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Guy Foster: Greetings
rich-c: do we have a newbie trying a first-time sign-in?
Guy Foster: Err.
rich-c: hi Guy out from under teh snow yet?
rich-c: we've had two undefineds simultaneously
Guy Foster: Yeah, into the sun actually, started emptying the water from my pool today, started up the lawnmower, put some fertilizer. I'm all good to go. Weather is awesome, tomorrow it will be 20 degrees here in Mtl.
rich-c: yes, we were quite good today too
Guy Foster: Actually, the next 5 days, it's going to be amazing weather.
rich-c: even went without my coat when I went shopping
rich-c: we have teh same forecast, about 12 hours earlier
Guy Foster: Was outside in shorts today for the latter part of the day.
rich-c: that's pushing things - but you are young and vigorous
Guy Foster: Well, I was very warm, so shorts were what I needed!
rich-c: I tend to wear my longjohns well into spring - but that lets me leave off windbreakers or sweaters
Guy Foster: We are very well situated in our backyard. We have full view of the sun from about 10:00 AM till about sunset...
rich-c: yes, the back of our house faces south, so our backyard is very sunny
Guy Foster: It's a good thing I guess, but when it 35 degrees C outside, it must be very hot.
Guy Foster: Looking into buying summer tires for my car, do you have any you can recommend?
rich-c: it is shaded somewhat by the McMansion next door but as we pass the equinox matters improve markedly
Guy Foster: I used Vredestein Ultra Sport tires for 5 years, very good tires, but way overpriced.
Guy Foster: Yeah, the famous McMansion next door, haha, luckily for us, the McMansion phenomena has not hit my neighboorhood.
rich-c: I always used to buy my tires at Canadian Tire, their house brand, but their selection and strategy have changed of late
Guy Foster: I'll have to look into tires very soon, have to remove my winter tires if I want to be able to use them next season.
rich-c: now I have Nokia Vatiinens on the van, but then it's a truck and I need a cdertain very limited winter capability
Guy Foster: Yeah, not the same type of tires for a van and a passenger car, that's for sure.
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: the equivalent model for a passenger car actually has a full winter rating even though it's an all-season tire
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka, where's teh old folks?
Guy Foster: I am so close to buying a new car, the Mazda 5. Awesome micro-van, and at 0% financing, it's really appealling.
Guy Foster: Hi Meeka!
Meeka: dont know, not my day to babysit them :-P
Guy Foster: hehe
rich-c: that's a gotcha, I reckon!
rich-c: I doubt I will ever buy any more new vehicles, maybe none at all
Guy Foster: Market for new vehicles seems pretty good now in Canada... not as good as the US, but much better.
Guy Foster: And with the price of gas, it makes no sense for me to get anything that consumes more than 10L per 100 KMs.
rich-c: the US is in an economic tailspin - automakers don't even want to thinkl about what teh next fw months will bring
Guy Foster: ie: Every single mini-van currently on the market.
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: I'll give you a hint about my mileage: the Safari has a 102 litre tank
Ron: he all
Meeka: hi Ron
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hello to the Left Coaster
Ron: large as life and twice as ugly
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rich-c: and I fill it every second month whether it needs it or not
Guy Foster: $135 for a full tank, ouch.
rich-c: if prices are varying, I can usually hold out for an extra week or so
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Ron: $1.17 per litre last I filled up. How about there?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Meeka: hi Guy
Guy Foster: It's nearing $1,30 or so.
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Guy Foster: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: We are $3.61
changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi Dad
BobS: hi kids
Guy B.: HI Bob
Guy Foster: Yo Bob.
rich-c: also, on cruise control on teh highway, I get quite incredible mileage - especially since it has a V-8
What are you all talking about?
BobS: has the chat been workign since 9pm???????
rich-c: hello to Bob and the Other Guy
Ron: Bob my son
Guy Foster: Rich: Yeah, the kind of driving I do is lots of stop and go, rarely highway.
rich-c: yes
BobS: Jean says she can't get on
Guy Foster: fomat c: /u
Meeka: it worked first time for me, but i only tried just a minute ago
Jean Are you talking about gasoline?
rich-c: do not ask what my winter mileage is in the city - it's in gallons per mile
Meeka: yes, we are jean
Guy Foster: They found the 3rd largest oil field in Brazil recently...
