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AdamCon 0Ch Bulletin

Dinosaurs into the new Millenium

Well, things are heating up. The AdamCon is a few short months away and the excitement is building. The location of the AdamCon is to be the Howard Johnston Triumph Hotel in Toronto near the Yorkdale Shopping Mall at Keele and 401.

Our convention comittee has met and decided that this is too good an opportunity to miss choosing a theme. This year's theme is "Dinosaurs into the new Millenium." We hope to suport that with our mascot the pink dinosaur.

During the convention we are planning on having a wide array of session including a hands on lab. Also AdamCon is your chance to pick up accessories, replacement parts and trivia about the Adam.

Here is a preliminary schedule:
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 am Breakfast (provided)
9 am Mastering the web with search engines
by Neil Wick (MTAG)
Geneology (tenative)
by To Be Announced
Hands on LOGO
Peter (MTAG)
12 noon Lunch (provided)
2 pm Pre-registrationAdamBomb 2 hints and tips
by Jillian Arnott
Keynote: Why old computers are still interesting
by Ralph (MTAG)
The Adam Resource and Adam web sites.
by Scott Gordon
3 pm Transfer utilities (Adam <-> PC)
by Ron Mitchel
AdamEm and untilities
by Volunteer Now!
Writing SuperGAMES: artificial inteligence
by Dale Wick
6 pm Free time (supper) Banquet
8 pm Reception Demo time
Buy and sell store
Online conference on Delphi/ theadamresource
11 pmSleep?

More information

There is now a registration form on the AdamCon site. Register now. Volunteer to lead a session. Look for more details on the hotel and the city in Bulletin 3 as well as directions on how to get there.

AdamCon is coming to town!

Dale Wick,
Chairman of AdamCon 0Ch

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