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AdamCon 11 Day 4

Session 7 - Writing a Super Game, part 2

Dale Wick

Session 8 - Making a Web Page

Neil's Web Page Design Seminar > Neil Wick was given the honourable task of doing "the last AdamCon presentation of this millennium." This session concentrated on making graphics that load efficiently on Web pages and the advantages of Cascading Style Sheets for web page portability.

Gathering for the official photo

Photo Album searching > As delegates gathered for the official photo, a sea of blue flooded the room with everyone in their AdamCon 11 shirts and hats. Many gathered around Ron Mitchell's photo album to help identify past AdamCon delegates. Ron's son Jeff (at lower left), attending his very first AdamCon, looks on.

More photo ID > Another view of the gang checking out Ron's pictures of past AdamCons. Clockwise from lower left are Jeff Mitchell, Doug Slopsema, Rich Clee (?), Bob Slopsema, Bart Lynch, Pat Herrington (leaning in closer to get a better look), Richard Clee (I think), and Guy Bona.

Group photo > The instant version of the official AdamCon 11 group photo. Unfortunately, this picture cut off one person and almost two, but many more pictures were taken, so there should be a better one on these pages soon. In the back row are George Koczwara (off the left edge), Meeka Slopsema, David Luginbuhl, Ron Mitchell, Frances Clee, Herman Mason, Bob Slopsema, Richard Clee, Judy Slopsema, Doug Slopsema, Pat Herrington, Guy Bona. In front are Jeff Mitchell, Murray McCullough, Rich Drushel, Neil Wick, Dale Wick, and Bart Lynch.

Off to the banquet

Herman and Rich > Herman Mason and Rich Drushel scan the parking lot towards the setting sun, while waiting for their ride to the traditional closing night banquet. If you check the background of this picture, you'll notice that the Val-U Inn seems to be a very popular place for truckers. The banquet this year was held at Barnaby's, who feature excellent food served in attractive, cozy surroundings.

Passing of the banner

 > Somewhere in the revised schedule the mandatory "Passing of the Banner" was temporarily overlooked, so this was the first thing on the agenda after the crowd arrived back after supper. Seen here (left to right) are Neil and Dale Wick, representing next year's host city, Toronto, aand Ron Mitchell and Bart Lynch, hosts of AdamCon 11.

 > Another picture of the lucky (?) recipients seems to confirm that the torch has now been passed to the Adamites of Southern Ontario. The exact location won't be known until the range of accomodations can be confirmed, but it looks like we'll see you all next year in Ontario!

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