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Established in 1985 the Metro-Toronto Adam Group was formed to help user's of the then discontinued Coleco Adam computer which was manufactured from 1983 to 1985. The membership has been over 100 members in the past, but the membership in January 1999 was only 12. The fee for a 1 year membership (renewable every April) is only $20 per year.


The current executive is elections are held by general vote in October, and members then vote on the various positions available which include Vice-President.


Our meetings are held every month. The normal meeting time is the 4th Saturday of every month at 6pm. The meetings are held at the Pape Recreation Centre at the corner of Pape and Gerrard in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

During the summer months (as defined by the City Department of Recreation) we move to the Friday before the fourth Saturday. For a resolution of this potiental confusion, email Doug Chappell for the latest info for this meeting.

Meeting format

Every month we meet for around 2 hours, with an "ajournment" to McDonald's across the street afterwards for continued informal discussions. Allow time for this if you visit, since this can be the most valuable time of the event.

During the meeting, we normally try to cover two topics, each for an hour. Here is the schedule for 1997:

JanuaryMTAG tape libraryYear review
FebruaryUpgrading your Adam presented by Dale with help from AudreyIntro to TDOS commands with help from Ralph
MarchMTAG PD LibraryInstalling TDOS
April Making Music with the Adam -- featuring the MidiMite, SEQual, and DynoMite sound digitizer The IBM PC connection -- using your PC with the Adam
May Cleaning and Maintaining your Adam Relieving the pressure of compression (including ZIP CRUNCH and other mysteries)
JuneGraphics programming in Basic
JulySpecial full day hands on event see below
AugustGames AdamCon09 report
September Repairing your Adam disks or tapes Animation on the Adam
October Practical Power Paint -- how to create a greeting card submission Tour of the insides for the Adam
November Surge ahead with SwiftPrint, and submit MTAG greeting card entries to ANN Surf the Internet on the Adam
We are proposing a repeat of the Mini-Con we held 2 years ago for July. After reviewing feedback from the participants, we are going to make tis a slightly more focused event, from 9:30am to 4:30pm. There will be more details made available as the date approaches. It it likely that there will be a number of topics explored with 2 hour hands-on sessions. Proposed topics include Internet expertise, programming, TDOS proficency, graphics and desktop publishing.

Our humble Newsletter

At MTAG we publish a bimonthly newsletter called the MTAG Express which features both local content and the latest info from ANN (the Adam News Network). Old back issues from the ANN are archived on in HTML format. When our Newsletter Editor doesn't issue the regular newsletter, we publish the MTAG Update which contains reprints from other newsletters and the latest from our recent meetings.

Merry Christmas

Download mtag1997.pp in PowerPaint format.
Ftp mtag1997.pp from our secondary ftp server.
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