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Meeka: hello
rich-c: you're on early, Meeka
Meeka: guess so
rich-c: so snowboud there;s nothing else to do? ;-)
Meeka: something like that
Meeka: way to cold to do anything outside
rich-c: we got a thorough dusting last night
rich-c: we aren't that cold - cold enough, -5C this afternoon, about -10C now
Meeka: heard on the news last night we have had snow for 47 of the last 50 days
Meeka: we were hovering right around 0 sunday/monday
rich-c: oh wow - we haven't had that but we may end with a record seasonal accumulation this year
Meeka: our high today was a wopping 14 degrees
Meeka: lol
rich-c: 0 is around -18C, wse have been close but not qauite that cold
Meeka: i think they said we were about 80 inches already
Meeka: for the season
rich-c: you always get a lot from snow streamers off teh lake, don't you?
Meeka: yup, we get lake effect snow from most storms
rich-c: we had a lake effect storm yesterday, strong east winds so a band right off Lake Ontario into Toronto
rich-c: usually teh wind is from the west so you and Cleveland and Buffalo get it
Meeka: lucky us
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: well, quiet, isn't it
Pamela: hello everyone
Meeka: so far
rich-c: just be glad you don't live in teh southeast corner of Lake Ontario
Pamela: I thank my lucky stars every day, Dad
Pamela: I'm tired enough of snow
rich-c: check out for Oswego, NY - snow
Pamela: no thanks : )
rich-c: our snowfall this year is above average but hasn't been too exceptional year
rich-c: sorry, yet
Pamela: I wouldn't mind it so much if we weren't getting it all at once!
Meeka: but thats the way it works
rich-c: oh come on, you've had your struggles getti g to work I know, but really the days have been few
Pamela: I was just discussing with Mom the difficulty of finding a day to travel to St. Catharines
Pamela: if it isn't snowing, it has just snowed or is just about to snow again
rich-c: well, get in the habit of using the Environment Canada website - they are thorough, up to date
Pamela: yes, I've been looking at it every day
Pamela: bad news all around
rich-c: and in our experience offer teh best percentage on their forecasts. too
rich-c: well, next five days we have about a 30% POP at worst, some days better
rich-c: mind you it is going to get very cold over the weekend
Pamela: yes, but every time it snows it adds to what's already there
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Pamela: if they haven't cleared properly from the last time, it can get very messy
rich-c: well, you'll have to look at the traffic cameras, the ones for the QEW cover pretty well to Hamilton
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from Snowy and COLDDDD Chicago
Pamela: Hamilton, heck - they go all the way to the border at Ft. Erie
Pamela: Hi Guy
Meeka: hello Guy
rich-c: do they now? they've added a bunch, then
Pamela: greetings from cold and snowy Toronto, Guy
rich-c: so you should be able to see the state of snow clearing, then
Guy B.: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for spring. Too much snow here.
rich-c: yow cold is it over by you, Guy?
Pamela: Meeka, have you heard from Bob and Judy?
Guy B.: We had a wind chill warning last Sunday, temp's never made it above zero and -30 below windchill.
Pamela: Did they make it safely out of the snow belt?
Meeka: not since they got on the boat on saturday
Guy B.: Had more snow last night and guess what, more is forecast for tomorrow night
Meeka: ya, they had a decent trip down
rich-c: if they're on the boat I reckon they're out of the snow ;-)
Guy B.: Good timing by them
Pamela: I think we're on the same storm track Guy - you get it, then send it up to us
Guy B.: That sounds about right Pam
Meeka: no kidding
rich-c: actually, Pam, yesterday and last night were two different storms
Pamela: so Mom was saying
rich-c: the one during the day was a snow streamer off Lake Ontari
rich-c: then the wind shifted and that storm from Texas moved up onto us
Pamela: we're gonna have to have a chat with Texas
Meeka: lol
rich-c: it's OK, later this winter we'll find a nice chill high to ship to them
rich-c: just remember, between the North Pole and Texas, there's only a barbed wire fence for a windbreak
rich-c: wonder vwhere our Quebecois are - our storm should be just pulling away from them now
Pamela: M. Foster has been shovelling for four hours, according to his Facebook post
Pamela: ah, the joys of home ownership : )
rich-c: guess they got dumped on pretty good, then!
