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Pamela: Whoops, where is everyone?
Dale: Hi ya
Dale: Chat Server glitch
Pamela: hey
Dale: I posted to the mailing list that it was resety
Pamela: wondered about that : )
Dale: I really have to get that chat archive script automated.
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Dale: Then it'll reset the server once a week as part of updating the archive.
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: is it affecting real-time chat?
Dale: Hi Richard.
Pamela: Hi Dad
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Dale: I almost beat you to resetting the chat server before the chat,
rich-c: hi Dale, got my message, did you?
changed username to BobS
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changed username to Guy B.
Dale: But Jeffrey wanted me to finish reading "Shellfish aren't Fish" first.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: figured it was kaput
rich-c: hi daughter, Bob. Guy
Dale: I got it, and posted to the list that I fixed it.
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pamela: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Well, I had a monitor die over the weekend
BobS: hope Jean finds her way here tonight
BobS: fromold age? or electrocution ?
BobS: she complained that all she got was an opening screen
Dale: Well, I didn't post the URL to the mailing list this time.
Guy B.: Old age. 7 years old, that moniputer that I bought from Tigerdirect
Dale: But sometimes that is enough to bring out a record crowd.
BobS: so I assured her taht Dale was on top of the business and would take care of it
Pamela: d'you think maybe we should teach Melanie to save address books while she's here, so the next time Jean gets a new computer, she won't lose all her connections?
BobS: good tinkin, HUH ?
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BobS: AMEN sister
Guy B.: I'm installing OpenOffice 2.4 on the Compaq at the moment while I'm on the notebook
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: yes, then she can just lose everything in crashes instead
BobS: Hi Judy
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changed username to Meeka
changed username to Ron
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: hi Meeka
Pamela: I think your message worked, Dale
rich-c: greetings Ron
Meeka: helo everyone
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Judy: Hi, Guy, Pam, Rich, Dale, Ron and Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: and Meeka
changed username to Ron
BobS: MR mitchell, SIR !!!!
Pamela: Hi Ron, Hi Meeka
Dale: HI RON>
BobS: twins he is
rich-c: eeryone gets here at once
Ron: Hi all
Guy B.: We have twin Ron's though
Ron: I see double
Judy: Meeka, did you hear the storm last night?
rich-c: oh, he's like that - happens all the time ; - )
Ron: there's enough of one of me
Meeka: ya, I did
Dale: cats on my keyboard remaps my keymap
Meeka: there were several loud house shaking booms
Judy: me too, Dad slept thru it
Ron left chat session
Guy B.: Anyway, after losing a 17" monitor just when I was installing Ubuntu on the Athlon and it was almost done when it went out
Ron: am I gone?
Ron: yes
Dale: there i think i have control again>
Dale: almost anyway
rich-c: yes, it arrived here about 8 a.m. - only one close one, though
Meeka: i normally sleep through it too, but it sounded like it was right over the house
rich-c: monitor went totally phfft, Guy? No warning?
Pamela: what storm - I got sprinkled on at 7:53 or so for about 30 seconds and that's it
Judy: here too
Meeka: we had a big storm roll through last night Pam
Judy: had thunder and lightning last night
Ron: Mother Nature flexing her muscles?
Pamela: I keep telling everyone, we don't get weather in Weston. No one believes me.
Dale: There all fixed. I have punctuation and control of capitals again.
Meeka: \yup, it think so Ron
Guy B.: Same here. Annie didn't budge when it came through
Dale: I don't use that french keymap on purpose that often, but it helps occasionally.
Judy: was even a tornado south of here
Pamela: ah, spring : )
rich-c: yes, there is actually a fair temperature gap between the two air masses
Dale: Sounds like a bad capacitor Guy. Not that I'd really know how to fix it or anything.
Ron: That'll do it
Pamela: let me tell you, it wasn't all that warm out there today
rich-c: we got rained on a bit, but it cleared in time for us to go shopping
Judy: here either, was not that warm here
Dale: I went on a hike tonight to clear skys.
Dale: But there was plenty of rain in the morning.
Dale: It's quite windy though today.
