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rich-c: hi Dale, you really here?
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Guy F.: Hello gentlemen.
rich-c: salut, Guy - how's the snow?
Guy F.: Snow's good, lots of it in my backyard still...
rich-c: sure there's no shortage ;-)
Guy F.: Did you guys get snowed in as well in TO?
Dale: Hi all
Guy F.: Hi Dale.
Dale: I'm here somewhere.
Dale: I'm busy working on the chat archive update.
rich-c: yes, though we fell short of setting a new annual record - take another 18 cm to do that
Guy F.: We're short 28 or so to beat the annual season record.
rich-c: yea, Dale!!!
Guy F.: We had a bit of snow last night and today, maybe 1 or 2 cms.
rich-c: well you guts get serious snow - here 208 cm total would be a new record - that would be way shy of your annual average
Guy F.: Yeah, we'are already at over 300 cms.
rich-c: looking at Quebec City and their annual total is ~500 cm. - about 16 ft.
rich-c: I think the current leader is Cornerbrook, Nfld. - 464 cm.
rich-c: really shocking - what it takes to set a record is really low on the prairies, Lethbridge, Calgary, Regina and stuff - way less than Toronto
Guy F.: Crazy winter. I'm am definitely investing in a snowblower for next winter... right after I find a decent minivan, so that I can drive to the Adamcon this summer with the wife and kids.
rich-c: why a minivan? what's wrong with what you have now?
Guy F.: I have a 2 door car with 2 kids.
rich-c: yes, but they are awfully small kids, and two-doors have safety advantages - very ejection resistant
Guy F.: Not easy putting kids in and out of their car seats with only 2 doors.
Guy F.: I'm looking at different models now. Mazda came out with a micro-van which looks interesting, the Mazda 5.
rich-c: I recognize taht that is so, but you and your wife are young and flexible - even if impatiaent
rich-c: why not buy a used one and save a pot of money?
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Guy F.: Yes, I will buy a used one, for sure...
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: HI kids
Dale: How's it going Bob?
BobS: not bad......still walking upright and not stumbling
BobS: how about you all?
BobS: specially Richard??????
rich-c: gather the snow is melting away a bit, then ? ;-)
BobS: oh yes, snow is going fast
Guy F.: Bleah, -25 C tonight with the windchill factor.
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BobS: nice temps today. and i HIPE it will stay this way
changed username to Judy
rich-c: oh, I'm healing, a little better today - unfortunately Frances" back is very sore
Judy: Hello, All!!!
rich-c: hi, Judy
Judy: what did she do, Rich?
rich-c: nothing, Bob - her scoliosis just keeps getting worse and it is very hard for her to sleep
rich-c: and if she sleeps too long in one position, or the wrong position, she can barely move when she wakes up
Judy: that is not good
rich-c: no, when we went shopping today it was a tossup who would use the walker and who would lean on the cart
BobS: does leaning on the cart help MORE than the walker???
BobS: Judy's mom found that she liked the cart
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Judy: each get a cart
rich-c: that's interesting, Bob - to me there seems no difference
changed username to Guy B.
Guy F.: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Grrreeetings!
Judy: she never used a walker
rich-c: I thinbk Frances is inhibited about admitting she's feeling worn
rich-c: hi, OtherGuy
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy F.: Rich: Tell her it's quite allright, I'm in my 30s and most of the week-days I feel worn too.
rich-c: she's now willing to use a cane around the house when needed
Judy: me too !!!
rich-c: well I am on the mend and can give her the walker on occasion but she won't tale it
rich-c: I've also been able to resume some of the minor lifting chores around the house
rich-c: y'all there?
Judy: that is good that you are doing better maybe you taking on some of the work will help relieve some of her pain
Judy: I am
Guy F.: I'm still here.
rich-c: oh yes, more I am taking back things involving bending and lifting that I was unable to do
rich-c: actually got my rubbers on without help this afternoon, which is major progress
Judy: small things help
rich-c: yes, that is the reflection of a flexibility issue, so really means much more than it sounds like
Guy F.: hmmm, I hope Daniel B. is still not under 20 feet of snow.
rich-c: I was able to take the garbage and recycling out tonight, too - though it was rather slippery
Guy F.: Yeah, garbage night for us too... It was quite the adventure going in the backyard with at least 3 feet of snow.
rich-c: yes, they really got a load and a half down his way, didn't they, Guy?