rich-c: well, he'll just have to go out and get himself a power shovel
rich-c: Clive and his crew were here about lunchtime and did us and teh neighbours in about 15 minutes
Pamela: I was talking to Adriana earlier - she's certainly happy that she started her mat leave when she did
Pamela: and her hubby is insisting they need a snowblower
rich-c: yes, these streets are no place for walking when your balance is distorted
Pamela: she's in Barrie
rich-c: now if you want to see some serious snow, then move to Barrie - they have prime skiing when we're bare
Pamela: she certainly wasn't looking forward to driving back and forth to work on the 400
rich-c: no, around now it can be a significant challenge
Pamela: FYI, Meeka and Guy, Adriana works at my old workplace
Pamela: or worked - I'm not sure she's going back
Pamela: after her mat leave is up
Meeka: most of the time these days it makes sence to stay home
rich-c: I guess it depends how life with the baby works out - some can find good caregivers, other won't accept any
Pamela: just one more reason I'm glad I switched jobs - they spring us early when the weather gets bad
Meeka: daycare is so bad around here that your whole check goes to cover the cost, then whats the use
rich-c: babies take a lot of looking after, but some have extended family and such to help
Pamela: don't forget, in Ontario you get 50 weeks of maternity leave, so by the time her leave is up, the baby will be almost a year
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rich-c: our neighbourhood is full of Jewish schools - don't know how some afford them
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: allo,
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
Pamela: Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Meeka: thats way better than here
Daniel Bienvenu: did I miss something important?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Pamela: rien, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pam,
Meeka: you only get 8-10 weeks depending on your company around here
rich-c: non - avez-vous assez de neige?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have to ask you if you, Pam, have a Paypal account?
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, il y a de la neige. ce matin, plein de neige
Pamela: no Daniel, I have no need of one, why?
rich-c: tu as recu notre neige d'hier
Pamela: is that all, Meeka??
Meeka: yup
Pamela: holy cow
Meeka: thats standard for most of US
rich-c: here it's set by law - is it provincial or federal. Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, since I asked someone to sell my game in europe, with the help of Nico, he's got some money for me, and he's asking if he can pay me back with paypal.
rich-c: that used to be the standard in Canada too but it got changed
Daniel Bienvenu: And because I want to go to adamcon this year, I'm asking you if you have a paypal account to receive the money.
Pamela: not for some time Dad, even before they increased it, you had 26 weeks
rich-c: PayPal is very convenient, Daniel, but it has severe drawbacks - that's why I refuse to use my PayPal account
Pamela: Federal or provincial, I have no idea Dad
rich-c: Daniel, offer to accept an international money order - explain that PayPal costs you a commission because of the exchange rate
rich-c: if you are with one of the larger banks they will even likely cash a personal cheque for you from Europe
Meeka: b rb, i need a drink
rich-c: he could also wire you the money but I think the sevice charge might be excessive
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I think it's safer the electronic way... if the money order is lost in the mail, I lost every dollars.
rich-c: do you have a bank account with one of the larger banks, Daniel? or a big Caisse?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have 1 account, at the Caisses Desjardins
Daniel Bienvenu: that's all
rich-c: the European postal services are pretty reliable these days, Daniel - loss is very unlikely
rich-c: unless he's in Bulgaria or someplace
Meeka: b
Pamela: Meeka, how do you find your postal service recently?
Meeka: slower than snails like always
rich-c: well, check with the Caisse and see how they feel about cheques drawn in Europe, in Eurps
Pamela: I wondered if it was just me
Meeka: nope
rich-c: bewt you'll find they view it as totally routine and will happily cash it for you
Meeka: thats why we bill pay most of our bills through our bank
Pamela: I've sent some stuff to the US recently from Toronto, and it's taken FOREVER to arrive
Daniel Bienvenu: About the annual meeting, it's still in june?
Pamela: yes Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I receive no message about it
rich-c: Pam, the mail I am monitoring (which is first class) is moving well - don't ask about magazines though
Pamela: I haven't sent any yet Daniel, not much to say until I get the hotel straightened out
Pamela: it's moving fast in Canada, Dad, but in the US it takes forever
Daniel Bienvenu: approx. cost for this year?
rich-c: right now Dale's mail server is down so there can't be a general mailing, Daniel
Pamela: it shouldn't take four weeks for something to get to California
Pamela: he's not talking about the coladam list Dad, he's talking about adamcon20news
Pamela: $375 Canadian
Pamela: that's what I'm aiming for
Pamela: I don' t know if I'll hit the target or not, but I'm doing my darndest
Daniel Bienvenu: that's approx. the money I will got from Nico.
rich-c: where is Nico?
