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BobS: HOWDY pilgrim !!!!!!!!
rich-c: hi and merry christmas\
BobS: thank ya and same to you!
rich-c: how's life in Grand Rapids this evening?
BobS: was christmas turn uneventful
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BobS: sunny today, and a fairly easy weekend coming up
BobS: alothough another weekend storm
<undefined>: g'day.
BobS: gday mate
<undefined>: glad to see other people on here.
rich-c: our forecast is similar - we did nothing but go fetch milk today
BobS: si, but you are not sogned on
<undefined>: can't chat right now, but will be on a little bit later (in 30 mins)
BobS: signed
BobS: OK
BobS: hurry back
<undefined>: I'll try.
<undefined>: This is GuyF by the way,.
rich-c: look for you then, visitor
rich-c: OK Guy, C U
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BobS: anyway, Richard, ........last weekend had 6" snow and lost power for about 6 hours Sun am....all the while us being a little sickly with sinus problems
BobS: finally getting over them asw of today
BobS: as of
BobS: sucks being sick over Christmas
BobS: but not TOO sick to get presents and go to the family get together
rich-c: think it was about Wed we had our snow, fair bit, about ten inches or so
BobS: yikes
BobS: you cna have it
rich-c: oh for us that was moderate compared to Montreal
BobS: we missed out on the heavy stuff, AND the next storm which went your way
BobS: oh oh, what did Guy get?
rich-c: Guy ended up digging himself out of 26 inches - a record
BobS: oh boy!!!!
BobS: don't need that
rich-c: that matches our all-time high, the great blizzard of 1944
BobS: oh, we had that in '77 and '78
BobS: 2 years in a row
BobS: sucked
rich-c: that wasw a serious snowfall - took the city a week to recover
BobS: yes, that much snow does tend to slow things up a bit
rich-c: I went downtown a week later and some streets were still not dug out on the fringes of the area
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rich-c: and of course it was wartime with everyone dependent on public transit
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BobS: true
rich-c: hi Judy, recovered from yesterday?
Judy: Hi, Rich
Judy: yesterday was easy, only Doug and Meeka were here
rich-c: nice and quiet - Russell had to work so Pam came to us
Judy: yes, it was
rich-c: that works for us - we don't work as well in large gatherings as we used to
Judy: and seeing as Bob and I have not been feeling very good it was just what we needed
Judy: both have bad colds
BobS: today I am headed UP
rich-c: yes, Bob mentioned you had a dose of sinusitis - that can be miserable
BobS: was not my worst episode, but bad enough
BobS: anytime is not happy, but..........
rich-c: Dr. D. spent yesterday ihn Cleveland with the girls (at his father's place, actually) and went over to Windsor today
Judy: we were supposed to be celebrating Ryan birthday tonight but he is sick now
rich-c: oh dear, this just isn't the time you want that, especially with a small child
Judy: so we may be headed to something worse now
rich-c: don't even think it!!!
Judy: not cool that is for sure
rich-c: I took it easy today, spent much of the time trying to get my computer to work
Judy: things will start to get better after Friday that is when I am finished with the cream on my head
Judy: that is making me sick also
rich-c: there was a very enticing ad for a Dell laptop in the paper today
Judy: ah, a new computer is calling to you
BobS: ooooooh, got the bug, eh/
rich-c: but when I phoned to check there was just no way I could use it
BobS: ????
BobS: oh oh
Judy: why?
BobS: laptop, keyboard, memory, drives, WORKS
rich-c: not partitioned, and wrong file system - I need FAT32 for Linux and the emulator, among other things
Judy: just not the machine for you
BobS: reformat
rich-c: nope - likely have to upgrade my existing desktop
rich-c: I am told you can't reformat a drive that's been done in NTFS, at least not to FAT32
rich-c: and then there's the question of setting up partitions and a multiple boot
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BobS: hmmmm, verrrry interesting............never heard that
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BobS: welcome my dear
Pamela: yessss???
rich-c: hello daughter, wondering when you'd get in
Judy: hi, pam
Pamela: i'm here
BobS: ok girl, gals you could make it
BobS: glad
rich-c: the way they phrase it, Bob, it implies even fdisc won't do the job
BobS: sounded kinda DUMB didn't it....????
