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rich-c: test
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changed username to Biloxi Bob
Biloxi Bob: Hi Ricvhard
rich-c: hey! big bob is back!
Biloxi Bob: not back just online at Habitat in Biloxi
rich-c: leave all your cash in the casino?
Biloxi Bob: watching a Katrina video
Biloxi Bob: not 1 dime mon
rich-c: you mean you're still down in ol' Miss?
Biloxi Bob: yup, leave on Sat for home and over 100" of winter snow
Biloxi Bob: heard we have had over 90 already and more onthe way
rich-c: that's OK, through the weekend teh forecast doesn't seem to expect any additions to it
Biloxi Bob: by us we are supposed to get about 12 more by Sun
rich-c: of course you are a bit ahead of us, and you get lake effect from NW winds
Biloxi Bob: we don't need it
rich-c: Frances has been looking at NOAA but she pretty much limits her attentions to Buffalo
rich-c: that's OK, all our streets are still 1-1/2 lanes wide too :-(
Biloxi Bob: we are the ones catching heck this month
Biloxi Bob: showing the before and after scenes in Biloxi
rich-c: oh, we got ourselves a dump some few days back
Biloxi Bob: since we left home on Feb7th, GR has been dumped on also
rich-c: yes, with all the noise about New Orleans, one forgets a few other places got pounded too
Biloxi Bob: we also "toured" New Orleans...........................SAD
rich-c: yers, there was quite a major storm came through, dumped on you then on us
Biloxi Bob: still jumk inthe streets adn osues wiped ot
Biloxi Bob: still junk in the streests and houses wiped out
rich-c: there is some expectation New Orleans will rebuild - but it will be a very long hard process
Biloxi Bob: LONG hard process
Biloxi Bob: the french quarter is ok
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Biloxi Bob: and going strong
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Biloxi Bob: DANIEL !!!!
rich-c: salut, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir monsieurs!
Biloxi Bob: how are ya?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine!
rich-c: est-ce que tu as vu la lune ce soir?
Biloxi Bob: Ricahrd, take Toronto and wipe out everything from the lakeshore to 1/2 mile inland..............................Hurricane Katrina
Daniel Bienvenu: there are some clouds outside... so I miss it
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rich-c: you have clouds? quel dommage! here we are all clear - cold, but clear
changed username to Guy B.
Biloxi Bob: hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from COOOOLLDDDDDDDD Chicago
Biloxi Bob: HOW COLD??????
Guy B.: In the teens now
rich-c: that's OK Guy - should mean a clear sky to watch the eclipse
Biloxi Bob: was about 65*F here today and rain forecast for tomorrow
Guy B.: Yes, our skies are clear and a bright full moon. Might be able to see the eclipse later
rich-c: that's just a hair cool for Biloxi, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Guy
Guy B.: HI Daniel\
Biloxi Bob: yup, but down here theya re having the same storm stuff we are having upnorth
rich-c: it has already started, Guy, but will be at its best around 10 p.m.
Guy B.: Bob, is Judy coming on later?
Biloxi Bob: cold one day and warm the next
Biloxi Bob: nope, not atht much computer capacity here
Guy B.: The moon will be overhead at that time. I'll take a look when I take Annie out later
rich-c: yes, we have highs above freezing (just) predicted for the daytime next couple of days
Biloxi Bob: watching a video of the hurrican in 2005, when that ends, I am sure there will be demand for the 4 computers here
Guy B.: Where are you at Bob?
rich-c: I gather that's a sort of dorm for the workers or such?
Biloxi Bob: in Biloxi MS at a Habitat facility, we are working here thsi week
Biloxi Bob: right Richard
Guy B.: That's great
Daniel Bienvenu: is there someone here who deny that it's because of the position and shape of the Earth that we can see this Moon eclipse?
Biloxi Bob: we are a few miles away inthe motorhome, but we eat and meet here
rich-c: well, send them out to watch the moon so Judy can come on ;-)
Biloxi Bob: all clouds, no moon to see
Biloxi Bob: clouded over this afternoon until about Sun
rich-c: no Daniel, none of that stuff here - we all know better
Biloxi Bob: we are working on some houses here, finiching them up for inspections and com;etion for homeowners
rich-c: how long till you can head home, Bob?
