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Meeka: hello
rich-c: hi Meeka, how are you tonight?
Meeka: ok I guess
rich-c: I'm a minute or two late because I had to reinstall XP again and hadn't picked up Java yet
rich-c: you sound a little dubious about your health - problems static?
Meeka: sounds fun :-P
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changed username to BobS
BobS: OK kids.......I am HERE
Meeka: hi dad
rich-c: well, the basic re-installation hung three time and cost me over four hours 8-(
BobS: hows the weather in CA ??
BobS: hi meeka
rich-c: greetings Bob
BobS: you blew up another computer install ?
Meeka: ok rich, just tired
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rich-c: had a cold but gorgeous day today
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Meeka: hi
rich-c: hello Guy, made it on time tonight!
BobS: YO BRO !!!!!!
rich-c: just telling Meeka, even on a clean install it took four runs to get it on, and then it's pretty unstable
Guy B.: Had to wrap up some dishes, feed Annie and I'm on two PC's again. More LP recording
BobS: clean install of what? XP?
rich-c: well, since an LP will run for 30 minutes, you should have lots of time for chat
rich-c: yes, formatted the partition and went in from ground zero, so to speak
BobS: WHACK that sucka
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changed username to Remav
Meeka: i just let doug handle that, much easier LOL
rich-c: I wsant one of those shirts that says "Defenestrate Windows"
Remav: Wow... Adam lives! Hi All (Robert Miller)
rich-c: we have a new handle - who might that be? Guy the second, perhaps?
Guy B.: I've burned 11 albums already and have a whole lot to go
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: to CD that is
Guy B.: HI Meeka
rich-c: ah, Robert - I guess the word is welcome back - it's been a long time
Remav: Yes, thought I was not going to be able to attend tonight... Java kept erroring on me.
BobS: Hi robert.....glad ya stopped by mon
rich-c: earlier on, the server was balking on the latest Java, but Dale got that fixed sdeveral weeks ago
BobS: meet Robert Miller, designer of the ADAMCON 11 logo and ADAM efficienado
BobS: correct?????
Remav: thanks... Spoke with my boss about combining AC20 & some work. I think it's going to work out.
Remav: hehehe... yea, real big time adam legend huh?
rich-c: I just had to install the latest Java about ten minutess ago, and here I am!
BobS: AND if I remember from that era, you were running LOGO messaging over the hotel tv's....................
Remav: Nope not me. I didn't bring one to AC4.
rich-c: Bob, the motel manager was from Rhode Island, not New Jersey
BobS: well tha would be great if you can make the convention this year
BobS: not Joursey?????????
BobS: bummer
rich-c: you're from down across the river from Philadelphia, aren't you, Rob?
Remav: I used to be from Bethlehem, PA when I went to the User's group meetings. DelVal I think
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: up on the Saucon river - not that long, but a bit of a drive down
Dale: Just checking that the server is up okay.
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Dale, welcome aboard
Dale: brb
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: and I can tell you the chat works the the absolutely latest Java RTE
BobS: hi Dale
BobS: yup working great tonight
Remav: I had a virtual machine running & after I shut it down I was able to get on.
BobS: and Richard would KNOW, he just keeps reinstalling until his puter works
rich-c: well, if it won't work or respond to anything else, not much choice, is there?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi everyone
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: if I'm going to get an up to date computer I will have to learn to run a virtual machine
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: sorry I'm late, I was talking to Kimberly
rich-c: oh yes, she just lost her uncle, didn't she
BobS: morning Pam
Pamela: yes, she called to tell me
Pamela: I gather you saw the obit?
Pamela: Hi, Bob
rich-c: we spotted it in the paper and I planned to send you an email - did I?
BobS: got Robert on here and he WANTSW to come to the convention this year.................give him the TALK
Remav: So who ran the Deleware Valley User's group? I cant remember anything any more.
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BobS: was it Herman Vherney ??????
BobS: Cherney
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: no you didn't
rich-c: hello Judy
Judy: Hello, Everyone
Pamela: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: no, wasn't he in upstate New York, not far from Amsterdam?
Remav: I remember herman online, but dont think it was his house we went to.
rich-c: I remember DVAUG had about two or three very long-term users, tight knit group
BobS: then I am lost Robert
Pamela: hello, Robert
rich-c: Robert designed the logo for AC11, Pam
Remav: I'm sure I have it in my big stack of Adam Stuff. I'll have to dig (or in my case "climb")
Remav: Hi Pam
rich-c: are you still in Bethlemhem or have you moved, Rob?
