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Meeka: hello
rich-c: hi meeka, you're on early
rich-c: how's the weather ovedr in GR?
Meeka: cold and snowy
rich-c: ouch - you have now what we'll have in about 12 hours - that doesn't sound nice
Meeka: not to bad, just the light flufly intermitten flurries now
rich-c: we have no snow falling at the moment but it is forecast
rich-c: our temperature is around -10C which would be about 14F
Meeka: they say we will be in single digits tonight
rich-c: I.m not sure ours is to be quite that bad, and I think we are to get near freezing (0C) on the weekend
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changed username to BobS
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rich-c: hello Bob, how goes it?
Meeka: hey dad
BobS: hi kids!!!!!
BobS: little late but made it on
changed username to JEAN STONE
BobS: how's things?
rich-c: hey we vhave JEAN!!!
BobS: storm comingyour way Richard
Meeka: hi Jean :-)
BobS: HI JEAN!!!!!
rich-c: hello to deep in the heart of TExas
BobS: so? we'll take yoiu any way we can
rich-c: hey, once you pass 70, you're allowed the odd memory leak
BobS: you dear, are ALWAYS welcome
JEAN STONE: I still need to know WHEN we are going to meet.
Meeka: lol, i not waiting till 70 for that
Meeka: I do that now LOL
rich-c: you mean Adamcon?
BobS: how's the weather there in El paso ??????? seems frm the weather map that youa re kinda cold also
BobS: yes, ADAMCON
rich-c: Pam went down to look at the St. Catharines Holiday in earlier this week
JEAN STONE: It is cold!!!
BobS: Pam needs to come on and enlighten us all
BobS: thougth so Jean.........
rich-c: I have no doubt she'll be here shortly, Bob
JEAN STONE: I wish you guys would keep your cold weather at home!
BobS: Judy says HI Jean..........adn we LIKE to share our cold with all !!!!!
rich-c: I believe she's thinking last or second-last weekend in June - don't have a calendar handy
JEAN STONE: I need to renew my passport and that takes some time.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel - ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde! vous allez bien?
BobS: RENEW IT !!!!!! you just might use it for ADAMCON or something else anyway
BobS: good evening Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich, oui, ca va!
Meeka: hello
BobS: SALUTE !!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: got enough snow down there, Daniel ;-)
JEAN STONE: Buenos dias, amgias y amigos!
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I had a bad luck tonight... maybe I will be afraid again to take a bus during night.
rich-c: why, what happened - did it fall off the road?
BobS: oh oh........what happened Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone was sitting nervously beside me, always trying to not touch the seat by pulling himself up, always taking breath by opening the window, and always acting like a doorman for the back part of the bus.
JEAN STONE: Well, our conversation seems to be cold, too
Daniel Bienvenu: this guy simply lose is mind, acting that strange, and not respecting every person who talk to him in french.
rich-c: anyway, the conference date will be June and affected by Ron's trip to Italy and Dr. D's presentation in Pittsburgh
rich-c: ivre ou fou?
Daniel Bienvenu: he said crazy things like "you are dead meat" to someone who simply touch him to asking to let him pass to the seats free where I was.
Daniel Bienvenu: I had the feeling to be trap, otage by default.
rich-c: ce saison, tout le monde au Quebec parle francais, n'est-ce pas? Aucun des touristes?
JEAN STONE: thank you all when you have a set date, please let me know asap...I need to get back to crocheting the afghan
BobS: just another NUT case person, who meeds to be on medication
JEAN STONE left chat session
BobS: BOOM she left quickly
rich-c: it hass nothing to do with teh bus or the time, Daniel, the world is full of such people
Daniel Bienvenu: he yells werid things about temprature, russian, jerks, bishop,.... very crazy person. he left out the bus when he realized he must get out or talk to the police that was coming.
rich-c: the3re is no way that you can avoid them, really
Daniel Bienvenu: a woman was molested by him just because she refused to speak english with him.
rich-c: do your buses have radio links to the police?
rich-c: that is very strange in Quebec City - or was this on the South Shore?
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Daniel Bienvenu: the buses are reliated to police in 3 different modes. the silent mode with the LED banner changing to a message saying that something is not ok inside. the CB mode where the bus driver talk to a controller about the situation and ask for instructions.