Ron: Been chilly out here too. Was in Victoria most of last week, and I'd say the blossoms and fleurs are about 3 weeks behind
Guy B.: I'm going to send it off to recycling. I have another monitor and going to a swap.
Judy: but after the storm passed it left wind, was blowing like crazy
rich-c: it's a crt monitor that you lost, Guy?
Guy B.: Yep
Dale: brb
Pamela: left it here too Judy
Guy B.: I've been losing the display a lot lately. So I knew it was just a matter of time
Pamela: that's part of why it was so chilly
rich-c: not worth fixing - time to move to an LCD unit
Judy: the finches have turned very yellow, so that is a sign of spring
rich-c: yes, I'm waiting for mine to go, especially since I need a new computer anyway
rich-c: we don't have finches, but a few migrating kinglets have some through, and the starlings are thickening
rich-c: and we have an absolute explosion of crocuses in the back yard
BobS: AND, I have thwarted my li'l squirrel
rich-c: 48 hours ago nothing, today taking over the world
Judy: the starlings have stopped by here also, but they can't get any food so they are not staying
Ron: brb....must go get my power supply
BobS: DARN starlings
Meeka: i dont have starlings, just those dumb squirles
rich-c: we have the squirrels thwarted for today, too - moved teh feeder too far away from the shed for them to jump
Guy B.: Going to bring it to a recycling fair in Elk Grove Village on the 24th as part of Earth Day
rich-c: my guess is that it isn't worth fixing, Guy - it's dead technology with high toxic waste content
Pamela: we had someone last night about 10:30 or so just singing their heart out - who's out at that hour???
BobS: I have the suet in a cage that the little sucker can't get into
Judy: dad made a cage around the feeders and the squirrel couldn't get in
rich-c: the labour cost on fixing it is more than the thing is worth
Guy B.: That's why I'm going to recycle it. I have another one, so I'm not out
BobS: hopefully forever
rich-c: likely a robin, Pam - they are the early and late singers
Guy B.: 7 years and I got my money's worth
rich-c: we have a wire cage feeder, they cant get in but they shake it and seeds come out
Pamela: that reminds me - I need to dig out my flyer and find out when our recycling day is. I have some stuff to get rid of.
Pamela: (she says in grand understatement)
rich-c: I'm not looking forwardd to teh day my monitor dies - I like the crt picture quality better
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: can't bring myself to recycle anything that actually bad!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello everybody!
Judy: he has the cage around the suet feeder and the sunflower feeder, they can't get any right now
Pamela: allo Daniel
BobS: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Meeka: ya, thanks for poassing on that gene to your son :-P
Judy: hi, Daniel
Meeka: hi Daniel
BobS: I am really tryint to tick them sucka's off
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : are you online? I need to talk with you in private about an email I got this week.
BobS: but Meeka, we WILL find a way to sue the stuff SOMEDAY
Meeka: i just harass them with bb's
BobS: pump it up little higher and KILL the little varments
rich-c: try a garden hose, or even a water "pistol", Meeka
Meeka: ya, I am sure the old junk will save us one of these days
rich-c: I've done that a few times and man, do they run
BobS: yes Richard, but they come back
Meeka: naw, they bb's more purswasive rich
rich-c: do you folks have a Freecycle chapter in GR?
rich-c: not for quite a while, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: @Pam : I didn't talk yet with my boss about the adamcon dates, but make sure you will give your address in the next email to us to be able to pay you for this annual meeting.
Dale: back
Daniel Bienvenu: DALE!!!!
BobS: yup we do
Daniel Bienvenu: can I talk to you a minute!
Pamela: I will, Daniel
Dale: On yahoo...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at work... I can't install anything
BobS: driving all night just to see ya'
rich-c: driving or flying, Bob?
BobS: ll
BobS: driving
Ron: Looks like I have a choice of 2 flights to Hamilton. Late and Later
Dale: Does Digital River want to hire you to make some flash games?
BobS: can't fly, tried it once, but hit the ground face down.....HARD
Pamela: ya, I saw that Ron. What about into Pearson, is that better?
rich-c: that's WestJet, Ron? I trust the price is right?