Biloxi Bob: head home on Sat and be home Mon evening and HOPEFULLY get the motorhoem into the garage again
rich-c: yeah - there might be some fairly vigorous shovelling involved, I gather
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changed username to The other Guy
Biloxi Bob: my son in law better get over there with his plow and pickup
rich-c: hello Guy PQ
The other Guy: Hi all.
Biloxi Bob: hi Gu
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
rich-c: yes, bad enough when you have to get a car in, let alone a motorhome
Guy B.: How's the weather by you?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir GuF
The other Guy: It's cooooold here in Montreal.
Biloxi Bob: sore Judy is standing right here
rich-c: hello to Judy - been hammering too hard?
Biloxi Bob: she is working on the houses too......siding and trim
Biloxi Bob: YES
rich-c: gotta get it across - slow and steady does it
Biloxi Bob: but, but, but she not used to it,,,,,,,,,ME EITHER
Daniel Bienvenu: Saturday, March 1st, I'll go to Montreal, ccjvq meeting, L'Enjeux, Sherbrooke Street.
rich-c: well, you have enpough experience to pace yourself, Bob
Biloxi Bob: getting too old to pace seld Richard
rich-c: is that strictly the 8-bit crowd or all gamers, Daniel?
rich-c: so then sit down and do all the heavy looking on ; - )
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The other Guy: Daniel: Wish I had the time to do things like that...
changed username to Dale
Dale: Just popping in to say hi.
rich-c: hello Dale, how goes it?
Dale: I was tobogganing tonight
rich-c: any word on the mailing list or chat log yet?
Biloxi Bob: cool Dale,............and Jill and Jeffery???????
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dale: Jeffrey totally wanted to stay home, until we got to the hill. An hour later he didn't want to go home.
Dale: With my scout group: Beavers 5-7 year olds.
rich-c: Dale, heard from Michael Hurst this week - he might even turn up here
Dale: Haven't heard from him in months.
rich-c: seems he has a server and would make some space available for Adam purposes
rich-c: none of us have - the lung cancer left him pretty demoralized, as you know
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale
rich-c: besides, he spends his summers up north in his trailer
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Jeffrey
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Biloxi Bob: hi Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi, everyone
Pamela: I was just outside looking at the eclipse
rich-c: taken a look at the moon yet?
Pamela: boy is it cold out there : )
Pamela: I took pics but I don't know if they'll turn out
Pamela: I'll have to run down again in about half an hour and see how far it's progressed
rich-c: yes, I think iit's somewhere around -10C out there
Pamela: we have a perfect view out the bedroom window
Daniel Bienvenu: are you all, except me and Bob, watching the moon eclipse?
Dale: Did someone steal the moon yet?
Pamela: according to CP24 it's minus 11
Pamela: Dale do you have a south facing window?
Biloxi Bob: should have been last week.......................could have seen it them
rich-c: I believe deepest totality is around 10 but it lasts to 10.50
Biloxi Bob: may be back............IF wirleless works, gonna try to see the eclipse
Biloxi Bob left chat session
Dale: I should be able to see the moon from somewhere.
Pamela: its so clear out there
Pamela: for once, we're not having horrible weather
rich-c: look down to the southeast, Dale, it's fairly well up the sky and quite bright
Pamela: I just dragged our superintendent and her son out to see it
rich-c: good - not that they're that rare, but they aren't evreyday events, either
Dale: I saw it at 8:00 just before it started. It was more East then South at the time.
Pamela: apparently the next one isn't for three years
Dale: December 2010 is what I heard.
rich-c: yes, the moon moves up and across the sky quite quickly
Pamela: just watching footage of the fire on Queen Street today
rich-c: btw, Dale and Pam, did you catch the power outage this morning?
Pamela: no outage here
Pamela: what time?
rich-c: yes, that was quite a blaze, wasn't it? took a long time to bring it under control
rich-c: very close to 9 a.m.
Pamela: it's still not completely out
rich-c: no, and the Bathurst and Queen cars are all messed up
Pamela: I'm glad I didn't have to work today
Pamela: apparently all of downtown was blanketed in smoke
Dale: The best viewing at our house is the end of our driveway.
rich-c: Pam, did that derailment out by Burlington affect the GO train you use?
Dale: We just took a look.
Pamela: it wouldn't have Dad, I'm on the Georgetown line, but regardless I've been off since Friday
rich-c: you weren't at work? how come?