Pamela: Not really in question Bob
Pamela: How was your Christmas?
BobS: thought that fdisk and a complete format would blow EVERYTHING away and let you start over anew
BobS: GREAT Christmas
Pamela: good
rich-c: I'd always thought that but stuff you see is ambiguous
rich-c: I do know that the big deal with NTFS is security so maybe it can't be fully erased
Pamela: Judy, I loved your pics - showed them to Mom and Dad yesterday
BobS: and just think Pam.....we get to see them EVERY day !!!!!!
rich-c: yes, she brought her laptop over with her
rich-c: Frances discovered teh Christmas Train and Queen's channel on YouTube - had a ball
BobS: on Christmas??? or now????
Pamela: I half thought perhaps I might be able to use their DSL but I rethought it
Pamela: last night, Bob
BobS: why not????
Pamela: I would have had to reconfigure and it just wasn't worth it
rich-c: her lap[top isn't network configured - too mach hassle to move from dialup for just an hour or two
Judy: glad you enjoyed the pics
BobS: ok gotcha
Pamela: so I checked my Facebook on their laptop instead - problem solved : )
rich-c: thinking about it now, maybe she should have used ours to download to a thumb drive
BobS: si.........or get a pcmcia to compact flash and get some 1 gig cards, works great as a second hard drive
BobS: same as flash drive
rich-c: yes, that's essentially how a digital camera works - the computer sees the SD or CF card as a removable hard disc
BobS: si senor
rich-c: we have a copuple of 1 gig thumb drives but so far the three 265 drives have been adequate
rich-c: sorry, 256
BobS: got some of both
Pamela: that wasn't the point Dad - I just wanted to be able to access everyone's profiles without waiting 10 minutes
rich-c: yes, there's been a bit of a price war in them here, that isn't over yet
rich-c: oh, well, our computers were more than adequate for that
Pamela: so far the two one gigs that I have have been sufficient
Pamela: I have the other one I got a Future shop that I haven't opened yet
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rich-c: not surprised, we haven't even taken the i gigs out of the package yet
JudyS: my computer went to sleep
Pamela: I have all my pics on one and my work stuff on the other
Pamela: did you keep it up late last night Judy?
BobS: got to store stuff somewhere else, and save the flash dirves for quick flips to computers
JudyS: the stupid thing
rich-c: at the moment they are now running about $10 per gig on the sales
Pamela: which reminds me, I have to move your pics from my work drive to my picture drive
JudyS: needed to be plugged in and so it says good night not plug me in
rich-c: want to get rid of your "ghost". Judy?
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
JudyS confirmed ban
rich-c: the ghost is laid
BobS: to rest
JudyS: I am still here, right
JudyS: was just a test
Pamela: I went in to get the software for our new MP3 players and it's 8.8 meg
rich-c: we always use our laptop on the plug-in to the extent we forget it has a battery
BobS: no way to exercise the batteries
Pamela: so I'll have to download it at work tomorrow and transfer it, rather that waiting an hour or more for it to download on dialup
rich-c: we do so inadvertantly every few months
BobS: and keep them working
BobS: if'n you don't use the batteries and keep it plugged in all the time; the battery will die forever
rich-c: but laptops are so slow in power saving mode
BobS: tell the sucker to rujn full blast until it dies, and watch the battery meter some
rich-c: even in regular it's slow, thing wants to save us from ourselves despite the settings
BobS: slow as you go mate
rich-c: yes, unfortunately, that's about it
rich-c: we do use the laptopo as a portable, but everywhere there's a wireless hot spot there seems to be a power plug too
BobS: ok
BobS: was santa good to both of you?????
rich-c: do you know anything about SATA connections for hard discs?
Pamela: Santa spoiled us
JudyS: what did you get?
Pamela: which reminds me, thank you for your gift, Dad
rich-c: you are more than welcome - your mother, btw, has had her nose in the book all day
BobS: yup, got to have a computer that will accept SATA, a SATA cable and a SATS hard drive
rich-c: seems Nutsy isn't deterred by teh chicken wire so we need a new strategy
Pamela: Chapters gift cards, a new MP3 player, the latest For Better or For Worse collection, the latest Harry Potter DVD
Pamela: a new holiday tablecloth
JudyS: what is chapters?
