN power
Judy: that works, Ron
Ronald: yes POWER
Judy: he does like power
Ronald: what man would not?
Ronald: or woman for that matter
Ronald: philosophical aren't we
Judy: very
Ronald: Eric, you must be wondering if you're in the right chat group about now
Ronald: we do talk about the ADAM computer occasionally
BobS: si, what can we tell you sir ????????
rich-c: Bob, Google PNAC and you will see what we were talking about
Eric in alabama: ronald, I'm just reading trying to get caught up on what you people are talking about.
Ronald: oh, you'll never do that.... wouldn't even try
meeka: lol ron
rich-c: well, much of it is personal because we have known each other so long and only get together once a year
Busy Pamela: Hi Eric
meeka: some of us can keep up with the conversation flow
Ronald: Tell me Eric, were you ever a member of the Genie Round Table for Adam? Or were you on the Compuserve Chats back in the late 80s?
Busy Pamela: sorry, I was away from the computer
Ronald: name seems familiar
rich-c: but essentially it's whatever each one is interested in
rich-c: right now we're exchanging snow stories, for instance
Eric in alabama: no ron, only qlink for c-64
Ronald: I think my TV set makes a better fireplace than a TV set
Ronald: hail the burning log
Busy Pamela: what does the pnac have to do with snow?
Ronald: climate control Pamela..... it's all about climate control..... somebody somewhere is doing it
rich-c: nothing, that's politics and relates to the roots of power
Ronald: probably the Russians
Busy Pamela: a lot of people feel that way Ron
Busy Pamela: abot the tv i mean
Ronald: I do hope that nobody is taking me seriously
Busy Pamela: note i'm back to one finger
meeka: one finger?
rich-c: no, the Russians seem out of the climate picture at the moment
Ronald: so down from 120 wpm to 90?
Busy Pamela: + or -
Ronald: maybe Rich, maybe not. I wouldn't underestimate KGB's Mr. Putin
rich-c: now the Chinese and Indians,,,
Ronald: mmm....yes I suppose
Busy Pamela: done with the apples, now peeling clementines
rich-c: oh, the Russians seem to be carrying on as if they haven't figured out where they want to be on the issue
Ronald: yeah, this 'LOG' DVD is the best $4.98 I've spent in a while
BobS: well Eric, we ALL have to admire a computer enthusiast who upgrades to and ADAM
Judy: what is the fruit for?
BobS: good shopping my man
Busy Pamela: fruit tray
Busy Pamela: pot luck
Ronald: ok Eric..... guess I must be thinking of someone else.
Busy Pamela: tomorrow
Judy: for Work?
Busy Pamela: work
Judy: I see
Eric in alabama: bobs I remember wanting and getting an adam for xmas about 20 something years ago
BobS: WORK.......remember, that is a FOUR letter word !
BobS: right ron ?
BobS: and was the ADAM worth the time?
Judy: ya, ya, Ya
Ronald: EXACTLY BOB, Ya got that right, Pilgrim!
meeka: doug would say yes dad
BobS: heck I still like to go down and play games with the grandkids and work on other things with ADAM
Busy Pamela: some of us like our jobs
Judy: he did really want it
Ronald: now there's a lucky soul..... who likes her job. I had one like that.
Ronald: It was good.
Judy: so does Bob, he just talks like he doesn't
Busy Pamela: yes i am
BobS: I like my job....about 2 hours out of each day
rich-c: oh, I wanted one for writing letters and stuff with
rich-c: finally, a typewriter that worked like a typewriter should
Ronald: I was going to retire to a south sea Island and write award winning SmartBASIC programs
Ronald: sorta got the Island part right
Eric in alabama: I wanted an Adam For Dragons Lair.........
BobS: what happened ? you DID get the island part
Busy Pamela: and sounded like gunshots : )
BobS: THAT is a cool program, but it alwasy beats me
Ronald: yes Bob...sorta
Judy: that is a fun game
meeka: i made slush last night mom, doug says it was good after testing tonight, so we all set for c-mas :)
Busy Pamela: you missed the souyh sea somewhat
BobS: meeka's husband [my son] could win all the ADAM games
Judy: that sounds wonderful
Ronald: slush?
Judy: you can't have it, Ron
meeka: i can give him a run for his money on the adam version of tetris
Ronald: oh
Ronald: shucks, holy gee whishers!
BobS: this is slush you drink Ron , not walk in
Ronald: whiskers I mean
Busy Pamela: y not judy?