Dale: I saw your post on coleco mailing list, but couldn't decide what it meant.
Ron: that makes it even worse
Ron: haven't checked the prices yet
Daniel Bienvenu: I had more details today... I will give you all the details.
Ron: but from out here generally, the price is never right
rich-c: I think you'll find a redeye to Hamilton is pretty attractive dolarwise, from what I've heard
Ron: there is no redeye to Hamilton
rich-c: oh, I was jumping to conclusion from your late and later remark
Ron: and I dont use attractive and airfares in the same sentence
rich-c: Pam, does the hotel have a pickup at the Hamilton airport?
Ron: both flights from here arrive in Hamilton after 10 pm
Ron: how much of a drive is it from Hamilton to St Kits?
Pamela: they do not, unfortunately
Pamela: not long Ron, about 1/2 hour
Ron: I intend to rent a car at the airport
rich-c: I would guess under 30 miles, Ron, almost all on the QEW
Ron: well, that wouldn't be so bad. Just need to alert the desk that I'm coming late
Pamela: it may be a bit more since I don't know where the airport is in relation to the highway
rich-c: haven't been over to the Hamilton airport for years so don't know how things are at the moment
Ron: Or maybe I'll come Wed night
BobS: like THAT will work Ron
rich-c: but the hotel is right at the QEW exit, so to speak, right, Pam?
Pamela: well he might get some sleep that way : )
Ron: well at least I wouldn't be missing the meet and greet that way
Pamela: yes it is, Dad
Ron: Meeka, are you and Doug coming?
Meeka: not quite sure yet, we hope to
Ron: Wondering if Doug could bring his Compact Flash HD setup if he comes
rich-c: we are all hoping you two can make it, Meeka
Meeka: k, I will mention it to him
Meeka: you ever get yours working
Pamela: I really hope you make it too Meeka
Ron: No I gave up. Cant get the adam to see the CF card at all
BobS: tis easy Ron, jsut get doug to do it...........
BobS: mine works great
Ron: right. That's why I was hoping y'all would be there
BobS: tis the Minnie Winnie I have to kick in the but every week to get it to boot up
rich-c: Ron, can the emulator capture a disc image from an external USB floppy?
Meeka: that the one he gave you for cmas dad?
Ron: yup
BobS: yup
BobS: yup. yup. sounds like an echo
Ron: yup
Dale: No competition is fair enough. But you wouldn't be trying to attract the same customers that your current company is for sure, since RWB deals with the public and retailers, not licensed TV things.
Dale: Err...
Dale: Wrong window.
Daniel Bienvenu: heheheh
BobS: makes perfect sense to me Dale.......THAT is the scary part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: were you answering me or Bob, Ron?
Ron: you Rich....we both were
rich-c: so when I get a new computer, it need not have accomodation for any internal floppy drives?
Ron: Note for Pamela..... at the con, we will need at least one REAL Adam Computer
rich-c: it can be arranged, Ron, just remind us in time
Pamela: well you'd better speak to either Dale or the senior Clee, since I do not own one
Ron: right
Ron: yes Rich, an internal would be better than an external
Pamela: oh and Dad, don't forget to look for the projection screen, please
Ron: but they probably don't want to include that these days
Dale: I plan to have my Adam at AdamCon.
rich-c: but none of the new computers have any connectors on the motherboard, Ron - some won't even run Win98
Pamela: Dale, I'm assuming you plan to bring your projector?
Ron: Yeah I know, and as far as I'm concerned that's criminal. I won't do business with an outfit selling such a unit
rich-c: I have a floppy drive, but it's no use if there's no place to plug it in
Ron: So you get you new box, and download a virtual emulator. Then you can run Win 98
rich-c: try and find a motherboard that DOES have a floppy disc connector - no one does
Ron: I know. But I'd tear a strip off them anyway
rich-c: how do you set it up to run a virtual machine? don't you need to have the a copy of the OS there in order to open it in virtual space?
Dale: Well if my projector is a happy camper, I'll gladly bring it.
Ron: yeah, don't you?