BobS: kind of a funny connection like a usb type a (?) connecton .... or a laptop external disk drive connector
Pamela: enough junk food to feed a small nation
rich-c: no way a SATA will go on an IDE connector, it's not just a driver thing?
Pamela: ruby and diamond earrings and a 20" box chain from Russell
JudyS: that doesn't sound good
JudyS: nice
Pamela: Chapters is a bookstore
BobS: i believe it is simply a physical conneciton thing
JudyS: I see
BobS: think the hard drive works the same way
Pamela: a roll of loonies for laundry : )
BobS: but my understanding is that all has to match
rich-c: in short, incompatable hardware, no software cure
BobS: methinks
BobS: email Doug.........
rich-c: they're both the same prioce, anyway, so it makes little difference
Pamela: That's not all but it's all I can think of at the moment
Pamela: Oh yes, a new calendar
rich-c: no, I was just curious, since I'm thinking of a larger hard disc
BobS: think he told me that is is a slightly faster wya to get info......and of course, something new means changing out hardware, take it from there
Pamela: a small figurine from one of my girlfriends
JudyS: I did well also, so many things, hard to list them all, but would have enjoyed it much better if health was better
Pamela: 2 boxes of Girl Guide cookies : )
Pamela: were you sick?
JudyS: yes, both Bob and I had awful colds
JudyS: and Ryan came today sick, so we are maybe headed for more
Pamela: oh dear
JudyS: I have been under the weather since Thanksgiving
rich-c: that is really not something you need over New Years
BobS: RIGHT, want to be halthy
Pamela: sometimes it's hard to kick this stuff
rich-c: well with a cold, there's no cure for it but tincture of time
JudyS: I have just gone from one thing to another, think I need a change of climate
JudyS: oh, we are on the mend but have some doing to be well
rich-c: even that won't necessarily work
JudyS: sounds good though
rich-c: I used to find that a whacking great dose of vitamin C speeded the cure a bit
Pamela: lots of sleep helps too - nature's restorative
Pamela: sometimes taking a day to do absolutely nothing helps
rich-c: as lomng as you are able to sleep, which isn't always the case
Pamela: treat the symptoms - the treatment usually helps you sleep
JudyS: it is not
BobS: getting more sleep though
JudyS: after Friday I will improve
BobS: and drink lots of, booze
Pamela: hot toddies
rich-c: ah yes, the Mitchell solution - guess he's off with Fell today
JudyS: then I will be done with the cream for my face, cause that is making me worse
JudyS: that doesn't always work for me
Pamela: can you take cold remedies while you're using the cream Judy?
JudyS: can keep me awake
rich-c: well, it doesn't work for him either
JudyS: don't know, but I am not
JudyS: don't need any other chemicals in my system
rich-c: yes, if you aren't sure they're compatible, tread with care
JudyS: I am
Pamela: I'm watching the video for
Pamela: Thriller
Pamela: it's still incredible after 20 years
JudyS: we are watching a Flip This House
rich-c: what is Thriller?
Pamela: on TLC?
JudyS: yes
JudyS: can't believe what they pay for some of those dumps
Pamela: Michael Jackson song, Dad
rich-c: around here the prices of houses are incredible, too
rich-c: our house would be worth more if it burned down and ws just a hole in the ground
BobS: band they calim to get big bucks in about 2-3 months.......RIGHT; if it was that easy, all sales would be flips of housing
BobS: claim
BobS: I am sure in the right markets, some flipping for profit can be done, but not here, not now
rich-c: for the last few years it's been an easy way to make big bucks fast
Pamela: people are having enough trouble paying for houses right now
rich-c: but what goes up can cime down - and squish you
Pamela: without adding another $100K to the price
Pamela: what are houses going for in your area Bob?
rich-c: well I notice of late there's less evidence of bidding wrs around Toronto - and they were very common a fw months back
BobS: anywhere from $100,000 to 250,000 on average
BobS: and gong down
Pamela: you can't buy a decent house anywhere in this city for less than $250 right now
Pamela: and more likely $300K
rich-c: not sure what ours would go for - better than $400K, possibly $500K if things broke just right
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GuyF: Back...