Remav: No, I got banished to NJ in '00.
rich-c: where are you in NJ, then?
Meeka: hey mom, guess what new toy I got this week
Remav: The freeway filled up. Back when I was online with you guys it was a 45 min commute.
Remav: When I gave up & moved it was about 1.5hrs.
Judy: what did you get?
Judy: another new computer?
rich-c: so you're still in the Delaware Water Gap area, or downstream?
Meeka: LOL, nope, it does have a hard drive in it though
rich-c: TiVo, Meeka?
Meeka: no, had that for several years already
Meeka: its a new camcorder
Remav: Yes, about the same distance as when I was in PA.
Judy: ohhhh
Meeka: its bairly bigger than my digital camera
rich-c: oh, they are just being introduced here
Judy: a little one/
Remav: Mendham, NJ near Morristown.
Judy: you will have to take it Sunday
Meeka: they are great rich, we dont have to watch all those comercials
rich-c: OK, I'm a New Jersey native, but that was far over half a century ago that I left
Meeka: ya, we will
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changed username to GuyDoune
(goes to fetch his beer)
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
GuyDoune: Greetings everyone.
Meeka: if I leave it on the low setting I can get 37 hours of recordings on it before it "fills up"
Judy: Hi, Guy
Meeka: hi guy
Remav: OH rats... I thought I was going to be supplied a beer, not have to go get one!
GuyDoune: Did someone get a DVR?
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: hI GUY
GuyDoune: Beer, good idea, let me go get one for myself...
Meeka: no, a new HDD camcorder
BobS: snow stopped in Montreal yet?????????
Remav: I got a TiVo
GuyDoune: Ahhh, cool toy, wish I had one.
BobS: I got a vcr !!!!! dows taht count ????
Meeka: just bought it this week so still trying to figure it all out
Meeka: lol dad
Remav: sure it counts!
Remav: I had my Laserdisc player repaired this year.
rich-c: now that is yestertech!
GuyDoune: I bought a Pioneer DVR a few weeks ago... lots of fun.
Meeka: we love our tivo's
rich-c: my vcr player busted a few months back - now have a vcr/dvd player combo
Remav: I find it's quite the time-zapper though.
Pamela: we need to get ourselves a PVR
Remav: had a blowout on the TiVo HD a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist.
GuyDoune: My Pioneer PVR is awesome... although it's lacking a few things like automatic DVD ripping, playing movies off of USB, but it has many redeeming qualities.
rich-c: I jusy don't watch tv enough to make anything fancy worth the expense
Meeka: ya, but its nice that stuff records for you and you dont have to worry about missing things
Remav: I added a 750 GB drive last week. Just under 1 TB total now.
GuyDoune: exactly and it can skip commercials for ya, so more tv watching in the same amount of time.... and you can then burn it onto DVD which is a plus for archival.
rich-c: I can't fathom where you folks get all the time for these things
Meeka: its called multi-tasking
Remav: Been trying to figure out how to save things off of mine. What interface do you use for DVD burning Guy?
Meeka: I watch tv, chat with you guys and am cross stitching right now as we speak
GuyDoune: Remav: The DVR actually burns theshows and episodes I ask it to automatically.
Remav: Oh, it's built in, it just doenst do it automatically, right?
Judy: I was knitting, and watching TV
Pamela: okay - opinions - DVR or PVR?
BobS: am sitting here looking at tv and chatting........ = multitasking, yes??????
Meeka: for a man...yes it does
Judy: Meeka, that is dad
Remav: My idea of multi-tasking is doing anything ...with a beer.
rich-c: what is PVR?
BobS: taht too
GuyDoune: Remav: Yes, it's built in, it saves it to the hard drive first and then I can edit out the commercials and save it to DVD, very simple interface... also has a firewire port, so i can connect my mini dv camera to it and archive my video on DVD-RAM (or any other type of media)
Meeka: ya, your point :-P
GuyDoune: Personal Video Recorder?
Pamela: personal video recorder - hard drive rather than burn to DVD
BobS: pvr = brain richard
Meeka: we have both Pam
BobS: low tech at that
GuyDoune: I have both hard drive and DVD burning, but I think it's called a DVR.