Judy: it was in the 40's here today, not really spring but much more like it
Guy F.: I heard Ottawa got the worse snowfall... 50 cm?
rich-c: we'll be lucky if he even has a phone line up so he can join us
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Guy F.: He's probably busy with work and all. I saw him 2 weeks ago, he came down to Montreal for a gaming event.
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Guy B.: I'm wondering how Dr D is coping with all that snow out there?
rich-c: hi daughter
Bob changed username to BobS
Pamela: hi there
Guy F.: Yes, Dr. D too got some serious snow as well I think.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, lost track of time
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy F.: Hey Pam! We were wondering where you were.
Judy: he wanted the snow so he got it
BobS: doc said he LIKED the snow, NOW he has it
Pamela: I got sidetracked
rich-c: last storm it looked like Cleveland got very little, though western Ohio had a level 3 alert
Guy F.: Pam: Still doing laundry? ;)
Pamela: no, no laundry tonite
Pamela: too lazy
Pamela: tomorrow maybe
rich-c: if you can catch Dale once he finishes setting up the chat log, maybe you can ask about a web page
Guy F.: I love doing laundry these days. We bought a new frontal washing machine and it's so relaxing watching it wash. I know. I need to find some kind of hobby.
Judy: I spent the day putting my snowbabies away
Pamela: great, you can come get mine and do it : )
Guy F.: I'll do it, if you bring it over.
Pamela: is that wishful thinking, Judy? : )
Judy: trying to get rid of all signs of winter, hope the weather will work with me on this
Pamela: next time I'm out that way I'll bring it along, Guy
Guy F.: Pam: Awesome, looking forward to that!!! :)
Pamela: well we were thinking of going to Windsor next weekend for Easter but it looks like we're gonna get snowed out again - or in, depending on how you look at it
Dale: Ha! Chat archive is now up to date.
Guy F.: Aha!
Pamela: woohoo, Dale
Dale: I'm not at the point where I can automate it. But not too far away.
Judy: that sounds like a bummer, Pam
rich-c: Frances may be heard cheering in the background
Judy: hope we don't get it
Pamela: yes, that's two years in a row, Judy
Pamela: did this to us last year too
rich-c: is Easter this coming weekend, Pam?
Pamela: of course part of it is Easter in March instead of April, but still
Pamela: next weekend Dad
rich-c: I really hadn't noticed - that's very early
Pamela: as early as it gets, I believe
BobS: the weather people can not look that far in advance Pam
BobS: they THINK they can but they can't
rich-c: in fact it's before the vernal equinox - is that possible?
Dale: Time to catch up on December through March.
Pamela: it's after,
Pamela: Dad
Pamela: the equinox is the 20th - Good Friday is the 21st
rich-c: but teh equinox should be the 21st, and this is only the 12th, Sat/Sun will be the 15/16th
Pamela: the weather network is pretty good
Pamela: Bob
Pamela: next weekend Dad, not this one
Pamela: a week Friday
Guy F.: Daniel B is trying to connect to the chat, but is unable to.
rich-c: OK - I think of next weekend as being the one most immediately approaching
Pamela: no, that's this weekend : )
rich-c: and the equinox is Sebring race time, and this year the Australian GP as well
BobS: another day OFF !!!!!! HURRAY
Pamela: sorry Dad, most of us use the Julian calendar, not the racing calendar
rich-c: yes, you've been driving pretty hard, Bob
rich-c: although you did get away for a cruise pretty recently
Pamela: Bob how was the drive back from MS?
Pamela: (I am re-learning all the state abbreviations)
rich-c: why? for the Adamcon mailings or something?
Pamela: no for work
Pamela: hadn't used them much in the last four years
rich-c: the Ms are really a beast, aren't they?
Pamela: now all the work I do is for the US
Pamela: well they're somewhat logical
BobS: coming home for Mississippi was no problem.....snuck in between storms here
rich-c: Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouris, Mississippi, Montana...
Pamela: ME, MA, MI, MO, MS, MT
rich-c: you're learning well, daughter
Pamela: thanks for doing them alphabetically, Dad : )
BobS: now I have cut out the MOn & Fri job so am down to 40 hrs per week
Pamela: almost, anyway
BobS: feels good
Pamela: it's the A's that get me for some reason
Pamela: I'll bet Bob
BobS: now, if I could just RETIRE and enjoy ALL the free time............................
Pamela: you'd go crazy Bob
rich-c: actually I was doing them roughly east to west, wsith Mickey's French girlfriend a bit out of line (see mis-spelling)
BobS: no way my dear
Pamela: Bob, you don't think so?