Dale: Still more East than South IMHO
Pamela: using up some of my leftover 2007 vacation days
Dale: No outage here.
rich-c: managed to get down to St. Kitts, then?
Pamela: took advantage of the short week
Pamela: yes, today
rich-c: hey, terrific - any updates for us?
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changed username to packrat
Guy B.: Ron, is that you?
rich-c: sounds like the Mighty Mitchell has arrived
Pamela: Ron?
Pamela: although that could apply to many of us : )
Dale: Daniel, any homebrew time this week?
packrat: packrat is new here. 1st time
Dale: Hi ya Ron.
Pamela: well greetings : )
rich-c: oh, just someone who shares the same vice... ; - )
Dale: Well, welcome then.
rich-c: in any case welcome, you're obviously among friends
Guy B.: Welcome Packrat
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry but I didn't find time for any homebrew project. And I still have many coleco related things to do ... for now and the rest of my life.
Dale: No worries.
Dale: I've been mostly working on a PSP project this week.
rich-c: no shortage of ambition there, Daniel!
Dale: I have some screenshots at:
Pamela: re updates Dad, I'll wait for Bob to come back
packrat: ty. glad I found the few die-hards here.
Dale: You have a Coleco Adam?
Daniel Bienvenu: Jeffrey is 5 years old? already 5 years old?
rich-c: tell us a bit about yourself, packrat
Dale: He's 6 actually.
Pamela: when's his birthday, Dale?
Dale: early January.
packrat: Packed away in the original box for the last 20 years, but with all good intentions of getting it hooked up again
Pamela: you're in good company, Packrat - many of us are in the same boat
rich-c: good on you - basic set or do you have goodies too?
rich-c: any name you prefer to use, and where are you located?
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I know you from a forum or a mailing list, packrat?
packrat: nameis Earl. In Grimsby last 4 yrs.. 30 in Oakville b4 that.
Pamela: Grimsby?? Oh perfect, this year's convention is in your backyard : )
packrat: Don't think so Dan, but only got 64k of memory left)
rich-c: ah, Earl - you managed to take up my invitation, then
packrat: I rad it;s in St. Kitts.
Pamela: yes, i just went down to see the hotel and iron out finalities with the catering manager today
rich-c: btw Earl, Pamela is my daughter and organizer of this year's convention
packrat: sure did..forgot it last week, and now sitting in front of the puter watching the eclipse, and read my note about this meeting!
Pamela: bless those post-it notes : )
packrat: sometimes can't see my screen for yellow!
rich-c: Frances (my wife) is outside watching now - just called me to get her binoculars
Pamela: I know that feeling - I'd like to shake the hand of the inventor of post-it glue
Pamela: by the way Dad, you can tell Mom that the dental floss worked (she'll know what I mean)
rich-c: actually, limited strength adhesives were the result of an experiment that went wrong
Pamela: I know , but I love the results
rich-c: she says "oh good", Pam
Dale: So we talk about the Adam when there are questions.
Dale: The rest of the time we gossip, it seems.
packrat: anyway, my ADAM has, if I can remember, 2 tape drives, 64k expander, 2 disk drives (did anyone else ever figure out a way to copy to both sides of those floppies?), and some software.
rich-c: yes, I'm hoping Ron comes on - I want to find out about that memory card IDE interface
Dale: I look forward to it. Send it to my account I guess.
Dale: Wrong button.
Dale: Well, there was a conversion that you could make to use double sided floppies.
rich-c: sorry, I keep pressing the wrong buttons...
Dale: It required that you replace the drive mechanism.
packrat: I used single sided and MADE them writeable on both sides.
Dale: For other people, they used a hole punch to make "flippies" that could be flipped over and written to on the other side.
Dale: Exactly.
packrat: that's what I did
rich-c: even with the MI driuves I made piles of flippies, because of limited directory and program sizes
Dale: I never made flippies, since I bought third party 320k drives.
rich-c: yes, but with the directory size limiteations you could rarely fill 160K, forget 320
rich-c: great if you wanted to copy all 256K of a tape, obviously
rich-c: but I found flippies much more practical and the MI drives handle them well
packrat: Is everyone else here local? Like Toronto?