Ron: Got win 98 I mean
Dale: I'll probably need a new projector bulb before then. The last projector bulb I bought wasn't much good.
Dale: Hopefully the next one will be better.
Dale: They are starting to get hard to find.
rich-c: sure, I have installation discs for 98SE and XP - even 95, come to that
Ron: there ya go
rich-c: but how do yuou get it on to a hard disc that's formatted with NTFS?
Dale: I'm willing to bring my projector though. So that should be fine.
BobS: see? you can do whatever you want
Pamela: thank you
BobS: welcome......
Dale: Windows 98 on an NTFS drive?
(BobS smiles)
Pamela: if we're getting into packing overload, let me know - we can probably make arrangements
Dale: Well there 's only one answer I know: use something like VMWare.
Ron: the virtualization program will take care of that. It sets up a designated portion of your hard drive as a virtual HD for the guest OS
Dale: Even microsoft makes a free vmware-like tool.
rich-c: that's my question, Dale - you have to store it somewhere to use it on a virtual machine
Ron: The virtualization program will then allow you to format that space in what form is required
Dale: The virtual machine harddisk is a file on the NTFS partition
Dale: To the virtual PC, it looks just like a whole harddisk.
Ron: exactly
rich-c: so I should just get a big hard disc, let the OS supplied live where it's put, then partition off space for FAT and Ubuntu and stuff?
Dale: 87787878787
Ron: you can do that too Rich
rich-c: yes, FAT will allow four roughly 30 gig partitions, and Ubuntu and XP don't see each other
Ron: Ubuntu will see XP, but XP won't see Ubuntu
rich-c: not sure I havw any lust to possess a Vista computer anyway - wish they had Windows 3.2
Ron: Next time I go for a new machine, I'm half tempted to tell the store, I don't want any operating system at all
Ron: but I won't get away with that I suppose
Pamela: depends where you get it I suppose Ron
rich-c: ask Guy, but I think you can buy from Tiger Direct that way, and certainly the white box shops
Ron: Yeah there's a buddy of mine downtown.... he'd do it for me. Island Technologies
rich-c: in fact look at Tiger, I think they have quite a selection
Ron: Wont be this year. Too many sheckles going out the door for travel hither and yon
rich-c: if I could get XP to run on it I'd just upgrade the current machine
Meeka: computers always come ""some assembly needed"" to this house LOL
Pamela: when do you leave for Italy, Ron?
Ron: A woman I know here just tried that with Future Shop. They reluctantly said they'd do it, but for a price. About $350. extra
rich-c: well having been grounded by health the last many months, I have enough cash surplus to play with computers
Ron: so she backed off and is living with Vista
rich-c: especially teh way teh prices are nosediving these days
Ron: May 12. Will probably go to Vancouver to the kids' place about May 9
Ron: Back Jun 13
Pamela: nothing like cutting it fine : )
Ron: I know.
rich-c: maybe you should reschedule your return flight to June 19th, with a stopover in Hamilton...
Ron: unable (unfortunately). It was booked back in Jan
rich-c: I gather you will have a non-stop Vancouver to Rome and back?
Ron: nope. Vancouver/Frankfurt/Florence
Ron: Lufthansa
rich-c: right, Firenze
Ron: oh yea....I keep forgetting
rich-c: yes, the Frankfurt betrays it
rich-c: time I went and fetched me a beer - brb
Ron: yes, I need to get something liquid too.. brb
Guy B.: Got water here
Meeka: brb, bandit needs to potty and I need a drink
rich-c: looks like I started somethig!
Pamela: apparently so
Pamela: I'm okay, got my applejuice
rich-c: Dale, in the store, how can I tell if a motherboard has a BIOS that will support booting from a USB port?
Judy: we just had milk
Pamela: oh that reminds me, I haven't had my milk yet
Pamela: so I guess I need a drink too : )
rich-c: gee, we're heading to some of the finer wine country around and we have a b8unch of teetotallers!