Ronald: well ya!
meeka: lol, it has boos in it, not for the kiddies
rich-c: just so you don't try to take on Frances - she can still beat almost anyone on Addictus
BobS: booze
Ronald: oh..... you mean I'd wake up face down in the street again?
Ronald: nah
meeka: whatever :P, you got the point
Ronald: been there, done that
meeka: not much of it, but it is there
BobS: notgood eh?
rich-c: do you remembetr teh Adamcon years and years ago when we had the addictus contest
Ronald: No, definately not. You wouldn't want to witness it
Busy Pamela: send some to me please
Judy: with enough of it you could be there, Ron
Ronald: yep
meeka: no, i wasnt around yet then, but I have heard the stories Rich
Judy: do you need the pop to go with it?
Ronald: Oh wasn't that a contest eh?
rich-c: she still plays every once in a while and hasn't lost a beat
rich-c: she plays it on the DOS-box too at times
BobS: we can have the same contest next year PAM !!!!!!!!
meeka: nope, sprite zero was on sale when we went so i got 23 more cans
Ronald: 23, why not 24?
meeka: used one tonight
meeka: so 23 left
Busy Pamela: she drank one : )
Ronald: ah ic
Ronald: yes 24 minus 1 equals 23
rich-c: thought it was because their dollar didn't buy as much ;-)
Judy: ok, then I won't bring any, dad is already compaining about how much stuff we are going to have to pack up and take
Ronald: And no Eric, we are not crazy. We just appear that way
Ronald: good thought rich
meeka: lol, you can do a drop off any time......however we are NOT taking any more talking presents!!
Eric in alabama: Ronald, Yea I know. I've been here before
Ronald: Sometimes the discussion here is close to the Mad Hatters tea party in Alice and Wonderland
rich-c: anyway, Eric, everyone up north is in shell-shock after the big winter storm this weekend
Judy: see how you are
Busy Pamela: I thought people were coming to you, Judy
meeka: nope, its here this year
Ronald: Maybe Westjet will get lost and I'll end up in Grand Rapids
Busy Pamela: or Toronto
Busy Pamela: we can feed you Ron
Judy: no, we are going to Meeka's this year
Ronald: more likely I think.... but in any case, I'm going Air Canada this time
Ronald: may the Lord have mercy on my soul
Judy: we just put up all this stuff for us
BobS: that's what I like to see........CONFIDENCE
Ronald: Hah!!
Busy Pamela: your soul will probably be okay, but your body may be unhappy
Ronald: yeah, right
rich-c: why the People's Airline? I thought it was Westjet served Comox?
Ronald: I'm not going from Comox this time. Spending Christmas in Victoria with Jeff and Francesca and Leslie (my ex).. then leaving from Victoria on the 27th for Edmonton for a few days
Ronald: then Back to Victoria
Judy: yes, yes, airlines are not people friendly
Ronald: Air Canada saved me $100
Busy Pamela: last I heard, Meeka was cooking the turkey and bringing it to you
meeka: that was thanksgiving
Busy Pamela: oh - I'm behind the times
rich-c: how come? regional airlines charge more from small airports?
meeka: guess so
Judy: you are behind on the hollidays
BobS: that asucker is allgone, eaten and digested
Busy Pamela: better not be too far behind, it's a week away (right???)
Ronald: that's pretty much what my travel agent wonered Rich. But there it was, so we took it
rich-c: especially since our Thanksgiving is your Columbus Day
Busy Pamela: I haven't lost a day somewhere?
BobS: and so........I am getting up the courage to stand up and head for bed one last Wednesday before Christmas of 2007
Judy: that may be why you have so much to do tonight
Busy Pamela: naw, that was strictly procrastination : )
rich-c: getting on that way, Bob - so you and Judy have a merry Christmas, and see you both on Boxing Day
meeka: at least you can admit it
Ronald: don't stand up too fast Bob
Ronald: circulation you know
meeka: thats the first step :P
Judy: me too, so night all!!!! and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
BobS: so without further ado, I bid you all a adios and a fond farewell
Busy Pamela: as Erin says, "procastinators unite! . . . tomorrow"
BobS: see you on the flip side of Christmas
Ronald: Yes, Bob, Judy.... have a Merry Christmas, probably talk to ya's in 2008
meeka: nighty nigth
Ronald: be welll both
Busy Pamela: good night Bob and Judy, Merry Christmas and we'll see you next Wednesday
meeka: i am out tooo
BobS: ok have a good new year also Ron
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night and a great holiday, folks
BobS left chat session
Busy Pamela: Merry Christmas Meeka - and to Doug
Ronald: tks.. both
rich-c: whoops - we lost meeka too
GuyXP: Well, Im off too. Will see you all next week. Happy Holidays to All!!!