Daniel Bienvenu: in France
rich-c: OK, tell him to get a money order from his bank and send it to you
Meeka: Pam, I finally finished redoing the adamcon photo albums on my site
Meeka: only one i dont have is 18
Pamela: I have some photos to send you Meeka, and I know Neil got copies of pics from a number of people
Pamela: oh, wait, I'm thinking of last year
Meeka: i "stole" a bunch from Dales site but he didnt have 18 posted
Pamela: 18 was Chicago and I didn't have a digital camera yet
Meeka: I am sure someone did, just have to hunt them down
Meeka: here is what I have so far
Pamela: Dale and Jillian did for sure, as did Mom and Dad, Guy, and Ron
rich-c: I have one and may have taken some shots but I am having big computer problems
Meeka: ya, i knew that rich
rich-c: got a free replacement copy of Windows XT Monday, put in over four hours before I could get it to install
Meeka: i got my first one after ac10. Doug decided I was to much of a shutterbug for anything else
Meeka: been no stopping me since
Pamela: I've wanted one forever, but didn't have a computer that would support one till last July
rich-c: and I am pretty sure tehre are still major problems - ntBackup couldn't make a restore disc
Pamela: I've been snap happy ever since
rich-c: well, the firdst key is to remember the cameras don't produce pictures, they creeate digital images
Meeka: its easy to do wehen you know you dont have developing costs just to see what you get
rich-c: they are not expected or intended to be used like film cameras
Pamela: I'm thrilled with the pics I've gotten so far
Pamela: I took 60 pictures at
Pamela: Adriana's baby shower and they all came out - I printed them all
Meeka: they are just as good in most cases
rich-c: just remember the assumption is shoot first, shoot lots, bring out the real picture with Photoshop or equivalent later
Pamela: Photoshop isn't necessary if you take a good shot in the first place : )
Meeka: i very rairly have to do anything other than cropping with mine
rich-c: since electrons are cheap :-), the assumption is you will take many pictures and edit them
Pamela: I use all the tips you've given me over the years, Dad : )
Pamela: and I take more vertical pics than anyone I know
rich-c: that's fine, Pam, but with 'shopping you can get pictures that conditions would not normally allow
rich-c: wish I could say teh same about your mother, Pam ;-)
rich-c: do you have Photoshop on your laptop, Pam?
Pamela: nope
rich-c: then get something else suitable - there re lots for free, I can tell you where
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changed username to Ronald MacBook
Meeka: hi ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ronald MacBook: Yo!
rich-c: your mother rather likes Ultimate Paint from, but does her light editing in Irfanview
Ronald MacBook: Howz everyone?
Pamela: one of the things I'm finding really handy about the digital camera is taking pics of things so Russell can see them later, such as apartments
Pamela: Hi Ron
Ronald MacBook: Hi Hi Hi Hi
rich-c: hi Ron - cold and snowbound
Ronald MacBook: not good
Ronald MacBook: We actually had a day of sunshine here today
rich-c: well, we got dug out well today. and should be OK for a few days more now
Ronald MacBook: Heard from Mom and Dad yet Meeka?
Meeka: last time was just after they got on the boat before it sailed off
rich-c: yes, we had a fair bit of sunshine too, melted snow on the windshiled despite -5C temp
Ronald MacBook: ah.
Meeka: i think they get off agian tomorrow or friday
Ronald MacBook: right
rich-c: Ron, any sources you might recommend for Mac freeware?
Ronald MacBook: Well now........
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron... do you have a paypal account? do you use it?
Pamela: I'm sitting here thinking my ankles are cold!
rich-c: google gives 242,000 hits but not all are to be trusted
Meeka: everything is cold these days :-P
Ronald MacBook: Yes Daniel, but I have not used it for more than a year. Keep getting bogus messages asking me to confirm my account details, but I don't respond
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: framasoft offer links to freeware for windows and mac
Ronald MacBook: I have told that company in no uncertain terms that it's hard to separate bonafide from bogus, and if I want them I'll rattle their chain
rich-c: Windows I can get all sorts of things from very reliable places, but I have a buddy with a Mac
Ronald MacBook: you don't need freebies with a Mac
Ronald MacBook: however......
rich-c: those thins dont originate with PayPal, Ron
Ronald MacBook: Yes I know that Rich.
rich-c: anything legitimate from PayPay will address you by full name in the text
Pamela: Daniel, why not have him do an e-transfer into your bank account?
Ronald MacBook: I don't even respond to that any more. Just don't trust the process. If I initiate contact with Paypal, then it's a different matter. If my account has been frozen, so be it
Ronald MacBook: what am I paying for?
rich-c: well, they did apparently send out a change of terms that had to be acknowledged and agreed to
rich-c: this was several months ago. but with no response they are freezing accounts
Ronald MacBook: they've done that before. and I got Hell for not responding. But I told them why and that I wasn't about to change
rich-c: unfortunately they won't let you run an acocunt in US dollars
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Ronald MacBook: Daniel, am I supposed to pay you something?
Meeka: hi dale
Pamela: Hi Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
rich-c: so they take a big whack to exchane foreign currencies (including US) into Canadian
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale,
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: hello Dale - Frances wants to know when you'll update the chat archives
Guy F.: Bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, I'm just trying to find a solution for a small little tiny problem I have.
Dale: Hi Guy F
Ronald MacBook: Hey Dale!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir GuyF
Ronald MacBook: oh? How so?
Guy F.: Hi Dale, Daniel and the rest of the crew!
rich-c: hey, the Dorval Digger is here!
