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AdamCon 0Ch happened on July 20-23, 2000 in Toronto Canada.

We now have several pages of photos, the online chat transcript, and are adding reference material.

Before AdamCon

Read about the perperations that went into this event.

Daily Galleries

Howard Pines once asked "Where do all of the pictures from old AdamCons go?" Here is an answer. They go to share with the Adam community. Take a look also at Meeka's gallery at hollowdreams

Session links and notes

Friday 9am: Conway's Game of Life, Coleco Adam Life program.

Friday 3pm: Transfer Utilities Bob's ANN disk images (Chris Brayman's AdamDos with source)

Saturday 3pm: AdamEm Utilities Sample disk images

Saturday 9am: Search engines Altavista, Yahoo

Saturday 8pm: Online Conference chat transcript

Saturday 3pm: Artificial Inteligence Seek evade example in Java

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