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: can believe that, but those prices are low compared to what they were a few years ago, are they not?
rich-c: hello Guy, glad you finally made it
JudyS: Hi, Guy
BobS: hi Guy
BobS: how's the family???????
GuyF: Had to go run an errand for the wife, took me an hour...
BobS: staying up all night again?
rich-c: no, ours have just been steadily going upwards, sometimes fast, sometime slowly
Pamela: I suspect you could easily get $500K for the property right now Dad
GuyF: Family is great... yes, staying up at night, haven't slept normally since the 2nd was born, but in a few weeks/months it should be OK.
rich-c: we don't seem that fashionable this month - the hot spot is more Etobicoke
BobS: see???? someday you can sleep again....... ;-)
rich-c: how did you get to the hospital in all that snow?
GuyF: Has the McMansion phenomena hit your area Rich yet?
rich-c: right next door, Guy, and it's a huge pain
Pamela: yes, they built one right next door
GuyF: I could imagine. Been doing research on the McMansion phenomena. It just doesn't make sense building huge homes like that on tiny lots.
rich-c: 3000 sq. ft. houses do not fit in to a 1000 sq. ft. neighbourhood
Pamela: my parents area is very popular for razing and rebuilding monster houses
rich-c: our lot is about average - 45 x 120
GuyF: Well, I hope they don't do it in my area, so far no monster homes where I live.
GuyF: Our lot is more square, 80 X 80.
rich-c: once the lowlifes get in the neighbourhood is ruined in a year
Pamela: brb
GuyF: Well, it's up to the city to put up laws against those McMansions.
GuyF: But they won't because of the money they can make.
JudyS: look at the tax money they will get
rich-c: I don't think there has been a week without a house being torn down and McMansion built within our sight for 18 months
GuyF: Wow, it's really bad there, just like in some areas of the US.
rich-c: yes, we are among the worst
GuyF: Imagine being caught in between 2 McMansions... you can never enjoy your house the same way you used to.
rich-c: it doesn't take two, Guy - I speak from bitter experience
GuyF: Don't people realize that it's bad also for drainage to have too many homes on such small pieces of land?
rich-c: you think a developer cares?
GuyF: nope
BobS: you got that right
rich-c: brb - have a bottle of Maudite needs attention
GuyF: yeah, give it the attention it deserves! ;)
GuyF: Real estate is crazy, it hasn't slowed down here in Quebec, the same house we bought in April nowadays can go for $20K more in our area. 3 new metros have opened up close-by and it has really made prices sore.
rich-c: Guy, you could not buy a habitable house in Toronto for what you paid for your
BobS: 'how llong before you get to move in Guy??????
GuyF: We are moving in 4 weeks.
BobS: cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: bet you're looking forward to that!~
GuyF: Rich: I have no idea how people can afford homes in Toronto. In Montreal it's really bad, but then you have Toronto which is like double the prices.
GuyF: Oh yeah, can't wait!!! Finally a place to call home, no more neighbors walking on my head, hearing people screaming in hallways, etc... I am sick of living in an appartment complex.
rich-c: yes - you could buy two or three houses in Frand Rapids for what our lot would sell for
GuyF: has anyone ever approached you to buy your place?
rich-c: still, moving in midwinter in Quebec with a couple of real small kids - you gotta be desperate
GuyF: Well, moving in the summer makes a home $10K more.
rich-c: not in the last few days - those left here tend to be nasty to real estate salesmen
rich-c: so they don't come to the door or phone, just send flyers bragging how much they got how fast
GuyF: You could sell and get yourself a McMansion here in Quebec. :)
Pamela: and if you were in the mood to make a fast buck you mihgt be interested
rich-c: Pamela is going to have to start coming oer here more often, otherwise she won't recognize the neighbourhood when she comes
GuyF: Out with old, in with the new! Tear down the old homes, build McMansions! Huge homes with no backyard... bleah.
rich-c: yes, and if we wanted a seashore mansion in Nova Scotia, we'd still have change left over on the trade
Pamela: I always look at them and wonder, why would you need that much space? And who cleans them???
rich-c: trust me, Guy, we echo your feelings and more
GuyF: ... and maintains it! Costs money to heat. Some of these places have like 2 or 3 furnaces I hear.