Ron: yeah mine drops quite a bit out here, and we don't even have snow
BobS: jeanm IF the Undefined person is on EDIT, and change your name to Jean Stonee
Ron: one less e Bob
Guy Foster: I do about 300-320 KMs of city driving, with a bit of highway with about 50 or so liters.
BobS: darn computer kinda froze up
@#$%&* Dag nap, how do I work this12345thing?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy Foster: I borrowed my friend's Corolla this week and I can do about 500 KMs with the same price it costs me to do 300 Kms on my car.
rich-c: basic ally I don't go anywhere or do anything beyond short neighbourhood errands
Ron: Foxy the Seabring gets 24 around town and 33 on highway (mpg)
rich-c: hello Pamela, jean is on
Guy Foster: Same with us, EVERYTHING is right next door, but walking there or taking the bus is extremely unpractical with 2 kid and the bus schedules we have here.
Pamela: greetings everyone, sorry I'm late
rich-c: jeaqn, click on "edit", click on "change user name"
Guy Foster: Hi s pam!
Meeka: hi pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Ron: Pamela
Guy Foster: Anderson?
Pamela: not in this lifetime, Guy
Guy B.: I got a map how to get to the hotel if I drive
Guy Foster: Well, you guys do have something in common besides your name.
Ron: I have an Adamcon related message
Pamela: we do?
rich-c: send it to Pam, then 8-)
Ron: Have booked my flights....... coming into Hamilton at 10:30 pm Wed June 18
Guy Foster: Pam: Yeah, you're both Canadian.
Pamela: yeah, I suppose
Guy Foster: haha
changed username to Jean
Pamela: woohoo, Ron
Pamela: are you renting a car?
Ron: and will be staying thru until the 25 of June. Will need extra nights at the hotel (Wed and then Mon Tues nights)
Ron: yes I will be
rich-c: OK, Pam can tell you about taxi or jitney or bus service
Ron: I'll have a car rich
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Guy B.: I don't know yet Pam. I could take my own car. Just had some repairs done recently, but I will need new tires soon
Pamela: Guy B, can you drive it in one day?
Ron: Pam, do you want me to deal directly with the hotel, or can you let them know?
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: It would be anywhere from 8 to 10 hours
rich-c: oh, I thought we might be playing chauffeur for you - but it's a sensible decision
Judy: Hi, All
Guy B.: HI Judy
Ron: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Jean: I/m an old lady learning new tricks
Pamela: Ron, you can deal with the hotel directly - the toll free number is in the last e-mail I sent along with the convention code
Pamela: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi Jean
Ron: ok
Guy Foster: We will be driving to the Adamcon too, need to make sure my car is in order before embarking on such a long trip.
rich-c: hey Jean, you got it beat - way to go!
Ron: Hey Jean, how are ya!!!
Pamela: they should offer you the convention rate of $95.00 per night
Jean: fat and sassy!
Ron: ok I will mention your name
BobS: NOT OLD JEAN, just mature ANS learning new tricks
rich-c: it's OK Jean, I know just how you feel - I bought a new computer Friday
Ron: ha ha ha..... Jean, you haven't changed a bit. I love it
Judy: after all that exercise
BobS: what did ya buy Richard ????????
Jean: Pamela, has my daughter Melanie called and got all the "poop" on how much and etc.?
Pamela: Jean, she gave me her numbers but I haven't had a chance to call her yet - will probably do so tomorrow night
rich-c: white box - Intel Dual Core, Gigabit board, 160 gig disc, 2 gig memory
Guy Foster: rich: sounds like a solid performer.
BobS: man Richard, you bought the whole enchilada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
rich-c: retro-tech enough to run teh Emulator without gagging
Ron: a real heavy lifter Rich
BobS: now us poor P3 20gug people feel sad
Pamela: unfortunately I've been busy the last three nights and haven't had an opportunity to call yet
rich-c: only to the extent you can't get a light lifter these days, Ron
Judy: us too we need a night off
Jean: I'll let you in on a deep dark secret....I bought a new Odessy from Honda and believe it or not...the first day when I leave the house at 6:00am....I couldn't find the light swithc!!!I swear this car has more gadgets than my feeble brain can handle..I did find the switch after reading the manual...
rich-c: the chip is two generations behind, teh board is so old I could run Win98SE on it
Pamela: it's been crazy busy at work and busy at home since last Friday
Pamela: I need a night off too!