BobS: I could always get a part time job IF I got bored
rich-c: he doesn't know how much work it is to be retired - wait till he finds out
Pamela: my biggest problem with free time is the computer
Pamela: it sucks you in for hours
rich-c: funny you should say...
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: how's the snow shovelling going, Guy?
rich-c: I am trying to get the Adam 3.5 floppy drive set up for Luc Miron
Pamela: I saw your pics and your video
Guy F.: Which Guy?
Pamela: you
Pamela: Mr. Bona lives in an apartment, I believe : )
rich-c: the OtherGuy doesn't post pictures of his snow shovelling
Guy F.: Ahh, shovelling is good, my neighbor helped me out to clear my driveway and front entrance with his snowblower. I still had the back of the driveway to take care off and had to break a lot of ice yesterday.
Guy F.: Actually, it's not pictures, it's videos.
Pamela: that was really nice of your neighbour
Pamela: videos plural? I only saw one on your Facebook page
Guy F.: We had fun over the week-end posting pics and videos of the snow, me and a whole bunch of friends showed what we were going through.
Pamela: guess I need to go back and take another look
rich-c: my experience says get an electric snowblower - the cord's a pain but it always starts and never runs out of fuel
Pamela: how's your street, Dad?
Guy F.: Rich: How high does an electric snowblower throw the snow?
rich-c: they still need to come by and cut it back - very narrow, Pam
Judy: you can get just an electric start, but will run on gas
rich-c: not sure, Guy, but I don't think 2 meters is out of reach
Judy: that is what Bob bought for me, can't start the other kind
Pamela: if I'm ever in a position to shovel snow, I'm going to get a snowblower for sure
Guy F.: These days, the snowbanks on my streets are piled at least 7-8 feet high.
rich-c: for light to medium use the electric power shovels are very neat and effective
Guy F.: My friend with a 7 HP, 24" wide snowblower told me that his doesn't cut it anymore.
Pamela: I'm going to think of it as another appliance
BobS: boy it does NOT pay to live in Montreal, eh?
Pamela: it's just as bad here, Bob
Guy F.: Bob: It's like anything else in this world, you just gotta be prepared.
Pamela: there are some streets in old Toronto that are unnavigable
rich-c: well if you're going to have a snowblower that won't cut it, might as well have a cheaper easier one!
BobS: got a toro single stage which works like a2 stage and will throw it almost straight up if needs be
Guy F.: Cleanup here in Montreal will take 10 days... 10 days!!!
Judy: sounds bad, but glad it is you and not us
Guy F.: Yep, Toros a nice snowblowers, wouldn't mind buying a used one, I hear they are bullet proof and last forever.
BobS: had a real 2 stage adn got rid of it, couldn't compare to the bit singel stage
Pamela: I'm tempted to over to M & D's and take pictures on a regular basis of the snow piles, to see how long it actually takes for them to completely disappear
BobS: big single stage
BobS: but it cost about $625 also
rich-c: the question is, Bob, will it throw it over teh top of a six foot drift - which is waht Guy needs
Guy F.: I hear one stage don't throw it as a high as two stage...
BobS: yup will throw about 12-15 feet high.
BobS: has a moveable chute with a directional deflector which can be set almost stright up
Pamela: I hear Toros are the best too, Guy
Guy F.: we're all sold out in quebec.. no more snowblowers for sale anywhere until next october I was told.
rich-c: even so, I've never seen any snowblower anywhere that can clear much more than six feet
BobS: the toro's are actually almost a 2 stage......has an internal thrower aas well as the "eater" portion
Guy F.: Toro are the first to have manufactured a snowblower in the 50s I think.
BobS: runs at a high rpm to do ti
BobS: it
Pamela: I have a friend with one that he's had since 1985
BobS: Toro and Jacobson
rich-c: yes, I think that's what our clearing crew use
BobS: and we thought they were toys and wouldn't hold up.......SHAME, they did and then got improved on drastically
Guy F.: If pros use it, it has to be good.. just like chainstays... Look at what the pros use and that's what you need.
Pamela: wow, your clearing crew is quite a sight to behold Dad
Guy F.: *chainsaws, chainstays belong on a bicycle.
Pamela: when I was over on the 1st, I was really impressed
BobS: now, the one problem is that you can't throw too high unless you are WITH the wind....or ya get snowed under
rich-c: yes, when the snow is deep and the buks are big, they get enough of a crew to maximize returns
Guy F.: hopefully there will be no more snowstorms this winter... we've all had enough... snowstorms should remain south of the border.
rich-c: so Pam, when will there be a Coladam posting on the Adamcon? it's quite active at the moment
Pamela: well a place like yours is good return on the investment, Dad
Guy F.: Yes, I'd like to know of the location so I can calculate how many KMs and time it would take me to drive from here.