BobS: exactly
Pamela: does it ever cost - some of these places have twelve foot ceilings
Pamela: what do you need those for?
rich-c: Yes, next door there's two adults and one teenager - they have a cleaning service comes weekly
BobS: everybody is rich except us
GuyF: The reason behind the McMansion phenomena is because people don't go out anymore. They want every single convenience in their home. A gym, a movie theater, etc, etc...
JudyS: the money is too easy to borrow and so they think that the sky is the limit
rich-c: ha! the local McMansions don't have stuff like that, just jerry-built construction with faddy frills
JudyS: don't think about paying for it, same as with charge cards
BobS: and THAT is why so many forclosures are afoot.........really could NOT afford it and onw have to go bankrupt
GuyF: USA is pretty bad, doesn't reflect Canada.
rich-c: we don't have the subprime market here, Judy - our banks had to buy the paper in the US to get burned
GuyF: We're a bit stricter with our lending here in Canada... To get $195K it was pretty tough and I was stretched to the MAX. In the US I'm sure I'd qualify for $500K. :)
Pamela: yes lending institutions are very strict here and if you're a first time buyer it's even worse because you have no equity
GuyF: Exactly. I have a real good job, great credit, etc... and like I said, over $200K was impossible to get as a loan.
rich-c: yes, a fairly juicy down payment helps convince them
rich-c: when we bought our house we put over 50% down - the lenders were very eager to talk to us
GuyF: Rich: I'm putting down 20%, not juicy, but pretty decent... Just enough not to have to pay homeowners insurance.
rich-c: by today's standards, that's respectable, Guy
Pamela: I thought it had to be 25% to satisfy the CMHC
GuyF: Pamela: It changed in APRIL 2007, it went down to 20%.
BobS: the down payment would tighten up the sales market here, but it is needed to bring the foreclosure rate down
Pamela: well you timed it well then : )
GuyF: Yes, I did, I hadn't planned it like that. 20% I have, 25%, no way.
rich-c: probably had to reduce it because of the prices in hot market cities
GuyF: Exactly, 25% is nearly impossible to get nowadays... Imagine saving for a starter home in Toronto. You'd be saving for 15 yrs.
rich-c: I gather Stateside they were giving teaser rates on zsro-down purchases
rich-c: yes, we saed fanatically for ten years from two professional incomes
GuyF: Rich: There you go... Prices were that expensive back in the days?
BobS: lots of zero down, no interest for a while, and variable rate mortgages are killing the buyers
Pamela: remember they had 50
Pamela: %
rich-c: you couldn't buy a decent car today for what we paid for our house, Guy
JudyS: then they are buying over their means and next thing they loose the house
GuyF: I'm sure...
rich-c: but then I did mention we had 50% down
Pamela: any idea what your combined incomes were at the time you bought the house Dad?
JudyS: how long have you lived in that house, Rich
rich-c: yes, but I don't propose to discuss it
GuyF: The house I bought is roughly 5 times my yearly salary...
Pamela: 43.5 years today
rich-c: we bought it in 1964
GuyF: house I bought was built in 64 too, haha, coincidence
rich-c: there was a lot of construction going on then
Pamela: they closed one year to the day before I was born : )
GuyF: maybe you can answer me on this one. In 64, was there a shortage of copper?
rich-c: we were seeing a bit of a burst of prosperity, despite the government
rich-c: there was one around that time, because I remember it being an issue - but out house was built in 1953
BobS: shortage?????? naw, just higher priced
GuyF: Just wondering, because some homes in the area don't have an ounce of copper in them for the wiring.
rich-c: no, it was an actual shortage, Bob, production could not keep up with demand
rich-c: of course this was reflected in high prices, and substitutions
GuyF: yes, the aluminum wiring fiasco.
rich-c: it was made out to be a lot worse than it actually was, Guy
GuyF: Dunno, heard some scary things about aluminum wiring even up to now... a friend of mine was contracted to re-wire the whole house. Not an easy thing,.