Ron: That's my theory Jean....when in doubt, read the manual....but hey, you're not alone
rich-c: that's one reason I was saying earlier I will likely never buy another new vehicle
Ron: had trouble with the lights on my chrysler too
Judy: they need to make things people friendly
Pamela: mine didn't come with a manual : (
Pamela: I'm still discovering things a year later
Ron: Yeah
rich-c: go back where you got it and tell them to dig it uip and send it to you
Judy: can't you get a manual on line
Jean: I know that I have a lot to learn and I'm not sure about it
Pamela: I could but they cost $40.00!
rich-c: it should have come with the car - what happened to the original?
Ron: that's the trouble with this world. Everything costs $40.
rich-c: no, some things cost more
Pamela: I guess the lessee kept it when he returned the vehicle
Ron: not necessarily Rich. My Taurus - somebody lifted it. They said they'd get me another, but never did
Jean: many women usually attend? I'm crocheting some "bags' and need to know
Pamela: I've still got my Taurus manual - car's gone though
rich-c: that's something the seller should taken responsibility for - a m,anual is essential
Pamela: hang on, let me check my list, Jean
BobS: I will be there with my red hat lady disguise
Ron: Pamela, Judy, Meeka, Frances, Ron
BobS: :-)
rich-c: how about Sandra and Mrs. McCullough?
Ron: yup
Pamela: I have eight right now, not including yourself and Melanie, Jean
Jean: I found the switch for the headlights on the left along side of the turn signal..
rich-c: I think Murray's mother is about Jean's age, isn't she?
Jean: I'm 86 and still teaching and doing computers at my school
Ron: Wonderful Jean!!
Pamela: don't forget travelling, Jean : )
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Judy: you are wonderwomam
Pamela: can I be you when I grow up?? : )
Jean: Don't I wish!
Ron: I don't think I'm ever going to grow up
rich-c: well, you have certainly worn swell, that's for sure
rich-c: Jean, are you planning to mostly attend sessionsx, or do a bit of rubbernecking?
Pamela: speaking of sessions, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to put your thinking caps on
changed username to tinyurl 4qbupx
Jean: Keeping busy is my salvation ...When I sit down, I don't go to sleep, I start knitting or crocheting and listening to talking books. I am still a police volunteer and teach water aerobics.
tinyurl 4qbupx: hello
Pamela: I would like to start a list of who is presenting and how long you will need
Pamela: hello
tinyurl 4qbupx: how's everyone?
Guy B.: Mine's going to be a surprise. Will be working on it after the last Windows Upgrade. Got my Athlon working with the Dell monitor
rich-c: hello tnyurl - who have we here, a newbie? if so, welcome!
tinyurl 4qbupx: i'm not a spambot ;)
tinyurl 4qbupx: and not a newbie
Judy: we are good and you?
tinyurl 4qbupx: pretty good
Ron: Question is Tiny, do you believe in 8 bit computing?
tinyurl 4qbupx: z80 inside :D
Guy Foster: Zilog Inside?
Ron: aha....... believe he's a friend
tinyurl 4qbupx: :D anyone figured it out yet?
Guy Foster: Dan
Ron: do we know you?
BobS: Doc
tinyurl 4qbupx: yup!
tinyurl 4qbupx: the hint is in my name
BobS: mein doktor
Judy: hi, DR
tinyurl 4qbupx: nope
rich-c: Aren't you on a bit of a tight timeline, Guy? SP3 for XP won't be in Upgrade till early June
BobS: it is??????
Guy B.: Dr D?
Guy B.: Service Pack Two for XP
Guy Foster: SP1 of Vista perhaps?
Guy Foster: Which was recently?
BobS: oh crap!!!!! yo mean there will be another XP service pack???????
Guy Foster: Ya man, XP SP3! XP rocks!
tinyurl 4qbupx: stumped you guys, have i?
Pamela: Zonker??
BobS: ok
rich-c: Service Pack 3 for XP is also coming - should be on Microsoft Update on April 27th
Guy Foster: Hmmm, Dr. D would capitalize his "I"... so it's definitely not Dr. D.
Guy Foster: Err, Erin?
BobS: speakin of who......dr D has not been around of late, ne ??????
BobS: eh
Judy: yes, you seem to have
rich-c: no, she wouldn't know about tinyurls
Ron: Neither do I
tinyurl 4qbupx:
BobS: must be a munchkin from tinyworld
Pamela: Wednesdays are very busy days for him, Bob
BobS: I bet
Guy Foster: He should get som free time soon from work.
Pamela: once exams are over he'll be in better shape
Judy: tell us, Please!!!