Pamela: allo SnowGuy
Meeka: hello
Guy F.: Yeah, I shovelled for at least an hour today again. Been in thsi house for about 2 weeks or so and I've been doing is shovelling. I'm sick and tired. Either that, or I'm gonna get meself a nice snowblower.
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Guy F.: Dorval? Nah, Laval...
Guy B.: Got just as much snow as I have then, eh!
Ronald MacBook: What is the nature of the small little tiny petit probleme Danlel?
rich-c: with your snowfalls, I'd say get a snowblower - an electric is less risk and more reliable
Guy F.: I woke up this morning, saw all the snow out of my window and said... Screw that, I'm staying home.
Ronald MacBook: good for you Guy F.
Guy F.: An electric just doesn't have the torque that I need...
Dale: How's it going Ron?
rich-c: yeah, but no alliteration comes to me for Laval...
Ronald MacBook: Six computers, Dale, one brain....need I say more?
Guy F.: I did get myself a lawnmower this week-end though, found a nice used lawnmower in very good shape, 4 HP, Briggs and Stratton Quattro engine.
Dale: So you're keeping the computers in check.
Ronald MacBook: Had to buy tires today for the Chrysler
Daniel Bienvenu: Selling my game Jeepers Creepers in Europe was a success. Nico, in france, helped me to distribute it. And now, he want to conclude this by sending me the money, it's approx 350$... it's close to the cost for one person at the adamcon this year.
Ronald MacBook: sheckles going out
Guy F.: Daniel: Tell him to send the money via Western Union, works well in Europe to Canada.
rich-c: e're trying to convince Daniel that a cheque or etransfer or bank money order will work
Ronald MacBook: I see Daniel. Would be nice to have that kind of problem. I my case, I have more people demanding payment than I do sending me money
Guy F.: Cheque is iffy. I've been screwed over with cheques from France actually a few years ago, wasn't able to cash it here in Canada.
Pamela: that's the issue for most people : )
Guy F.: Every singel letter I get in the mail is either a bill or someone that wants money from me.
Pamela: the best bet would be money order, I think
Dale: I do it all by paypal from europe lately.
Pamela: there you go, Daniel
Guy F.: Paypal is good, but they keep a percentage.
rich-c: bank money order should be OK, he's with a big Caisse, they should do it without blinking an eye
Daniel Bienvenu: money order cost something too
Daniel Bienvenu: nothing is free
Guy F.: Make sure it's an INTERNATIONAL MONEY order. I received a money order once from the US of A and wasn't able to cash it here in Canada.
Pamela: for the sender, not the receiver
Dale: They only keep a percentage if it is paid by credit card.
Ronald MacBook: Surely in this day and age of electronic sculdugery there is a way?
Guy F.: Dan: If those are the only problems you are having right now, I have to say you are leading a fantastic life.
Ronald MacBook: @Guy F. ya got that right pilgrim!
rich-c: yeah, but they'll charge his exchange from Euros to US$, then from US$ to Canadian - and he won't get the best rates either
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I was expecting maybe sending directly money to Pam in prevision of Adamcon.
Guy F.: No, with Western Union you send it in Canadian... eitehr way he still has to have his money exchanged at least once.
Dale: International money orders can be sent in Euros for sure.
Guy F.: Will the Adamcon be a 3 day event this year?
rich-c: Pam can accept a cheque, International MO. whatever, long as it's made out to her - she is with a big bank
Pamela: I'm not set up to handl AC funds yet anyway, Daniel
Ronald MacBook: Put a bag of gold in a rowboat at LeHavre, and set it adrift across the Atlantic
Pamela: <note to self: get banking set up for AC>
rich-c: ugh! I need a beer
Dale: I think it is starting Thursday evening to Sunday evening.
Dale: So that's sort of 4 days.
Guy F.: Best way to carry and transprot large sums of money... Gold bars.
Guy F.: 3.75
Ronald MacBook: yeah..... and rowboats
Pamela: the problem is Guy, they weigh a ton!
rich-c: eft is neat if you can set it up
Guy F.: Gold coins too, but if you need to carry it on you, you get gold fillings.
Daniel Bienvenu: Valentine's Day... well, for me it's an ordinary day, but for you?
Meeka: brb, need another drink
Dale: Neil didn't bother with a special bank account.
Ronald MacBook: Sorry Daniel nous ne te prennons pas serieusement
Meeka: dad never did erither pam
Guy F.: I got my sweetheart chocolates and a card, and was then contemplating buying her one of these new DVD recorders where you can record TV on a regular DVD-RW, but... they were all sold out. Bleah.
Dale: I found for AdamCon 17 that no-one wanted my checks, so it was a waste having a bank account.
Dale: I paid for everything by credit card.
Pamela: I have a couple of ideas on the subject but have yet to think it through
Dale: So neil had everyone get cheques written to him.