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: greetings
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: where is everyone else?
rich-c: the gang breathlessly awaits your Adamcon update
BobS: WHAT ???????? we are here
Meeka: hi Pam
rich-c: Jean Stone left, got tired waiting
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, there is a part of Quebec city that is filled with strange people, but not all are like him. And unfortunatly, my work is inside this part of the town, like all the other multimedia companies who got subvention from the government to be there.
Pamela: Jean was here??
rich-c: others haven't arrived yet
Meeka: yup, for a few quick minutes
Pamela: well heck, you all know I'm usually late : )
rich-c: where is that, Daniel, down in Lower Town?
rich-c: we gave her a few clues anyway
Pamela: just what clues did you give??
rich-c: place and governing factors for date
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's called Lower Town... Saint-Roch (pronunced Rock). the best place to find poeple in detress, with money problem with different results like being molested by a gang. It's a rough place, but I have to deal with it.
rich-c: actually around the Vieux Carre it's also very touristy, if I recall
Pamela: sorry, stepped away for a second
Daniel Bienvenu: Carre? .... D'Youville? it's not affected by these people... but you may find some trouble maker who came from other cities.
Daniel Bienvenu: specially during "fete de la Saint-Jean"
rich-c: downtown Toronto is quite similar, but on a larger scale - there are no-go areas very near very fancy ones
rich-c: anyway, the big square in Lower Town, that's d'Youville, is it?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you don't want trouble, stay away from lower town. stay with the tourists or where there are huge shoping centers.
rich-c: but St. Jean Baptiste day isn't until what - June 24th?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's the occasion to many to be drunk and lose their minds for a night. and it's a very significative day here in Quebec
rich-c: not that problem people can't show up any day, any place
rich-c: yes, the fete national
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, my birthday is june 18th, a week before, so as soon as my birthday pass, I'm afraid of what is going to happend in my town.
rich-c: don't fuss it, you are not aggressive, but you are big enough to take care of yourself
Daniel Bienvenu: so, being away from Quebec in june because of the adamcon annual meeting is not a problem for me.
Pamela: it happens everywhere Daniel
Pamela: well that's good news : )
rich-c: a drunk will challenge anyone of course, but you are not a weak lookming target
Pamela: however unless you want to stay and play tourist after the convention, you'll be back in Quebec for the 24th
rich-c: Pam, will Daniel's birthday be within the days you are looking at, then?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: June 19 - 22nd
Meeka: what days are that pam
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... it's fixed already?
Pamela: it's not set in stone Daniel, but those are the dates I'm looking at
rich-c: so you'll be a day older the day you get there than when you left ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: so, I can't deal yet with my boss for the adamcon meeting dates?
Pamela: I'm about 80% sure at this point that those will be the days
Meeka: will let Doug know, I know we are busy the week before that
Pamela: so go ahead
rich-c: Rich doesn't know which day he has to give his paper on
Pamela: I was looking at the week before, but it was a bad date for Ron, for you two and for Dale and Jillian
Pamela: well if he has to leave early, it will be on the Sunday
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder which face my boss will make if I say, "I'm 80% sure I will not be in town for june 19-22"
Pamela: so he'll get most of the convention in before he has to leave - he may miss the banquet
rich-c: en anglais, I think it would be interpreted as 'what the hell?"
Pamela: Daniel if I have to change the dates, they will be very very different anyway
rich-c: like different part of the year, right?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: Meeka, do you think you two might be able to attend?
Daniel Bienvenu: that's better... "I'm 80% sure I will not be in town during the period june 19-22, and 20% during a very very different period"
rich-c: right, summer (July/August) is out because it is tourist country and prices are excessive
Meeka: if it is that weekend it is possible, Doug and I will still have to talk, we been waiting for a more definate date to discuss it
rich-c: right, and you still have your medical issues, don't you?
Meeka: thats not that big of an issue
Meeka: I can carry any of it I need in the country with me alosng with documents from my dr
rich-c: my surgery is now set for Feb. 28th so I should be well back in shape
Pamela: unless several people come to me and say "those dates are impossible" then I'm pretty sure we're set
Pamela: brb, gonna go get my dinner from the mic
Meeka: k
rich-c: from all we've heard so far they seem to fit, though of course the Wicks may have problems given their business demands
BobS changed username to Judy
Meeka: i will talk to doug and then we will see
Judy: hello, everyone
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: Daniel, I forget - do you drink wine at all?