Judy: we get the hand
Dale: back
Pamela: HI Dale
Meeka: we have tivo's that have harddrives in the to reocrd off the dish...then we have a dvr to make our dvd's with .... and a tivo server in the basement to store movies on
Pamela: didn't see you there
Pamela: quick question
Remav: Wish I could take the best features out of the MS Media Center PC, TiVo, & the FiOS DVR that I gave up for TiVo... They all have things they do better than the others.
Meeka: yup
rich-c: are you telling me to wait to buy till they perfect them? 8-)
Pamela: Dale, sent you an e-mail a couple weeks ago re: t-shirts but never heard back
Meeka: doug hacked our tivo's fo they are all networked together
Pamela: do you still have a contact for t-shirts?
Dale: Well, I was talking to some DVD experts from HP a while back, and they point out that the perfect DVD player seems to change every 6 months.
Remav: they'll never perfect them dale. (they're not like the ADAM where they got things right the 1st try! LOL!)
rich-c: I find tht painfully credible, Dale
Dale: So I guess consumer electronics lives on the "there's always something better around the corner -- enjoy what you have now" theory.
rich-c: you remember what Zonker told us SONY stands for
Remav changed username to BobM
Pamela: what, Dad?
rich-c: Soon Only Not Yet
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: I see Remav has been playing around with the chat menus
(A dog howls in the distance)
BobM: hehehe... 2 Bobs are better than one!
BobM: chatroom spelunking (sp?) I guess you'd call it.
rich-c: well, we have a couple of Guys, too - though they pronounce it differently
rich-c: trouble is, click on an item and the screen tattles on you
Pamela: couple Riches as well when Dr. D shows up
rich-c: yes, he seems to be boycotting us
Pamela: no, I think Wednesdays are just really busy days for him recently
BobM: I gotta hand it to you guys. 15 years ago if we had 9 users chatting it was a HUGE night!
rich-c: well he also has an alarming tendency to burn the candle at both ends, too
BobS: heck sometimes we have like 15 or so
Dale: I think logging the archives helps. Especially when they updated automatically.
rich-c: well essentially you have the Slopsema family, the Clees, and a couple of individuals
Dale: I really have to devote some time automate that again tomorrow.
BobM: I guess this whole Internet fad may catch on afterall, huh?
BobS: thought maybe Jean Stone would pop in.......had to forward her the chat link again, her kids upgraded her computer and she lost it
rich-c: well, it's a little early to tell you, Bob
BobS: tell me ??????
rich-c: sorry - tell yet, BobM
rich-c: why would Jean want her computer upgraded, anyway?
BobS: naw, the internet is here to stay !!!!!! Al Gore said so !!!!!!
BobS: think Jean's kids just did it and she followed meekly along
BobM: hehehe... Work is paying for a certificate course in IT Mgt. One of this semester's classes is "Programming the Internet"
rich-c: have to tread carefully - the new boards and chips won't run any Windows earlier than XP
rich-c: and they are even a little shaky on that
BobM: Just throw a virtual machine at the problem Rich.
Meeka: mom, doug says to tell ya he passed those two microsft exams
BobS: that's good for him, she says
rich-c: that's what my IT buddies keep telling me, BobM
Judy: good for him
Pamela: Dale, did you catch my question?
Meeka: lol, good for me anyway, he waited till the last possible minute to take then
Judy: so does that mean more money for him?
Meeka: and he is grumpy when he has to study
Meeka: not that I know
rich-c: I actually have a couple of VM programs in my Downloads file - the one outside the crash zone
Judy: that figures
BobM: I made the mistake of loading up 64 bit XP & none of my class software can use it. Virtual PC saved me a HUGE rebuild... easy too.
Dale: Looking at the history
Meeka: they were jsut to upgrade his MCSE from 200 to 2003
Dale: You weren't quick enough,,,checking...
Judy: he never did like to study
Meeka: 2000 to 2003**
Meeka: ya, and lord help you if you make ANY kind of noise while he is either
Dale: The embroidered t-shirts were done at a local place in Whitby which my brother deals with.
Pamela: do you have a contact number?
rich-c: I'm thinking in terms of running legacy programs, like earlier Windows and the Emulator - which is a VM itself sort of
Judy: ya, he always needed his own room
Dale: If you look in the yellow pages are are dozens of those embrodery shops around.
Dale: They are quiite common place.
