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Whitby, ON, Canada July 14-17, 2005

AdamCon 17 was based around the theme of Adam in it's Prime. As a result we had a variety of talks based on that theme. Overall it was a very interesting event.

The full schedule is available.

Photo Galleries
Front row: Pam, Dale, Erin
Second row: Judy, Jeffrey, Jillian, Richard, Sandra, Francis, Rich
Back row: Guy B, Daniel, Neil, Harvey, Ron, Bob, Guy F, Murray
Dale's Game Balnacing series of talks
Part 1: theory PDF | PowerPoint
Part 2: examples in ColecoVision cartridges
Part 3: application "Warm Fuzzy Makes Salad" PDF | PowerPoint | Source | Game ROM
Book: the Art of Computer Game Design

And there are untold stories still, so maybe more will be added later.

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