Guy Foster: well, I must depart to a better place... (going to sleep)
Meeka: night guy
Guy Foster: but hopefully, if all goes well, I should be back next week.
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: and how are Myuki and the kids????
Judy: night Guy Foster, until next week
Guy Foster: G'night y'all!
Pamela: Hi James
Guy Foster: Enjoy the beautiful weatehr (for those who have it)
Ron: nite Guy
rich-c: OK, james - good morning to you
Judy: hi, James
Guy Foster left chat session
Guy B.: Hi James
rich-c: OK Guy, you-all take care
Ron: Hey James
tinyurl 4qbupx: hello and good morning ;)
tinyurl 4qbupx changed username to james
BobS: ya right, how's about good evening
rich-c: I'd have caught it faster, but control-c didn't gnerate a pate command when I switched tio Internet Explorer
BobS: am tired and sore and have to labor tomorrow
james: bummer
Pamela: how are you James? lLong time no see
Guy B.: Bye Guy
Jean: I'm saying goodbye also so I'll know "how" to get on next week Adios amigos
Ron: Hey guys, I've gotta bail too... have another meet at 7pm
james: i keep myself occupied
BobS: notice RON, i didn't use that FOUR letter work for toiling in the salt mines
Ron: ah, you're a good man Bob
james: was on that side of the ball a few weeks ago with another group of students in tow
Jean left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Jean
rich-c: adios, Jean - vaya con Dios, and we'll see you next week
Ron: and yes, I did notice
Ron: Nite Jean
rich-c: and Ron, see you next week then
Ron: hate to love ya's and leave ya's, but I'll see ya next week
Ron: nite
james: so how has everyone been?
Pamela: Ronald, must you leave so soon?
Ron: fraid so Pam
Meeka: night
Ron left chat session
Pamela: alright, see you next week
rich-c: well, I got my operation done and am now recovering
Guy B.: He's quick
Judy: night Ron
BobS: so r'ichard, yo using the NEW computer tonight???????
rich-c: up and if not running at least successfully lurching from place to place
rich-c: yes, finally got it set up and configured
BobS: cool
rich-c: dealer buggered up the partitioning something fierce, but I got it sorted out
BobS: and you threw out the old computer into the street, right??????
rich-c: haven;t been able to get it to install Ubuntu yet, though
james: man, i'm going to have to get on earlier
Pamela: he tried to give it to me : (
james: i show up and everyone leaves. wonder if there's a connection there.. :)
BobS: so you could have the grief??????
Pamela: you have an hour yet James
rich-c: no, swe have a Freecycle chapter here, I can find someone who needs it easily
Pamela: most of the time not everyone bails like that
Judy: not everyone, James
BobS: think it needs a new virgin hard drive without the buoggered up mess of Win Xp that was on it
james: could be worse - could be vista, right?
BobS: right
rich-c: that might have done it but we never could determine if it was a hardware or software problem
rich-c: don't use that dirty word around here, james! ; - )
rich-c: what I really want in my heart of hearts is Windows 3.2 - or being daring 3.3
james: heh heh
BobS: vista........that's what they call the train car with the upper windows in it ........ yes???????
Meeka: lol
Pamela: Guy, how much time will you need for your session?
rich-c: oh, I thought it was a vintae Oldsmobile station wagon
james: i'm usually at least an iteration behind in my os. just upgraded to xp barely two years ago
rich-c: vintage
james: let everyone else work out the bugs, thanks
rich-c: I was at least half a year behind you, james - don't take it so hard
james: i don't see myself ever "upgrading" to vista, i don't have hardware that can run it
rich-c: the word from the IT gurus is don't get Vista, wait for Windows & and hope it os much better
rich-c: I'm not sure whether my new computer can run it or not and have no urgwe to find out
james: i'm not sure how old my current hardware platform is
Pamela: keep XP running first Dad
james: ultra kt3 mobo w/ amd athlon xp 2100+ i think
rich-c: that is fairly current I think, jame
james: as long as it keeps running and doing what i want, i'm not going to replace it
james: this is the second of this exact mobo i've had. first one had an encounter with a lightning strike
Judy: good thinking
rich-c: that's hard on them - that's why we have a whole house surge protector
rich-c: the one I'm retiring is an MSI K7 high-end with an Athlon XP1600
rich-c: but after 15 months of coaching Microsoft still couldn't tell me how to make it work
james: what year is it now?
