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AdamCon 0Ch Schedule (July 20-23, 2000)

Dinosaurs into the new Millenium

Here is a preliminary schedule (updated March 15, 2000):
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 am Breakfast (provided)
10th floor breakfast room
9 am Conway's Life
by John-Paul Gignac
Blackcreek room
Mastering the web with search engines
by Neil Wick (MTAG)
Blackcreek room
Hands on LOGO
Peter (MTAG)
iBlackcreek room
12 noon Lunch (provided)
Kelly's Pub
Lunch (provided)
Blackcreek room
2 pm Pre-registration
10th Floor Breakfast room
AdamBomb 2 hints and tips
by Jillian Arnott
Blackcreek room
Panel: Why old computers are still interesting
moderated by Ralph (MTAG)
Blackcreek room
Installing AdamServe on your own system
by Rich Drushel
Balckcreek room
3 pm Transfer utilities (Adam <-> PC)
by Ron Mitchel
Blackcreek room
AdamEm and untilities
by Guy Bona
Blackcreek room
Writing SuperGAMES: artificial inteligence
by Dale Wick
Blackcreek room
5 pm Daily wrap-up
Blackcreek room
6 pm Free time (supper) Banquet
8 pm Reception Demo time
Buy and sell store
10th floor breakfast room
Online conference on Delphi/ theadamresource
Various rooms
11 pmSleep?

Descriptions of Sessions

Look for descriptions of the upcoming seminars.
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