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: Bob is working on my computer so I have his
Meeka: lol
rich-c: taking over for the old man, are you?
Judy: he has to change a part on my computer
rich-c: same sort of thing happens around here, Judy
Meeka: the cd actung up agian
Judy: yes
rich-c: I can't use the laptop after dinner - that's Frances' time
Meeka: lol, that problem doesnt happen around here
Judy: no, it is blinking again
rich-c: you mean the in-use light?
Meeka: the backlight on the screen
Pamela: num, num hi Judy
Judy: screen inverter
rich-c: that sounds like fairly expensive trouble
Meeka: not really
Meeka: doug replaced one in an old one of ours
Judy: thing lasts so long and then it starts up again
Meeka: the hard part is sometimes finding the part
rich-c: my understanding is that if the screen goes, it's time to pitch the laptop
Pamela: while I have you all here, can I get some e-mail addresses? One at a time?
Judy: we have extras he buys them by two
Pamela: and no Dad I don't need yours : )
Daniel Bienvenu: during special occasions, I may drink wine. But I don't drink wine as many times as you probably.
Pamela: this will be for a mailing list so take that into consideration
rich-c: just asking, Daniel, because we wil be right in the heart of Ontario's wine growing region
Pamela: thank you - next?
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changed username to JudyS
rich-c: Bob taking back the computer now, Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be interresting to discover a good wine for future occasions.
Pamela: Daniel, yours?
Judy changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: always mine at yahoo... ... the .fr is important.
rich-c: if enough are interested we can probably organize a tasting trip to one or more wineries
Pamela: thank you
BobS: si senorita
BobS: you are WELCOME
Pamela: I'm assuming, Judy and Meeka, that I don't also have to mail Bob and Doug, correct?
BobS: .......for what?
rich-c: in fact if we wanted to spring for the extra big $$$ a couple of the wineries have first-rate restaurants
Meeka: prob not
BobS: si senorita
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I think they are still on speaking terms, Pam ;-)
Pamela: okay, good
Guy B.: Greetings from cold and snowy Chicago
JudyS: should not be a problem, Bob checks most of the email anyway
Pamela: that's a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$, Dad
rich-c: hello, Guy - frozen solid yet?
Pamela: Hi, Guy
JudyS: hi, Guy
Meeka: hi guy
Guy B.: We were last weekend and another one is coming in now
Pamela: Guy, before I forget, I need an e-mail address for the Adamcon updates
rich-c: not always as much as you think, Pam, especially if you only want one glass of wine
JudyS: how about snow? Do you have tons?
Pamela: and does anyone have Murray's and Jean's emails?
Guy B.: You can use
Pamela: thank you Bob
BobS: are on your own my dear
Pamela: and thank you Guy
rich-c: murray is at but I don't know what name form he uses
Pamela: Ron probably has it - I'll send him an e-mail : )
Pamela: I'm thinking I might set up a temp gmail account for this
Pamela: that way hopefully no one will think it's spam
Pamela: something like
JudyS: that sounds like a plan
Pamela: just popped into my head now
rich-c: not sure gmail will allow that, Pam
Pamela: why not Dad?
rich-c: AdamCon they might pass
Pamela: how about XX?
rich-c: all the ISPs are afraid you're going to set up a server or big mailing list
Daniel Bienvenu: we have to be invited to have a gmail account. so you will invite yourself to have an account?
rich-c: remember the problem Dale is having at the moment
Pamela: I already have one, Daniel
rich-c: I'll invite her if I have to
Pamela: yes but that's his isp, I believe
Meeka: you could try "AC20news" if that one doesnt work Pam
Pamela: also a good suggestion, Meeka
rich-c: I suspect, Meeka, if it sounds non-personal they won't allow it
rich-c: but "AdamCon or Adamcon could be an Adam Conrad, for example
Meeka: why not, they allow all sorts of weird things
rich-c: not gmail they don't they are very fussy
Pamela: I would use mine, but a lot of people don't know me by my initials, or by my married name
rich-c: and they are wise in the ways if information gathering and filtration
Pamela: I suppose I could always e-mail them and ask if they won't allow it
Meeka: just try it, all they can say is try agian
Pamela: what I like about gmail is it's not connected to our ISP in any way so I'm less likely to get weird spam later on
Pamela: I've been using it a lot lately
rich-c: I'd say try to set it up as AdamCon or even Adam_Con and see what reaction you get
Pamela: in addition, all my communications with hotels and such has been through gmail
rich-c: yes, and far as I can see gmail has the best spam filters around
Pamela: and finally, it's portable - I don't have to be at home to access the account
rich-c: I don't think I have ever seen a spam originating from gmail, either
Pamela: actually, come to think of it, XX is probably a bad choice - it might get nixed
Daniel Bienvenu: this discussion is very interresting, but I have to leave now... I need to sleep, and try to sleep well, because tomorow is my rush day to finish a playable project for my work.