Pamela: it takes them 5 minutes to do drive and walkway
Guy F.: You have a big lot Rich?
rich-c: yes, we aren't shy about giving a bonus when the job is really demanding
BobS: NO, snowstorms should be NORTH of the border
rich-c: no Guy, our lot is 45 x 120, typical city suburban
Guy F.: Yeah, good average size.
Pamela: I wasn't planning on posting to the Coladam list, but I will bow to popular opinion
Pamela: your collective opinions?
rich-c: don't know if it will get you anywhere, but hey, it can't hurt
BobS: whatever, just post the news
Guy F.: yeah, we want the nympho, err, I mean info.
rich-c: even if you just say that 20 will be (time, place) for info write to..., that should do it
Pamela: Freudian slip, Guy?
Guy F.: Yes Pam. :)
Pamela: LOL : )
Pamela: I don't think I've ever actually sent an e-mail to the Coladam list - received plenty, and replied, but not originated.
BobS: well why NOT???
Pamela: never had a need
BobS: just put the address in and it goes out to all
BobS: do now
rich-c: anyway, Guy, as log as you have distance to St. Catherines, it isn't that big a city
rich-c: in fact from the eastern edge to the Welland Canal is only about five miles
rich-c: it's just coladam at
rich-c: the tough part of the drive for you, Guy, will be getting through Toronto - talk to Pam about non-rush times
Guy F.: 653 KMs approx from my place to St. Catherines.
Guy F.: Not sure if I can make it all in one sitting, it's like 7.5 - 8 hours of driving. I hate driving long hours.
Pamela: so about the same distance as from Toronto to Cleveland. You should be able to do that in one day, Guy
rich-c: OK, once you're out of Montreal, 110 klicks all the way on 400/403/QEW - 117 klicks if you're in a hurry
Guy F.: Yeah, one day with a long break in between.
rich-c: well, we make it too and from Ottawa in a day - Montreal is a bit further and so is St. Catharines, but you're younger
Pamela: yes but he also has two small kids, Dad
Guy F.: Rich: I have 2 young children too. If I was alone, no problemo. I did Niagara Falls - Montreal in one shot on my motorcycle a few years ago.
Guy F.: I was sore though. :)
rich-c: yes, but they're still in diapers, no no pit stop exigencies
Pamela: you have obviously forgotten what it's like to travel with small children, Dad
Guy F.: Pam: I think he has. :)
Pamela: everyone needs a break now and then or you all go nuts
rich-c: well, Niagara is beyond St. Kitts, and you're west of Montreal, I believe
Guy F.: Sometimes just going to the grocery store it's pure hell... I can imagine a 7.5 hrs drive.. haha.
rich-c: oh, after that IronButt run should be a piece of cake
Pamela: Guy B, you there?
rich-c: likely che3cking his email, Pam
Guy F.: Rich: I think it'll be a 2 day event, stop somewhere halfway for the night.
rich-c: yes, pick a spot far enough east of Toronto to have decent motel prices, then come in in mid-morning
Guy F.: Rich: Sounds like good strategy. I really liked Whitby, maybe I will stay there.
rich-c: or pack a tent and find a campground ;-)
Guy F.: A cheap motel will do, thanks! ;)
rich-c: ask Dale if he can get you a discount at the hotel...
Pamela: good call, Guy. If you can get started at about 9:30 am, you should be in the sweet spot for traffic. Just remember, check-in at the hotel isn't until 4:00 pm.
Pamela: GUY B!
Guy F.: 4:00 PM? Wow, that's late for a check-in.
rich-c: he isn't paying attention, Pam - try a PM
Pamela: only an hour later than usual. I'm actually going to work with the hotel to see if we can be ready earlier.
Guy F.: Really? I'm always used to checking into hotels at like 1:00 PM or so, never had to wait till 4:00 PM... That's odd.
rich-c: it's pretty standard, Guy - they publish that to cover themselves in case they aren't ready earlier, but they usually are
Pamela: Alright, question to the population at large. Does anyone know who has Guy's banner?
Guy F.: Rich: Makes sense, but it sucks in a way because coming in for 4:00 PM is well, right during rush hour.
rich-c: well, it should have been passed to Neil, shouldn't it?