Dale: Saved the conference money overall I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: dvd recorder... it's for both of you. :)
Meeka: back
Guy F.: Dan: Actually, no, I never ever watch TV. It's for her.
Pamela: yes, I think that credit card will be the way to go, but it's all in the details
Pamela: I want to be able to ensure that I'm accountable for everything
Dale: That or debit seems to be the transaction technology of today.
Ronald MacBook: Dale, just for your info, I've ordered (from Sioux Lookout no less) an ide to Compact Flash card, which I'm proposing to use as an HD for my Adam
rich-c: forconvenience you may want to open a new personal account just to keep stuff separated
Ronald MacBook: was only $25.00
Dale: But the largeest expense is the hotel, and they strongly prefer credit cards for most of the charges.
Ronald MacBook: alls I need now is a 64 Meg Compact Flash card
Pamela: I'm actually using less cash these days
Dale: scour ebay is my suggestion.
rich-c: do they make cards that small any more, Ron?
Ronald MacBook: they had em there too, but they were asking about twice that
Dale: they should have lots of 64 Meg Flash cards there.
Pamela: I may not need to Dad, we already have a couple on the go
Meeka: doug has one of those...compact flash hooked up as a hard drive
Ronald MacBook: Oh yeah, I see. yes for the card
Pamela: need to think on it some more
Ronald MacBook: all they seem to have in the stores around here are 2 GB and up
Meeka: he has a 128 in it, but i dont think it uses the whole thing
rich-c: yes, a year ago a 512 was a really big deal, now it's subminimal
Ronald MacBook: yes, they're available Rich. Trick is finding one. Think Dale might have a maybe I'll use my Paypal account again after all
Meeka: check on e-bay, i know he has found a bunch of diff cards there
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw your message, Dale, about the homebrew game contest.
Ronald MacBook: Going to Vancouver next week. Maybe I'll check there. Will be there for a week
Daniel Bienvenu: what are you doing for?
Ronald MacBook: BRB
Daniel Bienvenu: err... Dale? any plan? a new DS or Coleco game?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe I lost the connection
Daniel Bienvenu: testing? 1..2..
Pamela: nope
rich-c: you're still on, Daniel - Dale may not be
Ronald MacBook: un deux trois quattro
rich-c: quatre
Ronald MacBook: what's Italian for quatre
rich-c: t'other one is espagnol
Pamela: how's the italian coming Ron?
Ronald MacBook: Not well. My attention span is about 28 seconds
Ronald MacBook: Will have to keep Francesca at my elbow
Meeka: lol
rich-c: well, that ain't bad for an old guy
Ronald MacBook: daughter-in-law Francesca
Ronald MacBook: Or her mother Anna
Pamela: that will be a hardship, I'm sure : )
Ronald MacBook: exactly
Pamela: where are you going in Italy?
Ronald MacBook: Firenze
Pamela: Florence?
Ronald MacBook: or, as you wish, Florence
rich-c: said to be a beautiful and fascinating city
Pamela: are you sure I won't fit in your suitcase?
Ronald MacBook: well..... since I'm a museum'll probably have some things to offer
rich-c: that's pretty nice wine country up there, too
Pamela: the - uh - Bargello is in Florence, isn't it?
Ronald MacBook: believe I've read that , yes
Meeka: just dont go into anywhere they sit you down and shut off the light LOL, ;-)
Pamela: ah if they do, the worst that will happen is he'll catch a nap : )
Ronald MacBook: articles I've covered to date about Florence say, don't look rich, don't look like a tourist, and don't carry a handbag etc etc
Ronald MacBook: there are skilled pickpockets, operating in packs
rich-c: well, you might have a problem with the tourist look part
Meeka: i was teasing cuz the last time ron was here we went to the museum and we all fell asleep wathcing the show about the stars
Ronald MacBook: like... yeah...
Pamela: I know
Ronald MacBook: Oh....that....yes... could I forget
rich-c: Dale, are you still weith us?
Meeka: not sure
Ronald MacBook: poor hosts....... Bob and Judy and Doug and Meeka..... taking me to the planetarium, and there I fell asleep. (not polite)
Meeka: was kinda funny that we all did the same thing
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to leave now. thank you for your advice. and talk to you next week.
rich-c: well actually some skilled pickpockets got at the ventilation system...
Ronald MacBook: but you guys (quite rightly) didn't admit to that until you'd rode me suitably about it
Meeka: well, in our defense, we did a lot that day
Pamela: <note to self 2: make sure to schedule sleep into the con schedule>
rich-c: OK Daniel, a la prochaine
Ronald MacBook: true... t'was a busy and interesting day
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Meeka: meijer gardens, ford museum, gr museum/planetarium
Ronald MacBook: Nite Daniel. Regle ton 'tit probleme eh?
Meeka: call is "siesta" time Pam, sounds more adult
Meeka: LOL
Pamela: Meijer Gardens - we've been there, have we not Dad?