james: 08?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: all year
rich-c: for what they spent on support, I don't think Bill Gates made much money on me!
james: this board is about 6 or 7 years old
james: and still goin strong. knock on formica board.
rich-c: ended up giving me a new copy of XP free in case teh trouble was with the old one
rich-c: well, the real question is, james, what do the new ones have that you DON'T want? (I suspect quite a bit)
james: that's exactly it
james: a new machine would not make me any more productive
Guy B.: Microsoft is going to stop selling XP June 30th
james: i can run my graphics software, document processing, internet apps, watch videos / listen to music
james: more often than not all at the same time
rich-c: they have already stopped selling it here, so rush over to Tiger Direct and get your copy now
james: yeah, and they're being met with a lot of resistance
james: people do not like vista
rich-c: that's why they are apparently rushing Windows 7 into production early, maybe late next year
rich-c: and teh fact that there's an XP SP# coming out in six weeks tells you something too
rich-c: SP3
james: i don't know why they insist on pushing a product people have made adamantly clear they do not want
Meeka: cuz they can
Pamela: its called "progress"
BobS: because they have a HUGE stock of it, simply BECAUSE people didn't like it
rich-c: well, they have I am sure a couple of billion invested in building it in teh first place, distributing it, and supporting it
rich-c: they need to get the money back, or at least they want to
rich-c: the stockpile means nothing, a few discs and boxes cost squat
rich-c: Micrsoft make their money selling licences, not physical objectse
BobS: si senor
rich-c: besides, they know most business users swill feel pressured into buying it, as will the OEMs
rich-c: Dell and HP and such will feel they have to put it on their machines because customers heard about it and want it
Pamela: I dont' care about upgrading my business O/S, I'm more concerned about upgrading my hardware
Pamela: I seem to have the world's slowest computer at work
rich-c: your av erage cdomputer user has no idea whether the OS is good or bad
rich-c: talking so much makes me thirsty - gotta go fetch a beer - brb
james: lol
Pamela: ha ha, Dad
rich-c: back, refreshed
Pamela: James, how are things going with the second school?
Pamela: hallo?
rich-c: we're here, just quiet
BobS: hallo
Pamela: was so quiet, I thought I got dumped
BobS: or hellO
rich-c: guess everyone's gone to fetch a beer
Pamela: not me : )
Pamela: beer = ick
Meeka: i agree pam
BobS: now, now
BobS: got to get some Caribe beer
rich-c: don't worry, St. Catharines iscentre of one of the world's more important wine regions
BobS: close to Sol
james: sorry, spaced out working on a photo
rich-c: they make a very fine Riesliong
james: second school has been in the black by a few hundred dollars since september / october
Pamela: that's good
Pamela: how many students?
james: i have close to 30 students out there. i am hoping to reach 40-45 this year which would allow me to finally hire full-time
rich-c: what kind of beer is Caribe? Does it have any taste?
james: once i hire full-time it'll be easier for me to work between both schools
rich-c: that figures, james
BobS: comes frm the deep southern Caribbean
james: and my overall workload could be better too, though this year i've succeeded in getting full weekends back
BobS: SMOOTH and smoother
Judy: the best beer
rich-c: there is a really nice stout they make in Jamaica, I know
Judy: one of two that I will drink
rich-c: at teh moment I'm having a Waterloo Dark from an area craft brewery
Pamela: did you hire someone for weekends James, or simply offer classes only during the week?
Judy: I think is made in Barbadoes
Judy: no e
rich-c: we have some extremely interesting craft beers available here now
rich-c: next week I'll be trying Barley Days Dark from Prince Edward County
rich-c: I am drinking my way around teh Ontario countryside, so to speak
Pamela: rough job, Papa : )
rich-c: yes, especially when I can only handle one bottle a week
rich-c: beer regrettable is not thinning
Guy B.: Sorry, I'm quiet. Chatting with my friend Carla on Yahoo IM and recording some music
Pamela: so Molson muscle is a misnomer? : )
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: think of it this way Dad, that's 52 bottles a year : )
Pamela: Hey
Pamela: Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, welcome aboard
Judy: hi, Dale
rich-c: actually got in right on time, too
BobS: hi Dale
james: g'day
Pamela: everyone's quiet tonite, Dale
Judy: I am tired
Pamela: me too
Pamela: I'm coming to the conclusion that there are not enough hours in the day
rich-c: well, it's such great weatehr, everyone went out and got worn out
Judy: have a busy day today?
