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AdamCon XIII Photo Gallery

This is a collection of pictures from AdamCon 13 which was in Cleveland, OH in July 12-15, 2001.

I arrived late on Thursday, and so took no pictures then.


Elanor Drushel

Frances Clee

Guy Bona

Murray McCollough

Murray and George

Pam Clee

Rich Drushel
and Elanor

Ron Mitchell

Ron and
Meeka Slopsema


Bob Slopsema

George and Herman

Friday Treasure Hunt Photos

One of the challenges on the treasure hunt were to play Spy Hunter to a score of at least 30,000.
So here is a game I played to 32795.


On Saturday, we went on a road trip in the afternoon to CWRU campus to the robot lab. Here we are walking from the parking garage 8th floor to the robot lab.

George, Frances and
Rich D

Crowd at CWRU

Russell and Pam C

Doug, Rich D, Frances,
RichC and Meeka


Parking Garage

Robot lab at CWRU
Here is the finished robot our team made. Jill did the programming, and Murray and I assembled it.

In the evening, there was an online chat. Read the transcript now.


Sunday represented a new challenge to Adam owners. Rich D setup two Adams and booted them by tape to the SmartBASIC ']' prompt. Then he gave each of two teams a Philips and a slot screwdriver. The challenge was to completely dissassemble and then reassemble the console, and boot to SmartBASIC. The teams consisted of one Slopsema husband as the team "expert" and one Slopsema wife as the chief tech. The teams were Doug and Meeka on one side and Bob and Judy on the other side.








Sunday Treasure Hunt Photos

Dale's AdamCon XIII
Themed Painting
Another of the Treasure Hunt challenges is to, using an Adam paint program, create an AdamCon XIII themed picture, then print it out. It turns out that Rich D forgot to bring the ribbon for the parallel printer that he had attached to one of the hands-on lab computers. Eventually brought my system into the lab and attached my Canon Bubblejet BJC-4300ex printer. It worked prefectly! That means that the Adam is compatible with any BCJ-4xxx series printer.

Jill's SmartBASIC
One of the chalenges in the Treasure Hunt is to write a program that prints out all of the even numbers from 0 to 100 in four columns in SmartBASIC. Here is Jill working on here solution.

Special Banquet Cake

Banquet Cake
At the banquet, we were treated to a very special cake. It was iced in the form of a Coleco Adam. Rich Drushel says that this is the second time that he has tried this. It was quite tasty.

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