Ronald MacBook: Really enjoyed Gerry Ford's museum
Guy F.: I'm off as well, have to sleep. Work tomorrow and then more work when I come back, have to finish painting the kids room, install a ligh fixture, start the kitchen, ARGH, so much work!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: <note to self : did I influence all the note to self tonite?
Pamela: works for me, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Ronald MacBook: But I shoulda warned you. I always fall asleep after lunch
rich-c: no, Meijer Gardens is up towards teh top of Grand Rapids -we didn't get there
Guy F. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: take care then Guy, lots of luck with the recorder
rich-c: see you next week
Ronald MacBook: Nite Guy. Sleep horizontal
Pamela: someone should tell Guy he doesn't have to do it all in the first month
Ronald MacBook: right
Pamela: although in his defence, the kitchen does need updating pretty badly from the pics I've seen
rich-c: have to find a way to solve Daniel's problem, too
Ronald MacBook: Don't think I've ever met a kitchen that didn't need updating
Pamela: its a gorgeous house
Meeka: i still happy with mine and its 8 years old Ron
rich-c: about twice ours, at half the price, right, Pam?
Ronald MacBook: Oh my.... well yes, as I recall, a large and spacious kitchen it was too
Meeka: yes, it is plenty spacious
Pamela: it's newer Dad, I don't know about size, but re price, I think you're right
Meeka: three or four can comfortab;y workin there
Ronald MacBook: indeed they could
Pamela: colour me jealous, Meeka (says she from her galley kitchen)
Meeka: ya, had a few of those in apartments
Pamela: however, we may have found a new place with far more kitchen space
Meeka: cool
Ronald MacBook: Mine (rented) doesn't have enough drawer space..... or maybe I have too much stuff
rich-c: you have a lead on a new one, Pam?
Meeka: lol, there is never enough storage room
rich-c: just don't ask to borrow the truck too soon - I haven't bought this year's gas yet
Ronald MacBook: nope..... and stuff expands to fill the space available
Meeka: if you have more room then you just have more stuff so it still doesnt fit
Pamela: yes, went to see it on Saturday and it's quite nice - on Mimico Ave, about half way between Lakeshore and Royal York. Literally five minutes from Russell's office
Ronald MacBook: that's the law of "Stuff"
Pamela: nope, this time around it's movers for us Dad
Pamela: ya got that right Ron
rich-c: at least it's convenient- a very mized area down there
Meeka: ya, we cant ever move agian because of it
Pamela: I'm hoping that we'll be able to weed out some of our stuff
rich-c: we know that feeling, Meeka!
Ronald MacBook: indeed
Pamela: some of our stuff never got unpacked after the last move in 1997
Meeka: we filled a three bedroom-two story house with items from a two bedroom apartment.
rich-c: does that tell you something?
Meeka: I cant imagine what we would need now to fit it all
Pamela: yeah - we need more space : ) !
Ronald MacBook: I have several unpacked boxes here too..... been here 3 years in June
Meeka: i dont have any of those anymore
Ronald MacBook: I have no idea what's even in 'em
Meeka: but did when we were hopping apartments every year or two
rich-c: computers
Ronald MacBook: yes Meeka, then you throw stuff out to make room for new stuff
Pamela: I know what's in ours
Meeka: but you cant throw it out....might need it someday
Pamela: some of it's knick knacks that I never got around to putting up
Ronald MacBook: like I have 5 ADAMs and associated gear that I've sworn in blood not to dispose of with out reference to you guys
Pamela: most of it belongs to himself
Ronald MacBook: that's right Meeka. the moment you throw it out, then you need it
Pamela: I'm getting to the point that if we haven't needed it in 11 years, we don't need it at all
Meeka: its a never ending cycle
Pamela: but some of it is sentimental - like the afghan that Grammy made for my bed
Ronald MacBook: But really, I like stuff
Ronald MacBook: Ya have to have some stuff around
rich-c: that's the problem isn't it, Ron - stuff is so NEAT
Ronald MacBook: yes it is
Ronald MacBook: I have nobody here to urge me to get rid of my stuff
rich-c: a perilous situation
Ronald MacBook: I did once, but I got rid of her instead.....or she got rid of me, can't quite recall which
Dale: Daniel, did you see that info about the competition with prizes for a ColecoVision game?
Pamela: and stuffedness is apparently inherited : )
Dale: Wait. Daniel is gone.
Dale: I'll catch up eventually. :-P
rich-c: Daniel left some time ago, Dale
Ronald MacBook: yes Pamela, we have proof
Ronald MacBook: s'ok Dale
rich-c: Dale, any idea when teh chat archive will be updated?
Dale: Tha'ts okay, Daniel answered my question while I was called away.
Ronald MacBook: still waiting for my Adam Lotto program to win
rich-c: yoiu too, huh?