BobS: just need the black goopy suff on the connections to kill any sparks
Pamela: is that the technical term, Bob?
BobS: yup, black goopy studd
GuyF: problem with the wiring in shrinkage with heat if I remember correctly, so connections don't stay put.
BobS: still use aluminum around here for all entrance cabling, becasue of cost
Pamela: are you having the house rewired Guy?
BobS: that is it Guy
GuyF: yes, it's still being used for certain types of connections, indeed.
GuyF: Pam: No, our house does not have aluminum wiring thankfully... it's FULL of copper, there's huge copper pipes a bit everywhere. :)
BobS: but checking for problems once in a while should keep things incheck
JudyS: electric is nice, we were off for about 6 hours Sunday
GuyF: We have a nice 200A electrical wiring too... am happy about that. :) 100 or 75A was standard back in teh days I think.
BobS: lot of houses around say....1960 had copper drain pies also .....noisy suckers they were
rich-c: just listen for noises in teh basement - teh market for copper is huge now and they don't ask where it came from
GuyF: Yep, we have copper drain pipes.... saw some pipes next to the roof, was wondering what they were.
JudyS: they are stripping it out of places around here also
GuyF: Guess I can remove those pipes and put PVC or something instead and make a few thousands in the process. :)
rich-c: no, back then it was 60 amp, gold standard was 100 - we went to 200 amp when we went to electric heat from oil
GuyF: We have 200A but am still stuck using gas (in french the term is Mazout).
BobS: you know, IF you did it yourself Guy, you might make a few bucks with the copper
Pamela: I wish they'd wired this place decently
GuyF: BobS: Probably! The pipes are HUGE!
Pamela: we have the craziest wiring going
GuyF: Pamela: What's wrong with the wiring Pam?
Pamela: the entire half of the apartment is on one circuit
Pamela: the kitchen and dining room are on a second
rich-c: I gather gas is still cheaper than electric, certainly it is in Ontario - but that could change
GuyF: breakers go off often?
Pamela: the third has one plug on it
Pamela: the fourth is dedicated to the stove and oven
GuyF: Rich: A lot of homeowners are getting rid of their gas furnance and getting electric ones. I might too next winter.
Pamela: I only blow fuses when I forget and attempt to run the heater and the hair dryer at the same time
GuyF: yeah,. those consume a lot...
rich-c: yes, but I'll bet Hydro Quebec rates are cheaper than Ontario Hydro's - and your gas and oil are more expensive
Pamela: this place is almost as big as Mom and Dad's place and we have exactly four circuits
GuyF: Rich: Exactly... it's more cost effective to heat with electricty in Quebec.
Pamela: we now have the resettable fuses in the box
Pamela: makes life much easier
Pamela: got them after I blew the fuse a couple of weeks ago running the heater and the hair dryer
rich-c: it has its upside - your humidity problem in winter will be too mcuh, not too little
GuyF: Pam: Yeah, resetables make more sense than those screw ons.
rich-c: it's silent, there's no stink, no dust, no explosion hazard
GuyF: Rich: That's what I hear... electrical heating make a home dryer.
GuyF: Rich: No gas tank!!!
Pamela: discovered them a few years ago and used them for the circuit that we run the a/c from
GuyF: Pam: Do you live in a condo Pam?
Pamela: no a rental apartment
Pamela: now we have resettables in three of the four circuits
rich-c: Frances complains we pay far too much for our heating compared to gas - but I'm not convinced that's still true
BobS: well, you proly don't need a resetable on ein the circuit with one plug
GuyF: most appartments don't have very good electrical panels. I think we had 4 circuits in our huge 2 bedroom appartment too.
Pamela: that's the one we run the a/c from Bob
GuyF: Rich: Well, electricity is safer, easier to insure, etc...