rich-c: quite - listen to your papa, young lady ;-)
Pamela: yes papa
Pamela: sorry Daniel, I know I'm going on and on
JudyS: night Daniel
rich-c: right Daniel, get your rest, take it easy - bonsoir, et a la prochaine
Pamela: that will ease once I get the news letter set up
Daniel Bienvenu: Oh, my Papa, to me he was so wonderful . Oh, my Papa, to me he was so good...
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c: gee Daniel, I thought you were too young to remember that one!
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, wikipedia helped me for this one... I only remember the "oh my papa" part.
Pamela: so why does that bring Oh Susanna to mind???
Meeka: crying
(goes to fetch his beer)
(A dog howls in the distance)
JudyS: why crying?
Pamela: "now don't you cry for me"
Meeka: right
Pamela: actually, I think it's the cadence - oh my papa, oh susanna
Daniel Bienvenu: oh susanna? it's a funny music to play.
Meeka: lol, if you say so
Pamela: LOL is right, now I'll have Oh Susanna running around in my head all night : )
Pamela: brb, I have to go and get my laundry - be about five minutes
rich-c: Bob, how do I go about removing an action?
BobS: in what??????
BobS: or where????
rich-c: the menu at the top of the page
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich-c: easy to add one but not to remove it
BobS: that did not work
BobS: how do ayou add one?
rich-c: in edit, create new action - so simple even I can do it
BobS: hmmm....kinda neat, eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: oh suzanna! music in an original way :
Daniel Bienvenu: look at 5:10 lol
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel
BobS: nite daniel
Meeka: nigth
BobS: tried to go to the spaniel chat website.........error messages
BobS: so can't find outthere
rich-c: Dale or Dr. D. would know but they aren't on
rich-c: it isn't a big deal anyway
JudyS: I am going to call it a night, been a long week and it is only half done, go figure
rich-c: some weeks are like that, Judy - take care
JudyS left chat session
Pamela: good night Judy
Pamela: darn laundry isn't cooked
Pamela: I had to put it back in for another round
Pamela: my kingdom for ensuite washer and dryer
rich-c: what, too much for the dryer?
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Pamela: yeah, its an oversize dryer so I tried to feed it most of two loads
Pamela: it tried, but didn't succeed
rich-c: but it isn't that much oversize?
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: btw Dad, your suggestion about Craig's list was an excellent one
Pamela: I found a number of interesting ads
rich-c: anyway, Pam, if we end up in St. Catharines, any ideas about diversions?
Pamela: not yet - I'm working on that
Pamela: gimme a break Dad, let me get the hotel settled first
rich-c: I think a few minutes to the multiple locks on the Welland Canal might be in order
rich-c: think we could draft Dr. D. as a designated driver for a winery tour?
Pamela: tell you what Dad, you do the research and give me a complete presentation
BobS: been there, done that, nice but short on excitement
BobS: great idea Pam
Pamela: you have an assignment too Bob - you need to start thinking about your convention presentation
Meeka: k, i gonna head off towards bed
Meeka: have a good week
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Pamela: okay Meeka, thanks for the good suggestions
rich-c: the net stuff we ended up looking at down there included flea markets, neat used book store
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: did you know there's a church in St. Catharines where your gret-grandfather was the minister?
rich-c: night, Meeka
BobS: uh uh ............
Pamela: yes, but I doubt that's of much interest to the rest of the group : )
rich-c: that notion had occurred to me...
Pamela: uh uh you're not presenting, or uh oh, got me, Bob?
