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Well, the dust is settling on AdamCon 11, and in my humble opinion, it was a great success. One thing that always warms my heart is the knowledge that it's going to happen all over again next year. This is in fact the case for this time around. The next AdamCon (the 12th annual) is to be called AdamCon 0Ch, and is to be held in the Toronto area in the year 2000. So block off the centre 2 weekends (13-16 or 20-23) of July until I pin down a hotel.

When will all of this happen?

Toronto in the summer is usually hot and sunny. It will be nice weather then, even if you don't go outside for the entire schedule. The middle of July is when Toronto area has hosted previous 'Cons, and so I'll keep with tradition.

What will we be doing

As always, AdamCon will be a combination of reunion and enriching sessions on everything from the latest in computer technology (with application relating to the Adam) to discussions of old favorite topics and trivia. It is as always a time of renewal of energy towards this great machine we call the "Adam Family Computer System". In the weeks leading up to an AdamCon there is always a flurry of activity, to prepare seminars on all topics Adam, and as a result the fall out stirs up Adam interest, and spurs more activity.

Why AdamCon 0C

Why you may ask is the twelfth annual international Coleco Adam computer convention called AdamCon 0Ch? Well, it turns out that the official name of the first AdamCon was somewhat jokingly called "01", which I always thought was hexadecimal. Well to prove it, I am calling this AdamCon 0C. It is a tribute to all of the engineers and programmers who ever worked on the Adam, or contributed to the Adam community. As is happening throughout society, the year 2000 is one to look back on past successes and especially future possibilities. That is the philosophy of this upcoming AdamCon.

Location, Location, Location

The dedicated AdamCon staff are searching the Greater Toronto Area for the perfect venue. Because the year 2000 is the future, we hope to have jet packs, Virtual Reality goggles and gloves for everyone who attends. We are still researching for pricing on those components. The cost for this AdamCon is planned to be $300 US for a regular full delegate sharing a room for 4 nights (Thursday night to Sunday night) including all breakfasts, lunches and of course the Banquet. The big project will be to premier the Coleco Adam repository -- a CD-ROM with all of the best PD, articles, information and guides for the Adam that we can assemble in one place. If you have any electronic donations contact Dale directly.

Your's To Discover

The Tourism Ontario slogan is Ontario "Your's to Discover" -- and that applies to before and after the AdamCon. The Toronto Zoo (who just celebrated their 25th annivarsary), is among the 10 top zoos world wide. The tallest free standing building in the world is next to the stadium where the Blue Jays play. Just around the corner from Toronto are the wine regions of Ontario and of course world famous Niagra Falls.

Open casting call

As with all AdamCons, I am looking for volunteers for all aspects of the conference. That includes speakers to give key notes, lectures or hands on lessons. Also, I am looking for a hardware wizard, and help with other before hand setup issues. Finally, I am looking for equipment that can be brought for the conference for the hands on lab.

More to come

Keep your eyes peeled, because there will be more bulletins on the way with rate schedule and all of the details as tome into focus. Look for this bulletin and more at:


Dale Wick, Chairman of AdamCon 0Ch

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