Ronald: yes.... Doug and Meeka..... best wishes
Ronald: Nite Guy..... have a merry festive season
Busy Pamela: Merry Christmas, Guy. Give Jeanine our best wishes too
rich-c: OK GuyB - merry Christmas and see you Boxing Day
Busy Pamela: :)
rich-c: and give Annie a little scratch bewhind the ears for us too!
Ronald: yeah
GuyXP: Oh that's right. See you then. Poof
GuyXP left chat session
Ronald: And then there were 5
Busy Pamela: four soon, I still have a gift to wrap and fruit to organize
rich-c: yes, comes the witching hour, the crowd thins out fast
Busy Pamela: the whole house smells like oranges
Ronald: must go tomorrow and finish the shopping.
Ronald: tis the objective for the day
Busy Pamela: geez Ron, even I'm finished
Ronald: and wrap tomorrow night
Busy Pamela: However, you're in good company - Russell isn't
Ronald: yeah, I know.... always slow and procrastinating am I
Ronald: It's a guy thing
rich-c: don't think we have much in the way of obligations - letter to mail, prescription to pcik up is about it
Busy Pamela: well it's partly my fault - told him he had to wait for this paycheque
Ronald: that will do it
rich-c: probably prudent, if inconvenient
Ronald: howz the old bod holding up Rich?
Busy Pamela: he only has to shop for me, I do everyone else
Ronald: rather indelicate way of putting it
Busy Pamela: so he's not in too bad shape
Busy Pamela: and here he comes if my ears do not deceive me
Ronald: too easy
rich-c: well, I haven't heard from the surgeon who dies the minimally invasive procedure, Ron
Busy Pamela: yup
Ronald: ah
Ronald: Hi Russel
rich-c: mind you the hospital pretty well shift to idle over Christmas anyway so elective gets put off
Ronald: yes, I suppose
Busy Pamela: he says hello back
Ronald: I just went through my the blood work results today. If I wasn't 80 pounds over weight, I'd be in good health
Ronald: :)
Busy Pamela: well you're working on that, Ron
rich-c: and my back is not healing well from the last tumble, so snow shovelling is off the agenda
Ronald: everything's normal but for the weight.... and we're trying to do something about that
Ronald: yea Pamela, surely I am
rich-c: it will take you a while, Ron, but make it a battle of limited objectives
Ronald: did you really want to shovel snow Rich?
rich-c: aim to lose one pound a week, no more, maybe even two ounces less
Busy Pamela: you know this is gonna sound crazy, but I don't mind shovelling
Ronald: what I need is the ability to kick the deadly eating-in-front-of the-TV demon in the butt and tell him I don't want him around any more
Busy Pamela: as long as I don't have to shovel amounts like we just had all the time
rich-c: well, as you know shovelling even the least amount of snow is off limits to me forever now
Ronald: yes, there's snow, and the there's SNOW
rich-c: but then I did a lifetime's worth anyway, so I'll not complain
Busy Pamela: you'd better believe it Dad
Ronald: absolutely!
rich-c: after all, I shovelled the Great Blizzard of '44, so I know from snow shovelling
Ronald: The great blizzard of '44.....hmmm..... the year I was born
rich-c: anyway Ron, when I lost 60 pounds I did it very simply
Ronald: but then that was April
Busy Pamela: we dug out some pretty spectacular storms over the years
Ronald: I'm listening Rich
rich-c: I just found out how many calories I needed a day and ate enough less to lose two ounces
Ronald: yep. that would work
rich-c: the Great Blizzard was on Dec. 11th, heaviest ever to hit Toronto in recorded history
Busy Pamela: he lost 20 of those before he told anyone he was losing it
Ronald: and a pound a week is more than enough
rich-c: and, you can eat whatever you like whenever you like - but when you hit the day's quota, stop
Busy Pamela: we noticed when his pants started falling off
Ronald: well actually Weight Watchers enables more or less the same thing. I have been straying off track over the past 6 months and not really following it
Ronald: so I need to get back to that
rich-c: need to stiffen up your won't power, Ron
Ronald: that's it
Ronald: I have to decide once and for all which I want..... the temporary satisfaction that a chocolate bar brings, or the permanent satisfaction of losing weight
rich-c: but coming from a family of goddam stubborn Welshmen, I have no problem with that 8-)
Ronald: tee hee
Busy Pamela: i second that
rich-c: if you stick to the pound a week calorie counting routine you get in the habit, Rob
Ronald: I don't really have to give up anything, but I do have to track points (calories/carbs/fat)
Ronald: yes, and I was, and I lost very nearly 40 lbs.... then I got lazy..... so now I'm back to 20 lbs down.