Ron: you don't want me drinking wine Rich
Judy: it is night time so you have to have something that will help you sleep, so milk
rich-c: agreed Ron - that's going to be a problem too, in Italy
Meeka: b
Ron: will have to stick with virgin caesar (heavy on the virgin)
Ron: Life on TV has turned into more or less one continuous hockey game
Pamela: sorry, Dad : )
Ron: first Ottawa vs Pittsburgh, now Calgary and San Jose
Dale: I'm not sure about the USB boot, but recent BIOSes seem to all do it (for maybe 2 years now?)
rich-c: well, other than Formula 1, I haven't turned on teh tv since the Grey Cup
rich-c: in fact we cancelled the satellite service from the Grey Cup to the Daytona 500
Ron: I have an external USB on my Acer laptop which has Ubuntu 7.10 on it. It boots
Dale: If you buy the mothboard in a box, you can ask to see the manual, and it usually would enlighten you.
Dale: Sometimes they even mark it on the outside of the box.
Ron: And the USB floppy will also boot
rich-c: I hear that, Dale, but I'm going to need to know for sure, and none of the spec sheets seem to show it
Ron: And the young dudes selling this stuff have no idea these days
rich-c: odd that they don't mention it on their websites
BobS: they will tell you anythying to get you to buy the motherboard
Dale: Best bet is to check the return policy. I claim new computers all do it.
rich-c: no sure white box vendors are too eager to order stuff in on "if it says OK I'll buy it" terms
BobS: the general public would not know HOW to even try such a thing Richard
Dale: Well, Logic Computer House would let you return it, if it isn't damaged, and is in original packaging.
rich-c: yes, the packagers all put their own OS versions on adn conceal stuff like the BIOS program anyway
Dale: But they have deep stock, and usually have anything I want in stock.
rich-c: and the way to get into the BIOS is not one you'd expect, like Delete on the POST
BobS: why make it easy
BobS: and won't tell you either
rich-c: are Logic Computer house good people to deal with?
Dale: I'm not even sure I've seen that info on a web site, but you could check what BIOS version is available for the motherboard you want, and make sure that it is a supported feature in that version.
Ron: the user isn't suppose to mess with stuff like that
BobS: exactly
Dale: I've bought a lot of stuff from Logic Computer House. But I don't talk to them much. I mostly research what I want on their web site, and go and buy it there.
rich-c: oh hell, when XP has it's weekly blowup Microsoft tells you how to switch your boot sequence
Pamela: Ron, while you are gone, will you have access to your e-mail?
Dale: I bet I've bought $10k-$20k of hardware from them over the years.
Pamela: holy cow, Dale
Dale: Mostly for work,. but this computer and the one downstairs too for sure.
rich-c: their prices always struck me as being a bit on the high side
rich-c: did you have them built, Dale, or buy packages?
Dale: I find they are a lot cheaper than usually. Tiger has everything though.
Ron: Wouldn't count on it Pamela. They have a different internet setup in Italy. If you're online, you pay. I'm taking the Mac with me, but have no idea what there will be
Ron: for a connection
Dale: I usually buy my computer in componets, and build myself. If you don't like doing that, I'm not sure about their prices.
Ron: If I do get online it will probably be from one of the reportedly ubiquitous internet cafes
Dale: They have lots of used computers there, and they seem like okay value when I've needed a cheap server for a closet.
rich-c: I would be fairly sanguine about assembling components - haven't done it totally before, but know how it's done
Ron: There's really no other way Dale
rich-c: I have swapped out drives, installed memory, installed an OS, and stuff
Dale: So building a computer from scratch isn't much more than that.
Ron: And if you put your mind to it Rich, you would have no trouble installing a motherboard into a case, trust me
Dale: The only trick is to get a motherboard that matches the case that you buy.
rich-c: maybe I should take a run up - you're talking the one up Woodbine?
Dale: That's the one near my office, yeah.
rich-c: well, with teh form factors standardized, if they match, you're laughing, aren't you?