Dale: When pricing it, you have to ask lots of questions. Also there is usually an artwork setup fee to convert your art into a sewing pattern.
rich-c: new computers are ridiculously cheap these days, but I have nothing to do on one
Meeka: well he has he wants the whole floor. I got grumbled at for putting dishes away once when he was studing
rich-c: the computer I have is grossly excessive to my needs
Dale: I think the AdamCon 17 shirts were $18 each with a setup fee of $50 or $75. Something like that.
Dale: Traditionally I have sold them for $12 to $15 each. But with the low volumes, I guess we should really put the price up to the approx $20 or so that it costs.
(goes to fetch his beer)
Pamela: I'm looking for a t-shirt supplier only at this point, I have another idea for the artwork
Judy: sorry!!!
(goes to fetch his beer)
Dale: I don't think I priced silk screening recently, but I think that with AdamCon 12, I found that silk screening and embroidery are about the same price, and the embroidered shirts are surely nicer.
Meeka: lol, not your fault
Meeka: i know people study differently
Dale: At least with less than about 25 shirts.
Meeka: I always had to have the radio or something on when I did so its weird to me that he wants scilence
Dale: For AdamCon 12, I bought the tshirts only at a wholesale place near my work at the time, in the Finch Downsview industrial park.
Dale: I think it is the second left north of finch, and was on the left about two blocks from there.
BobM: Well, I pull the early shift these days (Which is one reason I have not been on in such a long time.) So I'll have to say good night all...
rich-c: BobM, what are your feelings on beer and wine?
Pamela: do you by any chance remember the name?
Judy: gets that from me, I need quite
BobM: I guess I'll be needing to get "the talk" about AC20, cause it looks like I'll be there.
Dale: But I just don't remember a name. They could custom order any size, any color with about two weeks lead time. And the shirts were good quality for $7 each as I recall.
Pamela: Bob, if you're interested in the convention information, send me an e-mail at - I'll add you to the list
BobM: Rich... everything in moderation. incl. sobriety!
Pamela: that's what I need Dale
BobS: go STRAIGHT home now BobM
rich-c: OK - you need to know AC20 is in the heart of world-famous wine country - and the beer's good too
Pamela: second left north of finch off dufferin?
rich-c: sweet dr4eams!
Dale: Looking on it reveals that it would have been on Martin Ross (or maybe Supertest) to the East of Alness at the time.
BobM: Just sent the email Pamela. thx
rich-c: OK does Google show the businesses on those streets yet?
Pamela: thank you, Bob
BobM: Rich, I used to be a big fan of Pino Nior until that movie "sideways" ran the prices up! hehehe
rich-c: our best ice ral icewine, but there's some fabulous Reislings around, too
Pamela: I can work with that, Dale
BobM: Night All <poof> <<<haven't typed that one in years!!! Sounds good Rich!
rich-c: sorry - is real
BobM left chat session
Pamela: T-shirt wholesaler?
Dale: I really don't remember the name of the place. But mapquest suggests that Eagle Sportswear is on the street that I said 416-650-5144
Dale: 313 Supertest Road.
Pamela: okay, they're one of the places I looked at I think. I have noted it down. Thanks, that's perfect.
Dale: There are probably 5 or more places in the specific neighbourhood.
rich-c: maybe you can get up there Saturday, Pam - though if they're wholesalers they may run 9 - 5 hours
Pamela: I'll have to call
rich-c: and there's always the mob of schmetta shops on Orfus Road
Dale: They have a pretty good website, but no hours listed:
rich-c: got a buddy who makes t-shirts, but he's in North Carolina and is wholesale only - like he has a mill
Pamela: not a huge help here, Papa : )
rich-c: I had a suspicion that might be the case ; - )
Pamela: thanks tons, Dale - I will investigate tomorrow
Pamela: Guy, you were going to send me a pic of your banner
rich-c: Dale, I am having problems understanding how an exclusively 64-bit environment can produce a 32-bit or 16-bit virtual machine
BobS: got any news for us on ADAMCON Pam ???
rich-c: among other things, don't you have to load the VM OS somewhere? adn what if it's 16 or 32 bit?
Pamela: I'm working on the forms for signup Bob
rich-c: what information do you need, Bob, so Pam can be sure to include it?
BobS: everything !!!!
rich-c: that's really not a great help - can you be a bit more specific?
BobS: June 18-20 ???????
BobS: Thurs eve is what date...?
Pamela: June 19 - 22nd, Quality Inn Parkway Hotel, St. Catharines, Ontario
rich-c: 19-22 I think but Pam can tell
Pamela: Thursday evening is the 19th
Guy B.: I haven't had a chance to get it out and take a photo yet.