rich-c: no, although we seem to be overloaded with Canadians tonight
rich-c: Guy B is in Chicago, the other Guy in Montreal area
packrat: that;s NOT a bad thing..;-)
rich-c: daniel is in Quebec City region
rich-c: Bob who was on earlier is in Grand Rapids but right now he's in Biloxi building Habitat houses
Pamela: just went to look at the moon again
rich-c: should be good right now - reckon your Mom will be calling for me soon
Pamela: looks like one of those side on eye diagrams that hilites the cornea
packrat: Only a sliver left b4 it's complete.
rich-c: I'll look when I wnder off to get my beer
packrat: Looks fantastic with good binoculars. Wish I had set up the telescope but I would have been frozen solid by the time it got set up,.
rich-c: anyway, I want to find out where Ron got this interface and how it works as a hard disc
Pamela: I wonder what happened to Bob?
rich-c: he went off somewhere - said he'd be back if he could get the wireless connection going
rich-c: he's using a Habitat dorm computer and there is much competition for it - that's why Judy isn't on
Pamela: I thought they took the laptop with them
rich-c: heardd anything fro Rich and Rin?
Pamela: oh - wireless connection - never mind
packrat: I got my nephew in BC calling me up on messenger on the puter downstairs. I'll be back nxt wed...thx all
Pamela: not today
Pamela: gnite Earl
Daniel Bienvenu: bye earl
rich-c: even if you have a wireless laptop, you still need an internet connection
packrat left chat session
rich-c: did you decide which hotel you prefer, Pam?
Pamela: the Quality Inn is the better value for our money
rich-c: that's the deciswion that has to be made - anything special persuaded you?
Daniel Bienvenu: And it still in June?
Pamela: yes Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: When we will receive emails from the "adamcon mailing list"?
Pamela: as soon as I have something to tell everyone
rich-c: I think they want hints
rich-c: Daniel, did you find a way to deal with your payment from France?
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changed username to Colecoguy
Colecoguy: Hi All
Colecoguy: Hey Pam
Colecoguy: Rich hello again
rich-c: hi Michael, just mentioning I'd heard from you
Pamela: Michael????
rich-c: and you'll notice Dale is on
Pamela: Hi sweetie, how are you?
Colecoguy: well finally made it after i downloaded and installed java
Daniel Bienvenu: err... another thing I forgot... I'll contact Nico again soon about that.
Colecoguy: Hanging in still arrround :-)
Colecoguy: and U?
Pamela: good to know
Pamela: busy girl, between work, home and Adamcon
rich-c: just discussing the convention
Colecoguy: Yea I 'd say more but splain later Lucy!
Colecoguy: Yes I hear
Colecoguy: I hahahah
Colecoguy: Hello other Guy!
Colecoguy: Dan Guy B Dale hope you are all well
Pamela: I'm waiting on the contract from the hotel
Pamela: I expect to receive it Friday
The other Guy: Hi Colecoguy
rich-c: yes, better you should make sure there are no "misuderstandings"
Colecoguy: For sure
rich-c: Guy Foster, Michael Hurst is one of the old original Adam gang, but has been ill and otherwise occupied of late
rich-c: that's why you haven't met him before
Pamela: I've tried to ensure that all our bases are covered and tried to take into consideration some of the concerns that have been expressed
Colecoguy: Oh ok Good to meet you Guy
Colecoguy: Sounds like your doing a fine Job Pam
rich-c: and I'm sure you've done a good job of it, Pam - likely better than I would, for sure
Pamela: FYI I heard from Murray - the dates are good for him and Mama will once again accompany him
rich-c: good show, and don't forget to keep Jean Stone posted
Colecoguy: Oh yea don't cha know it
The other Guy: Nice to meet you too Michael... hope to see you at the upcoming Adamcon.
Colecoguy: Oh really Joan I haven't talked to her in years
Pamela: I need to have someone that Jean knows e-mail her with the Adamcon20news addy, so that it doesn't land in her junk mail box
Colecoguy: I hope I will be able to make it this time arround will see no promises at the moment
rich-c: well, put it in your reminder program!