Guy F.: anyways I'm off to sleep, hasta la vista.
Guy F. left chat session
Pamela: we'll work on it Guy
rich-c: I think you'll find in almost any motel they will check you in as soon as the room is ready
Pamela: gnite!
rich-c: they just publish a late figure in case a departing guest has a crisis and they need time to clean the room
Guy B.: I have Adamcon 18 banner here
rich-c: nite, Guy - a la prochaine
Judy: Neil should have the banner, Pam
rich-c: aha! he's alive!
Guy B.: I'm on 2 PC's
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: I'm going for a beer
Pamela: you do have it?? Good, I thought it had gone to Neil. Can you take a good clear picture of it and e-mail it to me?
Guy B.: Neil gave it back to me
Pamela: and perhaps send one to Meeka? Yours is the only one she doesn't have up on her website
Guy B.: Sure
Pamela: thank you
Pamela: I have an idea brewing
rich-c: OK - know where to find 02 if you need it?
rich-c: I am recovering - I was able to twist the top off the beer
rich-c: till now that has meant using muscles that were too sore to do it
Pamela: woohoo, Dad!
Pamela: as long as I have pictures of them all, I'm okay, Dad
rich-c: yes, those muscles that anchor to the top of the pelvis are critical to so much!
rich-c: nope, just the actualy banner itself
Pamela: there, the initial e-mail has gone out
Pamela: Meeka has pics of all of the banners Dad
rich-c: good, be interesting to see what reaction it gets, if any
Pamela: Dale, do you still have a source for reasonably priced t-shirts?
Pamela: and Guy, try to make your picture of the banner higher resolution if you can, for better detail, please
rich-c: and do we have an artist to do the design?
rich-c: oops, we've lost Bob again
Guy B.: Will do
Judy: jyup, but I back.........
Judy: my computer can't get back on
Pamela: of the T-shirts? Yes, you're related to him : )
Judy changed username to BobS
rich-c: OK
BobS: it is just sitting here connecting to the chat.........NOT
rich-c: didn't know that that was among his talents
Pamela: finally, one last question for all - does anyone know what font the Adam logo was in originally?
BobS: Big and Square ?????????
Guy B.: Good question. I
Pamela: no Dad, it's Graeme
rich-c: I don't know if it was a commercial font or specially designed - never seen it discussed
Guy B.: I thought it was drawn as a graphic
rich-c: fundamentally, all fonts are a form of graphic, and the Adam one was no exception
Pamela: I'm going to have to take a closer look at the original on the box
rich-c: in fact, I wonder if there is such a thing as a complete Adam font?
Pamela: I think I found one that's suitable, but I want to compare it to the original
rich-c: why not just do a photocopy or scan? There may be supplementary lettes on some of teh big cartons
rich-c: Dale, do you know? is "Adam" a logo or a word from a full font?
Pamela: that's interesting - my e-mail has yet to show up in my inbox. Has anyone else received it? Or does it take a while to process through the list?
rich-c: email isn't always instantaneous, I've found - unfortunately I can't check right now
BobS: checking
BobS: nothing yet
BobS: may be stuck in the slot
Pamela: It's a font, Dad - Bob has a picture of the box on his website
rich-c: well, one slow server anywhre, and there's a delay
Pamela: or is that Meeka's? (adam.hollowdreams . . .)
BobS: mine is
rich-c: so the Adam name shows a copyright symbol and not a TM?
Pamela: must be Meeka's then
BobS: you are looking at Mekka's
Pamela: the font is Courier New
Pamela: that's handy
rich-c: no way - the is not how Courier New looks, or anyh of the popular fonts
BobS: how does ya know that is what it is???????
Pamela: Dad, go into your version of Word, type ADAM in capitals, make it about 36, bold it and then change it to Courier. Tell me what you think.
Pamela: I experimented with the fonts until I found one that matched, Bob
rich-c: I don't have Word
Pamela: well whatever facsimile you do have then
Pamela: heck, just do it in e-mail
Pamela: then compare it to the picture on Meeka's frontpage at and tell me what you think
Pamela: it looks the same to me
rich-c: I just tried it in wordpad and suspect it is close enough to pass - with a little artistic licence
Pamela: does anyone else have an opinion?
BobS: I agree with you.....casue youa re convention chairman
BobS: right?