BobS: HA ! gotcv\ha !
rich-c: all sorts of small stuff, hydro plant, flower clock, butterfly conservatory, just viewing the Falls
BobS: wil have to think of something appropriate.....and/or interestign
Pamela: note to self: set up spreadsheet for schedule!
rich-c: well, consider what you and Judy and Diug and Meeka might find interesting, and let us know
BobS: IF I don't start working less, won'thave TIME to think of anything
rich-c: it's nice country, even just riding around exploring it is fun
BobS: would be nicwe if D&M could make it this year
Pamela: Guy, same goes for you - please start thinking about your presentation
BobS: we are tentatively planning on coming
rich-c: lots of history too, but all sites of battles where the Americans got beaten
Pamela: good thing Bob, because you're included in all my planning : )
Pamela: by the way, what is Jean's daughter's name?
Pamela: I would love to have D & M be able to attend
BobS: Melanie Stone-Douglas
Pamela: Dad, do you have any ambitions towards presenting a session?
Pamela: thank you Bob - I had her as Daughter Stone on my list : )
rich-c: I'll be lucky to even get to a session
Pamela: I understand from Jean that she's planning to bring Melanie with her
rich-c: wish I know enough about the Adam to actually say anything but I don't
BobS: Melanie and/or more daughters
Pamela: bringing more than Melanie?? We may need more rooms. That would make the hotel happy : )
rich-c: how old is Jean now, btw? I know she's older than me
Pamela: and btw Dad, I've checked with both hotels and they both have handicapped rooms
Pamela: and lots of handicapped parking
rich-c: good show, long as I can get around them without killing myself
rich-c: anyway, who knows how I'll be doing by that time?
rich-c: I reckon Jean is more likely to need a handicap room than I
BobS: she is about 85 married 65 yrs berfore Jack died
Guy B.: Hmm, ok Pam.
Pamela: I'm working to ensure that I take accessability into consideration wherever possible, Dad
rich-c: yes, and she's showing a bit of wear around the edges
rich-c: do remember we have a wheelchair we could bring down for her to use if necessary
rich-c: we'll get Guy to push it - he's young and vigourous
Pamela: I had a question I wanted to put to everyone regarding the meeting room - does anyone feel it's necessary to have it Thursday night? (and if I've already asked this, my apologies, Dad's senior moments are contagious)
BobS: I think that we could very easily dispense with having it available on Thurs evening............most times in the past years it has not been used
Pamela: Dad? Guy? Your opinions?
rich-c: I echo Bob's view - if necessary we'll go take over a corner of the hotel pub, they'll welcome the business
Guy B.: The only thing we would need the meeting room for on Thursday is for our laptops
rich-c: the Holoday Inn at least had wifi in every room
Guy B.: But, we can always use our hotel rooms for that
Pamela: as does the Quality Inn
BobS: a quiet corner of the hotel lobby would even suffice with our group numbers
Pamela: there's hispeed wireless all over the hotel
Pamela: that's what I thought to do Bob - use the lobby area as a "meet and greet" area
rich-c: well, with luck, they may be a bit better than last year, if we add the SLopsemas and Drushels and Stones and don't lose any Wicks
Pamela: and if the Fosters can come
rich-c: btw Pamela, don't forget to talk to Dale about setting up an Adamcon 20 website
BobS: well sounds good !!!!!! keep us informed if before next Wed, time to head off for the sack ya know
Pamela: thanks Dad, I'll add that to my notes
BobS: good girl
Pamela: Bob, thanks for the input - have a good night and a great week
BobS: when the dates are set i will alter my webpage to reflect also
BobS: nite Clee's and guy
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to take off here. Will try to get in earlier next week. Snow slowed me down tonight
rich-c: right Bob, get your 40 winks, take care, see you next week
BobS left chat session
rich-c: right Guy, see you next week, then
Pamela: gnite Guy, thanks for your input too
Guy B.: Your welcome
rich-c: well duaghter, looks like that's it for tonight - any last notes?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I'm sure I'll think of some but it's easier to make my list then talk to you in person or on the phone
Pamela: I'm gonna go get my laundry and go to bed, I'm exhausted
Pamela: anything I need to know?
rich-c: OK, any thoughts on when you might call?
Pamela: as always, tomorrow or Friday
rich-c: no news I can think of offhand
Pamela: I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday afternoon
Pamela: it's on Cartwright, just opposite Yorkdale
rich-c: OK, talk to you later in the week then
rich-c: goodnight for now
Pamela: I may come by either before or after
Pamela: but I'll let you know
rich-c: we should be here
Pamela: okay
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: night, Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
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