BobS: ok got to turn it in for the time off
Pamela: don't forget, please
Guy B.: It's in my closet with the rest of the computer gear. I'll get that to you soon
Pamela: Meeka, you have pics of all the other banners on your website. Do you have .pdf's of all of them?
Meeka: no, they are all jpegs
Pamela: sorry that's what I meant
Meeka: ya, I have all but 18 I think
Pamela: I would love it if you could send me e-mails of them
Meeka: I can prob do that
Meeka: I just finished re-designing that sight so the pics are all sorted properly now
Judy: how are you doing on your picture work, meeka?
Meeka: adam sight is finished as it gets until I get photos for 18 from someone
Meeka: the personal one is pretty much complete
Judy: I am impressed
Meeka: just have to light a bonfire under your some to get the SSL running so I can realse the site
Meeka: ty
Pamela: perhaps we can talk Guy into sending the AC18 banner to you and I at the same time : )
Meeka: theres a thought, then I at least would have one picture in that album
Meeka: the adam one was pretty easy, the basic structure was already there, just had to reformat it
Meeka: the personal one took longer as I started from sccratch
Pamela: Unfortunately we didn't get the digital camera until last year
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I'm not sure I have pics from AC18 - must remember to check that
Meeka: I did a bunch of scanning of pictures sent to me by various people for the old conventions
BobS: whats the convention pic listed under
BobS: got it
Guy B.: I'll be right back. I have to quit the chat in order for me to install a new version of OpenOffice
Meeka: k
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: boy we're a quiet bunch all of a sudden
rich-c: I can't tell right now but I may have some Adamcon pis on the other computer - remind me
rich-c: yes, our otehr Guy hasn't said a word for hours
Meeka: lol
Pamela: brb folks
rich-c: anyhow, is spring starting to show over in western Michigan?
BobS: find themrichard
BobS: may havew some jmore here also
Meeka: its trying
BobS: spring is springing....yesterday sucked with cold and blowing, but today was better as the sun resurfaced and got to almost 50*
rich-c: well, until I get this stupid desktop sorted, sending is moot
Meeka: ya, doug says there were a couple on one of the silde reals we went through the last time, but I havent double checked that yet
rich-c: we were lucky to see #C - about 38F
rich-c: 3C
BobS: warmthj is coming your way
rich-c: I can't clip or save stuff at the moment and don't have my utilities to hand - much still to go in rebuilding the drive
BobS: good thing you are retired Richard, you now have the time
Pamela: sorry about that, small domestic crisis
rich-c: just looking, I do have photos from last year's Adamcon
Pamela: do you have any from 18 Dad?
rich-c: with Windows, time demands will always outweigh time available
Meeka: I was talking to my mom about pictures the other day, she says both my grandparents already had their slides converted, so I begging them for copies :-P
rich-c: don't know Pam, can't check those right now
Meeka: ya, i got some of last years from dales site
Meeka: he just doesnt have 18 up there
rich-c: meeka, you don't have any bandwidth issues, do you, if I send a bunch of photos?
rich-c: and where would I send them?
Meeka: nope, we have dsl and we are our own e-mail provider
rich-c: that suggests a pretty high degree of flexibility
BobS: well kids, got to work tomorrow swo got to head for the sack
Meeka: yes well, you know Doug right ? LOL
rich-c: yep, that time, Bob - take care then
Meeka: night dad
BobS: Judy got thrown out, so she is ready for the sack, looking at Meeka's pics of Miejer Gardens
BobS: nite all, and see ya's next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: your email, meeka?
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Bob and Judy
Meeka: mslopsema at
Meeka: remove the spaces and replace the @
rich-c: OK I will try to remember
rich-c: yes, have to leave out the @ when you're on a public chat
rich-c: otherwise teh 'bots will get you and spam you to death
Meeka: yup
Meeka: and i get enough of that already
Pamela: don't we all
rich-c: anyhow guess it's the witching hour for me, too
Pamela: I guess that I had better hit the road too, since I have some stuff to do before bedtime
Meeka: ya, I should be off too
rich-c: so I shall bid everyone goodnight and see you next week
Pamela: morning comes waaaay too early
Pamela: goodnight Meeka
Pamela: Goodnight Dale
Pamela: Goodnight Guy
Pamela: Goodnight, Daddy
rich-c: goodnight, Pam
rich-c: and goodnight, all
Pamela: will call soon
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
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