rich-c: our supermarket was out of stock of half our requirements so we had to go to another
Pamela: nutso day for the second day in a row
BobS: am almost falling asleep here ......... missed my evening nap
rich-c: spent teh rest of teh day configuring the new computer
Judy: he missed it 2 nights in a row
Meeka: tragity
BobS: uh huh
rich-c: us old folks do our napping in the afternoon - aftergetting up at teh crack of noon
rich-c: then we play night owl all evening
Judy: yesterday was his long day too, up at 5:30
Pamela: almost took my nap at work : )
rich-c: thought you got it on the GO train
Judy: could have used a nap this afternoon but Ryan was really talkative
Pamela: no, I don't dare, in case I end up in
Pamela: Georgetown : )
rich-c: I meant the other way, since it stops in Union Station
Pamela: I don't need a nap in the mornings - it's when I'm most awake
Pamela: I'm feeling it now though
Judy: I had a job interview this afternoon
Meeka: well, i off for the night
Meeka: thats good mom
Judy: night Meeka
rich-c: hey neat Judy, what sort of job?
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Judy: working front office in a dentist office
rich-c: night Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: that's great news, Judy
Pamela: how did it go?
rich-c: OK, you should be well set for that
Judy: don't know how it went, or if i would even want it
Pamela: oh? What's putting you off?
rich-c: problems with people or pay?
Judy: the smell in the office
Pamela: the dental smell or some other smell?
rich-c: that sort of antiseptic background? it can be off-putting
Judy: the dental smell
rich-c: you would likely get used to it pretty quickly unless there is an allergy involved
Judy: will see, she did say not to call, so maybe it didn't go well, oh well
Judy: that is what i thought also
Pamela: she told you not to call?
Judy: yes, she was rather abrupt
BobS: for EVERY coll idea people have to snare that job, there are an equal # of do NOTS the prospective employer wants
BobS: cool
Pamela: sounds like the sort of place you don't want to work
Judy: should have heard her with the other lady in the office, she was tooo early
rich-c: sure, but Judy is visibly steady and reliable, she knows the work from her training
Judy: she was not impressed with being early that was for sure
rich-c: that does not sound like teh source of a job you'd want
Judy: sure not going to worry about it
Pamela: think of it as interview practice Judy
Judy: yes, experience
Judy: and jobs are starting to open up a little bit
Pamela: some employers are just much better than others at making an interview a pleasant experience, and making it seem like a place you'd want to work
BobS: interview experience
rich-c: most jobs one gets offered are not necessarily ones you'd want to take
Judy: she was nice to me but the last statement sort of didn't fit with the interview
rich-c: too many jopb openings occur for a reason
rich-c: she may have a list of people to interview three weeks long, Judy
rich-c: and if teh office is undrstaffed at teh phone, importunate calls won't be welcome
Pamela: someone once said to me, think of an interview as checking for a good fit on both sides - is this the right place for you as well as are you the right person for them
BobS: right you are Pamela
Judy: good way of looking at it
BobS: BUT, when you want or need a job, sometimes you take a job you would not otherwise consider
Pamela: I've turned down a few
rich-c: and sometimes you luck out anyway, and other times you don't
BobS: here we can't even get that manyoffers
BobS: too many applicants for ALL jobs
Pamela: not all at the same time! : )
rich-c: times are seriously tough over there, Pam
BobS: and of course, the picker has no brains or experience, so they hire a bad fit and then the job comes around again in a few months
Pamela: I've always been lucky with my employment
Pamela: of course with the latest one, I had nothing to lose and I think that made a difference in how I interviewed
rich-c: well much more to teh point, you were invited to apply
Pamela: well, I was advised of an opportunity
rich-c: what's on paper, and the rality, may not always be congruent
BobS: well kids, time to go and get some sleep
BobS: will see ya next week, RESTED I hope
Judy: time for bed, night all until next week
BobS left chat session
rich-c: getting to be that time, isn't it
Judy left chat session
rich-c: right, you two take care, sleep tight
Pamela: night Bob night Judy
rich-c: night to both
Pamela: guess it's time I departed too - I still have stuff to do before bed
Pamela: hopefully everyone is more awake next week
rich-c: ditto and likewise - goodnight to all
rich-c: night, daughter
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Pamela: gnite Guy, Dale and James
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: night, james, Dale, Guy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to go too. See you all next week
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
james: bye!
james left chat session
Dale: bye all.
Dale left chat session
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