Ron: The only thing you'll be prevented from doing is using a Sony MP3 Player. They won't let you install their software on a box that has been home assembled
Ron: No problem.... no Sony
Dale: It's very true Richard.
rich-c: somehow I think my life is passably complete without any MP3 player, Sony or otherwise
Dale: I always set a dollar budget, and max out the hardware for that price, paying close attention to the sweetspot price for each component (ie highest performane/dollar)
Ron: well there ya go
Ron: Jeff here does pretty much the same
Ron: I get too lazy
rich-c: I like teh sweetspot theory, but in fact even the bottommost feeder has more power than I can possibly use
Dale: I heard that the new Sony MP3 players were quite open. Maybe I misunderstood.
Dale: Also how can Sony tell if your computer is self-assembled or self-aware?
Ron: well that could be Dale. My experience with that is a couple of years old. Maybe they got the word from their market
Dale: So just set your budget low Richard. <grin>
rich-c: my problem is trying to find a computer old and feeble enough for my needs
Dale: But which boot from USB?
Ron: yeah, even the ones being donated to our hospital ECU operation now are 1.1 Gig Athlons
rich-c: maybe a bottomline Sempron on a PC Chips mb, or something ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm still at work, I should quit by now... goodnight everybody and thanks dale for your advice.
Ron: and we're starting to have the "lack of floppy disk" problem. Can't do our sneakernet the way we used to
Dale: no problem Daniel.
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Dale: See you later Daniel.
Ron: night Daniel. be well
rich-c: night for now, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Judy: night Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I should try one day to build a tiny pc fanless with via c7-m chipset... kind of setup box to be used with a tv set to watch and record tv, play games and go to the internet.
Meeka: night
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: now, you just get a USB external hard disc, or thumb drive, and you're all set
Dale: Those are getting to be ultra cheap these days.
rich-c: yes, a gig jump drive now is ten bucks if you shop - and the price is dropping
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: I hear some places in teh Statees are giving them away as keychains
Ron: even here on the left coast they can be had for that
Pamela: I love my jump drives
Pamela: I'm up to three
rich-c: our big problem right now is that HUB and Computer Paper have shut down - no decent listing of the small dealers any more
Pamela: Hub has shut down??
Pamela: since when?
rich-c: they are online only Pam, checked this evening
Pamela: well that sucks
Ron: hub?
rich-c: big time it sucks
Pamela: computer paper Ron
Ron: ah
Pamela: had a lot of good and useful information
rich-c: and George seems to have given up on his computer fairs - sent him an email but no reply
Pamela: including ISP listings, all the small dealers, comprehensive articles on all sorts of things, great ads
Ron: right, we don't have anything like that at all here
rich-c: and dare I guess the price levels show it?
Ron: well, last I looked, you could get something fairly passable from our big boxes for under $500. But then you have to take Vista. For anything upgradable and least ways
Ron: configurable, you're in at around $1000 to $1100
Ron: The woman I was talking about earlier got a quad processor and 3 Gig of RAM for 1169
Ron: I'm still stumbling along with my Semperon at 1.8 gig
BobS: heck we are bvelow 1 gig
rich-c: on craiglist I noticed a Thornhill dealer offering a 17" laptop for $700 - but it was Vista
BobS: but we are old and slow
rich-c: sorry - correction - it was NOT Vista, it was XP
Ron: well yea, that be true. I have no idea what a quad would do for me
Ron: that I can't do now
Ron: this little mac has an Intel core duo at 2.4 Gig
rich-c: it would let MS and its friends spy into every corner of your macine and nail you for DRM violations
Ron: oh yeah, bigtime
rich-c: there's enough spyware in XP, I don't need even more - I like to get a boot in the same day
Ron: no point in having a multi-channel processor when you only have a single channel mind
Ron: usually helps Rich
rich-c: yes, it's like trying to buy the Vespa you need in a market that only offers Hummers
Ron: suspect I'll see a Vespa or two where I'm going
rich-c: you got any of those Defenestrate Windows" t-shorts left, Ron?
Ron: they weren't t-shorts..... there was one button, and yes I still have it
rich-c: maybe it's time to have a new production run....