Ronald MacBook: it is in development
Meeka: well gang, bandit is bugging to go outside so thats my clue its time to go
Dale: I've just got to practice that in-order conversation stuff.
Ronald MacBook: then I can buy a bigger house, and have room for more stuff
Dale: First I ask the question then he responds then I respond to him.
rich-c: OK Meeka, you were here early too, so see you next week
rich-c: good night and take care
Ronald MacBook: Yes...Bandit must be seen to
Ronald MacBook: Niters Meeka
Dale: Instead of he answers, and asks me a question then he leaves then I ask the question he responded to...
Pamela: nite Meeka
Meeka: nighty noght
Dale: By Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, that's it for me. Will see you all next week
Ronald MacBook: That's the problem with chat's Dale, especially unmoderated chats.... we usually have about 6 subjects going here at once
rich-c: also Dale, anything resolved on the mailing list?
rich-c: night Guy
Pamela: nite Guy
Ronald MacBook: Night Mr. Bona....go straight home now
Dale: Not quite yet, but I progressed a little. Too many interruptions here lately :-(
Pamela: if you can't keep up with all the subjects, you're out of practice!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: If you give up on me, I can always supply the list of who is on the old list at any time.
Ronald MacBook: aka "Drop What you're doing"
rich-c: I know what you mean - I'm wondering whether to precipitate my weekly XP crash tomorrow or wait for the weekend
Ronald MacBook: ROTFL Rich!
Ronald MacBook: that good eh?
Dale: XP decided to reboot on me today for security reasons. I lost my place for sure.
Pamela: LOl
Pamela: Dad
rich-c: unfortunately it's the truth, Ron - MS even sent me a free replacement installation disc to see if that's the problem
Pamela: never do today what you can put off till tomorrow, Dad : )
Ronald MacBook: My Vista Box is in the bad books this week. It's turned off, contemplating its future
Ronald MacBook: and was it Rich?
Pamela: what's wrong with it, Ron?
rich-c: since 18 months of trying have yet to make XP work, i'm not about to buy something even worse
Ronald MacBook: or do you know yet?
Ronald MacBook: slowing down, the mouse stops unpredictably, and it's just generally P'ing me off
rich-c: no, I sent a backup log to Beijing, so maybe they can find a clue
Ronald MacBook: Getting a little weary of the "Cancel or Allow" schtick
Pamela: once a Mac person . . .
Ronald MacBook: suppose Mr. Gates is trying to protect me from myself, but really
rich-c: oh, mine is BSOD followed by a crash that won't even let me boot into safe mode
Ronald MacBook: exactly Pam
rich-c: I think Mr.gates wants us to be Linux persons, Ron
Ronald MacBook: the mid week I get a panic e-mail from sister Stephanie over in Bali saying that she can't get her HP laptop to start because it keeps asking for a password - she's never used a password
Ronald MacBook: but then, she's still XP I think
Ronald MacBook: that one I referred to my son-guru Jeff
rich-c: tell her to hit return
Ronald MacBook: didn't work Rich. It thinks it's been given a password.
Pamela: well gentlemen, I will leave you to discuss Mr. Gates foibles - I'm going to bed
rich-c: though god knows how HP sets up a computer - they all have their weird ideas
Dale: Ohhh...that password when there wasn't a password problem is annoying.
rich-c: Acer is scared spitless you might actuallly get in and find out what's going on
Ronald MacBook: sorta figure there ought to be an HP call centre within hailing distance over there
Ronald MacBook: right Rich.... I know that from experience
Dale: There is a recovery disk that you can download and boot into to repair the two login files.
Ronald MacBook: you've heard of it before Dale?
Dale: It means that one somehow got corrupted.
rich-c: OK night Pam - keep us posted on the apartment search and Con
Dale: And if they're out of sync, they'll ask you that.
Ronald MacBook: ok...that would explain it
Pamela: I will, probably in the next couple of days
Pamela: re the apartment, at least
Ronald MacBook: unfortunately she didn't take her startup/recovery disk with her
Pamela: good night Dale and Ron
Ronald MacBook: otherwise she might have tried reboot that way <NOTE TO SELF for ITALY....TAKE DAMN DISKS>
Ronald MacBook: nite Pam
Pamela: good night Daddy
rich-c: no Ron, take backups of damn discs
rich-c: nite Pamela
Ronald MacBook: yes Rich...thank you for that important correction
Dale: Well, search around a bit on google, but the problem has happened to some computer that I maintained.
Ronald MacBook: you're quite right of course
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Ronald MacBook: Yes, Jeff's been doing that. I just delegated and disappeared.
rich-c: yes, Dale, but unlike us peasants, you know what you're doing
rich-c: hell, the Adam still baffles me - and don't get me started on CP/M
Ronald MacBook: been my experience that no matter what kind of problem I have, there is somebody out there who has also had it as some time or other
rich-c: oh, there is never any shortage of problems where computers are concerned
Dale: I've certainly had a wide variety of problems on the maybe 50 or 60 desktop/laptops that I have at various times maintained.