Pamela: Date of June 19 - 22 are pretty much in stone now
rich-c: sounds good - right up on the summer solstice - mamimum daylight
Colecoguy: no it weather I'll be here and it don't look like it at the moment as I will probably be at tryer
Colecoguy: trailer
Colecoguy: opps
Pamela: you're typing too fast, Michael
rich-c: yes, get a new keyboard - the one you're at can't spell
Colecoguy: hahahahh :-))
Pamela: glass houses, Dad : )
Colecoguy: hahahahah :-))
rich-c: < crash!!! itnkle tinkle tinkle>
Pamela: that would be the defenestrated keyboard?
rich-c: and oh yes, all propective attendees should practice their wine tasting skills
Colecoguy: hahahahahahahahah ) ::--))))
Colecoguy: I like vodka
rich-c: rememnber we'll be among arguably Canada's finest vinyards
Colecoguy: still like vodka
Pamela: there are lots of other things to do in the Niagara Region, don't worry
rich-c: well, maybe we'll get a chance to educate you
rich-c: they aren't mutually exclusive, just don't mix them on the same day
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changed username to colecoguy
colecoguy: sorry got tossed
colecoguy left chat session
rich-c: it happens with this Java if you hit the Windows key by mistake
Guy B.: Hi Michael, didn't see you come in. How are you?
Colecoguy: pretty good you!
Colecoguy: ?
Colecoguy: yea that might have happed window just disappeared
Colecoguy: ened
rich-c: Guy was off surfing in another window - he does that all the time
Colecoguy: thats ok he probably has time
Guy B.: Pretty good. What have you been doing?
rich-c: I do it so often Pamela calls that the "Daddy key" ; - )
Guy B.: That's me. chatting with a friend of mine on Yahoo IM
Colecoguy: not to much ill off and on traveling a bit etc
Colecoguy: Oh thats a good one
Pamela: <studies ceiling studiously while whistling tunelessly>
Pamela: it's awfully quiet in here all of a sudden
Colecoguy: well again if need help with a place to put the list let me know
Colecoguy: I'm off I have a small face starring at me asking to go for a pee and I wnat to see the eclipse
Pamela: Michael, do you want me to add you to the news mailing list?
rich-c: well, Dale is quiet and Dr. D. isn't on so it's a bit of an open question
Colecoguy: Yes Please
Colecoguy: no prob let me know I'm arround
Pamela: okay will do - message will come from adamcon20news at
rich-c: and you have full server service for your computer, right?
Colecoguy: yes
Colecoguy: seprate from
rich-c: Dale, is this info of any use to you?
rich-c: or should I say us?
Colecoguy: Ok All have a great night and we'll talk next week
Colecoguy: no answer
Colecoguy: busy
rich-c: OK Michael see you
Colecoguy: let me know Rich you have the number
Pamela: night Michael
Colecoguy: NIght alll
Guy B.: Bye Michael
Colecoguy left chat session
rich-c: we'll see what happens, Michael
Pamela: wow he poofed in a hurry
rich-c: yes, he sounded pushed tonight
Pamela: small furry animals with crossed legs can do that to you
rich-c: ?
Pamela: ? what
Daniel Bienvenu: I were able to see the moon
rich-c: you did get a glimpse, Daniel? Good show!
Pamela: going to look again
rich-c: yes, it should still be within totalyity
Pamela: just past, it looks like
Pamela: there's a tiny sliver of light visible
Daniel Bienvenu: oh well, I miss the total eclipse
Pamela: no you didn't
Guy B.: Go and take a look Daniel
rich-c: shouldn't have, Daniel - totality just means it isn't white, not that you can't see it - it turns orange
Pamela: and hre's Russell
rich-c: I assume Russell got a good look at it?
Pamela: he did
Pamela: lots of it in fact
Pamela: did everyone go to sleep?
Pamela: I know, gone to look at the moon, right?
rich-c: seems so, doesn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm going to sleep now... it's getting late and I have a lot of work to do.
Guy B.: Well folks, going to go. See you all next week
Pamela: good night, guys
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonsoir - a la prochaine
rich-c: night GuyB
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: all that driving tired me out
Pamela: thinking it 's time I went too
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Dale: Did I miss it all?
Pamela: not much to miss Dale
rich-c: Well, I hae to go to the hospital tomorrow so maybe I'd better pack it in
Pamela: i'll touch base tomorrow or Friday Dad, find out how it went and bring you up to date
rich-c: just Michael's offer of server space for Adam purposes, Dale
rich-c: OK Pam, we'll se how it goes
rich-c: meanwhile I had been get moving - have to get up early
Pamela: Dale, I'll be in touch once I confirm details to go up on the website
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: night Pam - night all
Daniel Bienvenu: make the adamcon mailing list working again... please... good night! *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: g'nite Guy and Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: I'll work some more on it tomorrow.
Dale: Maybe I'll get it going properly.
Dale left chat session
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