Dale Wick's Lemons Web Game

Here is a Java applet with Java source for an online game called Lemons, which is loosely based on the well known Amiga game of a similar name. Lemons will run off a cliff together, if you let them!

It should be pretty clear how to play. Simply select the desired lemon, and give it an ability. Each lemon can have at most one ability, except that a lemon with a parachute can also climb. Be careful that the lemon doesn't fall too far, or it will be squished. Try and save them all if you can.

This version has only 2 levels. You can play level 1 once, and level 2 until you master it.

The source is available: Lemons.java. If you have any useful improvements or any new levels, please contact me below.

By Dale Wick. Send feedback to dmwick@home.com.