Ronald MacBook: you've no doubt seen it all
rich-c: hell no, he hasn't even seen the tip of the iceberg
Ronald MacBook: All I tell my friends around here (octogenarians mostly) I'll come and have a look, but if it's over my head, I'll tell you what you need to describe to the professionals
Dale: Now if only I could convince my freind in Florida that check disk is safe to do on his computer.
rich-c: hey, I could give him a lifetime supply of problems off my one computer
Ronald MacBook: he don't want to try that?
rich-c: want to bet even that won't find a way to give him problems?
Dale: Richard, the thing I don't understand is why your problems seem to linger. I usually solve my problems in just a few days one way or another.
Dale: I'm jsut glad that you don't have car problems that are like that. :-)
rich-c: all I have to do to generate a tota; crash is allow the weekly downloads
Ronald MacBook: some nights I just go back to DOS. Have an old 386 here, and it's only reason for life is that it has a 5-1/4 inch drive which I use to ship Adam stuff back and forth
Ronald MacBook: Windows 3.1.1 - some nights it's a refreshingly more simple world
rich-c: well, Dale, even Microsoft hasn't been able to solve them in 18 months - and that
rich-c: 's with full data and logs
Ronald MacBook: Think Microsoft has lost touch with its core
Ronald MacBook: and that touch was always rather tenuous
Ronald MacBook: now it seems to be non-existant
rich-c: I can't get my scanner softwre to install (HP) and a number of other things
Ronald MacBook: tried an older driver Rich?
rich-c: nope, it's the one HP sent and worked on when I couldn't get it going. They gave me another which worked on the laptop
Ronald MacBook: hmm
rich-c: but don't forget a year ago today I was rushed to hospotal and away from computers for three months
Ronald MacBook: that will certainly have an effect
rich-c: help desks dont like it when you abandon them for three months then suddenly reappear
Ronald MacBook: confusing for them
rich-c: oh yes, just bought Acronis, and it won't make a backup
Ronald MacBook: I have yet to get satisfaction out of a help desk
Ronald MacBook: don't try them much
Ronald MacBook: maybe that's the problem
rich-c: their so-called support tells me is my memory, it's my hard disc, it's my USB port, it's everything but their product
rich-c: I have stuff I would hate to lose but I may yet - again - reinstall XP on a clean install
Ronald MacBook: well actually, a bad memory stick will look like all sorts of problems. My Acer had all sorts of problems over the Chicago trip, and for months after.... turned out to be just that..... one of my 512 Geg memory cards was bad
Ronald MacBook: it's fine now
rich-c: and of course hope it doesn't fiddle with the partitions so I don't lose D and E as well
Ronald MacBook: you've got an Acer right?
rich-c: well, my memory is checked every time I turn on and it comes up OK on the POST check
Ronald MacBook: yeah, it would show there I believe
rich-c: my laptop is an Acer, yes - gradually deteriorating but still working
rich-c: also I can't fiddle with the innards of the desktop because I can't lift it till I get my hernia fixed
Ronald MacBook: I used to think I knew something about these beasts, but more and more these days I rely on son Jeff -- a real port in a storm
Ronald MacBook: no that's right.... one wrong move and you're going to pay
rich-c: well, I can't even try, it is too painful
Ronald MacBook: and these days, any "fiddling" I do is restricted to making sure cards are properly seated, and cables are firmly attached
rich-c: and in any case an emergency abulance run with a strangulated hernia is no picnic
Ronald MacBook: no, I suppose not
rich-c: well I hope to put in two one-gig memory stacks (take out the old) adn put in about a 250 gig hard disc
rich-c: but first I want the damn thing working
Ronald MacBook: should give the beast new life
Ronald MacBook: memory is so cheap these days
Ronald MacBook: I'm still running one GB on the Vista box, maybe that's what's ailing it
Ronald MacBook: Anyway Rich, I think I'm going to call it a night
rich-c: I can't get a new one because the new motherboards won't support 98SE (actually ME) or anything ewrlier
Ronald MacBook: yep.... and Microsoft won't support either
rich-c: something about being set for the dual core chips means they cant handle legacy stuff
Ronald MacBook: true
rich-c: anyway agreed - bedtime so see you next week
Ronald MacBook: By the way, I'm away in Vancouver next WEd.... will hopefully be able to sign on from Jeff's place, but if I don't it'll be because we're out doing something else
rich-c: OK - maybe I can tell Jeff my troubles!
Ronald MacBook: right.... we'll put him to work
Ronald MacBook: nite Rich, nite Dale
rich-c: nite Ron and Dale
Ronald MacBook: poooofff!!!
Ronald MacBook left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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