Pamela: in the summer we have extension cords running everywhere
rich-c: well yes, it doesn't leak and go bang
Pamela: we run the bedroom a/c off the single plug in the LR and the LR a/c off the plug in the stove, since it's 20 amp service instead of 15
GuyF: Rich: Exactly.. just for that peace of mind, I'm going to get rid of gas heating.
rich-c: we have hydro sources and we have nuclear. but the nut cases have still stuck us with a bunch of thermal plants too
Pamela: in the winter, if we need the heater on full, we run it off the single plug in the LR
GuyF: go figure
rich-c: so our rates are far higher than they have any rational reason to be
GuyF: Heating is about $1800/yr the gentleman told me./
Pamela: Dad, can you ask Mom if she wants her hard sauce jar back?
BobS: hard stuff jar???????
Pamela: hard sauce, Bob
GuyF: hard jar, as in not flexible. :)
BobS: shees, we don't have anybody here tonight.....kinda thin on people
rich-c: Guy, we paid about $2800 for electricity last year - including heating, a/c, cooking, water heating, etc - we are total electric
BobS: only the best are in attendance
Pamela: it's what she sent the hard sauce home with me in
GuyF: quality my friend, not quantity!
JudyS: did you have to work today, Pam on boxing day?
BobS: si senor
rich-c: your ma says yes but there's no hurry, Pam
Pamela: no Judy, it's a statutory holiday here
Pamela: thanks Dad
GuyF: Rich: One day very soon I'm going to need your advice on Minivans. Planning on buying a used one and don't know much about the good used models to look for.
JudyS: did you shop then?
BobS: did you have to stand REAL still then????????
Pamela: I go in tomorrow and Friday and am off again Monday and Tuesday
(BobS winks)
JudyS: I didn't go out, and Sherri says that they are awful about returns in the stores this year
Pamela: well I must admit to not moving much today : )
Pamela: spent a great deal of time online looking at computer and TV prices
Pamela: too much humanity out there for me today : )
rich-c: I am no authority on minivans, Guy - though I suppose I could check Consumer REports for you
GuyF: Rich: Thought you were a carnut? :)
rich-c: I am, but there are only certain criteria - it's ratehr interesting, acvtually
rich-c: there have been a couple of our members buying new machinery and asking opinions
GuyF: Yeah, was never interested in minivans myself, nothing exciting, but, they are great when you have an expanding family!
rich-c: their questions and our answers show how hard it is to make a call
Pamela: which reminds me I was going to check CU on TVs
GuyF: CU?
rich-c: by the way you can eavesdrop, no membership reaquired unless you want to post some backchat
rich-c: the url is simply
GuyF: I been a few times on Carnuts actually... not reading about cars but about various topics. Interesting talk.
Pamela: Consumer Reports - I forget what CU stands for
rich-c: yes, we have quite a weird bunch there, haven't we?
GuyF: Yes, very educated too...
rich-c: Consumers Union, the publisher
Pamela: ah, thank you Dad
rich-c: anyway, come by often Guy, it can be entertaining
rich-c: how long did it take you to figure out which one was me?
Pamela: or have you?
GuyF: well ladies and gents, I must retire tonight, waking up in 6 hours to go to work tomorrow... Rich, I will see you on carnuts, been looking for a place to have intelligent convo.
Pamela: I figured it out right away : )
GuyF: Wish you all a healthy and prosperous new years!
GuyF: Onwards to 2008!
rich-c: that's terrific Guy, have a good snooze, take it easy, and see you online
Pamela: Thank you Guy, and to you and Sandra and the girls as well
JudyS: night Guy and have a Happy New Year
GuyF: Thank you all, I will let her know.
rich-c: meanwhile, hereuse nouvelle annee!
GuyF: bonne annee!
BobS: AND we too must go to the horizontal position
GuyF left chat session
BobS: nite Guy
BobS: oops, gone
Pamela: Happy New Year, Bob and Judy
BobS: so, bonne nut to yo both
rich-c: right - so the best of happy new years to you two, Bob and Judy
JudyS: I am signing off, also so Happy New Year to all
rich-c: see you in the New Year
BobS: be good and odn't drive IF youhit the booze
BobS: don't
JudyS left chat session
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well Papa its just you and I
rich-c: so daughter, anything we need before goodnight?
Pamela: I suppose I should go and check to make sure I have something to wear tomorrow
rich-c: OK, talk to you in a day or two
rich-c: night night for now
Pamela: okay, goodnigh Daddy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
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