Ron: there's an idea
rich-c: with a cute picture of Tux on teh back, mayve? (folks having forgotten CP/M)
Pamela: should I be budgeting for those too?
rich-c: naw, let Ron offer them as a private venture - he can book mine right now
Ron: no Pamela....'tis but a gleam in your daddy's eye
rich-c: bet Bob would buy one
Ron: I doubt that I have sufficient business acumen to make the proposition pay
rich-c: I concede that the market might be rather limited
rich-c: either that, or the competition is already there and on the high ground
Ron: oh the local supplier could probably do them for around $11, and I could sell them for $15
Ron: If I wan't galavanting all over the countryside (and beyond) just before I might attempt it
rich-c: maybe you should give Pam his phone number (or email address) - she needs a good supplier
Ron: Fish'nStitches Comox.... and I haven't dealt with them since Adamcon15
Ron: and it would be a her not a him
Pamela: why does that sound familiar? I wonder if there's one in
rich-c: daughter take note
Pamela: Toronto?
Ron: could be
Pamela: noted
Pamela: Dale gave me a good lead last week, and I have another lead to follow as well
rich-c: you're making good progress
Ron: They do all sorts of embriodery, t-shirts - caps, yada yada
Ron: you've probably got several thousand similar down there
Pamela: as Dale mentioned last week, everyone and his cousin does promotional stuff
rich-c: yes, but finding which does do teh right job at teh right price can be tricky
Ron: Basically on the t-shirts Pam you want to be sure that you cover your costs out of what we pay for them
Ron: and on a limited quantity like 25 or 35, you're not going to get any quantity discounts
rich-c: used to be an outfit over on Orfus Rd. did that sort of thing, but I believe they are long gone
BobS: BUT kids....we gotta go becasue it is the bewitching hour
Ron: Yes Bob.... time ya's were to bed
BobS: AND there is WORK (four letter word) to be ;done tomorrow
Judy: night all, until next week
Ron: Oh give me a break!!1
Ron: WORK????
BobS: calm down sir
rich-c: yep, came quick tonight, didn't it - night to all the Slopsemas, then
Ron: niters Bob'n'Judy
Judy left chat session
BobS: will even itself out someday
Pamela: unfortunately, yes Ron - work
Ron: yes
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
rich-c: how many of the rst are rally still around?
Ron: of the who?
rich-c: rest - sorry
Ron: Dale is lurking
Dale: lurk lurk
Ron: ah there he is
rich-c: anyway, Ron - if I can get a computer with an external 3.5 USB floppy I am set for the emulator, right?
Ron: yes
Dale: I'm going to sign off soon too I think.
rich-c: like, I can copy 5.25" stuff to my 3.5" on the Adam, then use that with the DOSbox?
Ron: right Dale..... hopefully see ya next week
Ron: yep, that you can do
Pamela: goodnite Dale
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm done for the night too. Will see you all next week
Dale: later.
rich-c: goodnight Dale, and thnks for the very useful advice
Pamela: gnite Guy
Ron: nite Guy. be well
rich-c: night Guy - till next week, then
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: have you got an adam 3.5 drive Rich?
Dale: I may be buying something from for my robot. Looks really interesting.
Pamela: i'd better go to - I have stuff to do before bed
rich-c: actually two of them, Ron, and two 5.25 drives
Ron: niters Pamela see ya next week, the good Lord willin'
rich-c: night Pam, Sunday if not before!
Pamela: Dad, we'll see you on Sunday
Pamela: nite Ron
Ron: good Rich, you should be ok then.
rich-c: some of these things take thinking out - gives me much more flexibility
Pamela: Gnite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Ron: there may be some hitches, but they can be taken care of if and when they happen
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: right - now do I start thinking ;aptop as an option? but they come with dedicateD osS...
rich-c: OSs
Dale: poof
Ron: Well, must really confess Rich that I don't use my desktop much any more
Ron: You could live on laptop alone
Dale left chat session
rich-c: seems to be getting that way - I'll hae to think it out further
Ron: exactly
Ron: well sir, think I shall away
Ron: see ya next week
rich-c: so I better go check some suppliers then - time's a-flitting in our zone
rich-c: see you, Ron - thanks and good night
Ron: nite sir...pooof
Ron left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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