Pamela: I rule by committee : )
Pamela: or popular opinion, in some cases : )
BobS: right
BobS: you took a vote and you as chair woman won!!!!!!!!
rich-c: It looks to me as if the flares need more emphasis on the D, which should be more square
Pamela: its important to me not to have a rebellion on my hands
BobS: or mutiny
rich-c: and the M should be expandad moe in width, maybe with a stronger flare
BobS: Mutiny is spelled with an M
rich-c: I suspect Courier New was a starting point, not the final design'but if I wanted to fake the Adam logo, that's where I would start
Pamela: so is murder : )
Pamela: and mayhem
BobS: oh oh
BobS: dont' get personal Pam
Pamela: so I'm staying away from M words : )
rich-c: anyway, is there a problem with just copying from some Adam literature?
Pamela: I suspect that might degrade the quality some, Dad - especially if it's a copy of a copy of a copy
rich-c: why not a straight copy of an original sales pamphlet, for instance?
Pamela: we'll have to do some experimentation
Pamela: does your scanner work Dad?
rich-c: and you don't have to do it as a jpeg - you can use a gif or another that retains all quality
rich-c: you won't be sending it over the internet - and it will be two colours only so a tiny file
BobS: why worry about how perfect it is Pam?
Pamela: I'm "detail-oriented" Bob
Pamela: which can be both a blessing and a curse
BobS: can understand that ma'am
Pamela: for paper purposes, I suspect that the font will do the trick
rich-c: the scanner works with the laptop, and we have the jump drives of course
Pamela: we'll talk : )
Pamela: Erin has a scanner too which might be useful because she's closer
Pamela: we'll see
rich-c: there will be challenges, including deciding which source - but it can be did
Pamela: BTW Dad, thanks again for the USB keypad - it works and I'm lovin' it
Pamela: there was a bit of a panic for a while over it : )
rich-c: good - alone they're as much as the who;le kit I got - so we got a real bargain
Pamela: we had Erin and Rich here last weekend for dinner, and did a bit of cleaning up
Pamela: afterwards, I couldn't find it
rich-c: oh, what caused the panic?
Pamela: looked everywhere I could think of to no avail
Pamela: and couldn't understand what I might have done with it
rich-c: ah, OK - I haven't even tried the other stuff yet - opened it, looked at it, but not tried it
Guy B.: Well folks, Annie will be taken out soon. So, I'll see you all next week
rich-c: OK Guy, night, and don't forget the banner
Pamela: especially since I found the other items that were in the bag with it
Pamela: night Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: finally discovered why I couldn't find it
rich-c: you had it with the computer already?
Pamela: turns out it fell out of the bag in the car
Pamela: I found it when I went into the trunk on Monday to put the groceries in
Pamela: explains a lot : )
rich-c: well, at least you found it
Pamela: I was quite relieved, let me tell you
Pamela: I was beginning to think I was going nuts!
rich-c: I'm glad it occurred to me to ask if you could use it - I bought the lit more despite than becasue of the keypad
Pamela: rest assured it will get good use Dad
Pamela: I found it Monday and have used it every day since
rich-c: that's terrific, Pam, a real unexpected bomnus on my buy
Pamela: absolutely worth it, Dad
rich-c: saw one since at Staples - same price for that pad as I paid for the whole kit
Pamela: Dale, are you back yet?
rich-c: and what I bought it for was the mouse and the light
BobS: well, I got to hit the sack.......up at 5:30am tomorrow
Pamela: oh ick, Bob
Pamela: 5:30??
BobS: be good this week and will see ya's next Wed
rich-c: right, Bob - that's a challenge; hang in there and see you next week
BobS: ya.......bummer huh?
BobS left chat session
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: wow, he poofed in a hurry
Pamela: how are you feeling Dad?
rich-c: getting near time for us too, Pam
Pamela: yes, it's almost bedtime
rich-c: I suspect Se4bring will run noon - midnight Saturday but not sure - Speed's website is indecpherable
Pamela: always a good quality in a TV website
rich-c: F1 Australia as practice 11 pm Fri, race midnight Saturday - I plan to stay up and wtch
Pamela: better tape it too Dad - just in case you zone out
rich-c: so I will likely be around home but not always talkable to this weekend
Pamela: well i won't call at midnight, I promise : )
Pamela: anyway, I guess I'm for bed
rich-c: I think I'll be OK on thatscore, Pam - the F1 is on TSN and Speed have a repeat Sunday noon or so
Pamela: since Dale seems to have tuned out I'll send him an e-mail
rich-c: anyway yes, time to log the zzzz,s - so nite night!
Pamela: gnite Daddy - sleep tight
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: sounds good - talk to you in due course
Pamela: ok
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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