rich-c: right, you can have the chocolate bar, just don't eat the broccoli and stuff to equal calories
Ronald: ah, but then now that raises another question
Busy Pamela: does broccoli have calories???
rich-c: naughty, naughty, Ron
Ronald: I do need certain nutrients each day. Chocolate, while it is a major food group, does not do well in WW scheme of things
rich-c: well, first you need your nutrients, of course, but you should have a little slack left over
Ronald: so I have to follow the Canada food guide --ie 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables AND stay within the WW points allowance
Ronald: oh there is
Ronald: but not 5 chocolate bars at once
rich-c: well, apples and oranges do well there, including clementines and orange juice
Ronald: I'm a binge eater you see....goes with certain other aspects of my personality
Ronald: if one of something is good, then two would be even better, three even better yet
rich-c: so binge on celery already!
Ronald: Sometimes my head is a very dangerous place for me to go by myself
rich-c: just don't put too much cream cheese in it
Ronald: oh yuuuchhhh!!!
Ronald: Anyway..... the discussion is endless. I need control, and as you put it, a tad of bloodymindedness
Busy Pamela: no cream cheese on your celery Ron?
rich-c: not a tad, Ron, a really good old traditional dose
Ronald: a little, but each tbsp carries a known number of points
Ronald: I have a book that lists everything out.
Ronald: And if I follow it, I will lose weight. Have proven that to myself
Ronald: But I have this alter-ego.... wears a red cape
rich-c: have you worked out yet what gives you the most satisfaction for the fewest points?
Ronald: and has horns
Busy Pamela: ah yes, that would be your bad angel
Ronald: No Rich, and that is exactly where the answer is...... I have to do that homework
Ronald: that's the one Pam
rich-c: then get with it, because long-term that's the cue
Ronald: The trouble with this struggle is that, unlike booze and cigarettes, it's not an all or nothing proposition. Basically Rich has the right idea
Ronald: it only it were that simple
rich-c: and do remember that burning calories is the equivalent of not ingesting them in the first place, if you follow
Ronald: but I get this Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing going
Ronald: ok
rich-c: yes, you're fighting a war of attrition, not a short, sharp and bloody battle
Ronald: yes, and that needs to be remembered too
Ronald: and also I AM making progress
rich-c: and positive feedback is critically impotant
Ronald: this is a lifetime project
rich-c: remember if you lose too much too fast you'll run out of clothes that fit
Busy Pamela: make friends with a good tailor
Ronald: so.... I need to do some things differently.... and I will find out what they are....specific and measurable
rich-c: so rachet it down gradually - your budget will thank you
Ronald: have already gone from 48 in waist to 44 in
Busy Pamela: woohoo!
Ronald: that feels good
rich-c: I am not in the least surprised
Ronald: yes, there's always that too Rich
Ronald: the budget I mean
Ronald: Anyway folks, I think I shall bid you a fond g'nite
Busy Pamela: yes, I must go too - I still have work to do
Ronald: Will try to get on next week, but that's right around Christmas dinner time at my ex's place, so I dunno
Busy Pamela: Merry Christmas, Ron
rich-c: yep, on this one, slow and easy does it - just so at the end of the month you can say you got something done
Ronald: and the same to you Pamela, and Rich
Ronald: yessir, that's it
Ronald: niters both
Busy Pamela: gnite Ron, safe trip
Ronald: tks, willl do
Ronald: pooood
rich-c: OK Ron, hope you make it, but in any case a merry Christmas to you and yours, and enjoy the holiday
Ronald: poooof....
Ronald: ok
Ronald left chat session
Busy Pamela: Okay Dad I'm heading out
rich-c: looks like its about time for us to close too, Pam
Busy Pamela: I'll call you Friday and hopefully will be by as discussed on Saturday
rich-c: so we'll see you Saturday then?
rich-c: OK see you then - nighty night
Busy Pamela: yup. Gnite Papa
Busy Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
Busy Pamela: gnite Guy!
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